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“I want to get to your age as soon as possible, I bet life won’t be as hard”


Originally posted by theseaisagreatplace

A drama about Park Dong Hoon whose wife is cheating on him with his boss and whose brothers are having just as hard time living their lives as him.

And Lee Ji An who has to take care of her grandma and debts, so when she sees an opportunity to earn money she takes it even though it is illegal.

The quote that I put in before the gif show what kind of life Ji An is living and how much she has to deal with all alone until the knight comes but definitely not in shining armors.

The actors done such a good job with their characters, I could relate to them and see where they are coming from. It doesn’t only show people who are always happy and that was okay because life isn’t only flowers and butterflies.

I liked the realness of this drama, it’s characters and even though I couldn’t understand some of them I still appreciate them and what they were doing.

I don’t have to say a lot about the story itself, it was interesting and got my attention but everything was going too slow and it had no action.

Not going to lie, I skipped a lot of parts of the drama because I got bored and nothing really happened and they just talked and talked and talked. Only in the last 3-4 episodes more things started to happened and I started to become more interested.

I couldn’t fall in love with this drama completely as many people did (I heard a lot of people, my friends, bloggers and celebrities, talking about the drama and saying how amazing it is) but I understand why it has good ratings and is talked about.

So, I definitely recommend this drama if you like emotional and slow-paced dramas because this is the only thing I disliked about it and other than that the drama is good. And even if I wanted my heart doesn’t let me give it less than…


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“                                          !

Perhaps it’s the intrinsic terror of being designed for enslavement. Perhaps it’s the incongruity of our most maternal Crystal Gem having the hardest time with love. Perhaps it’s Deedee Magno Hall’s brilliance at portraying uncanny cheer. It’s probably some combination of these factors and others, but at the end of the day, there’s a certain type of horror in Steven Universe that can only be expressed through Pearl.

It’s not a frightening sort of horror, but a sense of overwhelming unease as Pearl’s darker elements bubble to the surface. Nobody’s getting nightmares from her singing a chipper duet with Connie about the virtues of destroying yourself for your loved ones, or singing a similarly chipper primer on what Gems are made for when she and her friends are reset by Spinel, but it’s chilling to see remnants of her initial programming emerge after she’s fought tooth and nail for her own agency. And it’s never more chilling than when we learn why she often reacts to stress by covering her mouth.

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Ultra was the last of Depeche Mode’s famed streak of records that all left indelible marks on pop, synthpop, alternative rock and modern gothic music. Of those, it is also the weakest. Ultra disappoints most in the bloated lengthiness of so many tracks, its general softer bite and lack of umph. It was probably the weakest Depeche album since A Broken Frame, an even more total divergence from synthpop than even Songs of Faith and Devotion.

To criticise Ultra for simply not being synthpop is a weak, silly argument because, at least in some part, the attraction that remains in Ultra lies in that, despite Alan Wilder’s departure, it largely continued in the downbeat, alternative rock vein of Songs of Faith and Devotion. While there was notably more adherence to rock tropes, those tropes of ‘90s alt-rock find a new curiosity in today’s musical landscape. Playing to the zeitgeist with trip hop and Nine Inch Nails-esque industrial rock makes for transfixing fear – the best tracks here (‘It’s No Good’, ‘Useless’, ‘Insight’) make the most of that.

Ultra is perhaps most known, however, for its moments of huge drama within an audial world that too feels massive in its boundless mopeyness. Though the tempo was slower and the hooks less punchy, the weight was Atlassian. Moodiness and Depeche Mode were one and the same, and Ultra pushed that despair as a concept further than any Depeche record before it.

Cripplingly paranoid with slim cracks of release, Ultra is worthy as the bookend of Depeche Mode’s greatness. Though they’ve had spots of great music since, Ultra remains their only completely satisfying work, a work that pulled together all the trio’s past decade’s achievements and wound them down.

Pick: ‘It’s No Good’

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I love The Truth about magic by @atticuspoetry . It’s an amazing poetry book which has the perfect balance of encouragement, romance and happiness 😍. Definitely a must read for romantics and poetry geeks!

Let me know what you think about the book!


Check out Viatrix!

It is my first poetry book talking about the dark side of life.

Hope you guys enjoy ❣️

Copy paste link on Google to read Viatrix for free-:

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Released May 29th 2020

Runtime: 43 Minutes, 54 Seconds

Record Label: Napalm Records

  1. Treasure Chest Party Quest (4:16)
  2. Fannybaws (4:!4)
  3. Chomp Chomp (3:32)
  4. Tortuga (3:22)
  5. Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship (5:04)
  6. Call Of The Waves (5:05)
  7. Pirate’s Scorn (2:47)
  8. Shit Boat (No Fans) (1:14)
  9. Pirate Metal Wrecking Crew (3:45)
  10. Wooden Leg Part 2 (The Woodening) (8:06)
  11. Henry Martin (2:29)

Peter Alcorn (Drums)

Gareth Murdock (Bass)

Elliot Vernon (Keyboards)

Mate Bodor (Guitar)

Christopher Bowes (Keyboards/Vocals)

Alestorm are a big name in the world of metal right now, not because of crushing briutality or anything like that but rather because they’ve established a career on being one of the quintessential party bands to book for a festival. Sure a gig is great and all that but they really seem to excel when its a live, outdoor audience even when the weather isn’t so good when it was Bloodstock 2018 where it was raining half the time. Formed in Perth, Scotland and originally under the name of Battleheart in 2004, the band soon changed it to Alestorm in 2007 where they released their debut album Captain Morgan’s Revenge a year later, the titular character who has since gone on to effectively become the band’s mascot after featuring in every album since. I liked the last album these guys did, No Grave But The Sea, however i have never revisited it since checking out upon release so i can’t say it had much of an impact so i am hoping this album is a little better at sticking with me.

You can’t really review an Alestorm in the typical way that I do review metal records because, this band are very much in the business to simply have fun and create good memories for people to recollect on. With that said though I feel like their previous album, No Grave But The Sea, was very forgettable and i haven’t revisited that album since it dropped in 2017. What I like about this album as it plays though is that the band make no attempt to pawn themselves off as anything remotely close to a serious band. They explicitly state throughout their lyrics and songwriting that their primary focus for their music is to have fun, as a result you’ve got an album that the audience knows they can simply kick back and relax to. Sometimes it’s nice to know that you don’t have to listen too closely to an album to get the most out of it and in this case it requires no effort at all because the band do not take themselves seriously whatsoever. The vocals have always retained this slightly pirate edge to them without coming across as some prototypical Captain Blackbeard-esque delivery. There’s very little turn or vocal implementation that’s been applied to the vocals here, what their frontman is able to project naturally is entirely what you get here and I’d argue that it’s their Scottish accent coming through the pronunciation of the lyrics which actually aid the delivery. You really feel like you’re on some kind of pirate party boat where the best and most fun hijinks of a pirate’s life are to be found. What’s more is the fluidity of the vocal performance, the great thing concerning Alestorm’s vocal deliveries is that it always feel like they’re being performed as if to a live audience and by extension to you yourself. As a result the space between the band and yourself feels like it’s been bridged massively and therefore you’re able to enjoy what the band give you because their performance doesn’t feel so distant from where you are as you’re listening to it.

I think I’ve listened to Alestorm long enough now to recognise just how the band utilise the riff amidst their songwriting and the fact the typical riff throughout an Alestorm song, is not how a typical metal band uses a riff in say a Metallica album or Iron Maiden album etc. The way the band utilise the riff throughout their songwriting during their career and especially evident through this album here, is that the riff acts almost like a foundation to what is the quintessential approach to Alestorm’s songwriting: storytelling. If the bass supports the guitar riff or lick then the riff acts as a supersupporter like a girdle of steel if you will towards how the band play out their music. If you listen to each track individually you’ll realise that Alestorm play this album like any other record they’ve done before, their approach to music is found throughout storytelling and that’s what pulls people in. People don’t love Alestorm simply because they’re fun and jovial but rather because you feel like you’re involved and being let in on some fantastical and simply barmy kind of pirate tale. The riff may not be outright amazing or anything worth noting solely but when it’s coupled with the band’s signature songwriting, it’s elevated to a far more prominent position acting as the backbone to whatever tale the band have in store for you this time round.

What really took me aback however was the implementation of electronica here and there throughout the album. Granted, the band are no strangers to electronica as we’ve seen it utilised in Sunset On The Golden Age but never in the scope that they’ve included it primarily in the track Tortuga where the riff and electronica go absolutely hand in hand. There’s no small introduction of electronics that’s overtaken by the lead guitar riff, listening to this track might open your eyes in surprise to just how well the electronics melds with the general track progression. I’m not a fan of electronic music whatsoever and I reckon I’d abhor it if a band tried some electronica with their music however due to the nature of Alestorm’s songwriting, identity and style it works extremely well especially when you know full well the band do not take themselves seriously at all. Not only does it help create a different dynamic to their music but it also expands the range at which they can play music, I wouldn’t be opposed to hearing more electronic implementations throughout their future work. It really helps to boost their aesthetic of a party band and with this new album I foresee many a great party to be had at their live shows. Sometimes experimentation can work to great effect.

With so many components going on throughout this album I have to give the band credit for the mixing that they’ve been able to apply to this record. At first listen you may think that the mixing is decent and that it’s not worth so much praise but then you have to reconsider just how much the band have going on throughout the record. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keytar, electronica, string sections etc the band have an absolute flurry of elements being continuously brought into the album and then dropping out at various places throughout its duration. Aside from the core instrumental aspects of the album the band are always bringing different dynamics in and out of the record so you e got an ever changing and sounding album to enjoy; it could have been a nightmare to mix. It’s why I feel like the band have mixed their album really well. There’s no singular element of the band’s performance that comes across as if it’s overpowering another, everything that the band input into their record feels nicely balanced so you’re able to receive an equal amount of everything the band want you to experience. The band know they’ve got a string section coming up? They allow the mix to make more room for the string section. There’s keytar or electronica coming in? They bring the riff volume down just a touch to give the more electronic side of things a greater presence.

My favourite tracks off this album are Fannybaws, Tortuga, Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship and Shit Boat (No Fans)In conclusion, this is an excellent album to play with plenty of friends and beer at your side. As Alestorm effectively tell you from the very beginning of this album, do not go into this album expecting any kind of evil intensity or anything ascertaining to technical or progressive wizardry. Like their albums beforehand, The Curse Of The Crystal Coconut comes at you with the sole purpose of fun in mind with the only goal at making sure you have as fun and as ridiculous of a time as you can possibly manage. With a good mix of longer and shorter tracks the album never feels like falls stale nor does the general album aesthetic feel like it starts grating on you, primarily because it feels so genuine and from the heart of the band. I feel like a good selection of tracks included here will make for exquisite live performances that are bound to get people jumping and laughing, when the band played Bloodstock in 2018, they effectively drew a headlining-sized crowd so it’s not like the band are losing fans anytime soon. I’d say that it’s their most dynamic album yet with stronger implementations of electronica, acoustic and stronger sections to be found here. It’s got a lot more presence than their last album did and I can see myself revisiting this album many times over the next few weeks. I find that “fun” albums are the least likely for me to choose to listen to as I do prefer my crushing intensity, but when it comes to seeking out fun I know I can always rely on Alestorm to give me a bout of laughs.


Review #219   

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captain-rogers-beard reblogged your post and added:

Your writing is so amazing. It literally takes me away to another world, their world and it makes me so happy. I absolutely adore this story and I don’t want it to end, so you can just write it forever, okay? Okay. 😉😉

You know what? YOU’RE amazing. And who knows? Maybe there will be a sequel (but only if people actually want it? LOL). 


Silver Spoon Series

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A pues he estado leyendo “Desayuno en Tiffani’s” de Truman Capote. Me lo recomendo un amigo. Vi in Cold Blood luego de esa recomendacion y me gustó, luego vi que esta obra era como que la mas iconica del tipo y decidí comprarla.

Hasta el moemento creo que es una historia interesante aunque no me termina de atrapar, voy casi por la mitad del libro, quizas no sea la audiencia aunque si reconozco una buena literatura.

Creo que el personaje principal “Holly” es nada mas que una dama de compañia de esas de catalogo y que se las juega de interesante y misteriosa con sus absurdas tendencias, en pocas palabras es una puta cara.

La parte que mas me gusta es la narrativa del (puta me traicinó la memoria y me doy cuenta que el narrador no tiene nombre) Fred, asi lo llama Holly al tener cierto parecido con su hermano que esta en el ejercito, hace referencias y comparaciones con un sin numero de cosas de la epoca, lugares, personas, etc.

Pd. Tuve que buscar en el libro el momento en el que el narrador conoce a holly, no encontre el nombre y wikipedia me dijo que no tenia. Spoiler???

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📽 Morning Glory (2010)

What I like about this movie is that the love story is not the central focus. I mean I LOVE love stories. But I liked that this movie focused more on a grumpy old man learning to work with people and be kind again. I also like that the main character is quirky and fun. The actors in the movie were all phenomenal, and they all did a great job with their characters.

Sex/nudity: 3/10 (mild nudity, kissing, innuendos)

Violence: 1/10 (news stories)

Language: 4/10 (one f-word, quite a bit of other stuff)

Overall rating: 6/10

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Day 4/100

my ipad sleeve came in today! today i studied a little bit of calculus to review by taking my old study guides and redoing the problems. surprisingly i still remember a lot of stuff. for dinner i ate the korean spicy fire noodles and drank banana milk again.

song recommendation of the day: never not by lauv

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[ Hollywood / Crime Thriller ]

Where to Watch: Netflix, Prime Video

Rating: 4/10


This movie gave me so many mixed feelings. It wasn’t horrible, but there were downsides I found off-putting. Thus, I disappointingly rated it low. The movie is about a jeweler (Adam Sandler) who is struggling financially. Getting more and more desperate, he shoots his shot and risks everything in hopes of recovering and to legit get out alive. It has a similar overarching vibe to ‘Joker’ (2019) as it is more dark and cinematographic-heavy. I’m not a film genius or anything so I’m sure there was a lot of cinematography, critically-acclaimed things I didn’t catch. But “Uncut Gems” definitely isn’t a “normal” movie that general consumers eat up daily.

  • Cinematographic-heavy (which has its pros and cons). Again, I don’t know much, but the couple things I could catch onto was the use of color and sound. It’s interesting to try to come at it with an analytical point of view.
  • Dark and realistic. Heavy themes of chaos, greed, and delusion. The main character (Adam Sandler) slowly digs his grave deeper and deeper. He legit destroys his own life by himself. It’s wild.
  • The ending was a “goddamn” moment although I sort of saw it coming. Honestly, just the ending saved it from being an even lower rating.

As for the parts that were off-putting for me…

  • Very profane, violent, and lewd. It's so chaotic. There was so much profanity that I started to get over it. Like please say one sentence without a cuss word. Also, the lewd scenes were extra imo. I recommend you watch out who you watch the film with. It’s Rated R for a very definite reason.
  • It’s slow as hell. The film was so slow that it became boring at times. It may have been an artistic touch. But I’ve read online that some claimed they couldn’t even finish the movie, and I don’t really blame them. I can see where they’re coming from.
  • The plot doesn’t move that strongly. The film’s atmosphere was a bit mundane which I’m sure is a cinematographic touch but I found it boring. Some scenes even almost seemed unnecessary to me..? I often kept wishing for something interesting to push the plot.
  • The cons to it being “cinematographic-heavy”→ This film could be considered more for the art than for the captivating plot that gets the audience on the edge of their seat. If you’re just in it for the fun and want a casual watch, maybe second-guess this movie.


I couldn’t explain the movie ‘Uncut Gems’ better than “it’s not a terrible movie but also definitely not your everyday cup of tea”. There are audiences that love it for the cinematography and technique, but plenty of others who have completely different opinions. As for me, I try to appreciate the art and effort, but cannot deny that it was slow and boring. I found myself waiting for the punch-line so much that it made me impatient, which is a huge red flag for me. It was surprising to see many insanely positive reviews online I guess like they know their film studies material. Imo though, if you’re just a normal movie consumer or fan like I am, you’ve been warned. Besides that, it was cool to see a new side of Adam Sandler’s acting.

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Well, I’m finally back with another review guys! It’s been a while! Back at it with another Hellsing review, but this time with the adaption that follows much closer to the manga.

As summarized in the review of the original, Hellsing is a british occult organization that specializes with the extermination of feral/rogue vampires that cause trouble for people. The story follows 3 protagonists, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the head of the Hellsing organization and master of Alucard, Seras Victoria, who is a newly made vampire that was turned by Alucard, and Alucard the vampire made to exterminate those that stand in his and his master’s way.

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Rain On Me

I probably should have specified that this weekend would be mainly focused on personal song reviews. Though, yesterday’s post was a bit bulky—thanks for telling me, Tumblr—so I decided to spare the details incase I changed my mind half way, or before another faceless avatar told me to get to the point already. However, the last point just fueled my need to make even more unnecessarily long intros out of spite. Let’s talk about life, love, the point of our existence and why we inhabit this earth. Examine the human mind in all its glory—look into the reasoning behind why that unspoken, feral urge to bodyslam Justin Bieber is so prevalent in most human beings. Oh, was the last one not relatable? Huh, well to each their own, I suppose. Now, if you’re still reading this, let’s get to the actual point of this post—which is yet another song review. So, as you’ve likely heard already, Lady Gaga has yet another new album coming—or has already been released, depending on when I post this. From this album, titled Chromatica, she released an anticipated collaborative effort with none other than Ariana Grande. That last sentence was wordy, but you understand the sentiment. Now, I normally offer a healthy amount of background information on the artists I cover, as a way to get you up to speed, so we’re both on the same page. Though, that usually depends on whether or not I’ve written about them before. As for Gaga and Grande, I’ve reviewed songs of theirs in the past, as recent as last month. That, and they’ve both done fairly well for themselves in terms of success, meaning it’s practically impossible to Not know of them. Alas, all you need to know today is the new music that they’ve put out into the world, titled “Rain On Me.”

For starters, the meaning behind the song is respectable and inspirational. It focuses on letting yourself go through the motions that you feel, and letting your tears sink to the earth. It’s okay to feel miserable, or even hopeless, and it’s completely understandable to let out your emotions in a way that others may view as weakness. Though, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel. It may not shine as bright in moments of suffering and self-doubt, but it’ll always flicker in the background, just out of sight. The song deals with an experience personal to Lady Gaga, more specifically her struggle with alcohol. She’s never been shy to admitting her addiction in the public eye, many of her past songs reflecting her addiction. In this song specifically, Gaga sings the line “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive,” referring to her use of alcohol in moments of pain. Gaga herself has stated that the “rain” is meant to represent her tears, as well as the amount of alcohol she would consume to numb the pain. “This is about an analogy of tears being the rain. And you know what it’s also a metaphor for, is the amount of drinking that I was doing to numb myself,” Gaga stated in an interview with Vulture. “I’d rather be dry. I’d rather not be drinking, but I haven’t died yet. I’m still alive.” I’ll admit, the more I listened to the song, the more I respected it for what it was. Yes, admittedly, it’s not my favorite song Lady Gaga has released, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad song overall. It’s a nice song that manages to compliment both Grande and Gaga, and their somewhat similar styles. As for the music video, it’s very similar to Gaga’s other video for her song “Stupid Love.” It focuses more on the choreography and chrome style Gaga has become so fond of. It matches her other videos over the years, though it was a little disappointing in regards of a collaboration, especially after we’ve seen the Lady Gaga/Beyoncé “Telephone” collaboration. Though, I don’t think anything that any artist could do, would hold a candle to that song and video, in terms of memorable collaborations. It’s just not possible, I’m afraid. “Rain On Me” is still a good music video overall, though. I mean, it’s essentially a three minute long video featuring a group of people dancing and singing in the rain with Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande—who wouldn’t want that? In conclusion, “Rain On Me” is a feel good song that’ll probably make its way onto the radio sometime soon—possibly. Though, to answer the unasked question on whether or not it’s a good song overall—is up to you, my friend.

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A sentient artificial being is unleashed and starts zombiefying the population. But there is only one leaguer who can put an end to it.



It’s interesting how sometimes, you change one person in a creative team, and the story is no longer interesting. In this case, Bill Willingham is no match for Kevin Maguire. At least, not when it comes to “human reactions”. As a result, the story loses most of its comedic timing. Which is weird, since Giffen is still doing breakdowns.

Anyway, the story has its cool moments that you can appreciate in the spoiler section.

Spoilers after the break…

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So, I thought I’d do something I haven’t really seen on tumblr and that’s provide a spoiler free review for those who are still on the fence about watching Netflix’s The Witcher!

I’ve got several friends who didn’t go near the series because of certain casting choices, adaptation choices and more. So, I hope that some of you enjoy my personal little review of The Witcher.



Before we begin, I just want to day that I’m a film nerd and would love to direct someday. 😋 So, I go deep into these things. Also, believe it or not, as a major fan of the games I went into the series with gritted teeth and I was actually expecting to HATE it. Yet, here I am with a Witcher themed blog. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

First up, basics.

Effects. They were pretty good! The CGI was decent and the set design, costume design, and the makeup looked epic. They captured the medieval tone nicely and the world they presented felt just like the games in my opinion. Geralt also looked WAY better then that first wig test. 🤣👏 A visual highlight was definitely the blend of practical effects and CGI on the Striga. That creature was all sorts of hellish and it was amazing.

Writing: Very smooth, very timely. I enjoyed it. The humor was good and  Even the weaker plot points were never a complete bore.

Casting: Here’s where things get tricky. At first I thought Henry Cavill was a bad choice. (UNBELIEVABLE I know) but I have grown to adore him as Geralt. Henry loves the character, and all aspects of the source material and you can totally tell that by the way he plays Geralt. He’s taken elements from the Geralt we know in the games, and the books, and added his own interpretation into the character. I really like this version of the famous White Wolf because he feels familiar, yet new at the same time and doesn’t disrespect his source material.

The same has been done with Yennefer, and Ciri. And it’s been done very well. Then of course there’s Jaskier, to put it simply he was a hoot and an absolute highlight.

Let’s address Triss for a second… Personally, I would’ve preferred her to look like her in game counterpart. I mean if they can give Henry Cavil A WHITE WIG AND YELLOW CONTACTS they can give Anna Shaffer striking red hair. Just saying.

Do it for the gamers.

Now, let’s address the pointless hate on black washing. This criticism is typical and rather annoying. Yes, The Witcher is set in a vaguely European land in a medieval Era. And yes, there are infact Canon lands in The Witcher that are home to people of a darker skin color. But with all that aside, I’ve had so many people complain about the timing of the African American cast, and personally I see no issue with the decision. People need to understand that either the casting crew either get the love of the die hard fans by keeping the cast historically accurate. Or they get globally panned and labeled racists just because of the all white cast. Unfortunately, these days forced diversity is a bullet most casting crews, writers, and directors have to take. It’s simply to please the masses, and in my opinion, it takes nothing away from the series or the characters that they gave a darker skin tone to.

Sound track: Brilliant. Both the songs performed by Jaskier, and the instrumentals set amazing tone in every scene.

Characters: well played, well delivered. I have no issues with anyone’s performance apart from the bad commander dude in episode three. His delivery was a tad amateur in places, but never poor.

Adaptation thoughts: Personally, I see the games and the books as separate entities. After all, the games are more of a spin off of the books than an adaptation. However, the series is an adaptation of the books with some elements of the game tossed in. All in all, they’re different mediums, different versions, and different perspectives. I don’t compare the Geralt from the games to the Geralt in the series. Same with the books. They’re all unique versions of the same character and the same stories, and they’re all epic in their own right.

There you have it! I hope this review encourages those of you who are on the fence about the series to give it a shot, and I hope those of you who have seen it enjoyed my little run down of the series.💜

Please remember this is my personal thoughts on the series without getting into the nitty gritty technical stuff like the cinematography and fight choreography. (Which I also loved btw. It was very well shot and structured, and the ambiance was lovely) and EVERYONE is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you like this sort of thing, please let me know!💜

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By Cassandra Clare
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 stars

Summary: Clare continues her Shadowhunter series with a new trilogy that follows James and Lucie Herondale, along with their childhood friend Cordelia Carstairs as they navigate London society in the early twentieth century as well as strange demonic activity that threatens more than their world.

The Good (Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing bad about this book): Once again, Cassandra Clare dragged me back into the Shadowhunter world, and I gladly welcomed it. I will probably read Clare’s books until I die as she is one of my favorite authors and the world of Shadowhunters is one I am always willing to immerse myself in over and over again. Besides her fantastic worldbuilding, Clare’s characters are always extremely compelling, and Chain of Gold is no exception. I think my favorite part about this novel was the characters and their relationships to one another; the relationships of Clare’s characters are far from simple, often entangled in overlapping webs of romance, friendship, and more. Furthermore, this review is less like a review and more like a rant about my love for the Chain of Gold characters and relationships.

*Beware spoilers below!*

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I want to start off by saying that I can’t call this a reboot of the original animated movie because it felt so unique and original that I have to call it an adaptation. And I mean that in a great way. Dumbo is one of the most underrated classics Disney has ever made considering the character Dumbo is an animated icon. With that said, I was keeping my fingers crossed when watching the 2019 version and it took breath away. THIS is the way you do a remake of an original, people. You remake everything and own it, you do it with love, and most importantly, you choose what you want the story to be like and commit to it. I’m just floored at how out of all the Disney remakes, Dumbo is passing so far beneath the radar.

Unlike all the other remakes I have seen so far (including the ones I kind of liked), the Dumbo remake fully accepts that it cannot be like the original, so the director Tim Burton took his own route and picked his own style to tell the story. Yes, there were Easter eggs of the original movie and certain moments were redone, but were done in such a way that the movie made those things their own. Moreover, it was all done in such a way that even if you never saw the original Dumbo, you would adore this movie and know exactly what was going on. Moreover, Dumbo himself was remade to be a much deeper character which says a lot because he was an elephant meaning he had no speaking lines. He really felt more like a main character because in this version, he worked with the other main characters rather than beside them. Plus, this movie didn’t rely on Easter eggs or callbacks in order to be good. A good 97% of the movie was original with new characters who played their roles well.

I also get the impression that Tim Burton as well as everyone else had a lot of fun making this movie because both the visuals and acting were beautiful. And even the musical score was well done which says a lot because this was not a musical. Everyone loved making this movie and the actors loved playing in it because the acting was smooth and felt natural. I don’t know if it was because everyone loved Dumbo or the circus, or maybe both, but it was obvious that a lot was put into making this movie and we (the viewers) got so much from it for that reason. You also really connected with the characters and nobody felt like they were just tacked on which also says a lot because almost all of the cast consisted of new characters. Futhermor, you know the movie is going to be of high quality if you can get Danny DeVito and Micheal Keaton in there.

Most importantly, this movie committed to its plot which was about Dumbo gaining his mother’s freedom through his ability to fly as well as the Farrier family findings its unity again and the circus getting back on its feet. The plot consistency made a big difference in how the story unfolded and having this plan in mind made the movie flow better. At the same time, it was the first time I watched a Disney remake and wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, and this is a good thing. The story felt new and you couldn’t guess what was going to happen next which offered something many of the other adaptations didn’t have: anticipation and suspense. Those two elements are what make any film worth watching.

Now… I am well aware that some critics didn’t like the movie because it was complex and went its own way. I really don’t agree with this view at all though especially since the movie was made for a different time and a different audience. Also, when Tim Burton is making a movie, can you really expect it to be simple and one dimensional? And also, why would that be a bad thing? Tim Burton’s complex style is what makes his work good. Critics say they want fresh new ideas and/or takes, and Dumbo delivers both.

Contrary to what critics think, I give this movie a 10/10. Everything they are holding against the Dumbo are actually the things that make it fantastic. I say that Disney needs to do its remakes just like it because if you’re just going to tell the same story again, copy the same scenes exactly and copy the same plot, why bother making a new movie at all? Just re-release the original version.

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