mousieta · 2 days ago
The bagel and the googly eye are two major symbols of this film. Not only is it a surprisingly apt and humorous take on yin and yang, but in the same stroke it explores concepts central to Buddhist philosophy. To boil down more than 2,000 years of Buddhist discourse – it is thought that all things exist only through our perception of said things. Therefore, they are without inherent meaning. They’re empty.
Through the googly-eyed lens, we gain the power to control our infinite emptiness. Waymond (Ke Huy Quan), the dorky husband of Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), reminds her through simple kindness that there is value where you want to create it and meaning where you choose to see it. In Buddhist thought, it’s our compassion that grounds us – makes us human – and emptiness isn’t the mark of nihilism and despair but an opportunity to leave behind the bad and cherish the good.
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booksrockmyface · 2 days ago
Guys, I just got a review on an old fic!!
Tumblr media
Nevermind. Someone chose violence.
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the-essex-serpent-tv · a day ago
Sarah Perry’s 2016 bestseller The Essex Serpent has been described as “a novel of ideas”, which almost sounds like a warning to anybody wanting to televise it. Happily, director Clio Barnard and screenwriter Anna Symon picked up the gauntlet, and have wrought a kind of contemplative television in which the story’s historical and philosophical preoccupations are expressed through landscape and imagery as much as dialogue and action.
Huge credit goes to cinematographer David Raedeker, whose astoundingly beautiful and haunting images of marshy Essex coastline in the Maldon and Brightlingsea area form their own eloquent commentary on the themes of science, modernity and social change as they clash with tradition, superstition and late-Victorian faith.
The titular “Essex Serpent” is a mythical sea creature which has supposedly haunted the Essex coast through the mists of time (it’s even commemorated in wood carvings in the local church). The action is triggered by the disappearance of local girl Gracie Banks (Rebecca Ineson), who was apparently carried away by the beast one night, having exclaimed to her sister Naomi that “it was a serpent that tempted me”. Reports of Gracie’s fate pique the curiosity of Claire Danes’s Cora Seaborne (her surname presumably no coincidence), a London-based widow with a passion for collecting fossils. The recent death of her controlling, abusive husband has left her feeling liberated rather than bereaved. With her maid and companion Martha (Hayley Squires), Cora sets out for the Essex village of Aldwinter, whence Gracie disappeared. She’s keen to apply some scientific discipline to the serpent myth. In fact she suspects the beast may be a plesiosaurus which has somehow defied extinction.
Seeking to keep the old ways alive is local pastor Will Ransome (Tom Hiddleston), whom Cora first meets when she helps him rescue a sheep floundering in a deep pool of mud. She strikes up a deepening friendship with both Will and his luminous, fragile wife Stella (Clémence Poésy).
Will’s stoical faith in the Biblically-ordained order of things, even while he strives to quell the superstitious terror of his congregation that the serpent has come to destroy the fishing industry they depend on, rubs up against Cora’s inclination to question anything presented to her as unarguable, though unexplained, fact. But after Gracie’s body is discovered, and Will’s daughter is at the centre of an episode of mass hysteria in her school classroom, the locals turn on Cora as an interloper who is bringing supernatural catastrophe down on their heads.
Raedeker’s lenses catch the changing moods of the landscape and the people who inhabit it with almost telepathic subtlety. His wide-screen coastal panoramas might be lit by winsome evening light or darkened by lowering clouds. The sea shifts from roiling swells and foam-flecked waves to gleaming calm. Local fishermen may find themselves engulfed by perspective-flattening mist, or trying to ward off unknowable terrors with blazing bundles of straw, dotted like fireflies across the darkening marshlands. The musical score by Dustin O’Halloran and Herdís Stefánsdóttir manages to echo both the flat, wide landscape and the turmoil of a changing world beyond.
Will the coastline remain permanently in thrall to the myth of the serpent, or will the march of progress drive it out? All kinds of change are in the air. In the big city, suffragettes are marching, and Cora’s brash doctor friend Luke Garrett (Frank Dillane, pictured above with Danes) is pushing the boundaries of surgery while also experimenting with the teachings of Sigmund Freud. Martha is a passionate socialist campaigner for a social housing revolution, and reads Karl Marx while she sits on the train.
Perhaps there are too many strands vying for attention (sometimes the show feels like Greatest Hits of Big Ideas that Changed the World), and sometimes the pace sags from leisurely to soporific. Yet Serpent ultimately draws you in with deeply-felt performances which tease out the inner lives of the characters, building up to an understated but intense and cathartic resolution. It would undoubtedly repay multiple viewings.
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Tumblr media
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bluedaddysgirl · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
My one meme review of Arcane's act III
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Tumblr media
I'm blown away, y'all.
Movies like this NEVER get greenlit. Studios are supposed to be pussies that are too afraid to make wholly original animated films that don’t piggyback on an existing IP or be an irreverent kid’s comedy.   
The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a love letter to the animation medium itself. A passion project created BY artists FOR artists. Katie’s struggles as an 18-year-old aspiring creative was the call-out post of a lifetime. And when I saw those end credits that featured the crew's family pics, I was touched beyond belief ‘cause that’s how you know this film wants its artists to be SEEN.
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queen-and-patriam · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
From Zendaya’s Instagram stories tonight. Zendaya and Hunter. Zendaya wrote: the love you need between takes.
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David Armsby’s ‘Old Buck’: A Review
So by now most of you are probably aware of the short film Old Buck by David Armsby (AKA Dead Sound) that came out today and has singlehanded become one of the best pieces of dinosaur media I have ever seen in my life. I haven’t really done a review-format-type-thing before but this really make me want to give it a shot. So, in advance, my short review is that this film is absolutely incredible, and you should all go and watch it a million times over like I have. Now, to say that in a much more long-winded way!
I’ve been a fan of Dead Sound for years, ever since I was introduced to his first dinosaur short Sharp Teeth, which is the precursor to this series in a lot of ways. I’m also a huge fan of his Autodale series, set in a dark retrofuturistic dystopian world, that slowly uncovers the mechanisms behind why the world is the way it is and who is secretly pulling the strings.
Tumblr media
Old Buck tonally and visually feels like a direct successor to Sharp Teeth, exploring similar themes and being presented in a similar way, but as great as Sharp Teeth is I feel like Old Buck is in every way more mature and superior to its predecessor.
Tumblr media
Visually the film is absolutely spectacular. I’m always a complete sucker for a limited colour palette and the blues and greys and pinks that Armsby has chosen are stunning. Trans Rights Styracosaurus is beautiful and I love it. His modelling and texturing of the animals has gotten more and more detailed over the years he’s been making films, but they still retain a lovely simplicity and stylisation that works fantastically with the unshaded flat coloured style.
Tumblr media
The dinosaurs are, simply put, absolutely top notch. These are unreservedly the best dinosaurs I have ever seen on film. The protagonist Old Buck is absolutely overflowing with character without ever being overly anthropomorphised, with the broken horn, plant-matted horns and scars making him feel old and weathered and worn but still full of strength and steel. 
I genuinely tried to come up with enough nitpicks to fill a paragraph in this review and I do not have enough! That is just how well Armsby has done his research, and while there’s a couple things I personally might have done differently that is 100% an art style thing, and has nothing to do with accuracy or scientific validity. Just,,, wow these dinosaurs are so good.
Tumblr media
There’s also some wonderful variation between members of the same species in the Styracosaurus, with different arrangements and forms of horn and different colour patterns, which must have been so much extra work to put in but it’s so worth it. It makes them feel like a group of individual and varied animals.
The way that the dinosaurs are treated within the frame of the story is fantastic too, and it’s one of my favourite things about Armsby’s work in general. He often includes running themes of nature being neither benevolent nor malevolent, that there are no heroes or villains in nature, simply animals trying to survive. The Old Buck is our protagonist, but he is not the Hero. The rival male is the antagonist who opposes the Old Buck, but he is not the Villain, nor are the Daspletosaurus that watch from the sidelines.
Tumblr media
Another thing I absolutely love is the decision to not have any narration. Sharp Teeth had a poem as narration, and while that poem is great I think removing any narration for Old Buck was absolutely the right choice to make. It lets the visual storytelling stand on its own, and that visual storytelling is lovely. I particularly like the part where the rival male uses the same move on his first opponent and on the Old Buck, but when he attempts to use it a third time Old Buck has learned from it and changes his strategy, turning the tide of the fight. That’s the kind of thing that could have been made blatantly obvious with narration, but the visuals are strong enough that they do not need it and the film is absolutely better for that!
Tumblr media
Speaking of visuals, I’m just gonna end this review off with some of the absolutely stunning cinematography and composition in this short because if me gushing about it for 700 words hasn’t convinced you to watch it then you should at least see how insanely pretty this film is. This was all made by one person by the way.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So yeah, this is an absolutely stunning and beautiful outing for David Armsby’s Dinosauria series. Everything about it is such a breath of fresh air that dinosaur media desperately needs, and I am beyond hyped for the next instalment!
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artemisnihil · 11 months ago
Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special is pretty definitively NOT a comedy special.
I don’t think I laughed, or even exhaled out of my nose. Maybe I will if I watch it a decade from now when the subject matter isn’t so raw.
What it was was a movie. A film. An experience. And definitely a Special.
I have cried at Bo Burnham’s songs before, but never quite like this. 
“Inside” was perhaps our first glimpse of Bo performing as himself, rather than his stage persona (although he does that too).
I have more to say about it, but what I’d really like to say is: watch it.
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horror-n-m3tal · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silent Hill 3: Magazine review. 2003.
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st-eve-barnes · 14 days ago
MCU has been a big hit or miss with me these past years, I loathed Endgame but I thought Wandavision was truly amazing. I was genuinely disapppointed with Loki but then Spider man No way home blew me away and I even went to see it twice on the big screen.
So I watched Multiverse of madness last night and of course I have some thoughts. Spoilers under the cut
I had such high hopes for this movie, NWH already showed us what they could do with the multiverse and I think many people with me expected Marvel to go all out with that in a movie called MULTIVERSE of MADNESS.
Unfortunately not even half of the potential of the multiverse is being used here, and most of it is already shown in the trailer. For real though, marketing team, what were you thinking putting your biggest cameo in the trailer?? You do not play your best card right off the bat! I hadn't even thought of more big cameos until they showed me Charles f*cking Xavier in the trailer. THAT made me expect more.
And there was more, but it wasn't what I wanted. Can someone please tell Marvel that Captain Peggy Carter isn't as popular as they believe her to be? Whether it's Endgame or Haley and the stuff I read about her I'm not sure but the second I saw her I felt this huge dislike in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I wasn't the only one who wasn't a big fan because the audience stayed rather quiet when she came on. (In fact the audience reacted more when Wanda split her in half with the shield and honestly if I hadn't been team Wanda before that scene alone sure did it and was strangely satisfying! lol)
During NWH our audience cheered and clapped on multiple occasions, this time that only happened once: when sir John Krasinski showed up as Reed Richards. That was the stuff I think we all wanted to see more of.( I'm sure if Xavier hadn't been in the trailer he would have gotten the biggest cheers.)
Unfortunately that one big scene was where that fun ended. Can we also talk about how stupid it is to put all your big cameo's in one and the same scene and then quickly kill them all off? This could have been spread throughout the movie keeping the audience more engaged and excited who else would pop up.
But enough about the cameos.
Wanda Maximoff, I wasn't a fan of the character in the beginning but she has grown on me so much throughout the years and after Wandavision definitely became one of my favorite characters in the entire MCU. But this movie doesn't get her quite right. Don't get me wrong, evil Wanda is amazing to look at and the horror elements especially when she enters the house of other Wanda for the first time were amazing, some of the best parts of the movie for me. But she regressed in this movie, basically her storyline is a copy of what happened in Wandavision and next to being an all powerful witch they kinda reduced her to Mom Wanda and I really didn't like that part. Also where the hell was Vision and wasn't he part of the family she wanted? Because this movie solely talks about her kids. That annoyed me. The ending also, NO, I mean obviously she's not dead but just no, she deserves a lot better, please do better for her, Marvel writers.
Next to mom Wanda Marvel also wanted to show us a little dad Strange, neither were a good thing for me and that may be personal but it once again felt like Marvel putting down those family values it seems to love so much. Which brings me to America Chavez, the new young character that had to be introduced in this movie and I'm sure younger viewers love her but personally the character didn't add anything. It was a young girl who couldn't control her powers and needed help and of course by the end she realizes she had the potential to control it all along, I mean...been there done that? And even then it was lame.
There was not enough Dr Strange in this Dr Strange movie and I don't necessarily mean screen time but I feel like we didn't really get anywhere with his character because all his actions were focussed on either America or Wanda, or Christine. And his love story with Christine to me is just boring, in every universe.
The dialogue in the movie wasn't very good either, not funny and sometimes so standard it literally made me roll my eyes thinking "this is what we're spending time on when we could be watching Loki and Strange have a witty face off?" (just an example, I did not expect Loki in this movie tbh but it could have been great) I feel like in general this was a movie with a lot of missed opportunities and I've seen some fans saying well your expectations were too high and you set yourself up for disappointment but I'm sorry, no. Marvel set those expectations with No way home and all missed cameos aside if the storyline and everything else was strong enough people wouldn't complain so much about that, but it just wasn't. The writing felt lazy, and messy and uninspired and you can feel it pretty early on in the movie and unfortunately it doesn't get better.
Let's end with some positives then, the movie no doubt is entertaining and visually stunning, I mean even with the boring dialogue now and then I was never bored watching it, the possibilities created through the multiverse remain exciting and I really hope future projects will explore this in a better way. My man Wong is a treasure and he was one of the best things in the movie. Also Wanda, even though they did her wrong whenever Elizabeth is on screen she captivates the audience, she's the main star of this movie for me and I will always be team Wanda here.
Overall unfortunately this is another miss for me from Marvel and I can't help but feel a little bitter over what we could have had here, this was the movie to go all out with the multiverse and they failed.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hybrid Note Taking Style
A note taking method that blends the best of paper and digital note taking that I’ve been exploring lately. So far it’s working really well for me :) Hope it helps! 
Hybrid Note Taking Method
Problems with other note taking systems
Each note taking system has its pros and cons. Here are some of the problems I found with (fully) paper and (fully) digital note taking systems.
Can't use the search function on your notes.
Can't add images and other types of digital files easily.
Difficult to keep overview between notebooks.
Can't share these as easily as digital notes.
Not as 'romantic'.
Sometimes less engaging.
Lack of physical presence can lead to you forgetting about it.
Can be more difficult to do things like sketching, making schemes, making illustrations etc.
Benefits of Hybrid
I like using hybrid methods because they bring you the best of both worlds.
Easily searchable.
Information in your notes is traceable.
Makes it easier to find and carry out actions e.g. finding extra info.
Doesn't damage books.
Allows you to embed different types of files.
What you'll need
Source material (e.g. book, academic paper)
Any kind of notebook :)
Digital note-taking app → I like Notion (it's free).
Step 1 - Read & number the material
As you go, use a pencil to lightly put numbers into the margins whenever you deem something worthy of noting down or remembering. This will help you locate the source of specific parts of your notes later.
Step 2 - Write Q&A-style notes
Write the information down in question-and-answer style. Come up with useful questions that link to the material you want to remember (e.g. Q → What is the main problem with using platform-based planning for new ventures? A → Assumptions underlying the plan are used as fact rather than best-guess estimates to be tested and questioned). Use the numbers you placed in the margin of the pages to specify the source of the information you used for each answer.
Example → Chapter 1 page 27 note 3 becomes 1.p27.3
Step 3 - Write actions as you go (Supporting notes)
Supporting notes
Write down your thoughts, anything you're curious about, things you want to look up, things you're confused about, actions you've been inspired to do, etc. For example → ?m Maybe I can apply this to my visualization assignment? / ! Look up what 'plurality of the future' is / fex Organizational transformation through design. I find this a great way to support and manage the learning process.
Action key
Keep a small action key in which you have an overview of what your action marks mean (e.g. ?m→ questions to myself, f → find, fex → find example, ?? → I don't get it, ! → general actions)
Don't be afraid to customize your actions!
What you'll get
Actionable notes
Your paper notes will contain a structured and easy to read overview of actionable items that came up during the reading. This can be questions you need answered, reminders to find specific information, etc. This will make them a lot harder to forget to do!
Easily traceable sources
With the codes you'll be able to tell easily and quickly where the information you've written in your notes came from.
Searchable & review-ready notes
Notes will be (mostly) made in question-and-answer style. This will allow you to easily review using active recall. All you need to do is cover/hide the answer and you can check how well you truly know the material.
Thanks for reading!
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pricelessmaple · a year ago
Tumblr media
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princessofharte · 8 months ago
Montero the album is beautiful. It's about pain, anxiety, being used, fighting, and healing. The visuals are lovely but the songs are beautiful too. If anyone wants to listen, trigger warnings for anxiety, depression, abuse through being used, alcoholism, being cheated on, and some expletives. If you've got a decent mental space, give it a listen. Am I Dreaming is my favorite song because it's the song in which he heals.
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snookeroo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Get Back (2021) (Dir. Peter Jackson) + letterboxd reviews
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doctorofmagic · 13 days ago
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness complete review (with spoilers)
See you on the other side of the cut o/
Just a quick disclaimer, I still do not have high quality screenshots (obviously) so I’ll try my best between pics from the trailer and leaked scenes.
So. Of course, I’ll be starting with none other than Stephen Strange. And by that I do not mean the other other Stephen, I mean the original one. Stephen grows SO MUCH in this movie, and this is exactly what I always wanted and been waiting for since the release of his first solo movie. After all, six years is not an easy period to endure. I was beyond sick of seeing so much arrogance and no development whatsoever. But FINALLY, FINALLY Stephen allows his vulnerability to show and, from that, heal and grow. There are two key elements which are intrinsic to make him question his entire subjectivity: love and happiness.
He begins his journey trying to understand why he failed to be with Christine. It’s really hard to see someone you love with another partner, but I can see in his eyes that Stephen is glad for her, even though he can’t help but investigate why they didn’t work out. Once more, Stephen’s need to be in control (something that is not that strange to comic book readers either) gets in the way because yes, he’s an insecure man, and this is where this toxic behavior comes from. He accepts that Christine can’t love this part of his self and he isn’t willing to change, thus sealing the fate of their relationship. And it’s perfectly fine. I know the MCU tends to portray Christine as Stephen’s ultimate love but stay with me. We’ll talk about love for sure. I simply love how Stephen is like “Okay, I blew up and she deserves happiness, even though I still love her. She still means the world to me.” He’ll get there. He will.
In addition, there’s this question that keeps popping here and there. “Are you happy, Stephen?” Of course, he isn’t happy. He lost the love of his life (or so he assumes), he lives alone in the Sanctum, saving Earth didn’t bring the fulfillment he needed either. Yes, he found another way to save lives, which is his purpose since he decided to be a doctor. Is it enough, though?
Tumblr media
Throughout the movie, Stephen slowly learns that his variants may not be all that altruistic as he belives himself to be because of his need to be in control. Supreme Stephen made mistakes and accepted his execution as part of his guilt for allowing himself to be corrupted by the Darkhold and bringing an incursion upon his Earth, even though he indeed saved the world in the process. Defender Stephen died after trying to take America’s power when left with no choice. Sinister Stephen couldn’t prevent the incursion and was also corrupted by the Darkhold, becoming a murderer out of jealousy in the name of his love for Christine. I could go further and mention that What If?Stephen also ended up corrupted because death was not in his control, and he only realized his mistake when it was too late. All these Stephens have the same core issue, so what makes our Stephen different? He saw his variants’ mistakes and decided to take a different path (just a bit though). This is why he ends up reading the Darkhold anyways BUT he allows America to explore her full potential, finally letting someone else decide the fate of the universe for a change. This is controversial in some regards because, well, some expect the main character to save the day. But, taking into consideration the way I perceive Stephen personally, I am way more satisfied with his character development than settling a fight to measure wands and power. He wins by trusting America, he overcomes his trust issues, he IS better after this fight as a whole. I’ve always been here not for power but for his cunning, inherent altruism and growth.
Other important elements that allowed Stephen to grow that I’d like to point out: his relationship with Wong, not only the usual banter but Stephen actually bowing to him in the end of the movie, showing Wong that he learned humility (and their relationship is one of my favorite things about this movie); his trust issues which he gradually overcomes thanks to his relationship with America, allowing himself to be vulnerable and relying on others; his constant attempt to reach out for Wanda, never truly initiating the fight and giving her a chance and a choice; his acknowledgment that Wanda is indeed powerful and he may not be enough to save the multiverse. Really, in advance, I will say that I hate the plot deeply, but Stephen’s characterization and growth are absolutely magnificent and at least I can breathe in relief knowing that my character was treated with respect (and honestly, I don’t think it was the writer who made this possible based on the rumors on set. I think it was Benedict being extremely passionate about him, and the director following his directions).
Magic is also better, as I previously stated. Not perfect, though. Still no incantations, and yet better for a fact. I may have recognized some, like the Chains of Krakkran and the Flames of Faltine, yet it’s hard to establish such spells with accuracy when they’re not officially invoked. Still, there is diversification, from summoning monsters to manifesting physical... I dunno, stands? If you’re  curious about my favorite scene, I can tell in advance that, after the post-credit scene, my favorite one was the bard fight between Stephen and Sinister Strange. And speaking of which, I really wish Donna’s demise had more importance instead of being just a mention to show Stephen his vulnerability and fears as a person (like, say, the animated movie), yet I can understand we can’t have it all and the plot sadly wasn’t meant just for him.
Tumblr media
Lastly, let’s talk about love. I was kinda YIKES about Stephen falling in love with other Christine because it gives me the impression that people are fated to be together in the multiverse, leaving them no choice when it comes to fall in love with other people, an immutable point in time and space that repeats itself over and over. Thank the Vishanti it was not the case because SHE appeared. I AM VINDICATED, FINALLY. HER EXISTENCE CURED MY MENTAL ILLNESS, IT’S OVER FOR THE MCU. THE QUEEN IS HERE. Clea had 10 seconds on screen and she’s already the girlboss I always believed her to be. The chemistry they share is unbelievable. I cannot describe my happiness and relief after SO MANY EXHAUSTING YEARS of MCU fans telling me Christine is Clea. Why was it so hard for people to envision two different female characters? Christine in this movie isn’t even the Night Nurse, she’s a scientist and a technomancer, of sorts. She’s her own character, as is Clea. And I’m vindicated. You all know me, you know how much I love and simp for Clea, and how I don’t get tired of stating how hopelessly in love Stephen is with her. I will come back to this when I talk about the plot, I just want to conclude my train of thought here about love. So, overall, I’m really glad that Stephen recognized his fear of feeling vulnerable, and scientist Christine is really important for his journey. Because yeah, it’s cute that he loves Christine in all universes because he is a being of love (which is not the first time we talk about it on this blog). Love to Stephen is fundamental because it’s hard for him to love himself, despite all the apparent narcissism. Stephen may be confident and proud of his skills as a doctor and a sorcerer, yet he’s aware that he lacks skills in social circumstances and relationships. On the top of that, Stephen will have to allow himself to trust and love again, which is a very difficult process for someone who strongly believes he deserves to be alone. To open up again, especially for Clea, will be a blast.
Tumblr media
And this is AMAZING because it’s been years that I’m trying to say that this character right here has TONS OF LAYERS, and we finally managed to see some of the deepest ones, which makes me extremely happy.
We saw how dependent on love he is, how his narcissistic self is a facade to hide his fears (being vulnerable; not being enough; not being in control; failing people - especially Donna; coping with loss and pain and loneliness; admitting to himself that he hasn’t found fulfillment and happiness etc). STEPHEN IS FINALLY BEING PORTRAYED AS THE CHARACTER I FELL IN LOVE WITH and I couldn’t be happier. This is why I loved him in this movie and I’ll not get tired of praising his characterization. He’s so on point. He’s just... perfect.
Tumblr media
And this is also a double-edged sword for me because the plot is... terrible. In advance, I need to state that 1) I’m not an MCU!Wanda stan, 2) I do not stan actors in general and 3) this is my opinion as someone who is constantly rooting for 616!Wanda to have a proper representation and move past her terrible portrayals in so many recent runs. Feel free to disagree but please understand where I’m coming from, a comic book reader who deeply loves the magic community and defends the fact that this group is one of the most significant and strong bonds in all the Marvel Universe. On the top of that, I also defend how Wanda and Stephen are friends in 616.
In two words? Character assassination. I dunno, most of her stans are quite infamous and I’ve seen so many of them rooting for her to be a psycho villain and kill everyone. This is not the Wanda I wanted to see in the MCU. First of all, I cannot stress how much it’s problematic for me to see a female character who was supposed to be a hero, a freaking nexus being that protects magic and reality, reduced to... Samara with magic. Second, I really dislike how witchcraft has been reduced to an evil kind of magic, ESPECIALLY knowing that Wanda was supposed to be a WOC and her magic is deeply rooted in Roma culture. Third, mental health stereotype. I remember watching Cinema Therapy’s episode on Wandavision (and I do love them), but they talk about grief and how Wanda tries to cope with this pain by deceiving herself. They point out it’s an unhealthy mechanism and she does hurt people in the process, but she embraces the mourning and runs away in order to heal. They do not mention she’s sorry for the things she has done. Because she isn’t. I can’t help but wonder now if she can get away with all that to justify her pain, even though she was influenced by the Darkhold. She tortured and killed innocent people, she was willing to murder a teenager with the exhausting excuse of being a mother (and I really hate how so many people use motherhood as an excuse to be abusive, harmful and manipulative). Don’t get me wrong, I think that, overall, she’s one of the most interesting villains so far in the MCU, although I can’t pretend I’m not bothered by all the previous elements I just pointed. I will not endorse a redemption arc even though she “opened” her eyes at the very last second. Because the only thing that made her realize her wrongdoings was the fact that her children were scared of her. It didn’t feel altruistic to me. And according to rumors, we’re heading to Children’s Crusade, which is a book that YIKES... Rip my Victor von Doom. Rip Wanda as an empowered woman. I’m sorry, it’s just really hard to love Wanda in the MCU when I know she’s nothing like the hero I root for in comic books. I can understand why people love her but, again, in my opinion, this is not the character I’d waste my energy on and invest myself in. But enough of Wanda, let’s get into America *breathes in*
Tumblr media
Ah, yes. I really love America in general. She’s sweet, funny, she has potential to be part of one of my favorite tropes (daughter adopted by dysfunctional dad), she’s strong and empowered, she’s latina which is amazing for minorities to feel represented. So what is my issue here? The issue is that absolutely nothing of her afro Puerto Rican heritage was represented as far as I can tell (there is also the issue of going for a Mexican reference, which basically confirms that Hollywood sees us as interchangeable). I’m not Mexican or Puerto Rican, despite living in South America, so please feel free to correct me on this one. Also I’m glad her mothers made an appearance but listen. After watching Eternals (and, not related but OFMD), I cannot be satisfied with lukewarm LGBTQIA+ representation anymore. This is really hard personally because unlike Wanda, whose portrayal is really bad in general according to my perspective, America is an amazing character. Yet I feel it’s my duty to listen to people who want to have their voices heard, be seen and represented properly in media. Again, feel free to disagree, but I do believe these aspects matter. I don’t want to spoil people’s excitement and joy, I just feel that pointing these things out is the bare mininum I can do as a human being, especially when it’s not my place to talk about it. Despite all that, America is really amazing and I deeply want to cherish for her. Her daughter/father relationship with Stephen is so on point (pretty much what I envision for Illyana, for instance). I was kinda hhhhhh when I saw her learn magic (because she’s not really a sorcerer) and I really need her to have more skills, but that will be definitely be explored (I have inside info that Wong and America will have a special so yep, daughter confirmed).
Tumblr media
Now let’s move to other characters. I’m just SO glad Wong remained as the Sorcerer Supreme and the fact that he holds knowledge that Stephen doesn’t, which is GOOD because that’s how their dynamics are supposed to be according to the magic hierarchy. I’m relieved to know that he didn’t die so Stephen could take the mantle, that would be problematic af and I don’t want that either. I do think he could have performed more spells but I understand that the movie is basically Wanda and Stephen. I already mentioned how he was a wonderful comic relief with the right amount of comedy, but also a wonderful leader. A thousand years of Wong supremacy!! also they’re super married
Tumblr media
Now, what really BOTHERS me is how both Sara and Rintrah were forgetable. I talked to two different friends and they both couldn’t remember Sara’s name, because, yeah, she died. And I still do not know who she is. Is she Mordo’s mother? Is she Sara Wolfe? Is she an entire new character that only existed to give a hint about Wong having a relationship with someone? And Rintrah was supposed to fix Cloakie!! I’m very disappointed concerning these two, they deserved so much more. And I was also baited and led to believe Mordo would have a more significant role but no, he was just part of the Illuminati. Glad he didn’t die, all things considered.
Tumblr media
But yeah, speaking of the Illuminati... I SCREAMED SO MUCH NOT ONLY BECAUSE REED AND XAVIER BUT BUT BUT LISTEN, REED TALKED ABOUT THE INCURSIONS!!! SECRET WARS!! DOCTOR DOOM IS COMING, PEOPLE!!!!! THE HYPE IS REAL!! ;-; But I’ll get there as soon as I talk about comic book references *holds my own horses*
Just a quick mention about Christine. I loved her alternate version and the fact that she managed to apply magic to technology. I also adored that she didn’t end up with Stephen - and maybe I’m biased here because I’m team Cleaphen all the way up, but listen. They wouldn’t work out, and that Christine is just a projection of what he lived with his Christine. She knows she’d be loving an idea, and Stephen is just too hopelessly in need of love to notice that so of course he’s willing to try. Poor little meow meow...
Mmmm, what else am I missing? Probably a few things, there are too many details so let’s review the comic book references that I was able to notice before I forget them. (there might be more, though, so feel free to check other sources!)
1. Darkhold, Chthon and some Wanda’s lore
As I stated previously, no arc was adapted in this movie, except the few times Wanda was possessed by Chthon. Chthon was indeed mentioned (and I immediately thought of Super Hero Squad’s Chthon, if you know, you know), but he was not directly involved in this plot, which was LAME imo. If Chthon was indeed involved, that would still grant an opportunity for Wanda to redeem herself. It was not what happened. Go read Darkhold Alpha/Omega, a recent comic book about Wanda overcoming Chthon and absorbing the Darkhold into herself (Victor is terribly portrayed in this but it’s fine, it’s fine). Wundagore is of course deeply related to Wanda but that’s it. It’s also fair to state that the Darkhold isn’t just about dream walking but it also contains a spell that extinguishes all vampires on Earth (the Montesi Formula). Stephen used it once and survived the Darkhold’s influence (the same can’t be said about MCU!Stephen though...). This is as far as I can go about this matter so feel free to dig more about these subjects.
2. Artifacts
The book of the Vishanti was an obvious one. The Sands of Nisanti were used to poison Stephen and America and also prevent them from using magic and powers (you can check this spell in The Oath and also Cates’ run during the Loki: Sorcerer Supreme arc). And well, the Evil Eye was not the Evil Eye as we first assumed since 2016, despite having the same design (I’m immensely sorry but I totally forgot its name). Once more we managed to see the Wand of Watoomb. Clea’s weapon shares a deep similarity to Stephen’s scalpel in v5, being able to cut rifts between dimensions.
Tumblr media
3. Incursions, Illuminati, New Avengers and Secret Wars
No one touch me right now, I’m having a full meltdown thinking of my beloved New Avengers and Secret Wars. But for real, hhhhh. I knew Peggy, Xavier and Monica were going to appear because of the leaks, but Black Bolt and especially Reed (!!!) were such a good surprise. And on the top of that, incursions????? Soooo, what about incursions in the 616? Strangeplaining Hickman is hard enough, ngl. But it’s worth the reading. It’s basically the same concept, two worlds colliding, except they don’t merge. They literally collide, and the cause is also different. I don’t suppose incursions will be centered on Beyonders after watching dsitmom. I think it will be definitely related to magic and Stephen will be a key element for that. But we also need our MCU!Illuminati to become a reality (I’ll never call MCU the 616 universe, I’m sorry, Christine, you are just wrong). Also can I just say that I MELTED when Reed talked about Sue and Franklin and Valeria? THEY EXIST, THEY’RE REAL, MY FANTASTIC FOUR IS REAL, HELP ME, I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO SO SO LONG, LEMME BE ANNOYING ABOUT IT. AND IF VALERIA EXISTS, IT MEANS THAT DOOM ALSO EXISTS CAUSE HE WAS THE ONE WHO HELPED SUE TO GIVE BIRTH. OH, VISHANTI, IT’S HAPPENING. Also also also if Xavier real, so is Illyana *becomes dust*
Okay so some people were upset about the deaths and Reed telling Wanda about Black Bolt’s powers. I pretend I do not see it. Do not count on me to criticize anything about Reed, he’s perfect. Black Bolt is okay, I didn’t watch the tv show because I do not hate myself to this point. But listen. Reed is kind enough to try and reason with cray cray Wanda. Also the Illuminati are supposed to do shady stuff like lying and manipulating facts, come on!!!! It feels like you guys never read New Avengers v3. So do me a favor and go for it. Also they died fast??? It was convenient for the plot, guys. It’s not like they had 40 minutes to battle and be even more amazing. They were supposed to be fanservice, AND I’M TAKING IT FOR SURE AAAAAAAAAAAA
Tumblr media
*X-Men ‘97 theme intensifies*
4. Corruption
So, the third eye. The third eye in comics isn’t *just* related to corruption. It allows the user to see supernatural things that ordinary people can’t. BUT the movie was a clear reference to this New Avengers v3 panel here.
Tumblr media
And guess what? In the middle of an INCURSION!! I’m all down for corrupted Stephen, as long as he doesn’t become a Wanda 2.0. I want him to feel guilty and miserable about it, just like New Avengers v3 and Doctor Strange v4. And yes, I do love Stephen, was there any doubt about it?
5. v4 reference detected!!
Stephen is wearing this outfit conceived by Bachalo for v4 in the first post-credits scene.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
6. Multiverses
I spotted The Living Tribunal, and my friend said that the Fortnite world was also a thing (I don’t play it so this is why I missed this one haha, but it makes sense assuming Fortnite now is basically a super fandom and Marvel has indeed strong ties with the franchise). More and more we’re seeing cosmic beings and honestly I can’t wait for my Eternity to show up.
And lastly...
MY LOVE, MY QUEEN, MY EVERYTHING. I KNEW Marvel was pushing Clea for a while now, it was not a coincidence. And again, I can finally rest. She’s perfect. 10 seconds on screen and she’s the girlboss she’s meant to be. They share such an amazing chemistry, she bosses Stephen around and he immediately goes “yes, mommy”. I NEED THEM RIGHT NOW.
Tumblr media
I’m probably (definitely) forgetting something. It’s just too much info to process and despite watching it twice, I was too caught up in the fanservice, I couldn’t help but vibrate and scream and feel emotionally full by seeing my Stephen on screen.
Bad plot, not centered around the protagonist because of the fandom. Best Stephen’s characterization in the MCU so far, though. Tons of fanservice. Danny Elfman did it again, I shall love him for that symphony fight alone. Magic is becoming cooler and cooler. Cleaphen is real. New Avengers/Secret Wars next project confirmed. All my dreams are coming true and all my faves shall interact one day *believing intensifies*
If you’re here for Stephen, go ahead and watch this movie. It’s definitely worth it. The post-credit scene alone is enough, I assure you.
Final score: 8,5/10.
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Tumblr media
Pokémon Legends: Arceus (2022, Switch) New layout! Review scores are meaningless, so I removed them.
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Tumblr media
Rob Sheffield’s Review is up on Rolling Stones <x>
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Don’t read past here, you’ve been warned.
Peter saving MJ
One of my favourite scenes is seeing Andrew Garfields Peter, or should I say Peter #3 save MJ.
The emotion you see him have once he realises he’s safely caught and saved MJ is heartbreaking. Because you know it’s him thinking of Gwen and how he wasn’t able to save her, but he was able to save MJ. Because he knew, from the moment he saw MJ and Peter together he wasn’t going to let anything happen to her. He wasn’t going to let Peter go through what he did.
Peter saving MJ was like his redemption. The tears in his eyes and his emotions truly got to me. Like you could see him think about Gwen on that very moment. She would be proud of him.
Even though I’ve always liked Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, I never really felt attached to him. Until that very moment. Suddenly I had these new found love and respect for his Peter Parker.
That scene was powerful.
If anyone wants to talk about NWH. Feel free to comment here or message bc OMFG
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them: Wow, Grindeldore is so gay in this movie!
me, a long-time Fannibal: 
Tumblr media
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