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#Fuck school.
some-distant-star · 10 months ago
*sings* my mental health is d e t e r i o r a t i n g
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iamthekarmapolice · a month ago
thinking about how all the adults were absolutely bullshitting when they said that school days are the best days of your life???? like whatever issues i have going on now, i can buy myself little treats like a book or food whenever i want. i feel like im stagnating in my current job so im looking for a new one. imagine if i was bored of school, no one would let me go to a new one. I don’t have to hang out with anyone I don’t want to. being an adult is fuckjng amazing and i was so right to feel trapped as a kid
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rbcollective · a month ago
Tumblr media
Why do I sit like this
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transdankovsky · 2 months ago
okay well i don’t want anyone else going through this so @ americans i will say that if you are a trans and planning on legally changing your gender to male, make sure you have
your birth certificate stating that you were born female, and
all name change documents you have filed
because you will need to request a status information letter with selective service and you will need to send copies of these items along with it.
this will show that you are exempt from registering with the draft and you will need this for things like federal student aid. because if you’re over the age of twenty-six and applying for fafsa for, say, graduate school, you will be denied if you are legally male and not registered with the draft. you will have to get an exception with the status information letter.
at no point in time did anyone ever bother explaining this to me.
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segretecose · 5 months ago
mom come pick me up i'm scared the usamericans think their experiences are universal
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keanurevees · 6 months ago
not to be that person but in a time where productivity and instant gratification is maximized constantly and everything you do is expected to benefit you in some way, taking time for yourself and taking care of yourself is the most important thing in the world. like take time for slow living...wake up at noon and take time to watch your favourite movies and start the books you keep saying that you’ll read eventually... not everything needs to happen instantly or have some outcome that furthers your career or life in some way. like. relax. eat what you want and laugh a lot. love everyone around you. i think the world would be happier & a better place to live in
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bauliya · 9 months ago
btw if you're not indian and you don't live in india esp if you're white please.. please don't be quiet about the farmer's situation because you don't want to be offensive. it's harder for BJP/RSS to maintain their hold over the narrative in face of international criticism and it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for Indians to criticise the government and have anyone listen. we're just labelled as antinational and arrested. but they can't call stephanie whitegirl american a pakistani/antinational if she posts about it on her twitter with thousands of followers.
that Rihanna tweet has done SO much for us because the propaganda peddlers look STUPID calling an incredibly wealthy American with no stake in the situation anti-national and EVERYONE can see it.
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marisatomay · a year ago
anyone heading back to school in the US to live on a college campus for the fall semester should uhhhhhhhhhhhh pack light and have a plan to get the hell out of dodge at a moment’s notice
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effectiveresistance · 5 months ago
In Vancouver, a Catholic Church was defaced in direct response to the discovery of the mass grave at the Kamloops Indian Residential School. Graffiti demanding that the church “Release the Records” called out the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, who both operate the church and operated the Kamloops Indian Residential School, as well as almost half of all residential schools across Canada.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Six Nations territory, it was the Anglican Church who operated the Mohawk Institute Residential School from 1831-1970. On June 12, a suspected arson significantly damaged an Anglican church on the territory. While no one has publicly claimed the action, many community members assumed that the attack was connected the current scrutiny of churches and their role in residential schools.
- Canadian Tire Fire #3
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subwayfootlong · a month ago
so was anyone gonna tell me that the fucking zodiac killer was identified, twitch got hacked and leaked a bunch of streamer’s incomes, ben shapiro retweeted fucking VELVET of all people, tommy uploaded a new vlog, lovejoy’s album is done apparently and dream went fucking batshit on twitter again about gnf’s ass and obama or was i supposed to find out about that myself
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malandi · a year ago
full fucking offense but schools should automatically pass all students right now idgaf about nerd feelings like there's a rule that if a disaster falls on the school like a fire or an earthquake then all the students pass well i think a global pandemic that threatens and destroys the physical emotional mental and financial aspects of people's lives kinda fucking counts as a disaster
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