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I finished this drawing in november but i forgot about it and am only now posting it

Baby Jasper, Jade and Holly :3

Eu terminei esse desenho em novembro mas eu esqueci sobre ele e só estou postando ele agora

Bebê Jasper, Jade e Holly :3

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yeah, theres sean nsfw I think. on patreon. you ain’t getting free nsfw stuff from me if that’s what you’re asking

and he abandoned listener because law enforcement was out for him

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a green + blue moodboard for Bella and Edward cause at heart their just two soft kids in love with earthy tones and each other 🥰

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Watching a sad movie:

Piper: Jason are you crying?

Jason: No! Something just got stuck in my eyes!

Annabeth: Percy are you crying?

Percy: No! My eyes are just sweating a little!

Annabeth: Where’s Frank?

Hazel: He ran out sobbing a few minutes ago cause he didn’t want me to see him cry

Calypso: Leo are you crying?

Leo: No! I just- he just- H-HE TO WAKE HIM UP *sobs into Calypso’s embrace* BUT IT DIDN’T WORK!!


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Jasper (as Count Jokester): As you can see, you’ve fallen right into my trap!

C.C (as Mitochondria).: You can’t trap justice. It’s an idea, a belief!

Jasper / Count Jokester: But even the most heartfelt belief can be corroded over time!

C.C. / Mitochondria: Justice is a non-corrosive metal!

Jasper / Count Jokester: But metals can be melted by the heat of revange!

C.C. / Mitochondria: : It’s REVENGE, and it’s best served cold!

Jasper / Count Jokester: But it can be easily reheated, in the microwave of evil!

C.C. / Mitochondria: Well I think your warranty is about to expire!

Jasper / Count Jokester: Maybe I have an extended warranty!

C.C. / Mitochondria: Warranties are invalid if you don’t use the product for its original purpose!!

(i don’t know what breaks them up at this point, maybe for this particular scheme Jasper has a hostage who speaks up at this point, maybe C.C. decides “you know what? enough talk, let’s fight!“ or maybe Jasper shifts the discussion over to what exactly his scheme is or some new invention he has for it–a la Doofenshmirtz going “BEHOLD, THE ____INATOR!“–or, heck, maybe Jasper tries to give another wordplay response but C.C. interrupts him and goes “Count Jokester, what is this new scheme of yours exactly?” or “Count Jokester, what is that thing you’ve hidden under a sheet back there?” a which point he says “I’m glad you asked!” and then goes into the whole dramatic explanation of that. I feel like that last one is he most likely, but heck, it probably changes every time. And they probably have back-and-forths like this a LOT. XD)

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This is a really cute idea 🥺


The first thing that came to mind was when people balance soccerballs on their foot. You didn’t specify who, so I chose Volley .^) she used her ribbon wand as a hairtie for Jasper.

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Do not reprint without my permission

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moodboard for my dollarstore atsukinnie @osamuurl <3

libra sun + gemini moon + libra rising + libra mercury + leo venus + sagittarius mars + taurus saturn + pisces 5th house

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chibi usa is the scrappy doo of sailor moon

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you just moved to a rainy small town and the boy you’ve fallen irrevocably in love with is acting a little mysterious

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“And what is Hendrik wearing- this truely is the worst timeline!”

Based off of this tweet

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