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need-a-new-hobby·a day agoText
  • I love when they are at the book quotes in for Magnus. “It would be like Beyoncé riding through Times Square on a dinosaur. People would notice.”
  • Also something you pick up when you watch the same episode like five times about a minute and 46 seconds in is this really high-pitched giggle when Clary calls Luke a mummy. And she looks at Magnus
  • You’re more than just a hook up - exactly what every girl wants to hear the morning after an ‘amazing’ night.
  • I feel so bad for Izzy in this ep. but she still looks absolutely stunning
  • Slept at Magnus’ place?
  • Didn’t do much sleeping - ha!
  • Hey, I talk to you - he’s so relatable to me
  • Even with everything going on, he’s still so worried about Izzy
  • I’m the guy about to be disowned when he finds out Jace and clary are still out there doing god knows what - Alec is such a big brother
  • Watching Clary and Jace is really painful for me but I love her ‘plan’
  • You son of a bitch
  • You cheated on me?
  • I uh what? I did not
  • God their entire plan cracks me up
  • Also badass police captain gets another point in my book
  • The way she defends clary
  • The matching tattoos
  • Don’t worry about it, I get it. You always fall for the bad boys right? Or is that just me?
  • I love her so much and I don’t even know her name
  • I have no idea why but literally everyone except for Simon Jace and clary are so loveable like even the waitress at Java jones is so adorable
  • Where’s what’s her face? Latte no whipped cream girl
  • Also is just getting a whole pot of coffee an American thing?
  • Okay the blood filling up the French press thing is seriously creepy
  • I’m gonna bring Alec with me next time, I don’t think he’s ever slapped me in the face
  • This is a disaster
  • Hey, demonpox is a disaster, this is an inconvenience
  • Simon are you okay?
  • I don’t know, I haven’t been kidnapped yet today - first off mood, second off, if I were Simon I wouldn’t leave the house
  • I’ve got a great plan
  • Oh great - I really don’t think clary gets to say that after her disaster before
  • Oh and don’t worry, in my plan, no one gets slapped
  • I feel bad for the IA guy, I don’t know why
  • Noooooooooooo badass captain! She’s the best!! Also I finally know her last name: Bargus
  • Oooo family intervention!!!
  • Simon’s sister is so relatable and when she argues with her mom
  • Also clary picked the worst spot to draw a tattoo. her entire right arm is free, and that design isn’t that hard to draw. like even i could do it. and i can’t draw a stick figure. so there.
  • I wish Izzy was my lil sister. the way she teases Alec, god, i wish i had someone like her growing up.
  • You come here often?
  • I work here - I love Alec so much. Also what do you think he did with the pamphlets?
  • Also Jace must have insane upper body strength to get himself up
  • You’re pack leader now, you don’t need to ask - Luke’s second is such a great character too I wish they all got  more character development
  • Cmon wicked grandmas?
  • What the hell?
  • Language. Not in front of grandma. I miss book!Jace
  • Also it’s weird how clary knows all these runes. Like it’s fine in the books cause they actually show her training but there’s never a single scene within the first scene where they actually teach her runes
  • Don’t worry. It’s not like this is the first time Alec’s saved your life. I doubt it’d be the last. Izzy has no time for this bromance
  • Is she serious? She’s just gonna apologise in the middle of running away? and she really needs to work on her stamina
  • Clary really needs her own sword
  • Ugh demons are ugly
  • Where the hell is she running? AND SHE DOESNT HAVE A SWORD
  • And now she gets the cup out. I’m sorry, I have no patience for clary
  • “Simon, you alive in there?” I mean are vampires alive though?
  • Dear god his room looks like he’s been kidnapped…again
  • Omg how’d she know Jace was a demon though? I watched it a few times over and there’s no sign
  • I mean everything he says sounds like Jace
  • And where’d she get the sword from? Like her first instinct is cup with demons, sword with Jace
  • The logical thing would be reversing but this is ✨shadowhunters ✨ so what is logic anyway
  • Also someone explain why clace moments always happen at the worst moments
  • Like Simon thinks he’s becoming a vamp but clace kiss 💋
  • Nooooo where’s Raphael?
  • Why does no one listen to Raphael? Simon would’ve been fine if he hadn’t gone back to that creepy ass hotel ugh
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need-a-new-hobby·a day agoText

so i recently got an anonymous message saying they missed my commentary on shadowhunters because they thought it was funny and it was a really eye-opening thing for me. I’d always assumed that if i didn’t get likes or reblogs, it meant people didn’t like my stuff. and i guess it made me realise that it doesn’t matter. So i’m gonna keep going with the commentary even if i’m not posting criminal minds stuff on here anymore. and don’t worry if anyone saw my older post about deleting my account. this blog will stay here as a sort of fan account for anything and everything i get into. So without further ado, hold tight because season 1 episode 7 is coming up!

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need-a-new-hobby·2 days agoAnswer

I’m missing your shadowhunters commentary 😢😭

Please continue, your live stream thoughts are so good and funny 💘

oh really? i just thought they were really annoying because there was almost no feedback, but if you really like them, then i may start again soon. but please just hold on a while because i’m currently in my hsc exam period. i promise i’ll be back soon though and may start it back up again in november. but thank you for letting me know that you liked it. honestly had no idea whether people were still interested. 

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need-a-new-hobby·8 days agoText

I’m going to be moving all my fics to Ao3. The old ones will remain there but any new ones will probably show up there rather than here. I just find the whole process there easier, that’s all. I will post little teasers with the links here though. thanks.

You can find me on rucha5218

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need-a-new-hobby·8 days agoText



  • Depression Hotline:1-630-482-9696
  • Suicide Hotline:1-800-784-8433
  • LifeLine:1-800-273-8255
  • Trevor Project:1-866-488-7386
  • Sexuality Support:1-800-246-7743
  • Eating Disorders Hotline:1-847-831-3438
  • Rape and Sexual Assault:1-800-656-4673
  • Grief Support:1-650-321-5272
  • Runaway:1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000
  • Exhale:After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253
  • Child Abuse:1-800-422-4453
  • UK Helplines:
  • Samaritans (for any problem):08457909090 e-mail
  • Childline (for anyone under 18 with any problem):08001111
  • Mind infoline (mental health information):0300 123 3393 e-mail:
  • Mind legal advice (for people who need mental-health related legal advice):0300 466 6463
  • b-eat eating disorder support:0845 634 14 14 (only open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) e-mail:
  • b-eat youthline (for under 25’s with eating disorders):08456347650 (open Mon-Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm)
  • Cruse Bereavement Care:08444779400 e-mail:
  • Frank (information and advice on drugs):0800776600
  • Drinkline:0800 9178282
  • Rape Crisis England & Wales:0808 802 9999 1(open 2 - 2.30pm 7 - 9.30pm) e-mail
  • Rape Crisis Scotland:08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight
  • India Self Harm Hotline:00 08001006614
  • India Suicide Helpline:022-27546669
  • Kids Help Phone (Canada):1-800-668-6868, Free and available 24/7
  • suicide hotlines;
  • Argentina:54-0223-493-0430
  • Australia:13-11-14
  • Austria:01-713-3374
  • Barbados:429-9999
  • Belgium:106
  • Botswana:391-1270
  • Brazil:21-233-9191
  • China:852-2382-0000
  • (Hong Kong:2389-2222)
  • Costa Rica:606-253-5439
  • Croatia:01-4833-888
  • Cyprus:357-77-77-72-67
  • Czech Republic:222-580-697, 476-701-908
  • Denmark:70-201-201
  • Egypt:762-1602
  • Estonia:6-558-088
  • Finland:040-5032199
  • France:01-45-39-4000
  • Germany:0800-181-0721
  • Greece:1018
  • Guatemala:502-234-1239
  • Holland:0900-0767
  • Honduras:504-237-3623
  • Hungary:06-80-820-111
  • Iceland:44-0-8457-90-90-90
  • India:022 2754 6669
  • Israel:09-8892333
  • Italy:06-705-4444
  • Japan:3-5286-9090
  • Latvia:6722-2922, 2772-2292
  • Malaysia:03-756-8144
  • (Singapore:1-800-221-4444)
  • Mexico:525-510-2550
  • Netherlands:0900-0767
  • New Zealand:4-473-9739
  • New Guinea:675-326-0011
  • Nicaragua:505-268-6171
  • Norway:47-815-33-300
  • Philippines:02-896-9191
  • Poland:52-70-000
  • Portugal:239-72-10-10
  • Russia:8-20-222-82-10
  • Spain:91-459-00-50
  • South Africa:0861-322-322
  • South Korea:2-715-8600
  • Sweden:031-711-2400
  • Switzerland:143
  • Taiwan:0800-788-995
  • Thailand:02-249-9977
  • Trinidad and Tobago:868-645-2800
  • Ukraine:0487-327715

oh no what’s this force on my reblog buttoonnn

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need-a-new-hobby·9 days agoText


ideas for interesting platonic dynamics:

  • older siblings trying to maintain a cool persona to impress younger siblings who idolize them 
  • character avoiding their landlord cause they’re late to pay rent 
  • neighbors who have grown weirdly accustomed to each other and don’t feel right if the other person isn’t home 
  • following the same idea… one of them finally moves out and the other neighbor deliberately scares away potential new inhabitants cause they can’t stand the idea of anyone else living next door 
  • alternatively, shenanigans between neighbors who cannot stand each other and are each trying very hard to get the other to move out 
  • adult characters bonding with their friends’ children 
  • characters who are just sick of each other for no particular reason, they’re just weirded out by how often they coincidentally end up in the same places 
  • character stalking another character, but solely to use their extensive knowledge about them to avoid them 
  • long-lost friends/relatives reunited after many years who now have to get to know each other all over again 
  • doctor/therapist/other health care specialist frustrated with a chaotic patient who keeps getting themselves into awful situations 
  • tension between characters of different religions, but not hateful!! there’s just a lot of confusion about each other’s beliefs as they get to know each other 
  • parents trying very hard not to play favorites with their children 
  • children trying very hard not to play favorites with their parents 
  • teachers trying very hard not to play favorites with their students 
  • business partners become business rivals 
  • business rivals become business partners 
  • friend groups where pets are also considered part of the group (thinking of scooby doo) 
  • bitter enemies teaming up against a bigger enemy 
  • mentor/apprentice, but the mentor doesn’t know what they’re doing at all, they’re just winging it 
  • mentor/apprentice where it turns out that the apprentice is actually more skilled/knowledgable than the mentor 
  • ex-villains slowly learning to trust their old enemies 
  • ex-villains trying so very hard to persuade their old enemies that they are not villainous anymore 
  • friends who’ve grown unhealthily attached to each other keep putting off an inevitable goodbye 
  • overachieving classmates who barely know each other and have no intention of furthering their relationship, but they enjoy working together because they make a great team 
  • adoration between villains and their henchpeople 

feel free to add on as many as you please

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need-a-new-hobby·9 days agoText


Today (October 10th) is World Mental Health Day so here are some things that a character can say to another character who is struggling with mental illness:

  • “you can talk to me about anything”
  • “I don’t understand but I believe you”
  • “I’ll stay with you as long as you need me to”
  • “take a deep breath”
  • “do you want me to give you advice or do you just want me to listen?”
  • “you don’t have to go through this alone”
  • “I’ll check on you again tomorrow”
  • “you’re not broken”
  • “let’s take a five minute break”
  • “I love you no matter what your brain tells you”
  • “I’m always here if you need anything”
  • “please don’t talk that way about yourself”
  • “let me know if you ever need a ride to therapy”
  • “don’t forget to take your medication”
  • “it’s okay to ask for help”
  • “I’ll go with you for moral support”
  • “I don’t know how to help you but I can help you find someone who does”
  • “do you want to talk about it or would you like a distraction?”
  • “you’re safe”
  • “there is always hope”

(NOTE: Please be respectful and considerate when including mental illnesses in your writing. If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental illness, don’t be afraid to ask for help.)

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need-a-new-hobby·10 days agoText


It annoys me how everyone is rolling their eyes and making fun of Spencer whenever he has some obscure fact, especially because most of the time they take advantage of the fact that he knows these things and then mocks him for it. JJ especially annoys me sometimes because she is so dismissive of him, often when he actually has a point, and she seems to never pass up an opportunity to make fun of him. She seriously gives me school bully vibes sometimes.

someone said it!!

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need-a-new-hobby·17 days agoText

SO I watched it and Julie and the Phantoms is soo good. It’s incredible and you should all definitely watch it on Netflix. I won’t give any spoilers but I did wanna write out some of my major thoughts on it so you can check it out below.

so i was kinda ehh on the show when i watched the trailers i kept getting on my instagram because the last thing i needed right now was another kissing booth type disaster buuut definitely exceeded every expectation i had.

These guys are the absolute best. 

So Luke (my beiber haired child) is such an amazing character, always supportive of his boys and loyal puppy #1. He (and the actor, Charlie Gillespie) is so talented and the songs that he writes (see now or never, bright and unsaid emily) are so emotional and he truly writes from the heart. 

Reggie (my bi leather disaster) is insane on the bass and it would have been soo easy for Ortega and his crew to write him off as this badass, objectifying rogue, but instead Reggie is the most adorable boy. Granted, he’s a bit of an airhead, but he always means well and he’s always there for his mates (including Julie). 

Julie Molina is an adorable ball of energy and sunshine (though not at first). She has an amazing voice, she plays piano and she’s a true friend. We see her struggle with losing her mom and how the boys above help her find herself and her voice through music.

And by far my favourite character, Alex aka the only one with a braincell (except when he’s around willie) is a great drummer and what i love about him the most is that he is first and foremost, a friend, a brother, a drummer and it’s only after we know ALL of this that it’s revealed he’s gay. there’s no dramatic coming out scene, there’s no will they, won’t they, there’s just casual acceptance. 

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

“We’re Lightwoods. We break noses and accept the consequences.”

There are so many iconic lines in this ep.

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

Omg, Alec’s so cute with his mom. Also someone find Preston so I can break his nose again. And 10 yo Alec sounds adorable. Also, I really hope the punishment for insubordination was something like cleaning duty.

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

Oof, where’d Simon get a knife? Also he needs to stop attacking people with knives. See Raphael.

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

Jesus, Jace is such a dick right now

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

Boy toys = Jace and Simon 😄😄 = suitors

Biscuit = clary

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

Btw, I think alec’s refusal to help is absolutely valid. If he interferes in Down world politics, he and his family would be seriously screwed

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText
  • another reason why I love alec is the big brother vibes that come out every now and then and you see it here especially with max’s arrival.
Dad: he set a fire in rune studies 
 Max: I was trying to draw the nourishment rune 
 Alec: those two runes look nothing alike, Max
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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

Virgin Shadowhunter energy 😂😂😂

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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText

How is it that Jace is good at riding a demon bike but not a car? Is a demon bike easier to drive than a car? Someone test it out, for science.

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