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need-a-new-hobby·7 days agoAnswer

Congrats you are the first thing that pops up when people search anti clary (not being sarcastic I hate her so I love your posts)

Haha. It’s not that I hate her, I just find her really irritating, moreso than the books. I just wish she was given more depth as a character.

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need-a-new-hobby·10 days agoAnswer

Hii!! I just want to ask if you have any tips or resources in writing character relationships?? Like I want to build a relationship between two characters in a relatively short time but i dont want it to feel rushed,,,,thank you so much!! Your blog has helped me alot!!

I have quite a few resources and advice on the topic of building romantic relationships in a story, so I’ve linked some relevant resources below that you might find useful:

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need-a-new-hobby·11 days agoText


An FBI agent from the San Diego White Collar Crime Division seeks assistance from the BAU when the con artist he has been tracking for years starts to murder his victims.

tw: violence, blood and injury

“Look, I love Miami as much as the next guy—”

“No, you don’t,” Derek interrupted Piper from his seat across from her.

“But white-collar crimes?”

“Maybe actually go through the file and you won’t find it so boring,” Emily said in a sing-song voice as she pushed a file towards her. Piper grumbled from her seat as she took it, scanning through the file before JJ arrived with the man who requested their assistance as Spencer passed her a Skittle from under the table. They heard the subtle crinkle of plastic as he shoved the mini packet in his pocket. Though it had to be noted, Rossi thought, that the last time he’d felt caught, he’d shoved the entire packet in his mouth and Derek had covered for him by making up an excuse about anaphylaxis to the detective as Piper stabbed a pen lightly into his leg.

“Everyone, this is Agent Russell Goldman from the San Diego white-collar team,” JJ presented the agent. “You’ve already met Agent Hotchner. These are Agents Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss, Dr Reid and Dr Bishop.” Spencer waved and Piper smiled at the agent.

“A pleasure. I’ve been following this con artist for 5 years but 2 nights ago, I think he may have killed someone.” The team nodded solemnly, switching their gaze to JJ’s screen.

“Carla Marshall of Miami was found dead in her home. Asphyxiation by strangulation. She also had trauma wounds to the head.”

“Why do we think the con man killed her?” Hotch asked from the back.

“Last week, Carla contacted a fraud website to report a scam. The complaint ended up on Goldman’s desk.”

“We spoke on the phone at length. Her story matched my guy to the T. She planned on confronting him that night. I told her to cease all communications and wait for me, I’d fly to Miami and set up a sting,” Goldman said, picking at his thumbnail. “But that never happened.”

“Do you have physical evidence confirming it’s your guy?” Derek voiced from his seat next to Emily.

“No, but for her to be murdered the night that we spoke, I don’t think it was a coincidence.”

“There was no sign of forced entry, theft, or sexual assault,” Hotch explained, leaning into Derek as he spoke.

“And judging from the M.O., the motive was personal,” Rossi added.

“Maybe she caught him out, he got angry, lashed out,” Piper mused. “Didn’t want his con to fall apart.”

“What’s his hustle?” Emily asked.

“Investment fraud. Basically, he’s a smaller Madoff.” Piper turned to Rossi to mouth Who’s Madoff?

“Investment banker defrauding dozens of people,” he whispered back as Goldman turned to JJ.

“To give you an idea of how convincing he is, this is a sampling of his work going back 14 years.” Icons of people spread out throughout the map of the lower east end of the US.

“It’s prolific,” Spencer commented under his breath.

“He’s scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from people, but he’s never been violent before,” Russell said.

“Con men usually don’t murder, but when they do, it’s to conceal their crimes,” Rossi started to explain.

“Con man’s a nice name for these guys,” Derek scoffed. “They profile as psychopaths.”

“They see their cons as theatre and themselves as a sort of puppeteer,” Spencer continued. “They have to have absolute control over their victims and their cons.”

“Losing that control precipitates violence,” Piper maintained. “Their confidence in the con shatters which reflects on future cons.”

“He could go on to kill others when those cons fail too,” Emily surmised with wrinkled brows. “Also is there a better word for con?”

“Scam?” Piper suggested.

“Fraud?” Derek smirked.

“Hustle?” Spencer added.

“Don’t forget hoaxes!” Rossi included before Hotch cleared his throat, putting an end to their good mood.

“Well, my point was that if he’s spiralling, he’s a danger to everyone around him.”

“And because he’s so charming, the victims never see it coming,” Hotch finished. “Wheels up in 30.” The group got up, chuckling as they walked into the bullpen to grab their bags and a cup of coffee for the road.


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need-a-new-hobby·12 days agoText


someone on criminal minds tiktok said that spencer reid had a huge ego because of his intelligence and that he sees himself as better than the rest of the team because of that and i just had to stop, and be like, are you watching the same show ???

reid relies on and emphasizes his intelligence because that is all he has ever been valued for, and that is very different than having an ego. there are very few people in his life who appreciate him for himself, and his quirks, and his interests. those people are elle greenaway, alex blake, kate callahan, penelope garcia, luke alvez and his mom. so he feels the only way people will actually see him is if he’s constantly pushing his limits, and exceeding the expectations placed upon him. he only finds worth in himself if his purpose is to be the brains, because people think he’s weird otherwise.

he was bullied as a child for his intelligence. he didn’t have friends because of it, and i’m sure the only reason he was able to take care of himself and his mom is because he was smart. his worth, and his value has always been in relation to how smart he is, but never for just himself.

let me remind you that in season 7, he went through a period of time when he doubted his own abilities. he was scared he wasn’t good enough. he had expectations set for him because of his intelligence from a young age. people constantly praised his intelligence and because of that he felt like he had to do something big and significant with his life, like curing an illness, in order for him to be acknowledged and appreciated, and by not doing that, he was letting himself and other people down. again, this isn’t him thinking he’s better, it’s how society treated him since he was a child that made him feel like he was failing for not doing more. he compares himself to other people his age who had achieved more than he did, out of insecurity and lack of self worth. because of society he believes that if he isn’t contributing big like other intelligent figures in history, he’s failed.

then in season 13x01, he’s angry at himself because he feels like he’s failing again, simply because it took him longer than usual to come to a conclusion. again, not because he thinks he better than everyone else, but because he has been expected since he was a child to come up with answers and solutions fast, and he couldn’t do that. and because he couldn’t do that, he was letting the rest of them team down.

then in season 14x01, when he and garcia are kidnapped, she tells him the team needs him, and he straight up tells her, “no they don’t, they need you.” not, “they need you too” or “they need us both”. he doesn’t believe that he is needed or that he’s holds any value to the team. he believes that they could operate fine without him.

this is not the mentality of someone who has a big ego. a person who is confident in themselves and who believes they are better than other people wouldn’t be able to admit that they’re not needed. egotistical and narcissistic people believe that they are needed and that things revolve around them, which is not what he thinks at all.

reid has flaws, but having a superiority complex is not one of them. sometimes i begin to wonder if we’re watching the same show, tbh.

and to add on, as a former “gifted” kid or someone society deemed as book smart, this mentality is really common. a lot of the people i thought i was friends with throughout my time in school only used me to get good grades, and i overworked myself often stressing out about grades. i felt that if i got anything below an A, i was failing people and i was failing myself. i was ashamed of showing people my test grades if i got 70s and 80s, and the first time i failed something i cried. i was in constant competition with other kids in myself class and if other people got higher grades on certain things i would get angry. not because i thought i was better than them, but because i was mad at myself for not understanding the material. not understanding made me feel stupid. my self worth was deeply rooted in how much people valued my intelligence, and it sucked.

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need-a-new-hobby·13 days agoText


Letting out a gentle sigh, I watched their sleeping form. They seemed so peaceful just laying there, lips moving slowly as little to no sound came out. I managed to make out a few words, however.
“I’m gonna find you and punch you straight in the dick. Leave my blueberries alone.”

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need-a-new-hobby·13 days agoText


“Get over here, being apart of the group means being apart of group hugs.”

“My pants may be down around my ankles, but judging by your blush, I look very attractive in my underwear.”

“I’m sorry for all the stuff I said.”
“And the punch to the jaw?”
“No, you definitely deserved that.”

“It’s time to take a breather.”
“We walked a block, a block!”

“I am nothing if not consistent.”
“A consistent pain in my ass.”

“Bad things keep happening to me. It’s like I have bad luck or something.”
“No, the reason you have bad luck is because you’re a dumbass.”

“What if we get caught?”
“Even better.”

“Damn, I was hoping to see you angry.”

“Shut up and keep twiddling your thumbs.”

“If you want to be my lover, you’ve got to bring me food.”

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need-a-new-hobby·13 days agoText


- “You eat kitkats like a monster, honestly I don’t think I can love you anymore.”
“At least I know how to cough into my elbow like a civilized being.”

- “Do you ever realize that we act like an old married couple sometimes?”
“We are an old married couple…”

- “Do you know how to cook anything besides ramen?”
“Um… microwave popcorn.”

- “You are so weak when it comes to spicy food.”
“No I’m not.”
“Name 1 spice you enjoy.”
“Pepper counts, right?”

- “I would do anything to prove my love for you.”
“Drink that entire bottle of hot sauce then.” “I don’t love you that much.”

- “Dude, you cry over everything.” “No I don’t.”
“You cried when a fly you called your ‘friend’ flew out of the window, you left open.” “Listen, I just felt really close to Fred.”

- “Why do we have a dog? We didn’t have a dog before I left.”
“Yeah, well, get with the times. Things change. Ugh, you’re just another old guy who doesn’t wanna accept that the world is changing.”
“1, You’re older than me. 2, You still haven’t told me why we now have a dog.”

- “Hey, do you love me a lot?“ “Of course!” “Enough to give me your garlic bread?” “F**k no.”
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need-a-new-hobby·17 days agoText


I spend way too much time overthinking the way names are used in fiction, so please enjoy this scattered list that resembles a prompt list: 

  • Nicknames
  • Characters that always go by a nickname 
  • Characters that always go by a nickname being called their real name in an intense moment 
  • Nicknames that start out as hostile or insulting (”Weirdo,” “Dork,” etc.) but slowly become terms of endearment/friendship 
  • Characters that only let one character call them That Nickname 
  • Characters that only let one character call them their real name; everyone else uses a nickname 
  • Titles 
  • “Captain,” “Boss,” “Agent,” “Detective,” “Officer,” “Doctor,” etc.
  • Characters earning an important title they’ve wanted their whole lives 
  • Characters giving up an important title in order to protect someone they love 
  • Characters who lose titles that are important to them earning them back 
  • Characters who hide behind titles, but are deeply touched when someone uses their name instead 
  • Characters who hide behind titles, and hate it when someone uses their name instead 
  • Characters who practically seem like two different people depending on whether they’re going by their name or their title 
  • A character’s title being used to indicate distance from someone who used to be their friend 
  • A character’s title being used to indicate forgiveness from a character who lost respect for them and wouldn’t use it 
  • A title being used sarcastically to convey that the person isn’t living up to it (”Your Highness, care to actually attend to your kingdom?”)
  • Changing names 
  • A character who takes a different name to show a divide between past actions and future actions 
  • A character who took a different name accepting their old name back, accepting that they’re still the same person, just making different choices
  • A brainwashed character who hasn’t been called by their proper name in ages reclaiming their name for the first time 
  • A brainwashed character remembering who they are when someone calls them their real name 
  • A character getting married and changing their last name 
  • A character changing a family name to break association with their family 
  • Misc.
  • A character that always calls another by their nickname/title screaming the character’s actual name when they’re in danger 
  • A name as a weapon: “Why should you be afraid of me? Because I’m friends with *insert name here*”. 
  • A name as a peace offering 
  • A name with hidden meaning 
  • A name that completely contradicts a character’s personality 
  • Names!!!  
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need-a-new-hobby·18 days agoText


1. Headpats

2. Headscratches

3. Messing with someone’s hair

4. Hugs

5. Side hugs

6. A character not liking physical affection and the other person being fine with that

7. Tapping their arm or hand

8. Cuddle dogpile

9. Casually touching shoulders

10. One character hating receiving hugs, but will give them.

11. Forehead touches

12. Forehead KISSES

13. Kisses on the temple

14. Massages

15. Rubbing the back of their neck

16. Curling up next to them

17. They’re a chair now.

18. Draping an arm around them. Not like in a hug, just draping it.

19. Holding hands

20. Tickling

21. Tapping their nose

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need-a-new-hobby·18 days agoAnswer

How about some purely platonic friendship bickering?

You betcha. (Sorry if it’s not very good, my mom decided to call me at 11:30 at night and I’m like WHY”

“A, have you seen the remote?”


“You’re laying on it.”

“No I’m not.”

“I can see it.”

“You can see from down there?”

“You’re the one laying down!”/ “I’m taller than you.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that you’re baby.”

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need-a-new-hobby·19 days agoText

Things had changed between them. Derek just couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But he couldn’t explain it without Emily laughing at him. Maybe it was in the way they bumped into each other bringing their preferred wake-up drink. He swore foreheads collided as Spencer brought Piper her tea and she brought him hazelnut coffee. 

Maybe it was the way they shared small smiles and inside jokes during the briefing. As of today, his favourite out-of-context joke was when the occasional ‘Jesus’ slipped out of Piper’s mouth and Spencer smirked as he delivered his favourite line, that ‘Jesus wasn’t here.’ 

Or maybe it was how they swapped books on the flight with her complaining that reading that fast wasn’t normal, but mostly her being jealous of his speed. 

Maybe it was the seamless way they worked together with her innate ability to streamline his thoughts. Or even the way they finished each other’s sentences, catching on to each other’s thought process. 

Maybe it was how Spencer glared at the detective flirting with Piper despite her obvious disinterest. Or how she held the same angry gaze towards female witnesses flirting with him.

Maybe it was the way she fussed over his Kevlar vest or how she kept his flank throughout the chase. Or the way he yelled at her for being reckless in the line of duty. It could have been the way his anger at her melted away when she was safe. It was probably the way she promised him that she would be okay. Always. It had something to do with the way she lay her head on his shoulder on the flight back. But it was definitely the way they went home together.

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need-a-new-hobby·19 days agoText

An Excerpt

tw suicide!


A group of suicides bring the BAU to Wyoming at JJ’s insistence. But both Piper and JJ’s ghosts haunt them as they work through the case.

Her deep blue eyes surveyed the file slowly, a pen balanced between fingers as the phone rang. She wasn’t new to phone calls, even this late. It was part of her job, much to the other ladies’ chagrin on girls’ nights, to take phone calls when no-one else could. So, she raised the dark receiver to her ear, using the other hands to sweep her fringe away from her eyes. Any other case, perhaps she would have evaluated it with less passion, but JJ realised as she slid a small red box closer to her, she had no other choice. With that decision made and a small gold locket clasped around her neck, she grabbed the files and moved to Hotch’s office, slumping her shoulders as she found his office empty, save for his suit jacket on the back of the chair. Not again.

“I don’t need self-defence training, Hotch.” But Piper’s protests fell on deaf ears.

“You want back in full-time, don’t you?” She narrowed her eyes at the grinning boss, his arms taut as they spread apart.

“Why do I get the feeling you just want to knock me on my ass?” she muttered as she fell into a practiced stance in front of him. She bounced on the balls of her heels; her eyes trained on his feet as she grumbled.

“First rule of combat: never take your eyes off your opponent,” he managed before he lunged, only to punch air as Piper sidestepped him, twirling away from him.

“Eyes don’t give away attack strategy, Hotch.” She was being glib. He hated glib. Aaron twisted on his heel to meet a grinning Piper. She ducked under another swing. “Maybe you need training, Hotch,” she taunted. Aaron shook his head, exhaling before launching himself at Piper. But she’d already expected it, bouncing down to her knees as she twisted around him, tossing a jab behind his right knee before latching her elbow around his neck and wrapping her legs around his waist, dragging him down to the mat with her. She breathed hard, the stench of their sweat strong as she held on tight to a twisting Aaron until he tapped her thigh twice and she released. She lay on the floor of the training room for a moment when Aaron extended his arm to her. She grasped it, pulling herself up to meet Hotch’s gaze. She smiled, hoping for a reprieve, to no avail as Hotch returned to his stance.

Her boss became unrecognisable as the pair exchanged blows, Aaron’s rapid limbs slamming into her raised arms, each hit stinging her arms until she sidestepped his cut to latch onto his wrist. She curled her wrist, twisting Hotch’s arm behind his back. Before he could react, she released his arm and Aaron, sensing release, twirled violently to swing his arm around. Except she had already ducked, only to sweep his legs out from under him. He felt his head slam to the mat and Piper’s knee press into his chest as he gasped for breath, his eyes meeting Piper’s wild gaze. For a moment, she was something else. Something animal. And then it was gone as her grin returned and she straightened, offering him a hand up. Aaron rose as he caught sight of JJ standing in the corner with four files clutched underneath her arm. Piper folded her mouth into a line, grabbing a towel and bag, waving to JJ as she padded out of the room. Aaron dabbed at his neck with a towel as JJ approached him.

“I just got a call and some case files from a Sheriff Samuel in Uinta County, Wyoming. 6 nights ago, two different teens were found hanging.”

“Hanging?” He was still breathless as he wiped his hands and reached out for the file, glancing through it.

“In their bedrooms. Trish Leake was dead when she was found. Ryan Krouse was revived on scene, but then died a few days later in the hospital.” Hotch looked up at JJ, about to open his mouth when she continued. “I know we don’t handle suicides. But the previous Friday, two more boys a few towns over were found hanging on the backs of their doors.”

“4 successful suicides in the same rural county in a week?” Hotch raised an eyebrow. “That’s, uh, way above the national average.”

“I know. These kids don’t fit the pattern,” she explained, trying to ignore the stench of sweat. “No drug or alcohol abuse, no antidepressants, no prior arrests. These are just plain good kids who decided to hang themselves at approximately the same time on a Friday night.” JJ’s shoulders sagged as Aaron pursed his lips, gaze returning to the file in his hand. “When someone feels trapped in what feels like a hopeless situation, pulling the trigger or swallowing pills or hanging yourself seems like the only way out. None of that seems to exist here. Something’s really wrong. Hotch, I can feel it.” He recognised the hidden plea in her voice. It nagged him. There was something personal in this case for her. He just didn’t know what it was. JJ sensed the uncertainty in his mind and tried for one last attempt. “Look, all these events happened on a Friday. It’s Wednesday. We’re not on another case right now.”

“All right,” Hotch managed. “Generate an equivocal death investigation while I grab a shower and get everybody on the jet. We’ll determine whether these are homicides or suicides. And even if they are suicides…” he said, gaze returning to the adolescent in the file. “There’s definitely something wrong here.”

gif credits: @okimargarvez


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need-a-new-hobby·20 days agoText


feel free to send in a prompt + a ship !

  1. person A gently showing person B a strand they missed while typing up their hair
  2. person A preoccupied with something while sitting next to person B but still makes sure to hold person B’s hand/play with their hair/put a hand on their leg etc.
  3. person A letting person B take a sip of their drink
  4. person A moving person B’s hair from their face while they’re asleep
  5. person A zipping up person B’s coat for them when it gets cold outside
  6. person A making a little sacrifice for person B
  7. person A being lovingly annoying so person B pays attention to them
  8. person A adding bits and pieces to their living space that they wouldn’t particularly care for if it weren’t for the fact they make person B happy
  9. person A with a picture of person B as their phone lockscreen
  10. person A holding person B’s hands because they’re cold
  11. person A giving person B a shoulder rub
  12. person A letting person B sleep in their lap
  13. person A kissing person B’s forehead
  14. person A stealing person B’s clothes
  15. person A and person B holding hands while one of them are asleep
  16. person A pulling person B closer while they stand/sit beside each other
  17. person A casually fixing person B’s clothes for them
  18. person A complimenting person B
  19. person A making gifts for person B
  20. person A brushing person B’s hair
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need-a-new-hobby·21 days agoText

Writing a fic based on Risky Business (s5 ep 13, Criminal Minds) and I’m slightly worried when the team find out about the choking game. Why does Spencer know so much about the choking game? “They call it the good kids’ high. You get lightheaded and a sense of euphoria even though no actual drugs are involved. It’s something kids in high school play.” WHY DO YOU KNOW THAT?? 

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need-a-new-hobby·21 days agoText

20 insults donated savagely by Sue Sylvester herself.

  1. “I might buy a small diaper for your chin, because it looks like a baby’s ass.”
  2. “I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves that live in your hair.”
  3. “…I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your house…and punch you in the face.”
  4. I smell failure… Oh hey [insert name]!
  5. I’m gonna make it a habit to not stop and talk to you because this has been a colossal waste of my time.
  6. Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing songs about living on the Bayou.
  7. Buttface McBallnuts
  8. Assbraham Lincolon
  9. I’m secretly hoping it’s a mid-life crisis, which means you’re halfway to an early death, affording me a blissful, demented convalescence spent peeing on your grave.
  10. sweater meat
  11. granny panties
  12. you’re nothing but a coven of tardy, narcissistic, bloated bags of cellulite
  13. mashed potato pants
  14. strange weepy man-child
  15. chubby wan kenobi
  16. Dick Butkis
  17. Bloaty the gravy clown
  18. I will dedicate my life to making sure that every beverage you drink until the day you die will have just a tiny little bit of my pee in it.
  19. alcoholic dwarf whore
  20. strange, tiny, doe eyed pervert
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need-a-new-hobby·24 days agoText


I love Martha Jones even more now. I always loved her, but in my second marathon of Doctor Who, I’ve realized how much I love her. She’s smart and resourceful, she can take control of a situation and help The Doctor almost immediately. Unlike Rose, she has no problem doing the most boring thing, which is part of why I love her. Rose on the other hand, complained about being a servant in “Rise of the Cybermen” and was immensely jealous over The Doctor’s interaction w/ ANY female. People complained about her love for The Doctor, but I thought it was fine. Plus, you can’t get rid of a crush or feelings for someone that quickly, even if they don’t love you back. Seriously though, instead of wallowing in despair when The Doctor was with The Master, she did something. 

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need-a-new-hobby·a month agoText


otp imagine #96

Person B: you love me right?

Person A: *being sarcastic* no, i dont love you

Person B: *starting to cry* but i thought you did..


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