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Good morning, afternoon or night to my glam babies and whoever is reading this.

Usually I would never disclose such devastating or deeply personal information that is connected to my life but its been hard to process. I hope not to impose anything on you guys but on Sunday night, one of my classmates and two other kids from a nearby high school crashed into a medium and struck a tree causing the car split and catch fire, it was fatal. It might seem crazy considering I didn’t really know him but I was really hurt that his and the two others lives were taking so suddenly. Life is too precious.

I want to write a letter to bring comfort to his family by writing it in his native language, Mandarin Chinese. I’m familiar since I’ve been studying for a while but there’s way more to say then striking a small conversation. If you know anybody, whether it be a langblr or a random who can help me, it would mean the world.

I appreciate you guys regardless of your choices to recommend me help or provide me support and stay safe on the road and wherever you go. You are everything to somebody, remember that.

Jada 🖤

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thanks so much for following me and enjoying my posts! I know I haven’t posted anything for a while but that’s because school started and I’m super busy. But I’ll try to post again soon! Let’s study hard and learn more together!




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February 19, 2020

So I can’t just sit around all day and do jack shit, so I’m considering trying to start learning a language again. I’m leaning towards Korean since my mom speaks it and it is half of my cultural makeup. Either that or Japanese, which is the other half of me……. no I think I’ll do Korean, at least my mom could help me with it and speak with me.

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☺️I might get a job tutoring a kid in Spanish 1!! I’m excited because (1) I was looking for a job already and (2) I get to teach a language!!! I’m sooo nervous though even though I shouldn’t be ahhh

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Hey Google?


Hey Google?

I don’t need your fucking input on my Japanese notes.

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I started studying Russian and I can say for sure Cyrillic fucks your brain up more than other different alphabets. The fact that P is an R, I’m shaking

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Hey, hello, something really bad has happened!

So, a balls up with the Uni system means that I’ve paid my accom fees into my overall total rather than the £600 it was supposed to take out this month (the direct debit just did not work?) 

I don’t have the funds for another £600 to go out, I have a £250 overdraft that was supposed to be for food and the very occasional drink and that’s it. I cannot change it, I tried to apply just now and it wouldn’t let me.

Please, please help me, I am begging you

I have a kofi here:

Message me directly about paypal

Anything is fine, the less that comes out of my overdraft the better

If you see this please reblog it

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Wait you're learning German? That's cool, how come you wanna know how to speak it?

Well, it’s mostly for the sound of the language itself! The common conception of the German language in France is that it’s super ugly and that it sounds like you’re either yelling or vomiting all the time - some old wartime propaganda BS if you ask my opinion, because German is one of the most soft-sounding and melodious languages I’ve heard. I don’t know, the r’s and the ch’s sound soft to my ear and deliciously roll off native speakers’ tongues ngl I think Neuer is so charming when he speaks I might go slightly unpatriotic and root for the Mannschaft. And even when they actually are angry, I get the chills my reference is German dubbings for Disney villains lmfao but German Mother Gothel is so scary. I think the language conveys so much emotion and I just wanted to speak it, you know? I think it’s more beautiful spoken than written. Also, it helps that I’ve fallen in LOVE with Wien/Vienna (the city) and it’s just the dream place for my romanticist ass. so yeah that’s basically the reasons why I started studying German! (i’ve been taking the duolingo class for like a month and a half so bear with me I’m terrible)

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Quels artistes préférez-vous dans votre langue cible?

J’adore MIKA. J’ai acheté un billet pour son concert à Boston en mai! J’écoutais sa musique depuis j’ai douze ans! Ça fait longtemps. J’écoute à Stromae et Angèle aussi. 

J’aime le film d’horreur “Grave” et la chanson “Plus putes que toutes les putes” est très bien.

J’ai une list de lectures français que j’écoute la plupart de temps!

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