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minazzuki · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Star Wars: Visions
Akakiri (10/10): A wonderful Star Wars story with mythical, space western elements and, of course, the awesome animation style.
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bluedaddysgirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Dan and his Master have got to be my favourite to emerge from the SW visions series.
Dan is clearly spoiling for a fight, but nothing close to Anakin's anger or even Ahsoka's feistiness. He feels like a normal teen, never thinks of defying his master... And his master trusts him enough to let him exact his plan to go off to the mountain, even as he worries about the Elder they are looking for. It felt very wholesome and in the back of my mind I thought this is what a healthy Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan relationship should have looked like.
The duels were by far the best looking too imo, with real oomph behind each blow. The two masters facing each other were reminiscent of Vader and Ben, at the peak of their form, without any need for bluster. It felt calculated, intelligent, and choreographed by pros.
Also, the Elder's power coming out on a surge of pure outrage after losing one of his sabers was very neat. Nothing needs to be said about anger and the dark side any more, so they just went and showed it, and it worked so well.
The master's speech in the end about the Elder losing to time and not to him, and how time affects them, was some of the wisest chatter out of a Jedi in a long time. Really enjoyed their relationship and if I didn't have a whole stable of WIPs chomping at the bit, I'd write fanfic of them.
Which makes me consider this very fun fact : though it's maybe the most SW feeling of all the episodes, it doesn't tell you anything about its time period besides the fact it's between the fall of the Sith empire and Order 66. It could be high republic for all we know, or it could be 2 years before the Naboo blockade.
Very sweet episode. If you only want to watch one episode, make it this one.
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glowitss · 2 days ago
warning: squid game spoilers❕❕
rating: 8.5/10
Just finished Squid Game today :(( Overall the show made me really sad like my heart feels so heavy. There was some deaths we could have definitely avoided but damn they all deserved better. The ending was low-key so confusing and depressing. Him coming back home to his mother dead on the floor and all that responsibility on his shoulders made him lose it tbh. I'm happy he took care of the litlle brother and let the grandmother take care of him, kind of in replacement for her son that she doesn't know he died. Its all so dark and I feel so bad for the litlle boy. He deserves a much better life and he doesn't even know his sister is you know :(( Also mf got his life together at the end kind of but like why is going back to that nasty game. Made NO SENSE. Just live your life 😭
Tumblr media
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symeona · 21 hours ago
Imma do a silly review of Switch farming games? Idk if that's what they're called but I bought like 4 of them and I'm broke now. So, yeah, maybe I can save someone from ending up like me
1. Stardew Valley (literally the best game ever created. Idek if I have something to add, like I wish it was longer cause it's so perfect. It's the gays, and the dinosaurs, and the hats on animals, and oof. I cried when I married my wife, I love this game) 10/10
2. Animal Crossing NH (this technically isn't a farming game, but it belongs in the same family I believe. I only put it in second place because I wish I could have a greenhouse, I wish I could interact with my beehive and I wish the map was bigger fjfnfn) 10/10
2. Yonder (it's a very pretty game, like the sky and everything was so pretty. But yeahh after you go through the story there's not really much else to do but raise your animals and the kirin so.) 7/10
3. SoS Pioneers of Olive Town (this one I actually regret buying. It was too expensive and really you can get so much more stuff out of the other three games that like.. meh? I guess they have a unicorn, and that's the only reason I didn't stop playing. Cause the greenhouse looks like poop, I can't kiss my wife goodnight, like what's the point? Bdjfdj I'm mad and broke, but hey I got a unicorn.) 4/10 for the unicorn
I would've bought My time in portia or whatever it's called but after Pioneers I was like nah, I'm going back to Stardew now
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tinyreviews · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This episode is pretty good! Because it conforms to a Hollywood comedy formula, there is a proper beginning, middle and end. Much different from the previous episodes's all-second-act structure.
What If...? is an American animated anthology series created by A.C. Bradley for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name.
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kuekyuuq · 2 days ago
Praise and blind spots... (6x12)
I know, I wouldn't be able to do the topic justice, so I will refrain from going in too deep into 6x12′s plot. This is not my usual format and will focus more on the series as a whole, in light of this episode...
Tumblr media
Azie Tesfai wrote a beautiful episode on a very important topic. And managed to tie it in to what Supergirl (the show) needed to be, among other things.
Yes, it's a superhero show. But that's the thing: While movies have the luxury to keep their focus on the big picture, series should also find the time to address the micro-cosmos, the consequences, the backlash, the whole canvas.
We watch shows these days, that are more and more departing from the olden format of episodic and towards the serialized - meaning, not only villain-arcs (vaguely) span over the whole of a season, but also the main characters' developments and evolution... and more importantly the stories and characters surrounding them. This should allow for interesting stories to be told in the background, without becoming background-noise. What saddens me, is that Supergirl only really started using this narration device in an effective way in its final season. With a very important topic, that while having been touched on before, deserved a good depiction, worthy of it's depth.
In this season we had two episodes before, that made me happy on that level - both also heavily featuring Azie's character, Kelly. The story about the young black man and his little brother was a heartfelt one, a relatable and thought-provoking story, given more depth by being picked up again. Being treated not as just another plot-device.
Oh, I wished we had a time-machine, cut out so many of the unnecessary and bland filler stories (that never really went anywhere) and got to dive in deeper into the many topics CWSG checked off it's PC list during its run and actually told something worth revisiting. Like this. Like what Azie did right here in 6x12.
Now, we’ve got this little gem. In the last season. Focusing on one of the secondary main-characters. The girlfriend of the sister of the titular hero... While the titular hero herself is and has been side-lined in the past 4 episodes. (If not longer... *sigh*)
I really liked this episode. I really love its format. And the topic is so very important. On all its depicted levels (and there were many).
...why did this have to happen only now?
On one hand, I feel, this is something the series can be remembered for. The last season's arc of Kelly and the story her character has to tell, the awareness this story brings forward. In a show, that should have so much impact.
On the other, I feel it's taking up room from our main character, when there should be time spend addressing Kara's traumas, her healing, her relationships.... her story. And in better hands, we possibly could have (had) both. But, alas, this is the CW.
We should have had this episode two seasons ago!
Now we have a new hero, build up before the series' finale, when we know the new Guardian will not get to shine or tell her stories (is there even talk about a spin-off for her?).
I hope, sincerely, that the last stretch of episodes will be able to balance its stories much better. That Kelly - now that her story and origin and drive has been told - will not sink back into the shadows, while we also get more Kara (and let’s not forget wrapping up the rest of the Superfriends’ arcs).
The show hardly felt like "Supergirl" in a while now. Kara is there, yes. And I get the behind-the-scenes reasons as of why they had to have her on her own separate adventure for the first 7 episodes. But... there are so many unresolved topics around Kara, herself. (IMO, the only character that continuously got this much attention is Lena Luthor, having almost more background-story, character build-up, -arc, emotional depth and consequences, personal and surrounding her, than Kara - including the horrible over-the-top mess that was season 5.)
Gosh, the show even made a point of having Kelly say, that it wasn't Kara's job to deal with these little things. Which is right and wrong at the same time. Supergirl is an over-powered superhero. Which brings conflict in its own right. Which - in a series - should leave room to explore her as a person and dealing with the chasm between her powers and her vulnerability, her character, her emotions, her traumas, her desires, hopes and dreams and wishes, her evolution and re-evaluations...
Kara Zor-El Danvers should be the - or at least a - focus in her (last!) season.
And on top of that, we should get to see what happens when the heroes dust off their hands and leave the scene after fighting the big bad.
Consequences. The show has been horrendously bad at addressing those before. The Children of Liberty arc tried to deal with that... but in a way that lead to extremists, and for the sake of a big bad - rather than in a relatable Everyman / Everwoman / Every..person(?) way.  This episode did that. The previous Kelly episodes did that. So very well...
...addressing the little people, the normal people, the minorities, the (unintentional) victims, the over-looked, the individual sufferings, the by-standers...
...but also unintentionally showcasing the shortcomings of the show in a very unflattering way. But I guess, for an episode titled “Blind Spots”, that attempts to cast light on things that have been ignored before, that’s rather fitting...
... I don't think, I can say much else without accidentally taking away from Azie’s master piece or her intent and thoughtful execution...
I did very much appreciate the "24h earlier" bit, showing Kelly's tale paralleling the 'grand adventures' of the Superfriends.
I did not think, Diggle needed to keep telling Kelly how proud her brother would be, as Kelly should not need her brother's thumbs-up or for the show to yet again inadvertently compare a female to their male 'counterpart'. Kelly's Guardian will (hopefully) not be like James'. Just like Supergirl is her own woman and comparing her to Superman is just inadequate.
...and I love how even the mail was quicker than the jet that brought Lena back to National City.
I love the show for its quirkiness. Not the unintentional one, but the funny and goofy bits. For Kara being walking (or flying) sunshine incarnated, but also relatable in her day-to-day struggles. For characters with so much promise that I got so much more invested in the show, than its average writing deserves. It is a series, that had so much potential. To tell big and small stories, important and impactful stories. Fun, sad, thought-provoking, entertaining, exciting, adventurous, soothing, real, fantastic... I never asked for the show to 'pick a lane' (I'd take Lucy...) because there has always been potential to meld so many themes and motives and ...moods together - that's what an ensemble cast is perfect for.
Thank you, Azie Tesfai, for a great episode!
Fingers crossed, the last stretch of the show will be able to keep up with a bar suddenly raised so very high.
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toonstarterz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm blown away, y'all.
Movies like this NEVER get greenlit. Studios are supposed to be pussies that are too afraid to make wholly original animated films that don’t piggyback on an existing IP or be an irreverent kid’s comedy.   
The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a love letter to the animation medium itself. A passion project created BY artists FOR artists. Katie’s struggles as an 18-year-old aspiring creative was the call-out post of a lifetime. And when I saw those end credits that featured the crew's family pics, I was touched beyond belief ‘cause that’s how you know this film wants its artists to be SEEN.
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artemisnihil · 3 months ago
Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special is pretty definitively NOT a comedy special.
I don’t think I laughed, or even exhaled out of my nose. Maybe I will if I watch it a decade from now when the subject matter isn’t so raw.
What it was was a movie. A film. An experience. And definitely a Special.
I have cried at Bo Burnham’s songs before, but never quite like this. 
“Inside” was perhaps our first glimpse of Bo performing as himself, rather than his stage persona (although he does that too).
I have more to say about it, but what I’d really like to say is: watch it.
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i-draws-dinosaurs · 14 days ago
David Armsby’s ‘Old Buck’: A Review
So by now most of you are probably aware of the short film Old Buck by David Armsby (AKA Dead Sound) that came out today and has singlehanded become one of the best pieces of dinosaur media I have ever seen in my life. I haven’t really done a review-format-type-thing before but this really make me want to give it a shot. So, in advance, my short review is that this film is absolutely incredible, and you should all go and watch it a million times over like I have. Now, to say that in a much more long-winded way!
I’ve been a fan of Dead Sound for years, ever since I was introduced to his first dinosaur short Sharp Teeth, which is the precursor to this series in a lot of ways. I’m also a huge fan of his Autodale series, set in a dark retrofuturistic dystopian world, that slowly uncovers the mechanisms behind why the world is the way it is and who is secretly pulling the strings.
Tumblr media
Old Buck tonally and visually feels like a direct successor to Sharp Teeth, exploring similar themes and being presented in a similar way, but as great as Sharp Teeth is I feel like Old Buck is in every way more mature and superior to its predecessor.
Tumblr media
Visually the film is absolutely spectacular. I’m always a complete sucker for a limited colour palette and the blues and greys and pinks that Armsby has chosen are stunning. Trans Rights Styracosaurus is beautiful and I love it. His modelling and texturing of the animals has gotten more and more detailed over the years he’s been making films, but they still retain a lovely simplicity and stylisation that works fantastically with the unshaded flat coloured style.
Tumblr media
The dinosaurs are, simply put, absolutely top notch. These are unreservedly the best dinosaurs I have ever seen on film. The protagonist Old Buck is absolutely overflowing with character without ever being overly anthropomorphised, with the broken horn, plant-matted horns and scars making him feel old and weathered and worn but still full of strength and steel. 
I genuinely tried to come up with enough nitpicks to fill a paragraph in this review and I do not have enough! That is just how well Armsby has done his research, and while there’s a couple things I personally might have done differently that is 100% an art style thing, and has nothing to do with accuracy or scientific validity. Just,,, wow these dinosaurs are so good.
Tumblr media
There’s also some wonderful variation between members of the same species in the Styracosaurus, with different arrangements and forms of horn and different colour patterns, which must have been so much extra work to put in but it’s so worth it. It makes them feel like a group of individual and varied animals.
The way that the dinosaurs are treated within the frame of the story is fantastic too, and it’s one of my favourite things about Armsby’s work in general. He often includes running themes of nature being neither benevolent nor malevolent, that there are no heroes or villains in nature, simply animals trying to survive. The Old Buck is our protagonist, but he is not the Hero. The rival male is the antagonist who opposes the Old Buck, but he is not the Villain, nor are the Daspletosaurus that watch from the sidelines.
Tumblr media
Another thing I absolutely love is the decision to not have any narration. Sharp Teeth had a poem as narration, and while that poem is great I think removing any narration for Old Buck was absolutely the right choice to make. It lets the visual storytelling stand on its own, and that visual storytelling is lovely. I particularly like the part where the rival male uses the same move on his first opponent and on the Old Buck, but when he attempts to use it a third time Old Buck has learned from it and changes his strategy, turning the tide of the fight. That’s the kind of thing that could have been made blatantly obvious with narration, but the visuals are strong enough that they do not need it and the film is absolutely better for that!
Tumblr media
Speaking of visuals, I’m just gonna end this review off with some of the absolutely stunning cinematography and composition in this short because if me gushing about it for 700 words hasn’t convinced you to watch it then you should at least see how insanely pretty this film is. This was all made by one person by the way.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So yeah, this is an absolutely stunning and beautiful outing for David Armsby’s Dinosauria series. Everything about it is such a breath of fresh air that dinosaur media desperately needs, and I am beyond hyped for the next instalment!
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nadiamakesthings · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hybrid Note Taking Style
A note taking method that blends the best of paper and digital note taking that I’ve been exploring lately. So far it’s working really well for me :) Hope it helps! 
Hybrid Note Taking Method
Problems with other note taking systems
Each note taking system has its pros and cons. Here are some of the problems I found with (fully) paper and (fully) digital note taking systems.
Can't use the search function on your notes.
Can't add images and other types of digital files easily.
Difficult to keep overview between notebooks.
Can't share these as easily as digital notes.
Not as 'romantic'.
Sometimes less engaging.
Lack of physical presence can lead to you forgetting about it.
Can be more difficult to do things like sketching, making schemes, making illustrations etc.
Benefits of Hybrid
I like using hybrid methods because they bring you the best of both worlds.
Easily searchable.
Information in your notes is traceable.
Makes it easier to find and carry out actions e.g. finding extra info.
Doesn't damage books.
Allows you to embed different types of files.
What you'll need
Source material (e.g. book, academic paper)
Any kind of notebook :)
Digital note-taking app → I like Notion (it's free).
Step 1 - Read & number the material
As you go, use a pencil to lightly put numbers into the margins whenever you deem something worthy of noting down or remembering. This will help you locate the source of specific parts of your notes later.
Step 2 - Write Q&A-style notes
Write the information down in question-and-answer style. Come up with useful questions that link to the material you want to remember (e.g. Q → What is the main problem with using platform-based planning for new ventures? A → Assumptions underlying the plan are used as fact rather than best-guess estimates to be tested and questioned). Use the numbers you placed in the margin of the pages to specify the source of the information you used for each answer.
Example → Chapter 1 page 27 note 3 becomes 1.p27.3
Step 3 - Write actions as you go (Supporting notes)
Supporting notes
Write down your thoughts, anything you're curious about, things you want to look up, things you're confused about, actions you've been inspired to do, etc. For example → ?m Maybe I can apply this to my visualization assignment? / ! Look up what 'plurality of the future' is / fex Organizational transformation through design. I find this a great way to support and manage the learning process.
Action key
Keep a small action key in which you have an overview of what your action marks mean (e.g. ?m→ questions to myself, f → find, fex → find example, ?? → I don't get it, ! → general actions)
Don't be afraid to customize your actions!
What you'll get
Actionable notes
Your paper notes will contain a structured and easy to read overview of actionable items that came up during the reading. This can be questions you need answered, reminders to find specific information, etc. This will make them a lot harder to forget to do!
Easily traceable sources
With the codes you'll be able to tell easily and quickly where the information you've written in your notes came from.
Searchable & review-ready notes
Notes will be (mostly) made in question-and-answer style. This will allow you to easily review using active recall. All you need to do is cover/hide the answer and you can check how well you truly know the material.
Thanks for reading!
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princessofharte · 7 days ago
Montero the album is beautiful. It's about pain, anxiety, being used, fighting, and healing. The visuals are lovely but the songs are beautiful too. If anyone wants to listen, trigger warnings for anxiety, depression, abuse through being used, alcoholism, being cheated on, and some expletives. If you've got a decent mental space, give it a listen. Am I Dreaming is my favorite song because it's the song in which he heals.
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nonmathnerd · 2 months ago
This review of Fear Street 1666 on letterboxd is SO FUNNY please
Tumblr media
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exhaled-spirals · a month ago
« For many, including myself, mathematics is comforting. In an era of fake news, worldwide illness, and economic uncertainty, mathematics provides proof of another reality which is harmonious, universal, and eternal. Or so it would seem.
In fact mathematics, like all literature, is none of these things. Mathematics is, of course, a human artefact. It is a language which consists of a vocabulary, a grammar, and a community which employs these enthusiastically. Arguably, mathematics is the most refined language ever produced.
[...] The practical [...] usefulness of the work of mathematicians does not concern them. Even a brief exposure to number theory, for example, is sufficient to convince most outside the mathematical community (or even outside the community of number theorists) that the things mathematicians are concerned about are essentially trivial. The strange and often captivating relationships among numbers are simply alien to practical experience. The non-mathematician can only ask ‘Why bother?’.
And the answer to this question must be the same as it is to the issue of literature in general. There is no reason for mathematics other than itself. Mathematics is a form of highly refined, esoteric poetry. Its form and subject matter is not to everyone’s taste. But neither is the Iliad, or The Wasteland, or Finnegans Wake. It takes considerable linguistic skill and aesthetic fortitude to comprehend the content of mathematical poetry. Success in such an endeavour is, as usual, its own reward. »
— From a review of Reuben Hersh’s What is Mathematics, Really?
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magnificent-nerd · a month ago
How James Gunn subverts generic male gaze in The Suicide Squad (2021)
Tumblr media
Image description: poster for The Suicide Squad (2021), showing multiple cast members inc. John Cena, Idris Elba, Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman) in a bright explosion of color.
Minor spoilers ahead for The Suicide Squad (but if you weren’t interested in watching the movie especially after the sexist 2016 version, perhaps this will sway you!)
The Suicide Squad movie has just released in both theaters and on HBO Max streaming. It is an indirect sequel to 2016′s Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer. No, you need not have seen the 2016 movie in order to watch this one. Yes, this new sequel is way better than the previous movie.
I saw a few non spoiler reviews online from fans saying this movie felt like it had a female gaze. Now, after having seen both of Gunn’s Guardians movies for Marvel and the way the women were treated, combined with David Ayer’s 2016 Suicide Squad movie and how Harley was treated, I admittedly dismissed this notion that James Gunn could make a movie that wouldn’t have me rolling my eyes at least a dozen times.
Well, I was fortunate enough to see the movie in the theater and all I can say is, huh. What a pleasant surprise!
I’d like to do a longer post about this movie at a later date, but for now I simply must address who the audience is invited to ogle/appreciate in near-naked form...
And it’s not the women, they are all fully clothed at all times. (Thankfully.)
It’s the men.
Two scenes in particular stand out to me, and both are very different.
And without getting too much into spoilers, I’ll briefly describe the tone of them and how one feels more typical generic male gaze, and the other more subversive and female gaze. (Also, if you’re queer like me and enjoy looking at men, you’re in for a treat with both gazes!)
The first scene is framed as funny/comedic, when the team are at their camp. They’ve been disturbed from sleep and while all of them are dressed, John Cena has a full screen, lingering shot of him in just his tighty whities.
In case you wondered why this was trending...
Tumblr media
Image description: screen shot of a twitter search for John Cena, showing that ‘John Cena bulge’ is the second result showing above ‘John Cena peacemaker’. (Fans are thirsty.)
Even played as a comedic moment, Cena looks a-maz-ing and the camera spends a lot of time on his near-naked body, inviting the audience to look. (Thanks, James Gunn!)
You can go check the pictures for yourself if you want, or watch the movie. It’s a very funny moment that plays into the macho rivalry between Peacemaker and Bloodsport. As I said, this scene felt more typical male gaze because it was centered on male rivalry and comedy, but it’s just another example of how this movie doesn’t shy away from showing its men off. 
The rivalry between John Cena’s Peacemaker and Idris Elba’s Bloodsport is played for laughs through most of the movie, and later becomes more serious with opposing views on morals and was shot in unique and interesting ways. Very nicely done, in my opinion. 
We do also get to see a shirtless shot of Joel Kinnaman, though I disregard that standard shot, because even Disney/the MCU does some generic and brief abs out shots in most of their movies. It’s nothing unusual for the genre, right?
So let’s move onto the scene that surprised me. 
James Gunn subverted expectations in so many ways for this movie, but giving us a thirst shot of actor Juan Diego Botto coming out of a pool like a male Bond girl? Inspired.
Tumblr media
Image description: gif of Juan Diego Botto emerging dripping wet from a picturesque pool against a sunlit window, wearing a pair of tight black Speedos.
Now while this scene is over the top, it’s incredibly unusual to see a handsome man like this in a comic book movie, especially from The Big Two (Marvel or DC), presented in such a fashion: a Bond girl moment.
We haven’t been fed this well for male thirst shots since Fox’s Wolverine! And even then most of those near-naked Hugh Jackman scenes were set against violent/torture/medical horror backdrops. Probably the only one that compares to this scene in The Suicide Squad is that just-out-of-bed scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past... and even that soon erupts into violence.
In contrast, this shot of character Silvio Luna played by Juan Diego Botto is peaceful, gentle, and meant to be seductive. (Again, thanks James Gunn!)
The trope of sexy actor emerging wet from a pool is usually reserved for actresses playing the new Bond girl in James Bond movies. How many times have we seen that over the years? A lot.
Here, James Gunn flipped that trope on its head because the person ogling Silvio Luna is a woman: Harley Quinn, and the audience is invited to ogle him with her.
And even though Silvio Luna is a villain (everyone in this movie is a villain, technically), he is shown to be non violent (toward Harley Quinn, at least).
What follows the pool scene and initial meeting are more romantic/seductive scenes, very over the top and visually pretty. You may have seen a meme of one of those online recently: 
Tumblr media
Image description: Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto) are on a balcony together in soft lighting/golden sunshine, acting every bit the loving couple sharing a happy moment as they gaze into the distance.
These scenes were some of my favorite Harley moments. It begins with her character being spoiled and treated like a queen, a high contrast to how Task Force X/Amanda Waller uses Harley, as an expendable soldier.
Tumblr media
Image description: gif of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) having her hair and make-up done, looking very elegant, tasteful, and pretty. The context is, she is shown her reflection in a mirror, and she says in surprise, “I’m a princess.”
I must impress how pleased/pleasantly surprised I was with all of the clothing/costume choices for Margot Robbie’s Harley throughout this movie. She is very much clothed the entire time (in amazing outfits that fit her character), and even when in battle or peril, the most she shows is bare arms, neck, or a knee/lower legs.
She also gets boots to fight in! Flat heeled boots! 
Such a welcome relief after the sexist/impractical outfits in 2016′s Suicide Squad, and all its thirsty male gaze that felt more gross than anything.
In contrast, 2021′s The Suicide Squad provides a really beautiful journey for Harley’s character, and I felt it was a nice continuation from 2020′s Birds of Prey directed by Cathy Yan and produced by Margot Robbie, which I loved.
I felt like BoP Harley influenced this Harley quite a bit, showing Harley’s whimsical nature but without her being sexualised. Also her action scenes felt similar, and her recovery/healing period felt in line with how she was portrayed in BoP.
And for any fans concerned that her arc is all about ‘a man’ in The Suicide Squad, fear not! Their scenes together, while significant, are also brief. Despite Luna’s romantic seduction Harley ultimately disagrees with his viewpoint on something later on, and ends her fling with him. Following that comes a very heartfelt scene about how she is feeling in her recovery after an abusive relationship (the Joker), and going forward in her life.
It really felt like a natural continuation from Harley in Birds of Prey. Overall, such a pleasant and welcome surprise.
Now, I have seen some straight male fans complain that all these Harley scenes felt like ‘a side quest’ from the main plot. All I can say is, so what? After how appallingly 2016′s Suicide Squad treated both character and actress with its sexism, I say she deserves all the screen time and character development she gets in 2021′s The Suicide Squad.
Harley Quinn, and Margot Robbie, are a big audience draw for these movies. Imagine calling good character development for Harley ‘a side quest’. They truly can’t grasp what’s important to women characters or Harley fans at all.
Anyway, I hope this post has given fans a little insight into a movie they may not have considered watching otherwise! Throw out everything you saw with 2016′s Suicide Squad, this sort-of sequel is a redemption on so many levels. (Even Rick Flag gets better character development.)
If you like to be (pleasantly) surprised, enjoy classic Sci-Fi B-movies, comic books bursting with colors, and really funny but violent action comedy, this is the movie for you.
It is unexpectedly charming.
Originally posted on my blog,
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xxxgalaxyfriendxxx · 2 months ago
Ok, I assume you are fine with spoilers or you’ve seen the movie, but here’s my review ig also my grammar probably suck (look! I already made a grammar mistake!) in here because I’m too lazy ta fix it •-•
A couple things I liked about it:
* I liked the designs! I honestly thought they wouldn’t be as good as they would but I mean look at dem!
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I gotta say those two were definitely my favorite 3D models
* I like that they gave Bugs more emotion. Now I’m no expert on this, but I feel like Bugs became more lovable than before. I like in the beginning they showed that he really missed his friends and when he got mad, idk why but for some reason it felt more “real”.
* I loved all the references, some I really didn’t expect! Like the Teen Titans Go movie easter egg! And, well they had A LOT of references. (My personal favorite was the Rick and Morty one.)
Now there’s more things I like about the movie, but I’m not gonna sit here type a whole review ‘cause that’s veery boring.
So imma end it here, NEXT!
Things I disliked about the movie:
* I’m sure a lot of you are disappointed that there’s no screen time for the Animaniacs,I’m very disappointed too. They some shots you couldn’t really see but that’s all :(
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We get this…….yayy
Now in the movie they are a lot more clear, but still, no voice acting, just a little bit of time and if you look around you’ll probably see them. But that’s all and I really wished they had just a littlee more screen time; I mean for freak sake their last name is LITERALLY WARNERS. But hey, at least there’s good fanart.
* I wish they put in more fourth wall breaks. Because a lot of Warner bros. cartoons fourth wall break and personally, I love me some good old self awareness:)
* I wish they had more bugs and daffy moments because they are like an iconic coupl- I mean duo!
* Why didn’t they explain the fact the BUGS GOT IGNORED like he genuinely felt bad and friggin fjfnksjsndn they don’t talk and that like wtf!?
Anyway, I rate it: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Alright, that’s my review I guess. I know it’s not long but like I said, I don’t wanna take forever. Aight see ya later ✌️
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mhacentral · 2 months ago
MHA Chapter 319 Review/Thoughts
You can just see the disappointment in their mentors. They wont pick up the phone for them at all. So they get the only person who will talk to them... their mouse principal
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Nezu trolls Endeavor 🤣 I will remember this forever
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Endeavor is still very selfish. Oh you saved me so that's all that counts... NO IT DOESN'T. Seriously get to know what actually is important to others especially your son, who actually gives two fucks about other people
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Bakugo puts his hand on Todoroki's shoulder 🥰
Tumblr media
Bakugo knows Deku better than anyone, and through him also knows All Might..... he KNOWS like the readers that this was the worst decision
Tumblr media
Endeavor decides to concede and let the kids help... but did he really have to be a dick and throw his phone like that
Tumblr media
But Deku's FRIENDS don't care, they are rescuing him
Tumblr media
I love Bakugo here. He is the person Deku best and chews out Deku for his nonsense, but he is not listening to anything he or anyone says of course, so all that can be done is.....
Tumblr media
Bakugo vs Deku Part 3 incoming featuring Class A
Tumblr media
Bonus: TodoMomo Moment
Tumblr media
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 3 months ago
Dylan was only in Infinite for less than 10 minutes. Of course, he made the most with what little he had. I've seen some reviews and comments saying that the movie would be a bit better if he traded roles with Mark Wahlberg since Mark was a terrible actor and had zero charisma.
I really thought that would be the case. I think Wahlberg is so overrated. He just squints a lot. I'd much rather see an hour and a half of Dylan. Thanks for the heads up.
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