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28.02.2020 // new desk set up ✨

last night i was hyped up on an afternoon nap and caffeine so i decided to do some rearranging in my dorm room. this is the product! my other desk has become a catch-all for random things so i wanted to have another cleared-off space where i can study. also it’s just such a cozy corner it makes me want to sit there all the time!!

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En este lugar mi piel se veía más bonita, pues aunque hiciera el sol el clima era frío, amé estar aquí, fue de las mejores experiencias.


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I got accepted into George Mason University and I’m moving this August which is terrifying and really exciting! Also, I didn’t expect declining my five other university offers to be so painful, but it was. I’m still really happy though HAHAH

If anyone sees this and is going to GMU this fall, send me a message because I’m going to be 100% lost as fUck HAHAHAH

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Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection

Original caption August 27, 1956:
“ To Thomas E. Milton, 6, of  Martinsville Virginia, knowledge is something to lean on right now. But to think that there are 42 books in the pile for him to study in the next twelve years doesn’t seem to make Thomas very happy. He is starting school this year and from the look on his face he isn’t sure he is going to like all the subjects in those books.”

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To the sixth form English Lit teacher who told me that my writing was too childish and would never get me a passing grade: guess what? I have a huge community of people who adore my writing and who wait with baited breath for each and every one of my posts. I’ve written full scripts and hundreds of short stories. I’ve out performed what you ever thought I was capable of. You were mean and cruel and made me think that I would never get the chance to do what I wanted with my life.

To the head of my sixth form who told me that I would likely never even be able to get into university because I just wasn’t academically gifted: I did it. And not only did I do it, but I passed with a 2:1 and continued on to do my masters and pass. I graduate in October. I know this would make you think you inspired me to be better, but you didn’t. You tore me down and it was me that built myself back up again, not you. So, hey. Guess what? You were wrong. You were despicable. You don’t deserve to feel good about my success.

To my history teacher, who worked hard with me for eight years to help me succeed. You were one of the only ones who could see past the shitty grades and the “lack of effort” to the person beyond it. You helped me find an interest in something that I found difficult. You inspired me to be better because I deserved to be better. You found ways to help me when others wrote me off as lazy. You saw that I just didn’t understand and you helped me make it easier. You were the best teacher I’d ever had and I am forever thankful for the ways you encouraged me. Thank you.

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Visited my old school six years after graduating under the guise of visiting the library next door. There’s a kiosk on the schoolyard everyone frequented and it’s still there, so I decided to get something to drink and see what changed.

Not only did nothing change but the woman who manages most of it remembered me? And talked to me and asked what I was doing? It’s been six goddamn years? Not gonna lie, I was touched. (And she just grinned when I ordered the muffin I already lived in my school days.)

I’m so going to chat with her again when I’ve got time.

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So picture this: I’m up at 6am as usual getting ready for school. I get dressed, put on deodorant, and wash my face. I am now fully awake as I start doing my makeup. Suddenly, my mom gets a phone call out of the blue from the kitchen. Who could be calling at this time of day, one might wonder?

Twas a robocall from my school.

I have another snow day today.

And now I have to undo everything because I have nowhere to go today.

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