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#Pirate Lad
rainbowsans · 12 hours ago
I take you guys really like the recent designs for my pirate lads huh?
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pitchburgh · 2 years ago
Sports fans are so dramatic. On an unrelated note, if my team loses this game, I'm going to strap hundreds of fireworks to my body and launch myself into space.
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lucidorelle · a year ago
So I’ve been catching up on Narrative Telephone and because only these two did the song I overlapped them to see how they would sound and it’s HAUNTING???
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harry-hook-me · 3 years ago
"Just Friends"
Writer - @harry-hook-me (myself)
Request - @xmanorianx
Disclaimer - I do not own any of the Descendants characters or scenes from the movies, all credits goes to the creators and producers of Disneys descendants.
Summary – while Harry is teaching Y/n how to fight something happens that makes it clear that the pare are more than ‘Just friends’
Warnings – a little bit sauce but not too bad
Word count – 750
Tumblr media
Yet another incredibly boring day on the Isle, there truly is nothing to do over here. I walk out of my hide out in search of something to cure my current boredom. The dark and dingy streets wind and go on forever, crooks, thieves, sidekicks, the lot, scattered and spread out doing their thing. I continue on with my walk, nobody daring to bother me, I’ve got myself a reputation of a very feared villain, I could break any one of these low lives.
I eventually find myself at Ursula’s Fish and Chip shop, I figure I may as well go inside see how everyone’s doing, since I have literally nothing else to do today. Pushing the chipped off blue painted doors the shop open, a couple of heads turn to look at me then quickly go back to doing what they were doing. I walk down the steps and look out for an empty seat in the vaguely busy restaurant. “Ah, there’s my favourite girly” I hear the familiar Scottish accent of the infamous Harry Hook. “Oh, there he is, my favourite pirate lad” a reply, turning to face the crystal blue eyed boy. Harry and I have been very close since we were young. We have a very, very flirty relationship but we’re just friends, nothing more. He walks over with his cheeky grin on his face, slinging his muscular arm around my shoulder as I place mine round his waist we walk over to the front counter.
Harry lifts me up and a faint giggle escapes my lips, a wide smile left on my face, he placed me on the counter and he stays stood in front of me. I wrap my arms around his neck and he places his hands on my waste, just friends, I swear. He looks me in the eyes, a somewhat loving smile on his face. “I missed you princes” he says. “Harry I only saw you like three days ago” I giggle back, playing with the ends of his dark hair pocking out from under his hat. “That’s too long, I need to see your beautiful face every day to be satisfied” he replied pocking my nose ever so gently. I blushed at his words and smiled warmly at the handsome boy, once again… just friends.
After a while of talking and the invasion of one another’s personal space I was beginning to get a little bit bored, “Harry”, “yes my princes” the pirate responded, “teach me how to fight” I asked, “are you sure my love, it hard and very tiring” he added. “I’m sure I can take it” I grinned leaning close to him. “Then let’s go”.
We’d been on the ship for about two and half hours and I was begging to get tired, “let’s take a little break” I stated throwing the sword down onto the floor.  I went and sat on the floor and lent l=my back on the side of the ship, Harry soon joined me, “I’m going to be sore tomorrow” I complained, “Hey, you’re pretty good, for a girl” he mocked, I nudged him, “yeah, your pretty average yourself” I joked back, Harry cocked his head to look at me. “Go to hell” he laughed, “Oh, Honey, where do you think I came from?” I giggled back moving myself so I was say on my knees looking right at him, our faces just centimetres apart. Harry moved closer, his soft, plump, pink lips crashing with mine. He pulled away, I quietly whimpered at the loss of his lips on mine.
“Y/n, I-I’m sorry, I-I” Harry stuttered, I cut him off by connecting our lips again. More than just friends I guess. The kiss was warm and soft and it just felt so right, I brought one hand to cup his cheek and my other hand slipped round the back of his neck. His arms snaked round my waist as a moved so I was sat on his lap. I pulled back for air, we looked each other deep in the eyes and rested our hour heads on the others. I let out a short breathy giggle/sigh. “Y/n, I- uh I” I looked me in the eyes and gulped “I love you” he let out, I smiled pecking his lips “I love you too” I responded, a beautiful wide smile spread across his face. Our lips connected again, like they were lost without the touch of the other. I could stay like this forever
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angsty-teacup · a year ago
Can I sincerely ask you To draw me Foxy, Toy Bonnie, or Glitchtrap ? You can choose but I hardly want it ajakakkaaja (I'm a fnaf trash fan sorry)
Tumblr media
Heyoo! Sorry for the wait, I doodled Foxy for ya’ ! 
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imaginepirates · 18 days ago
My gender?
Tragically gay eighteenth century naval captain burdened by the expectations of Society and disastrously head over heels for one of my lieutenants who could never possibly feel the same, but this voyage will last six months and although I fear my ship will splinter upon the rocks, I fear worse that my heart will befall the same fate.
Why do you ask?
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urskekyagvi · a year ago
SkekRo the Captain: More Headcanons
When he was born, his feathers were pure white, prompting Melria to call him "little Snowball". As he aged his feathers turned pink, then red; when he enters middle age they will eventually turn brown, and finally black and grey when he is old.
His face is the only part of his body that remained entirely white throughout his life.
Similar to the behaviors of an actual bearded vulture, he wears extremely expensive cosmetics to show off his status.
He has to wake up very early to put his face on (practically literal: his face is entirely plain white without his makeup). He's usually up a few hours before his crew.
Sometimes he'll let his daughter SkekMel choose his makeup.
He lets SkekMel ride in his coat. She's usually clinging to his chest fluff and sometimes hands him things from his pockets.
He carries a small compact mirror on him so he can make touch ups during the day.
On special occasions he enjoys doing the makeup of his crew members; usually for things such as festivals and birthdays (very rarely does the crew have a choice in this matter).
He uses his cosmetics to imitate the colorful patterns on SkekSa's face; it's just one way for him to be close to his adoptive mother.
Sometimes wears boots with heels. Not exactly a good choice on the sea, but he has incredible balance.
Has two ring piercings on his left eyebrow. He didn't get the other side done because he's actually squeamish about needles.
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enjoliquej · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Fourth Day of Christmas
THIS IS ALEXANDRE @tinymintywolf ‘s pirate character and HOOMigosh he hits all the spots for a favorite character. Just, look at him, he’s perfect and I’m positive he knows it. I can’t wait to see more of this project!
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mishailanoel · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Golf with friends pirate lads. Obviously inspired by the series on DAPG. Possibly the best series of all time <3 The hats were difficult and took a lot of trial and error but I am happy with the outcome. They even spin around so they can hit each other with them 😅
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garnetbanzai · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hey all, I had so much fun painting this, I love these boys so much already. For the clothing I went with a sort of 16th century look, I felt like it fit a fancy lad and pirate, and Bud gets a leaf cloak
Took about five hours, done on Arches cold press paper with Windsor newton watercolors, touched up in Procreate
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hi-im-just-a-fan-here · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
peasant king au
Hi hey hello, I made another au! As one does. With a little bit of help from @heretakesomeblue (i hope you dont mind me tagging you like i know you said once that in general you dont mind but i still get worried)
now before we go to explaining the plot of this lemme present to you a thing I absolutely just adore: flower meanings! (well the victorian ones so they might be a bit outdated but I dont care):
sunflower - false riches
protea (the pink thing growing all over) - transformation
apple blossom - preference 
now you can interpret it however you want after reading the au! I don’t really have plans on writing anything big for now cause im aware i won’t finish it and i have trouble with words lately, but I wanted to share, so here goes the plot i guess:
oh god where do I start with this oh fuck words, im def not gonna write all the details i made here cause i surely will post more artwork to this and that will just explain itself.
It is a bit inspired by passerine mostly cause i was daydreaming after reading like one chapter cause royal aesthetic my beloved. I promise tho it is not the same jrjjrr, it also is probs much worse or just badly done and less thought out.
Okay maybe let’s start chronologically 
the backstory
It begins with Philza being king of a small but quite important kingdom, one day while travelling he finds - maybe they try to steal from him and get caught - two orphans just trying to survive on the streets - that is Wilbur and little Tommy. He decides to take them in as his sons.
His plans are to give them a good future and take care of them as much as he can (cause he loves them! He a dad, a dadza, best dadza!) but that is sadly not given - now the thing is the kingdom is - and was long before Philza was king - rotten, not a lot, but enough for it to be a problem. Yanno like in any near end of middle ages politics in Europe (might have gotten that wrong tbh im sorry, for exact reference am thinking of polish nobility so thats not all europe but yeeee) ( also its not really set in this world but hey can’t help the associations) the rich folk, the aristocrats, the nobility have a lot of influence and they disliked Philza. At some point he was in so much danger he had to leave. Taking his sons with him would be dangerous though so he had to say goodbye. He left a letter explaining everything and assuring them they will be protected. By who? Well, he sent another letter to an old friend, Technoblade, who came to the kingdom and soon grew attached to the boys (im thinking maybe Technoblade is also still young so there isnt like a big age gap between him and Wilbur cause I like the twins jrjrj but we’ll work with that)
the story
ayyyy the story starts pog!!!!
Wilbur is king, Techno is his guard and advisor, Tommy is a prince (Tubbo is his guard and best friend but we will get to that.
Wilbur is a very hardworking king, doing everything so his kingdom is safe and without wars, that his people are never hungry and thirsty, basically he does everything so his country is a good place. It has an effect on his mental health sadly.
He is also very disliked by the rich. They hate the fact that him and Tommy were adopted from the streets and they hate that Wilbur is doing his best to help the poor. ( off topic, he is liked by his servants tho, he is v good friends with all of them)
His main opponents are Schlatt and Dream, Dream working more from the shadows. 
They try to make his life a living hell, destroy his reputation, turning his own people against him by calling him ,,the crazy king’’ due to his mental state being worse and worse (haha hey dsmp fandom), the peasant king, and all that gets picked up by the rest of the rich folk and some of the poorer cause as y’all know the aristocrats have their influence. 
We are not going the full angst route tho!
It’s a fucking pirate au lads, get ready
So Wilbur thanks to Tommy and Techno realizes how bad his mental state is. He also sees how he can’t do much in the kingdom anymore and how soon all of them will end up in the same danger as Philza. How it’s starting to be pointless.
Now before I get to the other part I have to explain one thing - Wilbur loved to sneak out of the kingdom when he could, just so nobody could recognize him anymore, it was a relief of the stress he felt while being king. And he often snuck out to the docks, to the sea 
- after they realize how little influence Wilbur has now, how little he can do to fix the kingdom even though he tried and tried his best and made no mistakes, Wilbur makes an escape plan with both Techno and Tommy. They weren’t going to leave until Wilbur was sure the kingdom was safe tho. So it was a process.
the process or smth i wanna make it easier to read
Firstly Wilbur took Tommy and Tech with him on his nightly escapes and they slowly made themselves a name as pirates, gathering a crew and just, having fun. They wore animal skulls as masks as to not be recognized. Also thanks to this it wouldn’t be like very obvious that - oh the king left and suddenly there is a bunch of pirates we never heard of before.
Then the next step was securing the kingdom, finding somebody with big influence, somebody he could trust in his place. Preferably a king already, maybe more experienced than him. That person was Eret. He trusts him with his whole story (no! we are not going an angst route and making Eret betray Wil and making Schlatt a king, no! shooo! I’ve been too sad to do full on angst! Tho schlatt does get a bit out of hand when Eret gets to power, they handle it well tho)
And the last glorious step - since Wilbur already knows his reputation is shattered he decides to just annoy the shit out of the rich. He has so much fun with it. The rich urge him to get married and get a legitimate successor? Our boy brings a sea monster says her name is Sally and that it is his fish wife (I’ll get to Fundy in a different post cause i have a nice lil story for him) and that he needs a fish tank for her. On the last meeting before he runs away for good he just eats a bowl of sand all the while not breaking eye contact with anyone who dares to look.
After they run away they get reunited with Philza and go do crime
there is a lot more to the pirate side of this story but i don’t wanna make this too long. I will be adding to the story while i post the fanart cause i am now invested!
i just combined my two currently favourite aesthetics jrjrjr
I’m also kinda aware that nobody will really stop to read the idea and tha doing that is pointless but to whoever does and made it here: i hope you had fun! sorry this was really long. 
If you ever feel like ya wanna kbow more (which i doubt) my asks are open you can always come there!
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reine-does-things · 15 days ago
Aight folks its 2:30 am bear with me
So... pirate lad. He's 13-14, right? And if im remembering right, there was a thing about how teenager brains aren't properly awake until pretty late in the morning (10 am-ish).
Running with this random info, im gonna make a small-ish headcanon that while Wind gets up early, he doesn't necessarily like it. This means that—on occasion—someone has to go and remind him that its time to get out of bed. This doesn't change even when the events of LU start.
So here's the real question. Would anyone given the task of waking up our resident pirate lad be called...
The Wind Waker?
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