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jestersticks · a year ago
ok gamers kind of a ramble but here we go its my opinion so its inherently correct bc im super cool
i see a lot of posts about how like “ben shouldve been more upset over things that happened !! this kids traumatized let him show it !!” and ok while i see your guys point i feel like a lot of yall forget that 1) ben is either 10 or a teenage boy(dependin on what ur referencin) and 2) all the bits of show were made in the 00s and early 10s(disregarding the reboot). So like.. idk what to tell you guys mens mental health was and honestly still is a more or less ‘taboo’ subject. also ben DOES show signs of bein upset about things just not in the way you guys want i guess ?? and the thing is like,, ben doesnt outright talk about his issues ? in the episode about feedback when rook asked him about it he refused to answer and later on was like,, angry about rook finding out? i havent seen that episode in a hot minute so excuse me if im bullshitting anyways ben literally just never came to terms with that stuff ? honestly if the events of that episode didnt happen i doubt his feelings regardin feedback(which was like idk u kno self blame n all dat or smth) wouldve ever been somethin they went over which is like !! dude its so obvious from then on at least how ben deals with his issues; he doesnt ! he just keeps everything in that evil little box called ur brain to ignore and sometimes cry urself to sleep over which i mean me too bestie ! /j also aside from that i see people say he shouldve been more hung up about kevin n gwen leavin but he was upset??? shown in how he was kinda pissy about rook bein there and idk i feel like him bein all “well cant go to mr smoothy :/” was a pretty good indicator that he was havin a not very great time right then. also idk if u wanted him to be sad about that for like forever u might have ur own issues to work thru bc i dont think thats like... healthy /hj 
anyways tdlr ben honestly probably does deal with mental health issues just in a “never gonna acknowledge this unless im literally forced to” way
also i could probably go more into depth abt this but this is already like a big giant paragraph that doesnt make sense so sorry </3
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curlytemple · a year ago
niche interests list 
okay sure yes this is fun! i havent posted a thing like this in such a long time. thank you new gal pal @scottspack for tagging me! 
alright first lets throw it back to preschool! my fav childhood toys were my baby doll (snookums) and a plush pig that my grandma got me that i just called ‘pig’ ...i watched the babe movies countless times, and piglet? that anxious little guy GETS ME bro. when my preschool did a nativity play and my class got to choose an animal to be in baby jesus’ manger, my mother recalls me saying that i would be a pig because jewish people (jesus christ) wouldnt eat me. she has no idea how or when i learned about kosher foods. ironically despite my namesake i was too afraid of the movie charlotte’s web to watch it more than once because the scary farmer tries to kill wilbur for being small and the pretty spider dies. 
sugar creek gang 
OKAY this is a book series from the 40s-70s about a group of christian little boys in indiana who went on adventures in the woods and helped people. my dad read a LOT of chapter books to me as bedtime stories when i was little (see also the mandie series, nancy drew and the hardy boys, little house on the prairie) but sugar creek gang is one that really hit. i read all 36 books with dad and at least once again on my own. there was a series of 4 or 5 movies in the early 2000s when i was the Perfect age to have a crush on most if not all of them. this might be too much detail but i have to tell you about these boys. we WILL not be revisiting the heavy religious themes. 
 the narrator is bill who is Good and Kind and wants to be a doctor when he grows up. his best friend is a chubby boy nicknamed poetry because he memorizes and quotes poems, he is the Detective of the group. BIG JIM is the leader of the group who is supposed to be like, 14, which was very cool and hot, to me. and yes there is a little jim, who is the baby of the group. then there is CIRCUS who is known for his climbing and acrobatics, and his FIVE SISTERS AND BEAUTIFUL SINGING VOICE. dreamboy. i’m almost done listing boys, i promise. a boy called dragonfly who is allergic to everything and hella superstitious. later in the series a new boy named tom moves to town and tom has an older brother bob who is NOT A CHRISTIAN (bully) 
tangentially, the buttercream gang, a movie from 1992 that was almost definitely made by some christians who grew up reading the sugar creek gang series which i’m guessing on vibes alone. will spare you Good Boy details but scott is in love with his best friend pete who moves to chicago and falls in with a bad crowd and scott just refuses to stop LOVING HIM. very gay christian film in retrospect. 
peter pan
so i know liking disney’s peter pan isnt niche, but it was the way i liked it. tinker bell stan from day one, i watched all of those disney fairies movies, even the ones that came out after i was definitely not intended audience. there was an online pixie hollow game where you could design your own fairies and play mini games where you gathered dew drops or something. had a HUGE CRUSH on jeremy sumpter in peter pan (2003) then i got really darkly obsessed with the idea of growing up when i was 12 or 13, and everything peter pan was deeply My Shit for my entire adolescence. i read the original book and every other twisted version of the story i could find and seriously freaked myself out about wasting my youth. 
you’ve probably heard of jenny han now, or at least the netflix adaptations for to all the boys i’ve loved before and the sequel ps i still love you (always and forever, lara jean, coming soon?) but before she wrote THOSE, she wrote my first ever Favorite Book, about annemarie “shug” wilcox, a girl in the summer before starting middle school. it is SO engraved on my heart i cannot explain. i felt so incredibly understood and cant even tell you how many times i read it. thinking about all of the ways it made me feel SEEN is actually making me very tender so i’m gonna go on.  
the summer series
on the subject of jenny han, since she was now my Favorite author, when she came out with the summer i turned pretty in 2009, i was ALL IN. it’s not summer without you, and we’ll always have summer were published the next two years. a coming of age series about a girl isabel “belly” conklin who stays at her mother’s best friend's house at the beach in the summers. i really could talk about it forever yall. i actually dont know how to be succinct about it. i will try. her mom’s friend has TWO BOYS. one brother, jeremiah, is the golden boy and her best friend who is in love with her! the older one CONRAD is her childhood crush who's just sort of around while belly is firmly getting over her childish feelings and going out and experiencing teen beach life with jeremiah for the first time and figuring out who she is and wants to be! by the end of the summer he admits he feels differently about her (hence belly internalizing this as The Summer I Turned Pretty) and they get together. this is already too much so i will just say that the next two books deal with a PROFOUND LOSS and the selfishness of grief and the SELFLESSNESS OF CONRAD and i will absolutely lose my shit if netflix picks it up for a second jenny han series adaptation. 
this was a kids show in the 90′s that features a character named Pappy Drew-It, an artist dressed like a 49er who lives in a magic cabin in pappyland. there’s tons of characters and music and life lessons but the meat of every episode is a detailed drawing how-to (pappy is actually a cartoonist, michael cariglio) and i have a hard back cover sketch book from my grandpa that i FILLED with drawings that pappy and DOODLEBUG taught me to do. there is a running gag that pappy always breaks his crayons.  
boy meets world
i KNOW this is beloved by many but i’m counting it because i’m simply too young to have such an obsession with it! the show ran from 1992-2000. i was born in 1996, but reruns on the disney channel and abc family cemented it as one of my favorite shows. cory and shawn, closer than brothers, shameless homoromantics, shawn is cory’s first wife!!!!! truly showed me what a best friend can and should be!!!!!! the great love of your life!!!!! TOPANGA, the og weird feminist girl who said stop shaving your legs and start speaking your mind, ladies! the characters are so richly developed that they are real people to my heart. YES every character on this show is in their late 30s-early 40s and YES i feel like we grew up together. in season one they’re in the 6th grade and we follow them all the way to COLLEGE. countless poignant life lessons, often literally dictated by the wise and hilarious MR. FEENY, cory’s next door neighbor and somehow one of his teachers for YEARS. my love was only solidified by the 2014 girl meets world reboot, centered on cory and topanga’s daughter and her best friend. (which was literally cancelled because disney didn’t want to transition from a kids show to a teen show, something essential to the original. also because that teen show would have had CANON LESBIANS. extremely shameful move in 2017!) boy meets world lives rent free in my heart and i will never evict it!!!!!!!
i consulted my mother when i got stumped for more and she reminded me that i had obsessions with the impressionist art period and babies and ANYTHING fairies or pixies, and i was way too young when my love of the canadian teen after school special degrassi began. she also said bob ross, which i was hesitant to include because he’s been super ~trendy in recent years, but to be fair (To Be Faaairrr) she’s right! i don’t think people really watched the joy of painting as much as i have throughout my life. best sick day show of all time.
lastly i could honestly list anna herself as a niche interest, my mom actually metioned that ive always hyperfixated on my girl friends (gay) but i’ll just note that YES friday night lights, YES barry lyga novels. love to share so many things with you, niche or not, they’re niche in Our Mind.
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shanascarlett · 2 years ago
Thoughts on Hasbro Universe after Revolution
Tumblr media
Im big fan of G.I. Joe/Transformers. But when I heard that there are more than 2 franhises in one universe, it blew my mind. So I decided to check out them. One of them I heard when I was kid.
Revolution was big. For some it was epic, other think it was mess. I understand why ppl love and hate it. Personally I love it. There’s conflict and how heroes unite against evil. It was the beggining of massive universe. So, how it turned out?
To be fair.... not so good.
Its my own opinion. You can disagree with me. If you love aftermath of Revolution, thats fine. I just want to tell about the conclusion of Hasbro Comic Book Universe.
Optimus Prime.
Tumblr media
I think the writer put a lot of his view on life: disappointment on every religion. I really didnt like how he made that Optimus Prime is always wrong. Even when he listens and he does what he was asked to do, ppl still angry at him. “You should listened to me!” and “You shouldn’t listen to me!”. I love that they put Joes, but here’s the big issue: OOC of Mainframe and Flint with his daughter look similar the same age.
Remember when Trasnformers had the mystery of their religion and mythology? Mix of Sci-Fi and Cosmic Fantasy. Yeah, forget about that. It was all Shockwave’s evil plan. Another big disappointment for me.
I like how they described the ghost of Bumblebee, but Shockwave being one of 13 Primes looks very... confusion to me. 
Lost Light
Tumblr media
Lost Light deserves to be called a weak sequel. Remember when in MTMTE was magic mystery, adventure, gore and development of characters and relationships? Here I found nothing. New characters for me are not interesting. And yes about them being “trans”. Im not transphobic and sorry if my opion might hurt you or offend. I just dont see transgenders in Transformers.  I dont see transformers suffering of gender dysphoria. Hell, I doubt they suffer of homophobia, bc they are totally fine with mlm and wlw. If you dont know, hetero relationships are for the population of Earth. And Transformers managed told that they can love each other, but their love is not like Earth’s bc they dont have to have sex to create life. They have strong emotion connection to each other.
Speaking about love. I love Chromedome/Rewind love story bc it was developed. We saw the birth of connection, loss, pain, reunion, fear and happiness. Same with Cyclonus and Tailgate. To be fair I dont ship the last two as romantic couple, but as platonic couple. For me they dont have that emotional connection like Chrome/Rewind but they care each other. In Lost Light nothing. You just accept that a lot characters are couple to each other. Why and how? Just accept it. This is why I dont feel emotional connection to Lug and Anode. To be fair I thought they are friend and Lug looks a lot like a boy. If they’d develop her more better, I think I’d like her. The whole Lost Light is just comics of couples. I was thinking when they’re gonna do the Orgy like in Ancient Rome.
Also here’s another disappointment in religion. Everything was lie. As I told earlier - I didnt like it. I’d rather to rewatch TFP, Bayverse or G1. BC I felt emptiness. MTMTE is masterpiece.
G.I. Joe
Tumblr media
Where do I begin? Was written by socialist who doesnt know anything about military, ruined Quick Kick who was nice and gentle, made Scarlett an idiot, turned charasmatic Shipwreck into fat vegan, new characters have no backstory or reasons why they joined to Joes. Also: huge hypocricy. Scarlett says that G.I. Joe is now international team, but they refuse to work with USA. I get it they tried to turn G.I. Joe into Overwatch, but OW was working with every country. Including USA, where they had one of their headquarters. American G.I. Joe was more progressive bc they were helping every country who had deal with Cobra or any threat. They even teamed up with Russian soldiers.
The huge disappointment was no explanation about Snake Eyes rebirth (and no love story of Snake/Scarlett) and Quick Kick being an ass. Just check G.I. Joe ARAH show. There Quick Kick was nice. I miss that one....
The only good stuff was about Rock n’ Roll nightmares and guilt for shooting Grand Slam, grumpy Grand Slam and Doc being half-alien. Thats alll.
Tumblr media
It was a bit better bc its literally crossover with conflict and backstories. Here they at least tried to make story interesting. And brought a lot interesting references. Especially to 90s: KLAW, Slaugther and even to original Action Force.
M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand
Tumblr media
At 1st they tried but then it all felt down. I wouldnt call it horrible. You can check out 1st issues. I can say that only villains were interesting. While main heroes...  here’s the problem.
Original Matt Trekker was an engineer, millionaire, helped ppl and white. Why the last important? BC in reboot he became boring black guy who seeks vengeance for his father death and the main bad guy is white man. Im not racist bc I like how it was done in Spawn, but it wasnt so obvious who is the bad guy who just wants to take over the world. I get it you hate Trump. He is a clown.
Also original Trekker raises his son alone. So he is widowed. It could play in reboot: lost all, but tries to keep his son safe. So much potential for drama of lonely father. But we got what we got. I just go to rewatch Spawn animated series.
If they wanted “diverse” why they didnt put more poc characters from MASK? You know there are actual canon black man and indian man? Even native american man?
Tumblr media
It was boring. 1st issues were interesting and brutal bc of alien invansion. You wouldnt know who is the enemy and who is the friend. But drama...
Whole Rom’s drama was about losing his humanity. At 1st we see him as cold-hearted alien. Then they all forget about it. Original Rom from Marvel was losing his humanity until he met brave girl Brandy who made him to remember his loss of homeplanet and love of his life. He was afraid to be alone and to be complete machine. And yes, in reboot his old girlfriend is alive. But I felt nothing with this. I prefer to read original comics bc I felt sorry for Rom.
Micronauts: Wrath of Karza
Tumblr media
It was boring. The only thing I can remember is Larissa being Baron Karza’s daughter. I dont compare reboot with original series bc I havent read yet. I liked the new one bc of Baron Karza and his wife (and their fetish).
First Strike
Tumblr media
Hoo- boy. It was bad. Preety bad. Not bc villains tried to destroy Cybertron. Not bc TF thought its gonna be war of humans and TF. No, it all was good. The main villain is Joe Colton who wants to destroy Cybertron to save Earth. And that he was bad from the beginning. His motivation sounds like Miles Mayhem from M.A.S.K.. That shock effect of surprise villain doesnt work here. It looks like disrespect to Joe fans. They managed to ruin Scarlett’s character who was turned into G.I. Joe not bc she was the best. She was in Joes bc she didnt do 50 push-ups. If you dont know, G.I. Joe is elite guard where they take the best men and women bc they do a lot dangerous work. So the whole story arc is full disrespect to Joe fan. I dont know about you, but I was offended by that.
Was there smth good? Team up of villains and the easter egg of Visionaries.
Rom vs. Transformers: Shining Armor
Tumblr media
I almost forget about the plot bc it was boring. Rom was rude like every commander (yeah, for someone “losing humanity”). New character was boring. So everythng was boring. Even Autobots didint save the situation.
Rom & the Micronauts
Tumblr media
Well, they at least tried with characters development. I really liked how characters interact with each other. But the whole story was “meh”
Scarlett's Strike Force
Tumblr media
It was very short and cancelled. BC that writer Sitterson wrote offensive tweet about Nine Eleven. I get it what he was trying to do: to make comics based on cartoon G.I. Joe. This is why Quick Kick and Spirit fight against Storm Shadow. Personally I thought it was racist bc “only asian fight agains asian”. And Storm Shadow has the worst redesign I’ve ever seen. Theres nothing to talk about the comics bc its unfinished and cancelled. So theres nothing.
Transformers vs. Visionaries
Tumblr media
This comic had potential. But the ending ruined it. The story is about colonization to save living race. But it will kill another nation. Its interesting theme. And how they managed? Nothing. For some reason everyone in peace and safe. The ending is just weird. I think writer didint know how to end that conflict so she wrote “everyone safe and in peace. Colonization is bad”. Not the ending is the problem. Main characters: Leoric and Virulina redesigned very strong. Leoric looks like total different character (why not to create new character? He looks good). And Virulina looks like student from art-school, not the villain. The redesigned I like are Cryotek and Arzon. And the art was very good.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The last 2 ones I havent finished yet. I can tell this: TAAO isnt look so bad, but I’m ready for disapointing ending, like TF Unicron.
In conclusion:
I dont tell that it was done horrible. Its just explains why IDW decided to reboot TF and G.I. Joe. Low sales. BC I’ve noticed a lot easter eggs in those comics for future story plots. I think they’d made it good if IDW would give them chance.
If you love them, thats fine. I’ll enjoy my own version of Hasbro Universe.
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elexuscal · 3 years ago
Do you think Catra and Jasper are similar from She ra and Steven Universe? Both seem to not want to be weak at any cost. Both also kind of have abusive figurative moms that shadow lady and pink diamond or if not strong at any cost a sort of sense of self wrapped around the ides of strength and perfection. Both shows are so awesome! I havent finished she ra reboot yet. What do you think of she ra? Who are your favourite characters?
This question intrigued me as soon as I got it... even though I had to finish watching the first season of She-Ra to really dig my teeth into it and mull it over.
They certainly have their similarities. They’re both soldiers who were raised from birth in an abusive system that punished any sign of weakness. Because of this, they’re determined to be the best, no matter what, and do not give mercy to people who they perceive as incompetent or working outside of their value systems.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But... that’s where the similarities start to break down a bit.
First, you said both Catra had abusive, shadowy ‘moms’ in their life. But I don’t think that’s true. Catra did, 100%. Shadow-Weaver evidently has a huge hold on Catra, due to mentally and physically abusing her for basically her entire life. With them, it was personal.
But Jasper? I honestly doubt Jasper had a relationship with Pink Diamond in any way. They may have met once or twice- Pink might have complimented her- but that’s it. They were a monarch and soldier, but that’s it. Pink Diamond meant everything to Jasper, but Pink Diamond barely knew Jasper existed.
The abusive that Jasper received was from the system. Holly Blue shows as that corporal punishment is used on Quartzes; no doubt Jasper was whipped or similar from her commanding officers. She was created, and immediately thrown into a war where she would have had to fight for her life daily. She would have seen her fellow soldiers (her friends?) killed. Once more, she would have been told that anyone who could be shattered in battle deserved it.
That’s the next place they really differ:
Tumblr media
Catra had Adora. Catra had a friend.
Even now that she’s been ‘betrayed’ by Adora, Catra still relies on other people. I wouldn’t say she goes as far as to trust them... but she knows her own weaknesses, and is perfectly fine surrounding herself with others to improve her odds. (I will certainly be very curious to see where her relationships with Scorpia and Entraptra go in future).
Tumblr media
But Jasper? Jasper doesn’t have anyone. Maybe she did once- we see how close the Fam are- but she was certainly forced or encouraged to leave them behind millennia ago. Jasper is determined to survive on her own physical strength alone. 
Which is the next place they differ: how they relate to their values system/Empire.
Jasper believes in Homeworld. Wholly and utterly. She was told that everyone has a job, everyone has a purpose. Everyone is a tool, and Jasper is one of the most quality tools every designed. She is happy and proud of what she does.
Tumblr media
Catra, though? She knows the Hoard is evil (or at least, amoral). She’s been on the receiving end of their cruelty since she was a child. She was taught that the world sucks and will chew you out, that’s why you make sure to look after you and your own.
Then suddenly Adora goes, ‘OMG, Catra, you won’t believe it- the Hoard is evil!’ And Catra just goes ‘... yeah, duh.’ From her perspective, Adora had been completely blind to her suffering, and choose to protect other people over her. That’s why she’s hurting so much.
Catra was taught from day one that strength was the greatest thing to value. She was also taught that she was weak. So she sees herself as a survivor, succeeding against the odds. If she fails, she just keeps fighting... because she refuses to give up.
But Jasper? She was taught from day one that strength is the greatest thing to value- and that she’s already the strongest. So then she starts failing, and failing, and failing. Her whole world view is crumbling.
Jasper realises she’s weak, and in her world view, that’s the worst thing anyone can be. Someone who can be defeated deserves destruction. 
So she accepts her fate.
Tumblr media
Both Catra and Jasper were raised and abused in strength-valuing colonialist empires.
Jasper fully believes her Empire’s propaganda, and suffers mental anguish when she fails her belief system’s standards.
Catra knows her Empire sucks, but clings to it in the face of betrayal because she doesn’t have any alternative belief systems.
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loyalhearts · 3 years ago
{{ “Has Victoria seen [this Tom Baker episode]?” “I doubt it.”
my mom
who refuses to watch Eleven because he’s “babyfaced and creeps [her] out”
or Thirteen because SHES A WOMAN
assumes I havent seen old pre-reboot DW episodes
probably because I’m a millennial and would hate on the effects presumably
I freaking scoured the internet trying to watch old eps. Meanwhile she hates on my fav Doctors any chance she gets as if I haven’t been deeper in the actual fandom and lore than she has because SHE HASNT WATCHED SINCE BAKER }}
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