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Next month makes 6 months of living in California. Not many people know this, but I moved here from Saint Louis with nothing but a dream. I had no money saved, no place to live long term, and school/practice from 7am-7pm. I’ve loved California since the first time I came over a year ago and I knew that I was going to come back by any means. I knew that I was supposed to be here and I made it happen! I’ve been through a lot of really difficult trials, but I can say that I have grown so much as a person in ways that I can’t even explain. Due to me being fiercely independent [read: stubborn and prideful] I’ve had to figure out how to survive here with absolutely no money some days to now, balling on a budget. So, now, I’d like to share my journey and experience with everyone so maybe we can make it through these 20-somethings together. I hope to inspire, motivate, and educate people through my posts and show people all of the amazing things that California has shown me ♥️ - Nae xx

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“So the thing I learned over the weekend was that just because they call it ‘unflavored’ does not mean it has no taste. It just means they don’t know what flavor it is. Let me enlighten you. It tastes like glue.”


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Journal entry #25📝

Date: 1/25/20

Today’s mood:😴

Amount of water (cups):0😬

Skincare routine:✅❎

Dental hygiene:✅❎



Today’s talk: This one is gonna be short because not much happen. I was on set for the web series from 8 am to about 930 pm. It was fun but exhausting. I counted it as exercise for how much I was standing, walking, and moving equipment. Unfortunately, had like no water. Survived on diet soda, energy drinks, and Starbucks refresher.

I did just get done crying my eyes out. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted, lonely, miss my boyfriend a lot and wish my friends were better. So yeah, time to pass out until work tomorrow.

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I started the day with a period 2 study hall, so I just did 280 xp worth of duolingo

In chemistry, I took notes on redox and finished a redox worksheet (I have no idea what I’m doing with it though :( )

In spanish, we went over prepositions

In english, I started revising my Things Fall Apart persuasive letter


- Finished revision

- Read chapters 8-13 and finished packet for Things Fall Apart

- Made a Quizlet for the vocab 

now playing: breaking the habit - linkin park

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27 january 2020 // 11/100 days of productivity

So, I put my 100 days of productivity on hold because my classes were not yet resuming and I literally had nothing to do. I was bored out of my mind.

This semester I am taking an English coarse, and astronomy coarse, sociology, and psychology. These are some beginning vocab terms from my my astronomy class. So far I am enjoying the coarse, I’m not a huge fan of science courses but so far there’s also a good bit of history behind astronomy, that makes me enjoy it a little bit more.

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I spent some quality time collaging my walls today ^u^

I love to do this, it’s one of my favorite artistic outlets. I’m really excited to have more things on these white dorm apartment walls (yikes) that inspire me and make me feel at home.

Some of my favorite pieces I’ve added are pictures of Montana, which I’ve been visiting since I was a little girl. I hope to move there one day and appreciate admiring it’s beauty in the mean time (: 🏔🌱

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Still not over the time, last semester, when I was nervous about asking my professor to drop me from her class because she might try to convince me to stick around and get my grade up. Instead she just said “Oh good! You were bringing down my class average,” and quickly signed my form with a smile.

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01.27.20// wow, I’ve been VERY inactive lately, and I want to apologize. I just feel like I’m starting to get organized for school mode (finally) and I had to get in gear this weekend to get things done. I had a pretty good day today, nothing too challenging. Turns out the guy I kind of liked has a girlfriend, but at least we’re good friends. Also got to see some friends I haven’t talked to in a while, and got an article done for my online school magazine.

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Working out of the library today! My personal project is producing a poetry book and today’s the day I printed the whole thing and am beginning paper edits! Hence the scatters of A5 paper all over the place!

My editing process is almost always done on paper if I have the time. I like keeping my original drafts/handwritten notes on the left with highlighters ready!

And the editing draft printed out to the right so I can pull individual pages to edit before reading through the whole essay/report/brief/book.

Then I keep my laptop open if I have the space so that I can check facts/sources/digital drafts and keep study chats open online as well.

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