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Review: This Sew Your Own Face Mask Kit by June Tailor is a very handy kit, especially for current times. This is a kit that can make up to 4 face masks for adults, youth or children. The face mask kit includes assorted 100% cotton pre-cut fabrics, filter material, elastic, instructions and a link for YouTube tutorial. I liked that the instructions are quite detailed and can be followed by anyone. However, it can take some time to follow the instructions before starting to sew a face mask. Buy this kit only if a sewing machine is available. The cotton fabric colors are superb as they can be worn by anyone and everyone. Since the material is 100% cotton, the face mask tends to become really hot when there are two fabrics used as a reversible mask. Alternatively, one fabric can be used to make a face mask that is non-reversible but one that is not extremely thick and hot. There are enough fabrics to make 4 reversible face masks. There is also the option to make them all reversible or some non-reversible and some reversible. I sewed a combination of both. The cotton fabric has a material that is durable. The cotton portion of the face mask can be hand or machine washed and air dried. The filter can be rinsed and air dried. I like this kit because it comes with darker and lighter colored fabrics. I’d recommend this kit to everyone. #ad #FreeSample

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I honestly don’t know if I like this. It’s definitely an above-average production, even if there’s nothing that really struck me as amazing or aww-inducing.


Reese Witherspoon is always great even when she seems to be typecasting herself as the mom with bad mom issues. While Kerry Washington can be great sometimes but needs good direction to not go overboard, as she sometimes does here. 


This is not a book I would have read, mostly because it feels a little in your face, like lots of books in the same genre. And the mini-series has the same feel, it has something that grabs our immediate attention, but in the end, it feels to deliver on what it proposes.


Originally posted by florenzim

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There’s a lot of anime that air in a season that I choose watch, and even thought I might really enjoy some of them, and they might be incredibly good, but they’re also not really a technical masterpiece.  Even so, every anime season needs those genre favorites that may not do anything new but are reliable and entertaining regardless.

So lets take a look at some of the other anime I’d like to highlight this season.



Let’s not speak of this again || Awful || Bad || Okay || Entertaining || Good || Better than Expected || Really Good || Amazeballs || What is this vision of glory I’ve witnessed?!

Not a sprawling epic by any means, but a solid story about a noble girl trying to follow her dream of becoming an artist despite all of the personal and cultural opposition.  If you enjoy stories with characters who constantly are swimming against the current and have the vibe of a period piece, give Arte a try.

The 8th Son?  Are You Kidding Me?


Let’s not speak of this again || Awful || Bad || Okay || Entertaining || Good || Better than Expected || Really Good || Amazeballs || What is this vision of glory I’ve witnessed?!

Your pretty standard over-powered main character isekai fantasy, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously like most isekai.  There’s also the fact that you are with the main character since he was a child, watching him grow up in the world.  That somewhat leads to the series becoming a lot less tropish.  If you enjoy isekai or lighthearted fantasy romps, then The 8th Son?  Are You Kidding Me? might be worth your time.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!


Let’s not speak of this again || Awful || Bad || Okay || Entertaining || Good || Better than Expected || Really Good || Amazeballs || What is this vision of glory I’ve witnessed?!

Honestly, this was one of my favorites this season.  This was an isekai, but the protagonist was growing up in the world of her favorite revere harem otome game as the villain character.  She spends the series trying to navigate away from the doom flags, and it’s simply hilarious and, honestly, a refreshing combination of several different genres.  If you like series that are fun with a lot of dramatic irony, main characters who aren’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box, or are fans of isekai, otome games, or reverse harems, I highly suggest My Next Life as a Villainess.

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Read 6/29-6/30

Four Stars

I’ve been sitting on this book for about a week now trying to think of what I want to say about it. I guess first I will start off by saying thank you to NetGalley for providing a free eARC of the book to read in exchange for an honest review. I did find that I liked The Damned more than I did The Beautiful. I think this is because my expectations were much lower. Part of the reason I found so much fault with The Beautiful was that it was so overly hyped up as being the book to revitalize vampires in YA novels and I found it fell very short of that mark. Due to events at the end of The Beautiful, The Damned had many more vampires throughout its pages. My biggest gripe about The Beautiful was the slim appearances of vampires, at last, in The Damned, we finally get to our sultry hedonistic vampires. Sébastien’s anger at being made into a vampire was so incredibly interesting to read. I loved all the little ways he chose to act out against his Uncle. Sébastien really felt like the star of this book. I enjoyed his chapters the most and found his storyline the most interesting as he adapted to his new life.

I really enjoyed the expansion of the world in this book. The Beautiful dazzled with its descriptions of 19th century New Orleans. In The Damned, we saw more of the supernatural side of the world. From the swamps outside New Orleans hosting all manner of creatures that cannot hide in plain sight within the city to the mysterious and deadly court of the Sylvan Vale Renée Ahdieh did a wonderful job of fleshing out the paranormal side of this world. I was really intrigued by the creatures hiding out in the swamp and the small community they had created there. I’m also always a sucker for dangerous court politics and the Fey court of Sylvan Vale was right up that alley.

Though the book was enjoyable it’s just missing something that prevents it from being a five-star read. There’s a spark that just isn’t there for me. I love the setting of 19th century New Orleans full of Ahdieh’s signature beautiful prose. The paranormal element is also right up my alley but I fear I’m just not connecting with the characters as much as I ought to. Since I’ve gotten this far it is likely that I’ll read the next book because I don’t like to leave things unfinished.

The Damned releases July 7th.

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I am SO excited to start this new series on here called the “A Little Late” series. The “A Little Late” series is a new chain of reviews on this blog that is dedicated to the albums, songs and projects I have never listened to before, missed on my time off, a new artist/genre i’m curious about, or just something I never talked about that I want to now. Today for our first entry, we are going to talk about Miranda Lambert’s 8th and most recent studio album, Wildcard

In “White Trash”, I love the “I’m finally on the up and up” part and the full on southern twang in Miranda’s voice throughout the whole song. When I first hear “Mess with My Head”, it was immediately one of my favorites. I love how low and soft spoken her voice is in the verses but the chorus is so strong. It should’ve been the lead single! I think “It All Comes Out in the Wash” is a good single choice, just not for the first single. Of course, its really fun and a good time but it doesn’t hit hard like I think a lead single should. I do love the chorus a lot, it’s really enjoyable. I liked how “Settling Down” was where Miranda mentioned the album title but, I didn’t like this one that much but, I do love the pre-chorus. As “Holy Water” progressed, I liked it more towards the end but it’s not my favorite and doesn’t stand out to me. “Way Too Pretty for Prison” is so so so fun. I love hearing two of my favorite country singers come together and make a song that makes you laugh but also sing a long. Seeing two of the most female powerful voices in country music come together is so badass and we need songs like this to be recognized. I just love these two. “Locomotive” is definitely not my speed but hearing her singing with all her gut and growling is really neat. “Bluebird” is such a dramatic change from the previous song but still has the same message of growth. It’s so great. I think it’s doing well on charts and radio right now because people love hearing Miranda’s lighter side and her laidback voice is so pleasing to the ear. It’s very mellow but, in a good way. I can see myself in ten years finding this song on an old playlist, and I will still love it as much as I do now. “How Dare You Love” is a really sweet love song. I’m obsessed with the different key changes Miranda does whenever she sings the chorus. Also, the last few lines at the end that change up the song a bit are my favorite in the whole song. Miranda really surprised me with all the slow jam and R&B influenced songs in this album. “Fire Escape” is divineee. This song brings warmth and is very endearing because it is reminiscent of her new life in New York City with her new man. Hearing her in love again is delightful since her last record was about the complete opposite. “Pretty Bitchin’” is a song title I would absolutely expect to see on a Miranda Lambert album. I liked how it started off and how she added a new phrase after the word “pretty” for the first verse. As the song went on I did find myself growing tired of it and it became a little too repetitive for me."Tequila Does” is without a doubt my favorite song on this album at the moment. I am truly obsessed with the build up around the chorus and the latin influenced lyrics. It makes me feel like I’m in a 70s country bar and slow dancing with someone. I want to direct this music video haha. The lyrics in “Track Record” seem to be very personal to Miranda but they are so universal. They are saying how “she can’t help it, she’s in love with love” and a lot of people can relate to that. At the end of the day, all humans want is to feel love. She’s got a “Track Record” of relationships because she loves being loved. Even though in “Dark Bars” she says she’s not in pain, I felt like she is letting go of the pain as the song goes on. This song feels like you are right next to her, sitting at the bar just discussing life. I love how progressively her voice became more prominent on the song. When Miranda says, “I know a thing or two about broke hearts” it’s a full circle moment in this whole album because she has grown and moved on from a painful time in her life with a public divorce, and found love again. I like to see this as the rebirth of Miranda. 

This album was such a great listen because I loved hearing about Miranda’s new life and how she is over the past and looking into the future head on excitingly. I heard in an interview by Miranda that she said she hung tapestries all over while recording this album to help cover up the past. She thought that everything behind them was all from the past and she wants to move forward with a new beginning and that’s definitely what I think of when I think of this album I think of her moving into the future getting rid of her past, which is something I am here for!

Standout tracks: Mess with My Head, Way Too Pretty for Prison (with Maren Morris), Bluebird, Fire Escape and Tequila Does.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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this seems to be a book you either love or hate and i can’t decide where i am. i’m a huge fan of alice oseman’s other writing, (heartstopper is truly the highlight of my life) and i hadn’t read this one for such a long time for no reason other than it was always out at the library. but i finally did it! it was definitely enjoyable as i was reading it. i found the characters to be intriguing enough to pick up where the plot lacked, and even the background characters felt like complicated people. as i mentioned when talking about the secret history, i love me an unreliable narrator, and that’s how i saw tori in this book. she has this very narrow worldview that i think is at least partly representative of everyone’s teenage crisis, and it was relatable to me in a way that not a lot of books are. issues of mental health and eating disorders for sure could have been handled better in the writing, but it stays true to who tori is the whole time, and i think that by the end we are starting to see her improve. the thing about a story like this is that we only see the protagonist really starting to develop at the very end, which can feel a little bit like we’re leaving off with nothing having happened. overall: i liked it. cool characters, relatable dialogue. to me, the most important thing about this book is to continue to reflect on where the characters will go and how they will improve once the actual text has finished.

i already forgot what i rated this on the storygraph but i’ll say 3.5/5

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RAY OF LIGHT por Madonna

  • Drowned World / Substitute for Love = 80
  • Swim = 80
  • Ray of Light = 90
  • Candy Perfume Girl = 70
  • Skin = 60
  • Nothing Really Matters = 75
  • Sky Fits Heaven = 90
  • Shanti / Ashtangi = 75
  • Frozen = 95
  • The Power of Good-Bye = 80
  • To Have and Not to Hold = 65
  • Little Star = 70
  • Mer Girl = 70

Melhor Canção: Frozen

Média: 77

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Anime Recommendation !

The God of high school

I just finished the very first episode of The God of High School and I have to say it is absolutely amazing.

The first episode was incredibly fast-paced, and very entertaining. There wasn’t a single time I wasn’t enjoying the fuck out of it while watching it. Of all the animes I’ve seen so far it’s among one of the few that has a very strong first episode. Which is a feat quite difficult to accomplish in animation, since you basically only ever have 20 minutes to get your viewers hooked to the story you’re trying to tell and to the premise of your world.

The animation is very good and jesus christ the combat is really cool. Sometimes you don’t need a main character bullshiting abt being the best at [insert generic power system] sometimes it’s enough to have a bunch of people fighting on the screen lmfao. As it is the show strikes me as simple, very fun and enjoyable, but I am not against it becoming more plot heavy in the future which it seems at the moment, will become the case further into the series.

If I were to rate the first episode I’d give it a 3.5/5

Check it out if ure bored :]

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Villain Review: The Lich
From: Adventure Time


The Lich had apparently been around for thousands of years, potentially before time itself was established due to him describing a time where before there was anything, there were monsters. Whatever the case, the Lich describes himself as being the Last Scholar of GOLB. His past is…conflicting to say the least. Some believe he was created as a byproduct of the Great Mushroom War, but in another episode, the Lich is implicated to be an incarnation of the Catalyst Comet from Evergreen. 

Prior to the events of the series, the Lich’s plot to destroy all life in Ooo was foiled by the hero Billy and he was imprisoned in amber. Of course in “Mortal Folly,” the Lich escapes and resumes his goal of destroying all life. Finn and Jake confront him and seemingly destroy him. However, his soul then takes possession of Princess Bubblegum and he goes on a rampage through the Candy Kingdom. Defeated again, he continued to possess the Waving Snail. 

In his next appearance, he uses the Enchiridion to kill Billy and steal his skin to further manipulate Finn and Jake. The Lich anticipates that Finn would refuse his offer of conquest and destroy the Enchiridion which results in the creation of a wormhole. From there, the Lich tries to have Prismo grant his wish for the extinction of all life. This plan, however, is thwarted thanks to Jake’s counter wish. 

The Lich is trapped in the Time Room patiently waiting for his next chance. When Finn learns that his human father Martin was in the interdimensional prison the Citadel and that he had to commit a cosmic crime in order to enter it, the Lich wakes up Prismo’s aged form and then kills him for good measure. Arriving at the Citadel, the Lich explains that he would amass a great and terrible army that he would use to destroy life one planet at a time. Before he could kill Finn, Finn doses him with a regenerative property that transforms him into a gigantic baby who is then adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig.


This is where I would deduct some points. The Lich is evil, simply put. While the show did have some dark moments here and there, when he showed up, he completely changed the tone of the series paving the way to more dark elements later on. However, the Lich’s main defining trait is his desire to end all life. It’s a…single-minded goal. Unlike with say other villains like Bill Cipher who wanted to rule all of existence, and while that would lead to reality being destroyed, at least he had his fun, the Lich doesn’t seem to have any additional goal aside from that one. If he succeeded at destroying all life, does that mean he ceases to be as well? What would he do after the extinction of all life? Cackle to himself for the rest of eternity? 

Funnily enough, Finn even points this out to him that he was “basic,” and the Lich himself actually agrees with him, but notes that he at least knew what he was. Besides that, there is more to the Lich aside from this one goal. The Lich is wickedly cunning and actually learns from his mistakes: the gauntlet that belonged to Billy? Turns it into dust the moment he grabbed it. Billy himself? Kill him and steal his skin. He even anticipates that Finn would refuse his offer and destroy the Enchiridion…which is what he wanted anyway because that would lead to Prismo’s dimension. While it is a single-minded goal, the Lich is cunning and formulates several gambits to work around any setbacks.

But what I feel works in the Lich’s favor is his words. Voiced by Ron Perlman, while the Lich tends to not speak much, when he does, his words carry a lot of weight. Time itself seems to stop in its tracks. His words feel weighted, yet at the same time, enthralling my favorite being his “Fall” speech. 


Given the cutesy style of the show, the Lich’s design contrasts a lot from the typical design. His first appearance has him be a literal walking corpse with the skin on his face receding away to reveal his gums as if he has a perpetual smile on his face. He looks like your typical evil sorcerers with his robe but he also has a broken half of a horn. His form continually changes throughout the series especially after he murdered Billy and used his skin. In “Escape the Citadel,” the Lich sheds the skin suit and becomes a full on skeleton with small pupils. 

Powers and Abilities

I already explained his strategist ways, the Lich can emit green flames and even use his mind to set things on fire. The Lich also has a deathly air around himself making it possible to kill whatever is in his path with little effort such as when he escaped into the ocean leaving dead fish in his wake. The Lich can control minds such as when he used the Waving Snail to escape from his amber prison, or in “Escape the Citadel,” when he commands Finn and Jake to “fall." 

He does have a few weaknesses like how he was first defeated by Billy with his gauntlet. However, this only worked once on him as he reduced it to dust when Finn tried to use it on him. The sweater that Finn got from PB also seemed to have some effect on him, but when he attempted to use it a second time, the Lich swats him away. At most these instances are all temporary obstacles for the Lich and he is quick to learn from them so the next time he encounters the same stumbling block, it would not work. The only real time where the weakness seemed to stick was when he was transformed due to the regenerative substance Finn put on him.


Ultimately I’ll give the Lich a 6/10. While an imboding figure, the Lich is held back slightly because of his single-minded goal and how he really has nothing else going for him should he achieve it. However, his design is awesome as well as some of his deadly magic. While he didn’t speak much, his voice is chilling and his lines are very heavy-weighted and sometimes even make you feel the inner turmoil of his nihilistic words.

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i truly enjoy all of these slower paced dramas, as they tend to relay everyday life. this drama was no exception. i especially love how hae-in continually amazes me as he brings such different faucets to all the characters he portrays. this drama was not what i expected coming from the base of a typical melodrama, there is an aspect of sci-fi with the connection to ji-soo’s main character being her personality/emotional response/and thoughts on a device that someone rendered. i loved how we were able to see the progression of the characters and their growth. i do wish they had not cut this drama’s length short, as some aspects felt rushed especially towards the last few episodes, but nonetheless it was a beautifully done drama. i would highly recommend, and wish everyone a lovely time enjoying it!


Originally posted by trendingkdrama

the development of his AI was quite intense, and the heart of his burden as well. as he kept trying to obtain the perfect AI and tapping into emotional intelligence of the AI, he was also adding burden to himself.

kim ji-soo, this woman was always somewhere else. they went to school together, but they drifted apart afterwards. hae-won literally left norway to come see her at her beck and call and they she tells him that she is getting married. her character baffled me, in that she was sweet and kind however some of her actions didn’t reflect his nature. and that our boy was so caught up in her that he wanted to carry her with him and utilized her voice as his AI to hack into how she actually felt about things because she was always so closed off in life. and when she went back to norway and called seo-woo it was quite strange, and i still don’t quite understand. 

i appreciated how her character continued through the AI after she passed. her character became light and airy. she wasn’t burdened by her life but rather let lose. and how she ended up trying to set them up, she was ICONIC. however, i did not appreciate how they treated her as a full character. she was an AI, something they created and was not actually their friend. but they allowed the AI to distract them from their own happiness with each other. like how he finally realized his feelings for her but then became hesitant because of ji-soo. she was so close to running and meeting him when he called her and said he missed her presence and she was the difference that he needed. seo-woo’s level of empathy was insane throughout it all, and i would not be able to carry it like that. and because of her nature she was pulled back because of this ji-soo, and the ji-soo she had brief encounters with.

i want them to be happy in life not burdened by someone/something that never wanted to be a burden in the first place.

they support each other in the best way. she literally met him where he was and helped him carry on in a graceful way when he wanted to give up. and when seo-woo finally got the courage to visit her family’s hometown. i love that he followed up with her, because this was such a big decision for her to carry herself there, i appreciate that he was there to support her in any way he could, and he drove for the first time to go get her. and how they have their ‘banbongi’ moments to recharge each other is too precious.

how the AI becomes that person’s reality. was a beautiful moment of revelation for all the characters. and i love the drama title name drop moment. 

  • it relates to ones positive self esteem. although there are personal differences a memory which becomes a button to elevate your will, i mean, everyone has a memory which allows them to survive, which cheers you on. something.
  • is it like the most beautiful moments of one’s life?
  • no it’s not like that. should i saw it’s the most resistant experience, the strongest?
  • a piece of one’s own mind

this plot development was seriously twisted. to start hae-won’s mother passing because of one action, and how kang in-wook ended up marrying ji-soo and then she found out and was so burdened by her husband’s actions as a child she died trying to grasp it. when hae-won bought out kang in-wook’s show to ask his one question. i can see the pain from both sides.  in-wook unable to take back his few words. and hae-won unable to get back the time he lost. it was heart breaking. his last performance was so sad because he has been burdened for so long holding onto so much. and how seo-woo’s parents both passed in a fire was tragic and heart breaking how she was unable to face her past for so many years. 

the ending was open ended as i would expect from this progression of the drama’s storyline. when she called him in the moment he was thinking about calling her. 

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making her cut off her whole E N T I R E hand was extreme af, she could’ve made her cut off jist a finger, or got proof of the rapes on tape and gave it to the cops, but to go aa far as to drug someone and make them amputation themselves in public with no kind of anesthesia, nothing to disinfect herself to make sure she doesnt get an infection, no medication for the pain, just straightforward chopping hand off with a butcher knife THAT WASNT EVEN CLEANED OR STERILED that she stole from a butcher.. yeah, i didnt like this movie. and the fact that they ended up together and she was actually forgiven pisses me off. she ruined her life, not only will she not be able to play the cello again, but she wont really be able to do other things either, and she now has to spend the rest of her life adjusting to a new disability she wasn’t supposed to have. the underlying racism in this movie definitely shows. but at least she did get hee karma and lost part of her arm, that was the only thing done right imo

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Superman listens to the tapes of Jor-El, describing his life and how the last days of Krypton came to be.



Apparently, this was the first ever original limited series by any comic-book publisher (in America, I assume).

I have read “World of Krypton” by John Byrne before, a few times (and I am reading it again shortly), so I decided to try my luck with this version first. Well, the story puts together many different stories that were already told throughout the years. It does a good job at that, of course.

Some things I feel should have been left out though. And putting Kal-El there to justify the baby’s name is a bad idea (I mean, time travel stories make this mistake all the time, the loop has to start somewhere). And Kal-El is also not really necessary in this story, as his only achievement is erased by Brainiac.


The writer makes a very good effort in explaining why a civilization so advanced couldn’t make it out of the planet on time, by describing all the many instances where bad turns happened, resulting in a tragedy.

There are some things I still feel could have worked anyway. Like, Mon-El visits Krypton in a spaceship and Jor-El sends it to Earth. He will be sending his son to Earth just a few hours later. He was in a rush, but still… I would have abandoned Krypton by that point.


This is problematic because it probably means that Kryptonians were used to visitors from other earths (by the way, that is the only reason Kal-El made it out of the planet, an old rocket from space explorers long dead).

As I said, not much Kupperberg could do, as he was just trying to make sense of existing stories. In this I will always favor Byrne’s Krypton, as the reasons for the Els to stay behind made more sense.

Howard Chaykin is unrecognizable here, and I cannot say it’s because of the inkers. I would need to check out earlier Chaykin works to see if the inkers made a difference here, but his style is still not there.

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