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For the SDV emojis asks: 🎬 - Which cutscene is your favourite? and 🎣 - Opinion on fishing?
Oh gosh.. so many good scenes-- but I really love Shane's eight-heart event cutscene. He's so happy! 💖 How he switches from beer to sparkling water and buys new shoes for Jas! I love that he talks about realizing that people care for him and that he doesn't have to go through things alone.
I LOVE FISHINGGG, definitely my favorite thing to do in the game. 😌 It's such a peaceful activity for me, and I love the little sense of accomplishment I get when I score a really difficult fish. 😂
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I saw someone already asked you that so
10. Which sdv parent would you let raise you?
Do Evelyn/George count? Haha, I love Evelyn and George so much. George was really standoffish before, but I have enough hearts with him now that when I talk to him, he always ask if I want to sit and watch TV with him. I find that super endearing for some reason. 😂 And Evelyn is a sweetheart! 💖 I feel like I could learn so much from them both, wisdom and baking skills at least, haha.
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Tumblr media
Marlon came up onto his forearms to take some of his weight off of her. “I guess that didn’t go how you expected,” he drawled, a slow smile spreading across his face.
Riley gave a little snort of laughter. “Nope.” Her eyes met his and he was struck by how close they were. Her cheeks were flushed with exertion, her lips slightly parted, and he couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to kiss her.
Chapter 3, Dig Deep Artwork by the fabulous Bast @artjdg
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the big questions:
🌾 - What or who introduced you to stardew valley?
💘 - What made you fall in love with stardew valley?
🌾 -One of my best friends (@eat-my-shampoo )introduced me to Stardew Valley a year ago! 💖 She's played for years, and when we reconnected, she recommended our little group try it. I downloaded the mobile version and quickly fell down a rabbit hole. Legitimately, this game has single-handedly revived my creativity and has led me to make so many friends!✨
💘 - When I initially started playing, I genuinely did not think I would fall as hard as I did. I thought it was just like any other pixel game. But the world, the characters, the way your farmer changes it just by existing and producing blew my mind! I fell in love with the little accomplishments I could have and the townspeople! (Also, the romance arcs are so so good! 💖)The characters have are so reality-based, that you just can't help that sense of connection with them. Definitely just gives me such a sense of peace when I play it. 💕 And, a fact I think is so fun, after a year of game-play, I'm still learning new things about the Stardew Valley! ✨
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Stardew Valley Emoji asks
Please someone use this I’ll even send asks ;-; or send me asks ;-;
💍 - Favourite Bachelor/Bachelorette?
🤗 - Who’s your best friend in sdv?
😠 - Which villager is the biggest asshole?
🙄 - Which marriage candidate is most annoying?
⭐️ - Which of your farmer oc’s is your favourite?
💐 - Who is the first marriage candidate you courted?
💕 - The last/current marriage candidate you courted?
🥀 - Is there any villager you wish you could court but can’t?
😘 - Which sdv marriage candidate do you openly simp for the most?
Which sdv parent would you let raise you?
😉 - Who would you openly and shamelessly flirt with (if you had the confidence)
🎬 - Which cutscene is your favourite?
😭 - Did you cry during any of the cutscenes?
🌱 - Favourite crop?
💎 - Favourite gem/mineral?
🍄 - Favourite forgeable?
���� - Favourite flower?
🍁 - Favourite season?
🥞 - Favourite food?
📍- Favourite location? eg. beach, mt lake, train, library
🐔 - Favourite animal livestock?
🗑 - To root or not to root through trash that is the question?
🔨 - Jojo or community centre?
🎣 - Opinion on fishing?
🪨 - Opinion of Mining?
🌾 - What or who introduced. you to stardew valley?
💘 - What made you fall in love with stardew valley?
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Hi - I would love to see something of Marlon if you're up to it!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
this is not my favorite thing I've done, but I'm working on getting back into painting (at least, digitally) ! Here's my interpretation of the pond in Cindersnap forest! It's hard to paint when you have 0 references so this is just all from my weird brain
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@stardew-atlantis has some amazing fics and is also an amazing person 💕 Please check them out if you haven't already!! ⭐
Thunderstorm - (Harvey/F!Farmer Oneshot)
Tumblr media
(Art by the lovely @lizardfootman) (Click for better Quality)
So Lizard and I did a sort of collab with this one ^_^. I wrote a mini-fic, and they drew the amazing masterpiece above.
Summary: Harvey and SJ watch the rain together during a thunderstorm.
Word Count: 774
Warnings: none, lmk
It was the middle of the night when a loud crack of thunder startled Harvey awake. He took a moment to remember where he was, and took a few deep breaths to calm his racing heartbeat.
The weather forecast had called for severe thunderstorms all throughout the night, so before they went to sleep, SJ and Zephyr made sure that all the farm equipment was put away, and all the animals were safe in their respective buildings.
Listening to the wind whip through the trees and the rain battering the windows as he first climbed into bed, Harvey almost worried for the structural integrity of the farmhouse, but when SJ wrapped her arms around him, holding him close, it silenced his fears enough to let him fall asleep.
Hours later, just as he began to calm down, he quickly realized that he was alone in the bed.
Harvey reached for his glasses on the nightstand, looking around the room to attempt to figure out where SJ went. He knew he'd never be able to sleep unless she came back, he still felt out of place sleeping in her bed without her.
Out in the living room, he spotted a large shadow, wrapped in a blanket. She sat in front of the window with the curtains peeled back, staring out at the storm.
At first, he wondered if she was afraid. If the thunder woke her up as well, and she was worried about the animals or the crops, but as he approached the window, he found her eyes sparkling with interest at the lightning outside, an excited look on her face that usually accompanied watching the stars on a clear night.
Hearing his footsteps, she turned, smiling as soon as she saw him.
"Hey." she whispered. "Sorry, did I wake you up?"
"No, the storm did." he replied, rubbing his eyes underneath his glasses. "What's the matter? Can't sleep?"
"I just like watching the rain." she shrugged, before raising her arm to lift up one side of the blanket. "C'mere, come sit."
Harvey sat down on the surprisingly cold wooden floor, sliding in close to let SJ share her blanket with him. She kissed his cheek as she draped the soft fabric over his shoulders, pulling him even closer.
"Warm enough?" she asked, softly.
He nodded, smiling as she turned back towards the window.
"I love thunderstorms. My favorite type of weather."
"Can't say that I agree." Harvey replied, shuddering as another rumble of thunder echoed through the valley.
"Not a fan?" she smirked, reaching out to take his hand.
"Thunder.... Makes it a little difficult to sleep, is all." he said, lacing their fingers together.
The touch helped to ground him. It reminded him that he wasn't in his apartment, where the walls vibrated during particularly strong storms, and the windows shook so badly he thought they might shatter. He was much safer here, with SJ.
"Rain is just soothing for me, and the lightning looks so pretty." she added.
He watched the storm with her for a few moments. He could understand her appreciation for the quiet beauty of the flash the cut through the clouds and lit up the night sky, but the roaring thunder that followed was a grim reminder of all the damage that one little flash could do.
"Aren't sure worried about the lightning damaging the farm?" he asked.
"Not anymore." she said, shaking her head. "We did have a few trees fall during the spring, but we have lighting rods now, so it's rare that the lightning goes anywhere else."
"You actually want the lightning to hit the farm?" he asked, slightly shocked.
SJ chuckled quietly to herself. "It's to keep it away from everything else. They're at the north side of the property, nothing's near them. They generate some good electricity too. Very eco-friendly." she explained.
"I guess that's alright then."
SJ leaned over to rest her cheek against his shoulder, giving his hand a squeeze. "I know it'll be over by morning, so I just wanted to watch for a little while. We can go back to bed if you like." She looked to him for his response.
Harvey smiled as another bolt of lightning lit up the sky, reflecting in her eyes. He couldn't help but stare, finally understanding why she found the unfortunate weather so alluring. After all, they were safe in the farmhouse. There was nothing left to do except appreciate the storm's beauty.
"Can we stay here for a few more minutes?" he asked, hesitantly.
She smiled back, leaning in for a quick peck on the lips. "Of course we can."
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Tumblr media
silly sketch✨
hc that Sam considers Shane his work husband 😌
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Tumblr media
Chicken man hours 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓 Shane is chilling with his kids and a seltzer outside - he's obviously having a great time. 😌
I love drawing @lizardfootman's husband - 100/10 will always draw the chimken dude
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If you haven't checked out @purpleandgreen13, please do! ✨ They write gorgeous fics and they are a wonderful human being! 💖
Tumblr media
Argh! Thank you to the seriously and terrifyingly talented @lizardfootman for making this absolute masterpiece of my lovely, sweet OC farmer Jerusha Howard dancing with and kissing on her partner for the SDV Flower Dance! This is in year two, when Jerusha finally plucks up the courage to give Harvey a bouquet, only to have everything messed up, but finally at the Flower Dance they get their first decent smooch in! (In the middle of the field in front of everyone! :D )
Chapter here if you would like to read! (part 2 of my Harvey and Jerusha series on AO3) https://archiveofourown.org/works/28157421/chapters/68995023
Thank you so much for this beautifully detailed and true-to-my-story art, I'm completely in love with it and I want to kiss them both and you (platonically and respectfully)
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For the Grapefruit Sky server’s Luau gift exchange, I received this gorgeous art of Elliott and my farmer lighthouse keeper OC Nicole from @lizardfootman!! (Thanks a million!!)
Tumblr media
Under the break I’ve also published the entirety of the fic this art is inspired by. It’s also on AO3; its link in the title.
Title: That Summer, That Night
Word Count: 6,998 (4 chapters)
Summary: How the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies became one of Elliott’s favorite festivals.
Keep reading
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Thank you for the tag @nowlbowl! 💖
To summon me you have to gather:
⭐ a caffeinated beverage (rockstar is preferred, but coffee will do ☕)
⭐ any breakfast food 🍴
⭐ The Little Prince fox plush 🦊
⭐ OHSHC manga
⭐ fresh clean laundry
this is such a cute trend 💕 @eat-my-shampoo @mothmans-wifes-stuff @dashoflovely 👀
What 5 items would be used to summon you?
Mine are something cute and pink, stuffed animal, strawberry lemonade, a volume of my favorite manga (I have so many so endless possibilities), and finally a soft blanket
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mayor lewis?? never heard of him. 😌
love this couple-- and @hometownbard's writing is exquisite 😭💖 Please check out their work if you haven't yet!!
They’re fake dating and they’re going to fall in love, your honor 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
AMAZING commissioned work by @lizardfootman on a scene from my Marnie/Marlon fic-in-progress, Terms and Conditions. Cannot recommend working with them highly enough!! <3
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Tumblr media
@nobodyschrush-everyonessquish requested Shane wearing the mermaid’s pendant <3 I had to
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
hoodie harvey ✨
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