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Loid Forger x Reader
NSFW - minors do not interact
Warning: Vaginal sex, public sex
(Please let me know if I’m doing my warnings wrong)
Tumblr media
The library was quite as the orange afternoon light glistened; illuminating the dark brown, green, and gold crested books. You were sat cross legged on the tiled floor in the distant back of the restricted section.
The library was one of the largest to date and being able to sneak off and read in peace was one of your biggest pleasures of being a spy. Not having to share a long  mahogany table with strangers or book a private room was bliss to you. Sitting amongst the dusty old books no one touched as you read your own in peace was heaven . You were attempting to escape the world in the process leaving your stress behind. Lifting your face up you felt the suns warmth through the windows, your hair and eyes glowing in the afternoon light.
“Found you!” A deep voice whispered. Peeking over your shoulder you saw your boyfriend Twilight publicly known as Loid Forger peering around the corner. His face was fashioned with a small smile and his blue eyes looking almost amber in the orange light of the newly setting sun. He was dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt that hugged his chest o-so perfectly.
“Did something happen?” You questioned concern taking over. Loid wasn’t one to come looking for you when you told him you were going off to rest unless something was wrong.
“Nothings wrong.” Loids eyes were preoccupied by the books in front of him as he made his way toward you slowly.
“What then?” You watched as he ran his fingers across the spines of the dusty old books. Picking up one and inspecting it only to gingerly place it back on the shelf, Loids eyes fell on you. Kneeling down close enough you could feel his hot breath on your face, he spoke.
“Just missed you” He breathed, quickly holding his finger to his lips signaling you should lower your voice.
“This might be a fun place to-“
“Loid, I told you I’d have to think about doing. . . That! Outside of the house” your face burned red at the thought of what he was propositioning. He slowly leaned in and kissed your cheek ever so softly. Leaving the spot tingling in his wake.
“Does it not sound appealing?” Loids voice became low almost like a growl as he whispered his question into your ear, nibbling the lobe.
“I promise to go slow so you can keep quite” he almost purred into your ear as the two of the felt the hot tension build. He ever so carefully took the book from your finger tips and slid it onto the nearby shelf dog earing the page you last read.
“Ju-just don’t be to rough.” You easily caved feeling a heat burn in your core as if a coil began to tighten. You’d never had sex in public but it was something Loid was interested in. Even though it caused you anxiety to think you could be caught thats what made it even more erotic. How could you resist him dressed in the casual white tshirt and jeans he knew you found sexy. He wore it on purpose.
Your knees pushed together trying to hide the wetness building between your thighs. The ground was cold under you as Loid lightly guided you to your feet, pushing your back against the hard book shelves. His blue eyes bore down on you as you tried to looked away, a blush warming your cheeks. His fingers caught your chin as he turned your head to look up at him. The two of you smiled at each other, eyes filled with lust. You accepted your fate. Loid was going to fuck you in the library and you had to keep quiet.
“Good, that’s my girl” Loids raspy praise made your clit twitch in anticipation. His lips found yours in a fever. The kiss hot and heavy. Without hesitation Loid lifted you off the ground your legs warping around his waist with ease. This position was well practiced between you two.
“You’re a lot more eager than I was expecting” Loids voice rumbled against your lips as he continued to kiss you passionately. His finger gripping the flesh of your ass.
“Don’t start!” You warned not in the mood for his teasing.
“Hush, my darling. We can’t let anyone hear us.” Mischief danced across Loids tongue as he spoke. He wanted to fuck you so good you were screaming his name but now of all times he needed to apply restraint. He’ll make you scream when youre at home.
With expert ease he pulled your panties to the side your skirt hiked up to your stomach. Loids fingers slid up and down your entrance a few times before settling his thumb on your clit. Capturing you mouth as you moaned his lips kissed you hard attempting to muffle you.
“S-so can we?” Loid pulled away and asked a final time as he pressed your back into the wooden shelves a little harder.
“Loid, please fuck me.” You whispered needing to be filled. Wrapping your warms around his neck and hugging him closer you heard the light clink of his belt unfastening.
“Anything for you” before you could think or respond Loid pulled you off the shelves and down of his throbbing cock. He pushed in filling you to the brim with his whole length all in one quick thrust. Trying your hardest you bit your lip a moan still ripping through the air.
“Hush” Loid whispered again lifting you up off his cock only to slam you back down stopping just before the slap of skin could be heard. He continued this motion the two of you fighting with all your might not to make a sound. Your hands found their way into Loids thick blonde hair as you moved your hips in time fucking each other senseless.
“Why are you s-so tight? I fucked you last night” Loid moaned into your neck quietly picking up the pace. His arms were becoming sore from holding all your weight. He slowed down, pulling out and placed you back on your feet. Kissing you stupid. His tongue pushed against your lips claiming access as he explored your mouth. Breaking off heaving breaths escaping both of you.
“Turn around” Loid commanded and without hesitation you obliged.
Gripping the thick bookshelf you bent over and arched your back feeling Loids hard length rub up and down your folds teasing you with his plump tip. His other hand reached around to free your breasts from your shirt as he pulled it down. Slipping back inside you, he played with your breasts rolling them in his hands, pinching your nipples as he softly pumped into your warmth. The sudden overstimulation caused you to quickly reach forward grasping a random book and accidentally pulling it off the shelf. It toppled to the ground in a thud a few others following.
“Hush!” Loid scolded.
His hips stayed slow and rhythmic as he attempted to make no noise in the very quite library. You had one hand clasped around your mouth the other keeping you steady as the love of your life pushed into your wet pussy. Loid was long and very thick, his cock made your knees weak, proving this situation of silence to be very difficult. The stretch burned even though he was taking it easy on you. You felt somewhat lucky he wasn’t fucking you half as hard as he did at home.
Loids  callused fingers found their way to your clit his pace picking up slightly, his hips never quite meeting your ass. He rubbed circles beginning to feel you tighten around his throbbing length.
“If you cum on me I’m done for.” He whispered in your ear biting it right after, increasing the pressure on your sensitive bud.
He was daring you to come so he could fall over the edge behind you. Those words were enough to make the coil in your belly snap as you came without warning. His words so erotic to your naïve ears you couldn’t help but cum. Tightening around his length pleasure shot through your body a soft moan went echoing through the silence. Loids large hand clamped around your mouth as you felt his white hot cum release inside you in spirts. His soft gasps muffled as he shoved his face in your hair.
Loids arms wrapped around your waist as he hugged you from behind coming down from his high, his now limp member sliding out of you. You both giggled slightly enjoying the naughty experience. Without warning you both heard the sound of heels clicking on the tiled floor towards your direction.
“Excuse me?” The librarians voice sounded as she rounded the corner into the isle.
You and Loid glanced over at the woman. You sat not a hair out of place on the cold tiled ground like you had been before, book in hand right where Loid has dog eared it for you. Loid was searching the shelves a few feet away as if he was truly looking for a specific book. You two looked picturesque. 
“Finding everything okay?” she asked
“Shhh” you both warned. Shooting her disproving looks.
“So sorry!” She quickly apologized fleeing the area. After a moment you both lightly laughed.
“That was close!” Loid laughed looking over at you.
“Hush, I’m trying to read.” You smiled waving your book at him.
“Don’t you dare, hush me.” His blue eyes sparkled with mischief.
“Or what?”
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HM: Carlisle Cullen x clumsy!Reader
(A/N) I think this is the first time since I started with Head Canon Monday, that I post something that wasn’t a request...still, since all the clumsy!Reader HC were so popular, I thought I would do them with an underrated character. I hope you like it!
Pairing: Carlisle Cullen x clumsy!Reader
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
(Am I the only who thought that he was extremely hot in this scene?)
let’s start with the good thing
he’s a doctor
no matter how badly you hurt yourself, he knows how to fix you
honestly, that is probably how you two met
you somehow managed to hurt yourself and had to go to the hospital
and he just happened to be your very attractive doctor
after that, you became a regular there
and he made sure to always be the one to treat you
after all, he knew about the connection as soon as the two of you met for the first time
and connection or not, you couldn’t deny that you were falling for him
after a few months of your regular visits there was suddenly another doctor treating you
you of course asked where Carlisle was
and you were told that he no longer wanted to be your doctor
which confused and hurt you
but as you were about to leave the hospital, Carlisle pulled you aside
at first you wanted to ignore him, still hurt by his rejection
but as you walked away from him, he called something after you that took you by surprise
“Doctors can’t date their patients.”
you, of course, immediately turned around and jumped into his open arms
after you calmed down, he officially asked you if you’d like to go out with him
you said yes
you quickly found out about the vampire thing
they weren’t really hiding it that well
after you two started dating, Carlisle developed some strategies to keep you from hurting yourself
one, he’d always be by your side
before dates, he would pick you up at your front door
and after, he would insist to bring you at least to the front door, if not even up to your room
two, if you insisted on going hiking with him, he’d insist to carry you most of the time
that would also count if it was slippery during winter
three, he would be the one to drive the car
again, especially during winter
his reflexes are just better than yours
four, no wet dishes for you
or knives
just anything you could hurt yourself with
five, he essentially babyproofed the house
no carpets you could trip over
extra sturdy railings at the stairs
if he would not carry you up and down those damn things
he even babyproofed your house
six, first air kids EVERYWHERE
and all his kids had to learn about first aid
especially Emmet, Alice and Edward since you spend most of your time with them
even you had to complete a course
and you always had to carry a first aid kit with you
seven, Jasper would have to slowly get used to you
and you would not be allowed to be alone with Jasper
either Carlisle, Edward, Emmet or Rose had to be there with you
eight, no wrestling with Emmet
this one was only implemented because Carlisle found Emmet and you play-wrestling one day and, if he could, he would’ve had a heart attack
nine, high heels or pumps only on special occasions and when someone was with you
ten, tell Carlisle if you hurt yourself
even if you think that it’s nothing
he loves you
and is worried shitless about you
he just wants you to be safe
and for that, he would do anything
but don’t even try asking him about turning into a vampire
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mist-see · a day ago
Tumblr media
⚠️ Gore details of transformation, black indigenous women reader, violent tendencies, realistic shit. I'm here to make you cry, laugh and get angry. No mercy. Heavily angst.
Pain master-list.
Part 1.
Tumblr media
A shaking hand made its way to your mouth as you placed the cancer stick between your lips. A habit you, stupidly, picked up in college. You found that it helped when you got the sudden urge to be violent. Which, unfortunately, came a lot nowadays.
You were staring off into the distance when your mind goes back to what you saw on that awful day. Edward and Bella at the alter, saying their vows, looking at each other with love, like they were making the best choice of their lives.
He had the nerve to not even break up with you, or not even mention the wedding you had to find out by Jacob when he read the invitation at the dinner table.
I mean…did everybody know? Everybody except you? You left for six months…six months to try out college life…and came back to your boyfriend… ex-boyfriend, putting a ring on your brother's forbidden crush.
This newfound hate for the Cullens was strong…it hurt, knowing they lied. Knowing your dad, your brother and his friends lied. You knew it was suspicious when they started acting very distant the past year and a half before you left.
Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Emmett… were all supposed to be on your side, even Carlisle… you trusted him like another father. And Esme… this hurt the most knowing your mother was never in your life. They didn’t even tell you what was going on when you came back.
Fuck the Cullens. I mean, what was it that changed?… was it your sudden growth spurt during the summer? The weird sickly feeling you’ve had before going to college? Was it the way everything made you upset all the fucking time?
The thought of what could’ve made him cheat on you made you pissed. Made you hot. It had you shaking.
You snap out of it as you felt your whole body get warm… No not warm, but burning. The cigarette didn’t have time to be put out as it drops to your lap, grey smug smearing on your black jeans as it rolled on the carpeted floor, making it ash over and sim down.
Teeth chattering together, you sit up in a panic. What was going on? Were you having a seizure? Anxiety or panic attack? you looked down at your hands and- is that smoke? No, steam as the sweat from the lack of AC evaporated and came back.
You try to call out to your dad, but instead of a plead for help, a whimper, no scratch that a growl comes out from your throat.
you’re scared.
you stand up to go to your father‘s, or even Jacob‘s room (even though you and Jacob haven’t been talking recently.) but instead, you fall to your knees, you scream in pain, you howl as you suddenly felt your bones shift while you cry out, your back arching as it feels like your spine was being pushed up. “Help!.. HUh!” your voice cracks, and you gasp for air, “HELP ME, IT HURTS.” You spat out a cry.
You feel bones cracking, pain filling you from head to toe as you clenched on the carpeted floor, trying to hold onto something. You were in so much pain, everything felt so sensitive. You could hear everything, the sounds of cars on the interstate, the water on the beach, the white noise of the tv playing.
You couldn’t see much. Not like you wanted to, your eyes were tightly shut at the fear of them popping out. It all happened in a matter of seconds when finally, you blackout
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ny-nymeria · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Say My Name
a.n.: loid forger x reader. a short scene I couldn't get out of my head.
t.w.: smut, unprotected sex, name kink (is that a thing?), swearing. minors, do not interact.
s.n.: Twilight pays a visit to the only person who knows his real name.
“I’ve missed you,”
Those where the first words he’d spoken since arriving by your bedside. Tucked away behind the curtain, he hid from the glowing moonlight by the veil, the illumination trickled in as silently as he did and once he stepped out of the shadows it revealed his broad shoulders—once he peeled off the plain white t from up and over the top of his golden crowned head.
He went by the codename Twilight, which felt so fitting because he and you would spend hours into the night in each other’s company until the soft dim light of the rising sun would begin to appear.
“I’ve missed you too.”
Those were the only words the two of you exchanged before clothing stripped down to the floorboards so that the two of you could be bare in each other’s embrace, quietly making up the seconds spent apart. Collectively knowing how easy it was to be so captivated by each other so much so that words would easily cause the rapture of hearts.
No other name could capture the identity of who this man was to you. For the sake of tonight, he was no other name but your lover.
“Say my name,”
A smile dawned on your face at his request.
“Mr. Forger—“
He bucked his hips into yours out of rebellion, his long cock sunk deeper into your tight pussy. You inhaled sharply, feeling his thumb drag across your bottom lip only to hold your jaw firmly with it and his index finger pressed across your blushed cheek.
“Stop teasing,” as low as his voice was he couldn’t hide the subtle desperation in his voice. “My real name,”
You spoke his name in the shallow of his ear and yet it was carved so deeply onto his heart, the name that nobody knew except, of course, you— the name he told himself he had abandoned years ago. Once it was uttered by your sweet lips, his mind instantly descended down into Hades.
He was a spy, not Hercules, after all.
You stifled another whine into his shoulder after he drew another orgasm out of you swiftly with his deep strokes, drawing circles with his hips into yours while his fingers ran over your clit over and over.
Fuck, the man had stamina.
“Fuck,” was the only word he could recite and it sounded so sweet when it passed through his lips in an exhale, pebbling the nipple he would suckle on with cool air, gripping the bedsheets to ground him as you squeezed around him.
You said his name again but this time it ghost his neck and chin, greeted once more by his lips into a savory kiss that left each other breathlessly moaning into the other’s mouth, clawing to steal breaths.
“I’m close,”
Neither of you wanted this to end despite knowing that the duty and disposition of espionage was always waiting for you to come back into the shadows.
Until your mutual missions were done, until each country was safe, you’d agreed to put your mutual pinning aside.
But that didn’t mean that neither of you could see each other from time to time.
His hands found the plush sides of your hips and without removing himself pulled you up and into his lap, holding you closer with your legs straddled and bound around his strong waist. Your arms wrap around his neck as he thrusted himself up and into you, keeping a rigorous pace for just a few more fleeting moments until you could feel his body tremble, pouring himself inside of you while making stuttered thrusts to take you into the clouds with him, his bottom lip caught between his teeth trying to catch his breath while a shiver had settled across your skin from goosebumps caused by your high. He peppered kisses over your collarbone and shoulders, chanting your name, your real name, into prayers across dew-dropped skin.
He adored you as much as the earth revolves around the sun. You’d joke with him that he had flown too close to the sun, always at risk of melting his wings from the heights he’d risk to see you, the lengths he took to be with you despite the danger of his current mission. It was so unlike him; seeing him break from his usual stoic facade to give you a playful pout from you bruising his ego— it was too adorable to not make fun at the top spy. 
“‘To die by your side would be a heavenly place to die,’” 
The both of you laid together in bed, silently laughing at The Smiths reference he chose to make while he held you in his arms until the sun would soon rise; for staying for too long would endanger the both of you, He drew circles with his fingers into your back imagining himself instead drawing a plan to steal you away from this god forsaken country. 
“The pleasure, the privilege is mine,”
He sighed longingly, his hands cupping your face gently before planting a long, loving kiss. 
“I’ll see you again soon, my love.” 
You wondered how his voice could sound so reassuring and yet so sad. You whispered his name quietly again before burying your head in his chest. 
Once again it felt like the sky had fallen. 
“See you soon, Twilight.” 
***Comments, reblogs and feedback appreciated <3
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finger-me-abby-anderson · 3 months ago
Can you do the Cullen's with a short human mate 🍋❤️
Small!Human HC’s 🍋
Warnings: size kink stuff, mentions of tummy bulges
Tumblr media
I’m gonna start this off by saying that every single Cullen loves it. They may have different reasons, but they all love a short partner.
That being said, I think Carlisle would enjoy how short you are because he can lay kisses on the top of your little head. He also constantly has his hand on your back while you’re walking together.
His favorite position to take you in is with you on top. He likes watching your little frame ride him while he sits against the headboard so he can look you in the eye at the same time.
He thinks it’s so cute how small your hands are. He’ll hold them and admire the difference between yours and his while he bucks into you from below.
Tumblr media
It makes her baby you in the best of ways. She’ll buy you anything you want because she just thinks you’re so darn cute.
Is always asking if you’re okay with what she’s doing to you. You could get a little too loud when she’s going down on you and she’ll stop and make sure you’re okay.
She’s so careful when she fingers you. She puts her hand in a bowl of warm water before she does anything so the temperature difference isn’t too much.
She just wants to have sweet lazy sex with her tiny-ass mate
Tumblr media
When he first does stuff with you, he immediately develops a huge oral fixation. He loves how you have to sit up on your knees just to suck him off, how your warm little lips wrap so nicely around his member.
This applies to giving oral too. His cold tongue gliding along as you shiver underneath him, hands tangled in his hair. Just thinking about it gets him rock hard.
He would love for you to sit on his face but he’s too embarrassed to ask for it.
Tumblr media
Feeds into his possessiveness and protectiveness. You being small means you’re more likely to get hurt (at least in his eyes), so he keeps an eye out for you at all times.
You’re his tiny mate and nobody’s gonna take that away from him. Flirt with someone else and you’re in for the night of a lifetime.
He’s also fond of oral. Specifically face-fucking. He lays you on the edge of the bed with your head hanging off and admires the bulge he makes in your throat when he thrusts in.
He may lose some control sometimes, but the moment he senses you’re in pain, he stops. It also kind of plays into his edging kink, because when you tap his thigh to ask for air, it kind of ruins his orgasm in a delicious way.
Tumblr media
He’s rather large, and is possibly the one who likes tiny partners the most. He thinks the size difference is so fucking hot.
Favorite position is probably doggy like I mentioned in another post. He sets you on your hands and knees and goes to town, holding one of his hands on your hip and the other wrapped around to feel the bulge in your tummy.
Probably into overstim, thinks it’s cute to see his mate squirm and beg like that. He’d never hurt you, but the thought of going until your little body can’t take it anymore is very pleasant.
Tumblr media
She’s also very short so she sees it as a sign that you were meant to be together
The first time you fuck, she admits that she’s already seen all the kinks you like in her visions (which is kind of creepy but hey, it feels hella good)
She’s very into lingerie, on you and on herself. It’s goes along with her fashionista nature, she loves finding what colors and styles look best on you.
She would probably want to film it at least once. Just a handmade porno as a keepsake of when you were human. She thinks it’s so cute how tiny you both are.
Tumblr media
I’m not sure how tall she is, but let’s just say it’s taller than you.
She’s kind of torn. She loves how small you are because it feeds into her dom-side, but she can’t help but worry about other people taking advantage of it.
She breaks out the strap-on for special occasions. Despite how rare that can be, she’s got fucking game and I will not accept any other headcanon.
You can fuck her or she can fuck you, but either way, she prefers to be on top. She can’t get enough of your little body underneath her.
She’ll kiss your cheek and tell you what a good sub you make. Praise kink all the way, she wants you to feel special (and wouldn’t mind it if you praise her back)
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bellasforgottenjansport · 10 months ago
Carlisle after receiving a call from the school saying that Emmett drop kicked Edward across the football field while Jasper did 58 consecutive backflips in the cafeteria and Alice and Rosalie had a dance off that leveled the Gym:
Tumblr media
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itachis-girl · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
p. loid forger x wife!reader. || g. fluff, romance, gen. || cw. reader wearing makeup, detective!reader?, mentions of broken arms and gunshots.
request. I couldn’t find any rules for requesting so I hope my request is alright with you!! I was wondering I could ask for just some cute date night hc? You can turn it into more if you like! I just want to cuddle and smooch his face ‼️‼️— anon.
Tumblr media
"hello there, mr forger." you greet with a tired smile as you walk through the front door.
"good evening, mrs forger." he nods as he looks up from his mountain of files and sends you a smile of his own.
"mama!" came the childish voice of the little cutie who was added to your family not long ago. the soft padding of the pinkettes footsteps followed shortly after and you welcomed her with open arms.
"hiya, cutie." you greeted her with a boop to her nose as you stood up with anya in your arms, balancing her on your hips not long after.
"how was work?" she asks you with sparkling bright eyes as she wraps her arms around your neck and nuzzles her face into your collarbone.
"it was boring."
'it was actually far from it, I broke a criminals arm and then shot at a moving car stopping it with only 2 bullets.'
the young girls eyes seemed to brighten even more as she looked at the older woman with admiration. you didn't notice it as you moved to sit beside your husband who closed over his files and sat back on the couch with crossed legs and an arm propped on the couch.
"nevermind me, how was your day, sweetcheeks?" you inquire as you lightly pulled at her rosy cheeks and she smiled a wide smile as she moved to sit in between you and your husband.
"papa and I played a lot of games and baked a cake!" she exclaims as she waves her hands erratically.
"you got bored of the games very quickly and left them to me and then made a mess of the cake." loid claims from beside her and the girl looks up at him with shock.
a giggle escapes your lips as you play with the pink haired girls locks when she hurriedly gets off of the couch to go to the kitchen.
"you're free for the rest of the day, right?" loid asks as he pulls your figure closer to his side and you nod as you lean into his body.
"let's go out on a date." he suggests and you look up to see him clearly "you want to leave anya at home, on her own?" she asks confused, it had barely been a month since they'd gotten the sweet girl, letting her stay on her own was definitely not an option for the new mother.
"I called for the babysitter." he declares and you arch a brow at him "so, you knew of my schedule already?"
"I've done my research so, what do you say? do you want to go out to dinner with me?" you tug your lower lip between your teeth as you go into thought before nodding.
"sure, we haven't had some time to ourselves in a while." with a nod from the man, he lightly holds your chin as to secure a kiss on your lips and your moment comes to an end the second your daughter returns from the kitchen.
"I brought you some cake, mama!" she places the sweet dessert before you and you pull the girl towards you to place a kiss on the crown of her head.
"thank you so much, my dear." loid picks her up and places her on his lap as he begins to talk to her.
"your mother and I will be going out tonight." he tells her and the girl nods "I called in a babysitter to stay with you until we come back, don't make too much trouble, okay?" with another nod from the girl, loid ruffles her hair and you feed the girl a piece of your cake.
"this tastes really good, anya!" a smile is sent your way and you feel all the stress from work fade away at the sight of your husband and daughter smiling at you.
Tumblr media
you leave the toilet adorning a towel as you walk into your shared bed room with loid. your attention is focused solely on your wardrobe as you skim through its contents.
"honey!" you call as you wait for your husband to come "which one?" you pull out two dresses and loid walks in to sit on the bed "this?" you extend the arm holding a tight black dress "or this?" your other arm replaces the first one as you now extend the arm holding a two piece suit from chanel that takes on the colour of baby pink.
"the suit looks pretty." he shrugs and you put back the black dress in the closet as you place the other outfit on the bed next to him.
"it sort of reminds me of anyas hair." he chuckles lightly as you sit yourself at the vanity, prepping your skin before you apply makeup.
"it does." you smile as you look at him through the mirror, he gets up to place a kiss on your cheek before he leaves to use the shower.
it didn't take you long before you applied your eyeshadow, a baby pink that blended with a soft black as you followed it with eyeliner. you then moved on to apply concealer to the area under your eyes, hiding the many sleepless nights that had caused them, efficiently. after blending out the makeup, you applied some bb cream before dusting your cheeks with some blush and finishing it all with a touch of highlighter on your cheekbones and the tip of your nose and some pink lipstick.
"are you done?" loid asks as he enters the room with one towel hanging on his head and another wrapped around his waist.
"yeah." you get up from your spot to change into your underwear and clothes as loid walks over to the vanity and retrieves his deodorant.
you pull up your pants and place your arms through the straps of your bra before you walk over to you husband, silently asking him to clasp the hooks together from the back "oh, you're matching?" you give him a little show and he smiles "do you like? I saw it at the shops and thought you might enjoy it."
"I love it." you sway your hips in a playful manner as you walk over to the bed and slip on a pink vest and then your skirt whilst loid starts wearing his own clothes which consists of a suit except this time, it's a baby blue.
just as you pulled out some black heels to wear, loid pulls you towards him and he turns you so that you're looking at yourself through the mirror "I got you this." he pulls out a box from the drawer and opens it to show you a diamond necklace with matching earings, a bracelet and ring.
"loid," you look at it with wide eyes before turning around to look up at him "you didn't have to."
"but I wanted to." he leans down to press a kiss against your lips and you open your mouth to let his tongue through.
the kiss doesn't go any further as pulls away and helps you adorn the expensive jewellery "let's get going then?" you nod after you finish spraying some of your perfume and he sprays some of his cologne.
you left the master bedroom with your arm hooked into loids and a bag being held in your other hand "anya, sweetheart?!" you called as you arrived at the front door.
"yes, mama?" the girl left her room followed by the teenager who was tasked to watch her for the night "remember what papa said and I'll be sure to get you some treats, okay?"
"make sure you get me my peanuts." the young girl whispers in your ear when you lean down to talk to her and a light laugh escapes your lips as you link you pinky with hers.
"promise." you wink and she smiles before taking the hand of the older girl "bye mama, papa!"
"don't forget to call us if anything happens, alright?"
"yes sir!"
and soon, the two of you were in the car driving to the restaurant that loid booked for the night. you had spent hours just talking and dining before you decided to take a walk alongside the river.
"can you believe lily and jake broke up?" you ask, pulling away from his side to look at him and loids eyes widen with the new information "no?"
"yes, apparently they fell out of love and just didn't feel the same way-"
a phone call interrupts your rambling and you disconnect yourself from your husband to stand in front of him as he speaks.
"hello?" he answers after a few rings and you look at him with furrowed brows as you wait for him to finish.
a sigh escapes his lips as he tucks his phone in his jacket and he reaches for your hand "what's the matter?"
"anya isn't falling asleep and jane needs to get home." a chuckle escapes your lips and you shake your head as loid starts walking back to the car with your hand in his.
"can we stop by the supermarket?" loid doesn't even question why as he stops by the closest one and let's you buy some peanuts, candy and more hot chocolate.
"let's go." you tap his thigh once you got back into the car and moments later you arrive back home.
"we're sorry to have kept you late, jane." you apologise as loid goes to anyas room to check on her.
"it's fine, I'm sorry I couldn't let you enjoy your night out but I have exams soon and I can't really spend a lot of time out anymore."
"no, no, it's alright, sweetie." you rub her shoulder in comfort "do you want a ride home, it's late."
"I wouldn't want to bother you-"
"nonsense, give me a second." you leave her at the door to drop off your bag and grab the keys placed on the kitchen countertop as you alert loid "honey, I'm dropping jane off!"
he comes out of anyas room with the girl in his arms "do you want me to drop her off?" he asks you as stands beside you and you shake your head as you plant a kiss on his cheek.
"take care then!"
"come on." you motion for her to follow you leaving behind loid and anya who were seated on the couch with the tv on and once you're in the car you type in her address in your gps.
"how is school going?" you ask as you look outside the window before making a turn.
"it's been hard lately, exams are very soon but I've barely been motivated to study for them."
"ugh, I remember when I was a student I hated school a lot." you scrunch your nose "I was happy when I was done with but I have to say as much as it is rubbish, finishing it is worth it in the end."
the younger girl nods in understanding and thanks you for the ride when you park your car in front of her house "have a good night!" you wave to her before making your way back home.
you unlock the door to your apartment when you notice that the lights are still on and so is the tv but your family was asleep. you quietly kick off your heels and walk to your room to change into your nightgown and robes before brushing your teeth.
"loid?" you whisper as you gently shake him and he wakes up at once, not moving much as to not disturb anyas sleep "we got to get her into bed."
"yeah." he carefully passes her sleeping figure to you and you tuck her into bed with utmost care as loid follows behind you.
"she tried to wait until you came back but her eyes kept getting droopy so I read her a book and she fell asleep." loid informs you as you watch the sleeping child, a soft smile makes its way on your face at the sight and you press a kiss to her forehead.
"sweet dreams, my love."
loid is at the door when you switch of the lights and you join him as he closes the door before interlocking your fingers with his.
"we always have such busy days, don't we?" you ask as he leads you to your room.
"that, we do." he let's go of your hand as you remove your robe and climb into bed.
"you're forgetting something." he stops you from fully sliding under the covers of your duvet and you tiredly open your eyes to look at him "huh?"
loid grabs a tray that holds your beauty care products and places it on the nightstand beside him "you've still got some makeup on." he shakes his head as he pulls you to sit on his lap.
"oops." you smile with closed eyes and he pulls out a wipe and holds your face with one hand before gently wiping it with the other, making sure he removes all the product on your face.
he then takes a tub and opens it before applying some of the product on your face smoothly, slowly massaging it at the same time and you feel yourself properly falling asleep.
"lips." his command wakes you up and you pucker your lips for him and he applies some lip balm to it, once finished, he replaces the balm with his lips and you soon smile into the kiss as you placé your hands on his shoulders and he places his on your waist.
"I missed these moments." you say as you press your forehead against his "I do too."
you move from ontop of him to lie down on your side of the bed and he slides so that he's also lying down before you move to rest half of your body atop of his and peck his face, soon arriving at his lips leaving a longer kiss there.
"goodnight, dear."
"goodnight, love."
Tumblr media
© 𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐒-𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐, 𝐀𝐋𝐋 𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐒 𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐕𝐄𝐃 — all content rights belong to itachis-girl. do not plagiarize any works and do not repost or translate onto any other sites.
Tumblr media
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long-lost-cullen · 3 months ago
Painting the Cullen Boys nails [headcanons]
-he will need a little convincing, but only the smallest amount (only because he was worried about his work at the hospital) 
-but you’re his biggest weakness, he will never refuse you
 -will how much he’s seen in his life, he recognizes how little this “feminine��� thing matters
-he’s very comfortable with his masculinity so he doesn't mind having some nail polish on 
-he’s always proud to have his nails done by you because they're done by you
-he's very supportive of your interests and hobbies 
-so when you came to him excited to paint his nails, he didn't even think of saying no 
-he very much enjoys and values that quiet time you get together when you paint his nails 
-it's usually filled with quiet conversations and light music coming from somewhere in the house 
-the ambiance of sitting quietly with carlisle is very peaceful and comfortable
-when you ask him to paint yours, he does surprisingly well 
-he has very steady hands, so no need to worry about him messing up 
-he doesn't care about the color, he just cares that you're the one doing it 
-when this king is in love, he’s an absolute simp 
-he never refuses any of your stupid antics 
-for being so masculine and strong, you thought he wouldn't like the idea of painted nails but he welcomed it with open arms 
-he actually is the one to paint your nails after you paint his (without even being asked, when his are dry he excitedly grabs the bottle and one of your hands saying “your turn!! :D”) 
-he’s not very good at it, but you both enjoy it
-he prefers darker colors like black or blue but loves whatever you do to him 
-he will proudly flaunt his nails and if anyone says anything negative, he will stand up to them and offer to kick their ass 
-if they ever chip while he’s hunting or something, he will run to you asking to fix them
-you think it's really sweet how much he loves them and how much you both have fun painting your nails together
-he has painted nails the most often
-he needs some convincing but when you start painting he honestly could care less 
-it's not that he loves it or hates it, he prefers the actual painting process because he gets to be close to you 
-i mean you literally have to hold his hands to paint his nails, so of course, you're close
-he also is completely weak for you
-anything you ask, ye shall receive 
-including this old cowboy wearing some nice nail polish
-but damn does he look good, you think he somehow looks hotter than normal 
-and you're not shy to voice that 
-he loves your attention and praise, so he's very willing to let you paint his nails again in the future
-he doesn’t really like to paint your nails because he doesn’t like to mess up. But will do it if you asked him to
-the second most likely one to wear your nail polish 
-he likes black polish the most
-the most reluctant out of the bunch 
-it took him a lot of convincing but when he saw how happy it made you, there's no way he could refuse 
-he doesn't love it, he's very old fashioned and doesn't really enjoy such feminine things
-but he likes being close and having a quiet intimate moment 
-the only part he likes about it is seeing your focused face and feeling your hand hold his
-he enjoys hearing the random little thoughts you have while focusing
-he doesn’t like the time it takes for his nails to dry, so when you’re not looking he’ll shake his hands around at vampire speed to dry them
-also he doesn’t hate the compliments you give him, especially how nice hinds hands look when he’s playing piano
-prefers the fancier, more elegant colors (like gold, or muted tones)
-would have his nails done the least
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cookiefics · 9 days ago
minors don't interact please ♤ smut under the cut
warnings: fem reader (using of "girl, wife..."), very self caprice lol
the stunning walls, full of robbed paintings in ostentatious and golden frames, and decorated with high windows covered by the most soft and delicate curtains were nothing in comparison to your partner. his blonde, and usually perfect hair falls around his face without order, almost covering his blue eyes, looking half-open directly at you. there was nothing in that luxurious room you would change for the caress of his thumb on your lips. the soft cooing of his voice on your ear and his praises sending shivers down your spine, as your mouth is still buried on his neck, leaving a trail of bites and wet kisses while your fingers masterfully unbutton his shirt.
"i like the dress you chose for tonight." he whispers, as his hands are eager to find the zipper of it, sneaking pass the open back of the dress and finding easily a place on your low back, skin against skin and fingers almost touching the waistband of your panties. "such a good choice you've made, my dear." the red dress has nothing covering your back, as it's also quite revealing on your chest, draped red fabric sinking between your breasts until it falls close to your body, just to reveal sensual legs covered by elegant and shiny stockings that end on a pair of high heeled boots.
the image has been stuck on loid's mind since both of you left home towards the mission. anya was passing the weekend on becky's, so, having time and such a wonderful room, he would even feel guilty if you just kept it straight into the mission. after all, opportunities like that – see your partner on the hottest dress of them all reflected in golden furnitures and barroque mirrors – are hard to get. you part from his neck, blushed cheeks and pumpled lips receiving him, as his fingers quietly pass above them again, getting rid of any rest of gloss that could be still attached to them. he shows a half smile as his finger press quietly your lips, a silent ask for you to open your mouth for him. you do as asked, gaining a sutil nod from your husband as his finger presses, this time, your tongue. plenty of images are speedrunning on his mind right now, and none of them are innocent. from pressing his finger on another parts lf your body to slap his leght on the exact point of your tongue he's pressing, the possibilities are infinite.
what a shame you two don't have enough time for that. he even feels bad for knowing he'll have to give you a quick fuck and leave the place with the robbed art pieces before the owner comes back. his hands slip between the fabric of your panties and your skin, burying in the flesh of your ass as he takes you closer, that tiny red dress directly against the tent on his pants, taking a muffled moan out of him as your hips grind softly against his hardness. both of you moan quietly, as your eyes find the others and his hands on your body mark the pace, hips softly finding the other until necessity consumes both of you. Your hands are fast on his zippes as his are taking away your panties, leaving the tiny red dress messy on your body as he makes you bend over the expensive table. the high heels and the glitter socks, seen from behind as he grips your ass, are definitely a sight difficult to forget, with his fingers buried on your flesh as he gets closer, legs between your open ones and cock sliding painfully good outside you, giving a friction that makes both of you see stars. your knuckles get white against the table as your ass searches more friction against him, making him laugh in such a low and lustful tone.
"mm.. so desperate.." he whispers, tip dangerously pressing against your folds before slipping outside again. "baby, please... whoever that sees us would think i didn't fuck you right this morning..." he repeats the game again, leaving a low groan as he guides himself to your heat again, temting you, playing with you.
you like this version of him, of course you do, when he stops being your husband, the lovely loid that fills your face with kisses and sleeps hugged to you as he smiles for himself, and transforms into twilight, the spy, the man that chose you as his partner and the man that fucks you senseless on every single mission. against walls, doors and windows; he doesn't really care as long as the risk of being caught and the adrenaline of the forbidden act fill his chest. there's something about doing it during work that makes his heartbeat rise. maybe the way he knows no one would say anything to him or you. after all, he's the best spy of the agency. no one would ever dare. and also, the way he always executes his missions deserves a reward, and what better that being able to have his wife whenever and wherever he wants?
"p-please..." you whimper, hips searching his cock under his attractive laugh. "i can't..." he takes a finger down, finding your wetness and how you cutely clench around nothing. it will change soon, tho. he loves how your pretty little cunt tights around him. his finger keeps playing around you as his tip stretches you softly. he might be in need, but he's a gentleman, after all. he won't hurt you. "you're always so tight for me." his voice is interrupted by moans as he pushes deeper inside you, back arching and tears of pure satisfaction running down your cheeks as your hips meet his, increasing the deepness, the pleasure. you can see yourself, mouth open as your body starts to move with the regular thrusts, making the collar on your neck hit your chest as loid's hands play softly with your nipples. at home, he likes to take his time. touch, kiss, lick. discover every single pleasure spot on your body. here, he needs you. as much as you need him. time is something you can't get and necessity has made quickies one of your favorite things of the week.
"come on, honey, i know you can take it deeper, yeah?" he talks, melodic voice entering your ears as he pushes deeper, sighgin with pleasure. "that's my girl, taking everything i have to give her." he thrusts deep again, skin slapping skin as his fingers find the way to your clit, playing dangerously close as his hips snap stronger. he looks to the mirror on the ceiling, eyes fixed on your perfect anatomy, on how his cock dissapears inside your cunt. he could even get hypnotized, and it did got worse when the mirror in front of you got on his sight. your pleasure face, the saliva slowly dripping from the corners of your lips and your cock-drunk eyes as a sign of how god he's making you feel made his hips go faster. your mouth releases only moans and his agent name, without being able of making any single coherent thought. loid smiles to himself, thinking about the mess on your head, thinking of how good he must be reaching your spots so every other thought goes away, leaving a trail of him inside your head.
"already cock-drunk, baby?" he asks, as his phone vibrates near to your hand, on the table. the owner is almost home. he smiles softly. "i was expecting you to ride me on that velvety chair, but i guess we'll have to be quick and leave, yeah?" his arms sneak and wrap your body, your back against his chest as he pounds faster, hand muffling your moans as he buries his on your neck, cock hitting the right spots as your legs tremble in a bad try to stand still while your end hits you like a train. the way you clench around him and the thrusts increasing thanks to your wet fluids make him reach his not long after, releasing his cum inside you as he gives a long and last thrust. you both are still close to the other, his cum, mixed with your fluids, drips down your leg and his lips gently kiss yours. "are you okay, my love?" he asks. you nod a couple times and he smiles soflty, kneeling, and putting your panties on on the most lovingly way possible, as he cleans your legs with a tissue and arranges your dress softly.
"i'm fine, but..." you whisper, as he takes the artwork you've came for. "i think i didn't get enough."
loid smiles with the drawing under his arm, as the other takes yours and his lips leave a kiss on your cheek.
"we have all the house just for us. we can have such a fun and lovely night, don't you think?"
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bluetintcore · 5 months ago
A/N; i laughed while making this tbh
request?; no
pairings; twilight x reader
warnings; language, weed
getting high with them | twilight headcannon
Tumblr media
carlisle cullen;
• honestly he’s so chill you wouldn’t even notice that he was
• not that he’d tell you anyways
• for him it’d be a one time thing, something he would try and never lay his eyes on again
• so basically he’s his regular self, maybe a little more stressed out
• 0/10 he didn’t enjoy the experience at all
esme cullen;
• no
• just no
• you could cry and beg her all you wanted but never in a million years would she ever try it
• to be completely honest she’d be offended you’d even ask
edward cullen;
• he’d be so disgusted that you’d even offer to him
• our boys old, and he grew up in a time where it was frowned upon so you can’t really blame him
• but once you’d finally get him game it was HILARIOUS
• he’d start like spilling all kinds of edgy emo lyrics
• he’d basically turn into an edge lord and spill out all his feelings to you
bella swan;
• human bella wouldn’t enjoy any second of it
• she’d try it and she’d be chill but it was kind of a no go for her
• she’s chill when she’s high, nothing really special she kinda just stays the same
• now vampire bella is definitely a lot funnier
• she matches your energy and is a lot easier to have a good time with
jasper hale;
• nah because he’s fun
• he’d smoke with you, and hangout and vibe and have a good time
• he wouldn’t do it without you though
• like if anybody else asked he’d decline
• wasn’t big on the idea but enjoyed the experience with you
• would do it with you only again
alice cullen;
• it’d be damn near impossible to even get her to try
• she thought it was ridiculous and childish but if it would make you happy
• she tried to match your energy though she wasn’t enjoying any second of it
• very bad experience for her but she enjoyed seeing you happy
emmett cullen;
• y’all already know he’s down for anything especially if it was smoking pot with his bae
• he’s so much fun
• he enjoyed every second of it and even suggested it become something normal you guys did together
• he loves it and would definitely do it again
rosalie hale;
• she was down for it
• she was chill, and she gave off good vibes
• it definitely made her a lot happier
• her usual mopey self was funny and loud
• but like the others she wouldn’t do it if you weren’t around or doing it with her
riley biers;
• i love riley but i feel like he’s the type of guy to be like “any girl that smokes is unattractive”
• so it’d be pretty hard to get him to try
• #AntiMarijuanaUsage
• he’d make fun of you for doing it
• he’s a hater fr
victoria sutherland;
• nah because my girl is so fun
• she’s always down for whatever with you so you already know she was down to try it
• even sober she’s fun but when high she’s even better to be around
• she enjoyed the experience with you and would definitely do it again
jane volturi;
• nah she’d be so paranoid the entire time
• “(y/n), did you hear that?!”
• “girl chill out it was just the leaves”
• would start going on about some random lady she almost scrapped the week prior
• she had fun, she’d probably do it again tbh
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carlisles-girl · 8 months ago
Could you pretty please do the cullens reaction to their s/o being like "ok and? I still love you and apriciate you even if you could literally snap me like a twig in a second" after they tell them that their a vampire thanks in advance
a/n: of course I can! I have a lot of projects contained in my drafts, so I’ll probably have a few more works published in a few days time.
another a/n: I changed the request a little, I had added the Cullens before they tell the reader that they are a vampire, while they say they’re a vampire, and after - which would be the reader’s reaction/their reaction to the reader’s.
How The Cullens Would React To You Knowing That They’re A Vampire
Carlisle Cullen
Tumblr media
Carlisle would prep for this moment from the second he had met you.
Alice would assure him that everything would be alright, she had seen it.
Despite Carlisle being calm about the possibilities of how you would react, and Alice’s vision of reassurance, he would still feel a tad nervous.
He had called you earlier that day, and had said that he just wanted to be in your company.
You’d come over, and you’d obviously be ecstatic that you’d be able to spend time with Carlisle and his family.
You sensed the air being stiffer than usual, everyone was seated in the living room, watching the television.
Carlisle had brought you to his office, and he had helped you sit down at one of the chairs that was there.
He then sat opposite to you, and you looked at him, wondering what he was about to reveal.
“My love, I have been holding onto something that you should know.”
Your heart had nearly froze in time hearing that phrase.
“Are you breaking up with me?”
“Oh, of course not! I want to spend forever with you, there’s just this one thing that I haven’t told you. It’s a pretty big reveal, so when I tell you, you can take as much time as you’d like to process this information. Even if that means leaving me.”
You frowned at the last sentence, but held Carlisle’s hand in your own, being used to the cold feeling that entrapped your own hands.
You holding his hand, ensuring Carlisle that you were ready to hear what he had to tell you, and so he said one simple line.
“I’m a vampire.”
You had sat there, just looking at your hands that here holding his, processing.
“So…that’s why your hands are always cold?”
Carlisle had chuckled a bit, seeing your own faint smile on your face.
“Yeah, it is.”
You were so curious about Carlisle now, more than you were from when you two went on your first date.
“Can I ask more questions? If that’s okay with you, of course.”
He smiled widely, happy that you were taking this well.
“Of course you can!”
“So if you’re a vampire, how- what year were you born in?”
“Oh, 1640.”
“You’ve seen like all the wars, or been awake for the beginning of them. That’s so crazy to me, you’re like an old man!”
“Hey, now I’m technically only 23!”
He had taken you hand-in-hand out of his office to the rest of the Cullens that were in the living room. The television was off as well.
“Were you guys eavesdropping on our conversation?”
“Kind of hard not to when you have enhanced hearing.” - Edward.
You turned to Carlisle, in awe of the fact that his entire family has supernatural gifts.
“This stuff is so intriguing to me, do you all have the same gifts, or is it different for everyone?”
Everyone would have to re-introduce themselves, now that you knew what they were.
Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
Jasper wouldn’t tell you that he was a vampire unless he knew how you were with secrets as big as that.
He would also only tell you after you had met his family.
He would stress about the day where he would eventually have to tell you, with Emmett joking that Jasper should use his gift on his own self so he could finally calm down.
Rosalie, usually knowing a lot of the gossip, would hang out with you to see if you would talk about any of the conspiracies that the other students had created about the Cullens.
You didn’t, which would surprise her since everyone would talk about their own theories that they had about the Cullens during lunch, or even right in front of their faces.
She would report back to Jasper after school that day, to which he would smile proudly.
He’d smile loving the fact that you don’t care about the rumours about him and his family.
Jasper would be smiling like a goof for an entire week. Which frightened majority of students, obviously not used to this particular feature marked on his face.
When you had caught up to Jasper, seeing this smile on his face, your own face had mirrored his own expression.
“What’s gotten you in a jolly mood there, partner?”
“Oh, nothin’, darlin’. What do you say about coming over to mine after?”
“I’d love to! I gotta get to math, though, I’ll see you later.”
You’d kiss him on the cheek as you’d jog over to your class, and Jasper would be the happiest he’s ever been in a long time.
After the final bell rang, you made your way over to Jasper in the parking lot, Rosalie and Emmett beside him as usual.
When you got closer, they all smiled at you as Jasper wrapped an arm around you and you both sat in the backseat of the Jeep, while Rosalie sat in the driver’s seat and Emmett in shotgun.
The radio was playing quietly, as you attempted to get a little bit of reading done as you leaned on Jasper’s shoulder.
Jasper was content as can be, knowing that you would take the information he was going to tell you, well.
You had gotten to the Cullen estate, and Rosalie and Emmett turned off the vehicle and went into the house, while you and Jasper stayed in the backseat, finishing up the page you were on.
“When we, uh, when we get into my room, I need to have a conversation with you, it’s very brief, and no, our relationship is not over, if that’s what you were thinking.”
This poor boy’s face would be flushed with blood, if it could. He’s so nervous to tell you.
You both made your way up the stairs to Jasper’s room, you in front of him, as Jasper looked over to the living room where the rest of the Cullens were seated.
Alice gave him a thumbs up and a bright smile, which calmed Jasper down more than expected.
Jasper opened his bedroom door open for you, and you walked in, placing your bag by the door as you usually do.
Then you sat down on his bed, which he stood in front of you, almost uncomfortably.
“You have to promise not to be mad…”
“I promise.”
He took a deep breath, though he didn’t need to, before saying,
“Do you remember at the beginning of our relationship, where I had a difficult time even standing next to you? Like it seemed I was uncomfortable.”
“I do, but I thought that was just because you were awkward.”
Jasper cracked a smile, before continuing.
“It seemed like I was uncomfortable standing next to you because…god, this is gonna make me sound like a maniac. But it was because I was trying to control my thirst.”
“For what? My blood or something?” You had said it in a jokingly way, not even thinking that that was close to the truth. All Jasper did was nod.
“Oh, you’re serious.”
“Completely serious.”
You took a few moments processing that your own boyfriend was a vampire. Jasper understood that there was going to be some sort of silence at some point during all of this, but he didn’t expect you to be this quiet, he’d expect maybe a million questions pouring out of your mouth, but there was nothing.
“Please don’t hate me.”
Those words made your heart shatter, and the only thing you could do was get up and hug him tightly, to which he embraced you as tight as he could without hurting you.
“I could never hate the person that I love and adore the most.”
Alice Cullen
Tumblr media
Alice would be so ecstatic after seeing a vision of you.
It was a very short vision, possibly the shortest Alice had ever had, but it at least showed your smile of interest.
She’d call you perhaps an hour after she had her vision.
“Hey sweetheart, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the nail salon, or catch a movie? Like a date!”
“You know I’d love to.”
She would get Rosalie and Esme help let her decide between 2 outfits she had planned, which was rare since Alice always chose her outfits, so Rose and Esme knew this was for a special occasion.
After picking her outfit, she immediately made her way down to the garage.
Emmett was working on one of the cars, and he noticed Alice smiling that bright smile she has whenever she’s about to see you.
“You seeing Y/n again?”
“Of course I am!”
“Have fun and cause trouble.”
Alice rolled her eyes at her adoptive brother, as she turned on the car. Emmett waved at her with a tool he hand in his hand as she sped off to your house.
She had gotten to your house within 5 minutes, and you were waiting outside of your front door.
You had seen Alice’s car, or rather Alice in Carlisle’s car, and made your way over to the passenger side.
Alice gave you a kiss on the cheek, and then she sped off to the movie theatre after you had strapped on your seatbelt.
After the movie, you two went back to the Cullens home, where you two sat on one of the big branches that were outside Alice’s massive window.
After you two were seated and making jokes at one another, the topic of conversation flowed onto more serious things.
First it started with jokes, second with how much you could hardly wait for summer break, then about how boring classes are, next about the amount of stress you were under with the piles of homework you were getting, then about Alice and her siblings’ disappearances whenever it was nice out.
The conversation reached a halt at the last topic, which made you slightly embarrassed for questioning your girlfriend’s whereabouts.
“I’m sorry if you don’t want to talk about it, like if I made you uncomfortable.”
“No, no, it’s okay. I’m not uncomfortable. I’m just thinking of the right words to tell you without you falling off the branch and hurting yourself.”
You nodded, trusting your girlfriend. You always trusted her, she knew what to do and what to say at almost every given moment.
“So, me and my adoptive siblings, you know how some of use are dating, like Rosalie and Emmett?”
“That’s just a cover story, yes, Rosalie and Emmett are really together, and so is Esme and Carlisle, but we’re not all ‘adoptive siblings’. We needed it to seem that way, so we could go to school, legally. Esme is really 26, and Carlisle is 23, not 36 and 33. And Emmett is 20, not 17. Well, I’m 19, but I am technically 120.”
“What about the going to school legally part? What do you mean by that?”
“You know how we move a lot? That’s because we live an entire life in one place, we start out in high school, the younger we say we are, the longer we can stay. After we graduate, we go to college, get ‘married’, but it’s just Rosalie and Emmett that continually get married over and over again. Then we move after that and just keep continuing the cycle.”
“You’re immortal, like all of you?”
“Yes, we’re all vampires, vegetarian vampires. We all survive on animal blood, not human blood.”
“That’s so cool!” Your face lit up, which lit up Alice’s. “What decade was your favourite?”
“Oh, I loved the 60s - for the fashion, it was so poppy and bubbly, and I adored how the 80s reimagined that but in a more electric way! It’s the 20 year rule in fashion, I can teach you all about it.”
Rosalie Hale
Tumblr media
Rosalie would want to tell you quickly in the relationship, not wanting to lie to you, you not knowing what she really was.
She would want to tell you, but she would stop herself before she could, remembering the law where humans can’t know about the existence of vampires.
Humans knew about vampires, of course. But everyone took their existence with a grain of salt. They couldn’t really exist, could they?
Rosalie would tell you about 6 months into your relationship, she didn’t want to be too attached to you, if you decided yo leave her, or if the Volturi had plans to kill you if you didn’t want to become a vampire.
Rosalie doesn’t want you to give up your humanity so easily, though.
You had come around to the Cullen estate, after receiving a call from Rosalie saying that she needed to speak with you, in person.
You knocked on the door, to which Edward greeted you, and he escorted you to the kitchen where everyone was seated.
You sat next to Rosalie, reaching for her hand, to which she hesitated before grasping your hand with hers.
You gave her a smile, which she almost painfully returned.
Carlisle began speaking first, which gained everyone’s attention.
“Y/n, there’s something that you need to know, about all of us.”
“Oh, yeah, go for it.”
“This can seriously change your views on all of us, and it can get all of us in trouble.”
“With what? The law?”
“Something like that. I think it would be more fitting for Rose to tell you, you two are together after all.”
Rosalie looked at you with the face that could make an elder cry, the emotions that were displayed were so very powerful, it was clear that she was about to reveal something big.
She took a moment to calm herself, though she could tell that Jasper was helping her with his gift.
“We’re all vampires, me and everyone here.”
You had blinked at her in disbelief, but the more you thought about it, the more it made sense.
“Ah, so that’s how Edward got to Bella so quick that one time. Though he was across the parking lot.”
“Yeah…you weren’t really supposed to know, but since you’re my mate, which I found out pretty early on, I suppose it would be easier for you to know. Even if it puts us in death row.”
“Mate? Is that like a soulmate type of thing?”
“If you want to put it that way to make it make sense, yeah, I suppose it is.”
“And what do you mean by ‘death row’? You can die by telling me that vampires are real?”
“It can, yes. The only way that we can get us out of our death sentence, is if you become a vampire, as well.”
You would spend the rest of the evening with the Cullens, asking questions, which Edward would answer quicker than everyone else, you learning that he can read minds.
Jasper could feel and manipulate emotions, which made sense after all this time. He would send you waves of calmness over to you whenever you got nervous.
Esme dug up old photo albums of the Cullens in different decades, showing you the progression of style and quality throughout the years.
Alice would definitely give you a whole history of fashion lesson.
You looked at your girlfriend, she seemed a lot more relaxed from when you first got there.
“Being a vampire seems cool.”
“Yeah, sometimes it is. I don’t want you to give up your humanity so easily, though. I want you to live a human life.”
“I won’t give it up easily. But I also don’t want you in trouble with the vampire lawmakers, either. The rest of you, too. I’ll wait a couple years, say, five more years, then I’ll become one. I’ll take my time with it, and I won’t rush into it. I’ll always be with you.”
Emmett Cullen
Tumblr media
Emmett had totally revealed that he was a vampire by accident.
He had no time to prep for this moment whatsoever, it just came out.
Of course, he had jokes to go with whatever you had said.
You had woken up from sleeping in Emmett’s room, and Emmett had brought you breakfast in bed.
He had a goofy smile on his face as he carried the plate over to you as you sat up.
“I made this myself, I’m very proud of it.”
“It looks amazing, Em. Are you gonna eat as well?”
“Oh, about that, while I was making you your plate, I had made mine before, and I was eating it as I made yours, so I have already eaten!”
He might’ve been more proud with his lie than he was with the bacon that was on your plate.
After you had ate, you got dressed and got ready to go have fun outside.
You two were hanging out in the woods behind Emmett’s house.
It was after a wrestling match, which he had let you win. You knew that he let you win, of course. Emmett’s got an insane amount of muscle.
“How come you always let me win? I’m sure it’s not fun for you.”
“Oh, trust me babe, it’s fun for me to see your face all scrunched up before I let you win.”
“I swear you have like, super strength or something. I don’t see Edward or Jasper doing all this insane stuff like you do.”
“Well, different vampires come with different gifts, baby.”
“Vampires? You’re a vampire?”
“Well, yeah, I would’ve thought you already knew from when I caught that tree almost fall on your head. Guess not, though.”
“I just thought you were like as strong as a bear, or something.”
“It’s funny you say that.”
Edward Cullen
Tumblr media
Edward didn’t even tell you. He couldn’t. He didn’t want you to be disgusted by him.
Emmett had leaked Edward’s true identity while you two were cuddling in the living room.
Edward was reading some book to you as you had curled up against his side, blanket covering the both of you.
The chapter had just finished, and you and Edward were talking about it, as you two usually do after you both finish a chapter.
“It’s just stupid how she did that! He could’ve died because of her!”
“That’s true, but perhaps she did it because she thought it would save him.”
Emmet had walked in with Rosalie after fixing one of the cars steering system.
They both stood there, by the door watching you and Edward debate about the main character’s decision to leave her boyfriend.
“Maybe he wanted to stay with her, not everything has to be done alone.”
“In some situations, yes it does.”
“What type of situations? Stupid ones, probably. I don’t understand why she just doesn’t accept his love, and then they can both just move on together! She’s so stupid, only thinking for what could happen to her, instead of what could happen to him!”
“It was a life-threatening situation, Y/n. She would obviously think for herself if she was on the verge of death.”
“That’s so dumb, though. They’re literally soulmates. Their souls are bound together once they meet, if one of them dies, part of the other person does, too.”
“Reminds me of Marcus.” - Emmett
“Who’s Marcus?”
“You didn’t tell them? Edward I thought you told them already.”
You had looked at Edward, wanting to know more information, but he just said,
“I can’t tell you. It would endanger you more than I already have.”
Edward got up from his spot on the couch, and went to his room, with his super speed.
“What the hell?”
Emmet and Rosalie sat down next to you, and told you everything.
After they had told you everything, you went up to Edward’s room, where you could hear classical music playing softly on his record player.
You opened the door to see Edward sitting on the edge of his window, obviously contemplating about earlier.
“Edward. I know.”
He immediately got up and rushed towards you.
“I suppose you hate me now?”
“Not one bit.”
“You’re insane. Do you need me to get Carlisle to recommend you a therapist, or something similar?”
“No. If anything, you need to quit doubting your self-worth, and me. I love you the same. Nothing will change that.”
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specialagentlokitty · a month ago
Carlisle x reader - Years
Tumblr media
Hii could I request a Carlisle Cullen x reader where it’s just really fluffy? They’ve been married for centuries but are still in their “honeymoon phase” which everyone admires (or are jealous of hahaha) you can do whatever you want, i just need fluff🥰 - @peterwandaparker 💜
You’d been away for a while visiting some of your friends you hadn’t seen for a few years.
When you came home, you found Carlisle stood at the doorway with a bunch of wild flowers in his hands.
“What’re you doing love?” You chuckled.
Carlisle wondered over, standing behind you as he started to place the flowers in your hair.
“I decided to pick a flower for each day you were away. Just as something to do to pass the time.”
“And working isn’t enough?”
You hummed, waiting for him to finished before turning around, wrapping your arms around his neck.
Carlisle hummed, pressing a kiss to your forehead, nose and finally lips before he pulled away slightly.
“You’re very cheesy.”
“You love me though.” He smiled.
Carlisle picked you up, and carried you inside while you closed your eyes, leaning your head against his chest.
“How’re you to still so happy?” Emmett chuckled.
“It’s called being in love.” You mused.
Carlisle set you down and wrapped and arm around your waist as he rested his head on your shoulder.
Leaning back in his touch, you watched as the others all came around.
“I hope to be that happy in years to come.” Alice smiled.
“I think we all do.” Edward nodded.
Everyone smiled as they looked at the pair of you.
You were literally like two kids in love, always small gestures and reminding one another that you’re perfect and that you love each other.
You made your way over to the balcony and rested your arms on the rail and Carlisle walked over to stand with you flicking his eyes to you with a smile on his face.
You were absolutely perfect standing there with that smile on your face.
You flicked your gaze to him before looking away, lightly bumping your hip against yours.
“Stop staring Cullen.”
“Come on, can’t I look at my wife?”
You rolled your eyes and took his hand in yours as you held it.
Nearly two hundred years and your still amazed as to how you landed this man
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starfirette · a month ago
Why he broke up with you
Rob Pattinson character dump
✨ Cedric Diggory, Neil, Edward Cullen, and Bruce Wayne
✨this is just filler. I have a spicy mcu! May Parker fic coming up (gender neutral reader!) but I'm writing this at Harris teeter lmao. I've gotten some GOOD ASS requests and I'm so excited to write them all! For now, here is this Rob Pattinson character thing
✨masterlist | requests are open for fics and for ships, but only for one more day!!! Send any in if you have them! My rules and fandoms list are here
Tumblr media
Cedric broke up with you because his father. His father didn't like you because your father and paternal side of the family were death eaters. Your mother managed to get away with you and any of your siblings.
If you're a Slytherin then that makes it a little bit worse. Amos is truly a good man. It's not so much that he doesn't like you as much as it's the fact your father was a death eater. Your father was an active death eater.
Cedric always loved you, even after the break up he remained close to you. He insisted yoh tei could be friends. You were the one taken into the lake. "I'm just his friend," you told the headmaster meekly as you agreed to be apart of the task.
Dumbledore's just sent you a little look over his crescent glasses. He didn't press the matter but hell, even he knew that you and Cedric would never be "just friends."
Cedric took you to the Yule ball as a friend. He stole kisses from you, but as a friend. Before he went into the final task of the tournament he swore to you he'd win you back. He'd make it all up to you. He didn't care what his father thought. "Just wait here. Watch me win. I'm not doing this for anyone else but you."
After Cedric dies, Amos takes it out on you.
Cedric's mother keeps in touch with you, on the down low. She sends you some of his things. A few of his sweaters and one of his house ties.
If you're a Hufflepuff (hufflepuff pride runs in my blood) then you wear his tie every day with your uniform. If you're another house, you wear his tie like an accessory, or you cuddle with it at night.
It hurts to know that when Cedric died, he wasn't your boyfriend.
Especially when you're older. As an adult, meeting for lunch with Cedric's mom, she tells you that Cedric swore up and down he would marry you. Cedric never paid mind to his father's quarrels with you. It was always Cedric's intention to go back after you, despite breaking up.
Tumblr media
"What's happened's happened."
That's generally the philosophy Neil goes by.
But you were the one person he was willing to break all the rules for.
You were dead. You died, pregnant with his child, all because of your relationship with Neil.
Neil, who typically was so logical and strict, defied everything he stood for and he went back to make a different choice. Not even Protague could stop him.
It was hard work. And it didn't pay off. Fixing that one mistake didn't save your life. What he thought was over happened again, and you died, and your child died.
So he did it again.
And he did it four more times after that.
And finally he realized there was one more option; the last resort.
He stopped himself from ever pursuing you.
Your relationship was done. It had never happened. You were just some person apart of Tenent. Only Protague knew about why could have been; what had been. It pained Neil to watch you work without even realizing he had been the love of your life.
You talked to him and regarded him as strange because he always looked at you with weird grief.
It hurts to watch you live your life. You were ever ignorant of the very person you had to work side by side with.
Tumblr media
^ @robpattinsongifs
Edward Cullen
Jasper almost killed your mother.
A close call. Very close.
You and Edward sat down that night as Carlisle tended to her wounds. You asked Edward how to proceed from there. How could you keep the Volturi away from your dear mother? Now two humans knew the secrets of Forks, and the Volturi wouldn't take kindly to that.
"What can we do?" You pressed as you squeezed Edward's hand. "Maybe there's a vampire that can actually use that kind control. That compulsion. It's a myth for a reason, right? Some vampire can likely just make her forget it ever happened?"
Edward told you he would take care of it.
And of course that meant he was leaving town. Leaving the entire country.
Saying goodbye to you was hard, because you knew what he was doing. You didn't belive any of the "I don't love you anymore" bullshit Edward tried to pull.
But you ultimately couldn't stop him from leaving town. It hurts to know that, in spite of the disasterous split, Edward still loves you too.
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne
A continuation...
As his career as Batman progresses, he fades away. His entire life has been consumed by the devil; his other half had once been you. Now it's the Bat.
He will always love you. You will always be the one for him. But he's no longer living a regular life. Bruce Wayne isn't even his real self; the millionaire ceo is the real facade.
Batman doesn't make for a good lover. He can't love you right. He's afraid that he'll drag you down with him.
Similar to Edward, he says things to hurt you in an effort to really get the job done. And you belive them.
"I'll never marry you. I'll never want to marry you. I don't want a life with you. I don't want to have your children. I just want to be alone for once."
It hurts to watch the heartbreak in your eyes. Your spirit was snuffed out like a candlelight and you went numb. You quietly left his life; and he was, from then in, truly alone.
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refiwrites · 6 months ago
Mrs. Cullen
Pairing: Edward Cullen x Fem! Human! Reader
Summary: @twilightlover2007​: One of the Cullen boys, I'm open to whomever visiting their human gf and she's a teacher so the kids are ALL over her when he comes to visit. His reaction to it would make my heart swell! ❤
Word count: 0.9k 
Warning/s: none, just fluff and love all over 
A/N: I absolutely loved this and I hope you do too!
GIF is not mine! Credits to the owner! (can I just say I am in LOVE with this gif?!)
Tumblr media
“Okay, now who would like to tell me at least three parts of a plant?” You asked brightly with a smile, leaning on the teacher’s table looking at all the young faces of your students.
Not too long ago you’ve always had the dream of teaching kids to show them the world worked, how you adored them especially the way their eyes lit up when you began talking. Now you’re here, teaching in one of the many classrooms in a primary school in Forks.
“Hmm? No one?” You asked as students began raising their hand up.
“Yes, Elijah?” Stretching your hand out and ushering the boy to stand up to answer.
He shots up, “Uhm the stem, flower...”
You hid a small laugh and nodded, “Correct, go on..”
“And leaf!”
“Correct! That’s amazing Elijah!” You congratulated the kid. You proceeded to ask more questions as the students seemed to want to have a turn of their own in answering, it made your heart melt and a thought of you with kids suddenly flashed in your mind. You simply glanced at the time, and you realized it was nearing dismissal.
“Good job everyone! And that ends our class for today, don’t forget the things you’ll be bringing on Thursday, okay?” You reminded again which you got responses that consisted of ‘Yes miss’ ‘Will do!’ and so on. You reached over and opened the door for them and went back to your place.
Standing up straight, you watched as the students packed their bags ready to head home. But before they do, all of them quickly rushed over to you to give you a hug, well, it looked more like they were hugging your knees, but it doesn’t fail to make you feel happy, you can’t even remember the first time they did that but it filled you greatly with warmth and surprise. They were muttering quick goodbye’s and see you tomorrows.
Though all of them seemed to stop all at once as a knock on the door was heard. You furrowed your eyebrows and you decided to take a glance up by the door as your hands rested upon a student’s shoulders.
The feelings you had now seemed to be amplified by a ton.
Your face lit up as a smile graced your features “Edward...”
“Good afternoon,” His American accent thick as his eyes glance around the kids surrounding you before travelling back to yours “You seem busy.”
You shake your head at him and noticed how his face contorted into different emotions as his mind was overrun by the thoughts of the children around both of you, but one emotion settled across his features: happiness. You turned your head sideways to avoid his loving gaze in order to compose yourself in front of the kids and you were successful, surprisingly.
You devised a plan to go over to him, yet your students didn’t budge. “Miss, who’s that?” One of the kids asked, all the students looking back and forth over you and Edward. You tried to think of an explanation.
“Well… he’s m-“ Before you get to speak, your student blurted one question aloud.
“Why does he look funny?”
You had to stop yourself from bursting out of laughter while Edward looked slightly offended but he shook his head.
“Class,” You started, Edward walked inside the classroom and looked around. The bright lights alone rivaled the paleness of his face. “Please welcome Edward, my significant other.” You announce with the spike of your heartbeat. It was a silly thing; you were just introducing him to a bunch of kids, but it held some kind of a deeper meaning within you.
“That’s a nice name.”
“He’s so pale!”  
“Hello Mr. Edward.”
“Your eyes are cool mister!”
You looked at him as the kids turned their attention to Edward. “Hey guys.” He managed to let out, seemingly overwhelmed by the voices he’s hearing within.
“Time’s running kids, you guys should be out by now, your parents are probably waiting for you all outside.” You reminded with a gentle voice and each of them gave you a hug as they left. As the room was left between Edward and you, he slowly placed his hands on yours and tugged you close. You happily obliged, placing your hands against his lean chest as he stared down at you.
“They love you.” He spoke lowly with a smile once again forming on his face. You tilted your head. “You should’ve heard what they were thinking, it’s amazing honestly.” “And what would that be?” You questioned.
“They’re thinking of how Mrs. (L/N) is such a great teacher; some even aspire to be like you one day.” Edward answers with a hopeful tint lacing his voice. You looked to the side in thought of your students teaching one day, it made your heart swell with pride. Edward looks at you, placing his index finger and thumb under your chin and making you look back up at him.
“You’re going to be an amazing mother someday.” He suddenly blurts out which you froze at. You’ve never really given it much thought but you and Edward getting married and having a family of your own? Doesn’t seem to be that bad, for one it was almost like a dream come true to you if that day ever comes to reality. For now, you were taking your time enjoying what life had to offer.
“Oh, stop it.” You said, wrapping your arms around him tightly as he did the same. Pulling away after a few minutes he still had that smile stuck to his face.
“Whatever you say, Mrs. Cullen.”
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danverswitch · 2 months ago
Cullen family incorrect quotes
Y/n: I'm not doing to well.
Carlisle: What's wrong?
Y/n : I have this headache that comes and goes.
*Edward enters the room*
Y/n : There it is again.
Y/n: I am a responsible adult!
Esme: *raises brow*
Y/n: I am an adult.
Edward: I asked Bella out.
Y/n: Oh, I’m sorry.
Edward: Why?
Y/n: Well, I assume she said no.
Edward: No, she said yes.
Y/n: Really? Then I’m sorry for her
*Y/n is casually searching around the room*
Esme: Hey Y/n, what’re you looking for?
Y/n: My will to live.
*Alice walks into the room*
Y/n: Oh, there it is.
Emmet: Hey, I dare you guys to dare us to make out.
Edward: Hey Emmett, you know that’s a mirror, right?
Edward: Hello all, it is I, your favorite kid
Carlisle : Actually, y/n is my favourite.
Edward: Okay then, it is I, that bitch.
[Thank you for 300 followers!!]
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finger-me-abby-anderson · 3 months ago
Poly!Jalice x Fem!Reader🍋
Tumblr media
A collection of what I think boning both Alice and Jasper would be like. Someone asked for this.
They’re both switches, sorry I don’t make the rules. Alice can dom sometimes, and Jasper the other times. And you can always dom them both if you want to.
When Alice doms, she can get pretty rough. You would think it’s funny how such a little girl can boss people around so much, if you weren’t too busy grinding on Jasper.
When Jasper doms, he’s pretty soft. Instead of demanding like Alice, he’ll sternly tell you or guide you into doing what he wants you to do. This could include: making out with Alice, sucking his dick, humping a pillow, stripping naked, etc.
Jasper likes when one of you rides his thigh. He says that the wet spot you leave on his pant leg is adorable? I’m not sure what he means by that.
Jasper calls Alice darling already, but when you come along, he takes to calling you Peaches. Why? Because he says that’s what you taste like. Alice tends to agree.
Alice really likes your boobs. Big or small, she’s always touching them. Squishing, licking, teasing...anything really. She totally didn’t buy you a pair of nipple clamps for your birthday once
Alice likes making you watch her and Jasper fuck. You don’t have to be tied up (although that is a plus for her), but there’s a chair in the corner of their room for this specific reason.
Their favorite position for you is reverse cowgirl. Jasper likes to watch you bounce on his cock while Alice gets to play with your boobs! It’s a win-win!
They both really love the warmth of your skin. The almost scalding heat of your skin against their frozen bodies is nothing short of erotic.
They’re both very careful with you physically. Jasper can’t control his thirst perfectly yet, so they have to make sure that you don’t get hurt at any point in time (we all remember what happened at Bella’s birthday. We don’t need any repeats. Especially when naked).
Bonus! Aftercare HC’s
When you’ve all finished after a long night, Alice stays with you while you catch your breath while Jasper runs a warm bath for you.
Depending on who’s house it is (I like to think they have one of those massive tubs), they’ll get in with you. Even though Jasper has to remind Alice to keep her hands to herself.
One of them will make sure you’re alright while the other washes your hair. When you’re all done with the bath they get some of that fancy-ass massage lotion and work out any kinks in your muscles. They don’t wanna leave their favorite girl in bad shape.
Jasper will definitely read to you until you fall asleep. It could just be some news article on his phone, but that southern drawl puts you right out.
When you’re asleep, sometimes they’ll just watch over you for a while. They just admire how your chest rises and falls with your breath and how your eyelids shift when you dream and then they totally fuck again in the other room while they wait for you to wake up
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homeofthelonelywriter · 2 months ago
Bunny - Jasper Hale
(A/N) Okay, I truly do not think that I brought justice to the request. It was just so adorable! It was requested by the wonderful @rainbow-bunny-bts​. Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it! I am kind of interested in a small series with Jas and a Reader just like this one. Let me know if any of you are interested!
Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader
Warning: mental exhaustion, school, cuteness
Part 2
Tumblr media
We were only two lessons into the school day, and I was beyond exhausted. As if school, the noises and the sheer number of people weren’t hard enough, being separated from Jasper delivered a killing blow to my psyche.
Sure, we were still in the same building, but he wasn’t close enough to calm me down, no matter how hard he tried.
I had just exited the classroom my last lesson was held in, when a group of yelling jocks ran past me. But…I heard nothing. The only reason I knew they were yelling was because I saw the way their mouths moved.
Two cold hands covered my ears and only let go when the jocks were out of sight. I turned around and was greeted by two golden eyes and a lopsided smile. I smiled back, until I realized that his classroom was too far away from mine. He shouldn’t have been able to be here in time to shield me from the noise. And when I realized that I quickly punched him in the chest. Or, I tried to at least. With his killer reflexes he stopped me before my fist met his chest.
“How many times do I have to tell you, darling? Thumb goes outside the fist, if you keep it inside, you’re going to break it when you punch someone.” He gently corrected my fingers. “And you’re going to break your entire hand if you punch me. Really, you must be more careful.” I huffed and pulled my hand away. “Well, if you don’t want me to punch you, don’t use your powers in school. You know that that is dangerous.” He laughed and pulled me into a hug.
“Love, I could feel your exhaustion across the whole school. And we both know how sensible you are to loud noises.” I rolled my eyes but still hugged him back. “Jas?” “Yes darling?”
“Can we skip the rest of the day?”
“Sure hun.”
He pulled away from the hug and grabbed my hand, carefully leading me out of the school. On the way out we passed his siblings, and the way Edward nodded at Jasper told me that he had told his brother via his mind, what was going on. Alice sweetly waved at me and I returned the gesture.
As soon as we were outside, I took a deep breath. Jasper waited for me to calm down before he led me into the close by woods. He had to leave the cars for his siblings. Instead he picked me up and sped through the woods until we reached their home. There it was quiet and calm and I could finally let my guard down and relax.
He set me down and I quickly ran to the house and opened the door. Jumping up the stairs, I was almost at the door to his room when I was picked up again. Jasper had reached me just in time to carry me over the threshold.
It was a game the two of us played and so far, I had always lost.
He sat me down on his bed, which he had only gotten for me, and quickly took my shoes off. Before I could snuggle into the soft comforter and blankets, he forced me to take off my sweater, which was his, and my pants. He handed me sweatpants that I could put on instead.
“Do you want some music?” I had already cuddled up when he asked that question. I nodded my head and Jasper put my favorite vinyl on, before he joined me in bed. He pulled me close and let me rest on his chest.
“Yes, my love?”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, bunny.”
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hellion-writes · 7 months ago
Being Alice and Jasper’s Adopted Daughter Headcanons
Pronouns used: she/her
Warnings: slight description of blood/death
(A/n): this is a monster of a headcanon oh my god- I did not mean for it to get this long
unedited/not proofread bc I’m getting ready for work
       。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
I feel like you’d just be a baby that the Cullens found on their doorstep when they were coming back from a hunt
No note, no identifiers, nothing
Carlisle couldn’t even find any medical records in any nearby hospitals that showed that you actually existed 
So he assumed that either you were a home birth or you were born far away from their current location
Either way, Carlisle wasn’t just about to feed you to the wolves by giving you to an orphanage
No he’s heard about how cruel the foster care system can be nowadays
He decided to keep you and make your last name Cullen
They either called you ‘Cullen’ or ‘Mystery Baby’ for the next couple of days until they could brainstorm a name for you
They got Esme breaking out the baby name databases and books because she didn’t want to keep calling a living thing ‘Baby’
Eventually one night Alice saw a glimpse of an older version of you taking shaky steps, assumably your first steps
She saw Jasper quickly crouch next to her with his arms held out and a massive smile on his face
She saw herself move to crouch next to him 
They were both encouraging you
“C’mon darlin’ you can do it!”
“Come to Mommy, (Y/n)!”
To her disappointment, the vision ended when you fell into her arms and her and Jasper brought you into a gentle group hug
She started to refer to you as (Y/n) and that caught on with the family 
When she told Jasper about them eventually parenting you, the poor man was terrified that he was going to hurt you
You were so delicate in his scarred hands
So small
He already had a hard time controlling his urges as it was, but he managed
But now being around a human for more time than he expected? 
He’s definitely down for some exposure therapy 
Quickly falls in love with you especially when you’re not fussy
There’s nothing like the pure, untainted happiness that he felt from you when you were a baby
That happiness would start to mellow out bit by bit as you grew older, however he didn’t mind
As long as you were happy and content with yourself, he’s happy
Starts to call you nicknames, mostly things that get you to laugh when he says them in a high-pitched voice
June bug, darlin, peach, flower, literally anything that gets you to laugh
He’s often seen around the house with you on his hip and him talking to you in baby talk
Almost faints when your first word is ‘dada’ 
Carlisle had to remind himself that his ‘son’ physically cannot lose consciousness
When you start to get better at walking you would copy his posture and the way he clasped his hands behind his back elegantly 
Would teach you how to waltz when you saw it in a Disney movie
He’d just look down at little you looking up at him with the utmost adoration 
Frilly tutu around your waist
Tiara sitting crookedly on your head
Hair messily tied into two uneven ponytails
Only up to his mid-thigh
And his heart would just melt
Jasper stared at you for a moment with a blank expression on his face before he smiled warmly and fixed the tiara sitting on your head so that it wouldn’t fall off. After tying his hair up and playing some random cassette tape Edward had laying around, he extended his hand towards you. “Care for a dance, little lady?” 
Excitement exuded from your every pore as you slapped your hand into his, making him chuckle. He bowed, playfully smirking at the sight of you bouncing on the balls of your feet. He gently grabbed your other hand and guided you to stand on top of his socked feet. 
He started to box step carefully to the piano’s slow tempo, smiling down at you fondly as you watched the pattern that his feet were stepping in. Your head was ducked down so that you could see your feet move with the music, giving him full sight of the hair falling out of your twin ponytails. 
“Did you do your hair yourself, darlin?” 
You looked up at him with a large smile, “yeah! Do you like it?” 
“I love it,” he emphasized, hiding his amusement. “You’re going to have to do your ma’s sometime.” 
“But you have more hair,” you pointed out with wide, doe eyes. A mixture of fondness and dread arose in Jasper when those adorable eyes lit up like you just had the best idea in the world. “Can I do your hair?” 
“...Maybe later,” he shoved the nervousness out of the laugh that came from him. Don’t get him wrong, he absolutely adores you, however the last time you did his hair he found glitter in it months later. To distract you from wanting to butcher his hair, he moved so that he could twirl you in a circle with a hand still holding yours. God, your giggles and the happiness he felt from you made him feel like he was on Cloud Nine. 
The piano’s music slowly came to a stop and a peaceful silence draped over you both before a loud snare drum took its place. Jasper furrowed his brows at the swing and fast paced tempo of the jazz song, since when did Edward listen to this genre? However his confusion was wiped clean when he heard your giddy giggle and the loud exclamation of ‘Benny Goodman!’ 
With a loud laugh, he scooped you up into his arms effortlessly and started to bounce you to the beat. You squealed, wrapping an arm around his neck and holding onto his free hand for dear life. 
Meanwhile around the corner, Alice smiled warmly at the scene, making sure to capture every moment on her camera. Photos of you standing on his feet with you both smiling at each other had to be her favorite out of the multitude of pictures she caught of you both. All of a sudden, Jasper’s eyes locked with hers. 
He grinned at her, subtly jerking his head backwards and beckoning her to him. She swears that Jasper’s favorite hobby is to steal her heart and make her fall for him all over again. The camera was forgotten on a table as she joined them on the festivities, her husband wrapping his free arm around her waist and her daughter perking up when she saw her. 
“Are you two having a dance party without me?” Alice playfully gasped out. 
Jasper smirked at her, making sparks erupt in her stomach. With his free arm, he brought her flush against his side and bent down slightly to place a kiss on her lips. She reached up to cup his face before an exclamation of ‘ew!’ interrupted them. They parted to see you scrunching up your nose in disgust. A warm laugh left both of them before Alice stretched up to press a kiss to your forehead. 
The small family spent hours dancing to whatever music Edward had in stock, Jasper balancing his attention equally between you and his wife. By the time your head was lolling onto Jasper’s shoulder, they decided to put an end to it. The music was turned off, Alice gently fixed your hair, and together they took you to your room.
Thoughts of him dancing with you on your wedding day came to mind only briefly while he was dancing with you
Though he wouldn’t admit it, he tears up occasionally when he thinks about it too much (it’s enough to make a grown man cry)
She absolutely adores the dynamic you both have
She’s always next to him in the early days of your life partially to reassure her husband that he wouldn’t hurt you and partially because she can’t get enough of how cute you both were together
Once he became more confident around you she gave him some time alone with you 
But just because she loves seeing Jasper with you doesn’t mean that she doesn’t steal you for herself 
She had an entire wardrobe prepared for you the second she saw that you were going to be her daughter
You’d be the flyest baby on the block with an outfit for every occasion 
Playing in the mud? You got yourself some cute rain boots and a little froggy raincoat
Going for a stroll in the middle of the night when nobody can get you to sleep? Some skechers, a jacket, and jeans
Basically you’re set for life in the clothes and family department
She would hum songs to you to get you to calm down if you were upset
Mainly songs that she faintly remembers calmed her little sister down when she was a baby 
She’d use her precognition to her advantage
“Don’t throw that sweetheart, here have a plushie instead!”
“No, we don’t eat sand. Instead we eat… applesauce! You do want applesauce, right?” 
Always avoids making messes 
Talks to you like you’re a fully grown adult
“What do you think about this shirt with these jeans?” *unintelligible baby noises* “Yeah I think so, too.” 
For your first halloween, she dresses you up as a mini-dracula bc let’s face it: the Cullens probs would dress up as vampires for halloween at one point
When you start talking and walking she’s over the moon with happiness 
With each word you add to your vocabulary Jasper and Alice are quick to make sure that you knew what the word meant before celebrating
I’d imagine that you’d have a little bit of a southern twang to your words because of how often you repeat what Jasper says 
Things get a little tense around the house when you start to parrot everything 
Running was fun as well, tag became a favorite between you, her, and Jasper to play
Of course they could easily outspeed you, but where’s the fun in that? 
However to their dismay they can’t be with you 24/7 because of school (before you start attending school with them)
In comes Esme
She’d make sure that you weren’t too bored when everybody except for you and her were out of the house
Starts stashing toys and coloring books around the house for you
100% baby-proofs the house the second you started to crawl
She has experience with children as she was a teacher for a bit before she turned 
She handles most of your childhood education until you reach first grade 
Makes sure that you knew about the various types of plants and animals that live around your house 
Alice and Jasper are only slightly shocked when you start to break out the scientific names and eating berries when you’re older
Walks through the forest with her when both of you want to get out of the house
The go-to person for advice on your life
Whether it be on crushes, conflicts, or even just a little venting session, she would always listen to you
Also makes sure that the others don’t do anything too grown-up around you if Alice or Jasper weren’t around
Mainly Emmett when Rosalie wasn’t around
Dear god Rosalie would absolutely adore you
You could catch her usually with you the most whenever your parents or Esme wasn’t around
Alice actually was worried for a couple of months that you liked Rosalie more than her
You see a different side of her than the others usually see
Instead of the cold exterior, you see nothing but warmth, fun, love, and longing
Everything you do when you’re younger (and even into your teen years) in her eyes is cute/endearing
Accidentally making a catastrophic mess? She’s cooing at you in her arms while the others take care of it
Your first prank on Emmett (admittedly with some help from her)? Rounds of applause
The horrible recorder recital that happened when you were in like 4th grade? You’re suddenly the most skilled person in this household, hands down
She would make sure that you know your worth and that you’re completely confident in your body when you get older
As the girlboss (and occasionally gatekeep) representative of gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss, she would remind you that you don’t need a significant other to be happy in life
However would support you 100% if you do have an s/o 
That’s after she does some research on them and gains complete trust in the person that they’re good at heart
She really doesn’t want what happened to her to happen to you
Would take you on shopping trips to bond, dragging Emmett with you both for a second opinion when either Esme or Alice wasn’t available
This guy would be the proudest uncle there ever was 
He would mainly call you nicknames like little dude, tyke, mini-Jasper, or string bean being a couple of the many nicknames he has for you
Gets excited when you get excited 
Your main hype man 
You got a good grade on your test? “Dude, that's sick!”
You made a friend? “Nice! What’s their name?”
You had a good day? “Tell me all about it!” 
Would definitely sit you on his shoulder and parades you around the house 
Doesn’t matter what age you are 
Would let you win in an arm wrestling match if you challenged him to one 
Just like Jasper he’d be incredibly cautious around you, making sure that he watches his strength 
The one you discuss pop culture with 
“Hey, Uncle Emmett?” 
“Yeah, what’s up?” 
“I just lost the game” (and now you did, too :D)
Movie marathons
If it’s just the two of you, you are the only one with impulse control
You weren’t raised to not consider the consequences of your actions 
However you know how to do a good prank as well when you have a vendetta
Prank wars would spring up between you both when you’re older
Usually starts when Emmett decides to prank either of your parents and you decide to avenge them 
Emmett would end up with neon pink hair for a couple of weeks, jumpscared at every corner, and his dinner replaced with fake blood
You would get icy water drenched on you, some of your things encased in jello, and matching green hair
Truces would only be made when you both realize that out-pranking the other simply isn’t possible
Emmett would most likely take pranks too far
And that’s where you come in, the certified damage control
It’s sometimes hard steering Emmett in another direction when he has his mind set on something 
“It’ll all be fine, string bean. Eddie won’t be too mad.” 
Edward was mad, but never really mad at you 
Usually when he was around you were calm for the most part 
He’d just have to put on some classical music or play the piano for you and you’d relax
He got you on classical music once he heard that you were going to officially become part of the family 
He’d be damned if there’d be anything but Debussy blasting in the house once you’ve hit your teen years
Teaches you piano when you’re old enough
The grand piano that sat in the living room was something you avoided playing around as a kid because you knew how important it was to Edward 
He could feel his undead heart clenching in his chest when he first heard that in your thoughts, but not that he’d admit it or acknowledge the look of confusion Jasper threw his way 
Edward immediately being able to tell what you needed before you could talk 
“God she’s so fussy I don’t know-” 
Your thoughts are quiet and pleasant
If you want a moment of peace and quiet and away from everyone, he’d totally stash you in his room for a bit and just sit in comfortable silence
He actually enjoyed listening to your thoughts develop as you aged
He finds it really interesting to see you become your own person and develop your own interests
With Carlisle, I feel like he’d play doctor with you more often than not 
Would let you use some of his personal equipment if he knows that you probably won’t break it
He would sit down on the floor and show you how to use them 
And then he would play patient
“Doctor Cullen, what’s my temperature?” “Three” (probably accurate) 
Go-to guy for scraped knees and sore throats 
If you have any questions that the others couldn’t answer about your human-ness, he’d have answers for you
If he had a bad day at the hospital, coming home to the sight of Esme playing with a baby you would immediately brighten up his day
Would do his best to keep the Volturi away from you, and he succeeds for the first fifteen years of your life
They came to the agreement that you would be turned when you’re older, at the age of 18
He keeps this information to himself for a year or so, waiting so that you would understand what had to happen
However that doesn’t mean that the rest of the family doesn’t know
There were differing reactions
The others would eventually accept that it has to happen, Rosalie would always be against it
Alice feels sick at the thought of having to turn you eventually, but with the help of Jasper, she learns to live more in the moment instead of looking to the future
Jasper also is against the idea, not wanting you to have to go through that 
Esme is saddened that you would have to die, but she knows that it has to happen
Edward is indifferent, as he accepted that your death would have to be something he’d have to see if you stayed human, reasons that at least they didn’t have to worry about seeing that anymore
Emmett would feel the guiltiest at withholding this information from you and doesn’t know how to feel
It’s decided that Alice and Jasper should be the ones to fully explain the situation at hand 
They sit you down on your bed one day, sitting you between them 
They explain everything
Jasper was hyper focused on your emotions, making sure that you aren’t too overwhelmed
Alice would know exactly what to say because she saw it before it happened
Understandably, you’re upset that they hid that from you for so long because you’re entitled to be aware of something like that
You knew that something was off about a year ago when nobody except Edward would look you in the eye for a while 
Even Emmett’s big personality was dulled down around you
Some words were said on your end that you were sure you would regret later the second they left your lips
You sneak out for a bit to process your thoughts on the topic
Of course they know that you snuck out, how couldn’t they with the power of precognition and the fact that they hear everything?
They let you, knowing that you’re safe in their territory and you know your way around 
You spend a couple of hours out there, not being able to shake the feeling of being watched
You grit your teeth when you hear footsteps start behind you once again when you begin walking again. When will they get the hint that you wanted to be alone? “You’re not being subtle, you know,” you were hoping that your tone would be enough for whoever was following you to get the hint and give you some privacy, but the footsteps started up once more. Except, they were closer than before and showed no sign of stopping.
You turned to fully face whoever was going to come out of the foliage, expecting either your parents or Carlisle to emerge. Instead a tall woman came out, dark red eyes scanning every inch of your body. Icy dread washed over you when you caught sight of those eyes; this was a hungry vampire out for your blood. 
“You caught me,” she whispered. Her eyes were stretched wide with a sardonic smile on her face, hands waving in the air before dropping back to her sides.
“Who are you, do you know who’s land you’re on?” You took a step backwards, mentally bracing yourself for a fight. 
She followed your steps before disappearing completely. Before you could even react to her disappearance, she was behind you with an arm pressing your body to her chest and a chilled hand gripping your hair at the top of your head. “It doesn’t matter who’s property I’m on. I’m just here for a little snack.” 
Her breath brushed your ear, but that wasn’t what sent shivers down your spine. No, it was the tone of her voice. It had a certain edge, something that could only be described as some sort of sick pleasure, like she couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into your flesh and drink you dry. 
You put all of your strength into your arms before sending your elbows under her ribs. A grunt left her, but she didn’t let you go; in fact, she tightened her grip on you and jerked your head to the side, giving her full access to the side of your neck. 
“Your little heart is just a-racing, isn’t it?” She breathily chuckled, burying her nose into the crook of your neck and deeply inhaling. “You smell marvelous, my dear. Simply marvelous.”
“Get off of me,” you spat, struggling against her more. 
“How adorable, you actually think you have a chance,” she cooed before an indescribable pain erupted on the side of your neck. Fire coarses through your veins and wreaks havoc on your body, a whimper being the only thing that you could produce. Weakness began to seep deep within your bones, you’ve never felt this tired before. She was latched onto you, and you weren’t going to be able to get her off. You were dying, you realized with a spike of alarm. 
Your fight gradually died down to a mere twitching of your fingers as a chill swept through your body. Eventually, your knees buckled and you were sent to the floor. She followed your descent with a displeased hum, a disciplinary flick being delivered to your forehead. Swiftly after that she was ripped off from your neck; you weren’t sure where she went, however you didn’t have the mental strength to ponder. 
Sleep sounds great right now, you were exhausted. However, the pressure on your neck made you snap awake. Blurs of spiked black and slicked back blond swirled in your vision. A shaking hand was placed on your cheek and stroked your hair gently. Subconsciously, you leaned into it. 
“Mom?” You squinted at her, trying to see her clearly. The picture slowly became clearer; Carlisle on your one side with his eyes trained on your neck, Esme readying some sort of cloth, and Alice directly above you. 
“Yes,” she answered, her voice breathy and quiet. “It’s me, honey. Don’t talk, you need your strength.” 
“But- Dad. Where-” You strained your neck to lift up from the leafy terrain below only to be gently pushed down. 
“You need to stay still,” Carlisle gently told you as he repositioned his hold on your neck. He frowned, “Esme, I need that towel.” When he removed the cloth on your neck, it was soaked through with blood. The warmth on the side of your neck became the only thing you felt besides the feeling of Alice’s hand on your face. When you flicked your eyes back to her, she was tightly closing her eyes; it must be difficult for her to stay in control with this much blood present. 
“I’m not going to live, am I?” 
The whimper that escaped past Alice’s pursed lips, the way Carlisle clenched his jaw and put more pressure on your neck, and Esme’s deep frown was all that you needed to confirm your fate. You couldn’t even bring yourself to feel sorry for yourself, only focusing on the irony of the situation. 
“I’m sorry,” you murmured, keeping your eyes on Alice. “If I hadn’t been so dramatic-”
Alice shushed you, a wobbling smile stretching her lips. “Nonsense,” she whispered. “It was wrong of us to keep something like that from you for so long.” 
“I shouldn’t have said what I said,” you drew in a sharp breath when the fire in your veins intensified. Still, you pushed through. “I’m sorry, Momma. I’m so sorry-” A choking sensation cut you off. Coughs racked your weak frame and stole the air from your lungs. You were blacking out as your senses became fully dulled and your consciousness slipped. The only thing you truly felt was the pain. 
Alice and Jasper did their best to keep you comfortable while you were in the process of turning
They did not leave your side once during the first three days
Jasper could feel everything you were feeling
Instinctively, he wanted to stay as far away from you to get away from the pain
But he didn’t want to leave you or Alice alone
He tried his best to at least give you some form of tranquility and comfort Alice
Regrets not being with you when you died, but his anger towards the newborn was far too powerful
Alice was devastated
Thinks that it’s her fault that she didn’t see what was to happen earlier
You had initially died in her arms, someone that had been such a light in their life shouldn’t have been snuffed out so early 
She understands fully well that there was nothing Carlisle could have done to save you, the vampire had done too much damage to your carotid artery and jugular
However she couldn’t help the resentment she felt for the doctor for not being able to perform a miracle
The others had to physically drag them away from you so that they wouldn’t run themselves into the ground
The only reason that they agreed to it was because Esme mentioned that you probably wouldn’t want to see your parents like that
They’re at your side when you wake up
You make up with them
They’re just happy that you’re still with them
When you see what you look like for the first time, they didn’t really know what to expect
“Oh my god, I’m… pretty”
“You always were, darlin”
Jasper, having the most experience with newborns, eases you into your new abilities and uses his gift to lessen your overwhelming feelings
Alice is quick to pick you up when you’re feeling down about yourself
You run into a couple of trees when you first try out your speed, but what vampire hasn’t??
Arm wrestling with Emmett where he finally isn’t holding back
When you go back to school and get more stares than usual and you can hear everything they’re saying about you, you try not to show how uncomfortable you were 
Walking in with Edward once, rumors of you two dating arose and stuck with you both for months
Needless to say, you didn’t walk in with Edward again 
Instead, you walk beside Alice and Jasper
Forgetting to ‘breathe’ occasionally 
Hunting with your parents when you need to let some steam out
You like Bella when she joins the family, however you don’t like the chaos that she brings
She was a nice girl and a fresh breath of air, but it’s like she was a damn magnet for trouble!
It didn’t help that her blood was tantalizing 
Her birthday party was just a little torturous 
By a little, you meant very because it was the longest you’ve been around her 
You just couldn’t help yourself when she got a paper cut, and Jasper couldn’t either
Siding with Rosalie sometimes and siding with Edward sometimes because all you want is for her to be smart with her decisions 
From the James situation, to the Volterra situation, to the shifter situation, and finally fighting for your cousin’s right to live all within the span of a couple of years was draining 
When you got some tolerance for her scent, you and Alice were some of her closest friends in the coven
Never really liking Jacob, just tolerating him so that Bella would be happy 
Almost murdering him when he imprints on Renesmee because what the fuck dude that is a literal child
Being put on the sidelines for most of the battles and not being too happy about it
Luckily everything smooths out in the end and you have your peaceful family once more
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joelsgeetar · 9 months ago
Trust & Lust — Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
TW: smut, language, etc.
Summary: After the baseball game Jasper invited you to - he sneaks into your room later that night to take care of your sexual needs.
Additional info: (Fem!Human!Reader), sub/dom vibes, rough sex, choking, dirty talk, praise, lowkey breeding kink(?), oral(f), jasper has to keep you quiet bc your parents are asleep, this was fun to write so I hope y'all enjoy! <3
I'll fix any typos later
Word Count: 2.4k+
@opalrose0 bestie dinner is ready 😎
Tumblr media
It didn't surprise Jasper to feel the lust radiating from you in the field. He knew you enjoyed watching him being active - although, you also get turned on by simply looking at him.
Jasper hasn't been intimate with you for a few weeks - he wanted to touch you more than anything but it wasn't easy to find alone time. At his home, it's impossible to be secret about it. And with your household full of siblings and both parents - it's beyond annoying to be interrupted every ten minutes.
Jasper had texted you an hour after dropping you off back home. Of course you replied immediately and suddenly you felt that familiar knot in your stomach. He told you to keep your window open, that he'd be there late tonight.
You got comfortable in bed with no intention to sleep but a wave of exhaustion knocked you out within minutes. Jasper found his way into your room thirty minutes after you fell asleep and smiled softly, admiring your aura.
“Darlin'.. Wake up, I got you some snacks.” Jasper whispered quietly into your ear, resting his body behind yours - his cold breath fanning against your neck delicately.
You groan and twist slightly in discomfort, your body shivering at the sudden temperature drop.
Jasper chuckles to himself at your sleepy state and carefully leans over to grab the bag full of snacks, purposely making noises with it.
Eventually, you sigh and open your eyes to see your boyfriend of two years grinning, his side smirk never getting old.
“I told you I was on a diet, Jas.”
“Alright then.. I'll let your siblings eat the chips.”
You gasped and playfully hit his chest which obviously didn't hurt him. He smiled wholeheartedly - knowing how much you loved spicy foods, specifically chips.
He could never understand the joy of eating normal food but he absolutely goes all out to get whatever you like. Sometimes he'll watch you eat, a curious expression never leaving his handsome features. It's amusing to him whenever you get seconds or refuse another plate - the way your body handles food is interesting and he keeps mental notes on what you don't like. Small things like that make you fall more in love with him.
You drop the bag on the floor quietly - you'd snack on them later or tomorrow. Although you did appreciate his efforts, all you wanted was to be close physically. Jasper obviously knew how you've been feeling - needy, desperate for his skillful touch and intoxicating words driven by lust. Jasper introduced you to many new things even though he wasn't your first. The first time with him felt unreal, your body in so much pleasure and shock. Jasper was the first to actually make you have an orgasm and whenever you told him that, he couldn't help himself from feeling cocky about it. Now he likes to tease you about it, loving to prove to you how well he knows your body.
You stare at Jasper and shift in your spot, pressing your thighs together in an attempt to dull the ache between your legs. It didn't take long for your vampire of a boyfriend to sense your excitement, he can hear your heart pounding faster and harder. All thanks to his wonderful gift, he always knows when you need his touch and how badly you're craving it.
Tonight isn't common - most of the time he likes to go slow and passionate, the fear of hurting his mate never leaving his mind. But with enough experience and your words of encouragement, he can often slip into a rougher mindset, his dominant nature taking over.
Jasper now has you pinned underneath his body, your legs still closed. He growls lowly to himself in frustration, gently forcing his knee to spread your legs. He hums in satisfaction against your neck, kissing and sucking your delicate skin. It's dangerous to do this, both of you know that - Jasper feeling how turned on you get whenever he kisses your neck sends him into a spiral of lust and dominance.
“Jasper..” You moan out in a whisper, desperately grinding against his thigh while he continues marking your neck - Jasper adores seeing you with hickeys, especially after someone tries to flirt with you. He will remind you and everyone that you're his. Sometimes he doesn't even need a situation like that to occur, his possessive behavior can show without being provoked - He enjoys owning you.
Jasper lowers his voice, lower than you expected - you shiver, fluttering your eyes closed momentarily and listen.
“Darlin'.. I'm gonna need you to be my good girl right now, can you do that for me?” Jasper is now roaming his hands all over your body, soon stopping at your waist, his cold fingers teasing you by tugging on your clothing, his eyes darkened - Jasper wants to touch you.
You nod and hum out a small agreement, not caring what you need to do for him to finally touch you. You've waited too long and your body is on fire, even though he's ice cold.
Jasper wasted no time after your response and ripped your sweatpants off, your underwear soaked - he takes a second to admire your arousal, proud of himself for your reaction.
You bite your lip to hold in a gasp, the cool air hitting your now exposed cunt. Jasper smirks up at you, trailing his kisses further down. He always starts from your neck to build up your excitement and it works every time.
Jasper finally latched onto your clit, flicking his tongue and swirling it just the way you like it. Your immediate reaction is to close your legs and moan - Jasper easily keeps your legs opened, holding onto your thighs roughly.
Forcing yourself to be quiet is more than difficult, the way he devours you is too good, it's impossible to stay silent. You tried biting your lip and holding your breath but it didn't work. Without much warning, you moan loudly and move your hips against his mouth. Jasper can't deny how hot you sound, the growing bulge in his pants throbbing.
Jasper pulls away abruptly, licking his bottom lip and smirks when you pout in annoyance. He knows how much you hate being teased; edging always irritates you. He loved it.
“Why'd you stop, Jas? Please- it feels so good.” You whine and moan breathlessly, you're already dripping with arousal.
He kisses your inner thighs. “I told you to be good, didn't I? You need to be quiet.”
Your face flushes and subconsciously close your legs - pressing your thighs together. “I'm sorry.”
Jasper senses the embarrassment and chuckles while prying your legs back open. His golden stare doesn't leave yours and he continues to eat you out mercilessly. You grip the sheets and focus on your breathing, holding back moans and whimpers. Jasper dips his tongue in long enough to pull another moan from you - legs shaking with pleasure. It's obvious that he enjoys hearing you, watching you struggle and move around underneath him.
It doesn't take long for the first orgasm to take over your body, you breathe heavily and whimper quietly at the sight of him holding your waist down and legs open with force - Jasper refuses to pull away; over stimulating you.
“Jasper— Fuck!” You arch your back and try closing your legs. Jasper groans against your heat and pulls away to let you calm down.
“I need you. I'll be good, I promise.” You beg him with a low whine, breathing heavier and pulling him back up to your mouth - you kiss him passionately, rougher than before.
Jasper takes his precious time with undressing you and himself, kissing all over your upper body, his cold fingers rubbing your clit to distract you from any discomfort - you're still not used to his size. And no matter how many times you hear him moan, your stomach always flips and swirls around with butterflies. Jasper isn't shy to let you know that he's feeling good.
Of course he's not loud, his sounds of pleasure are only for you to hear - he hides his head in the crook of your neck, kissing it softly. You lightly tug on his hair and he groans.
Jasper is surprisingly slow and gentle. He isn't forcing himself into you with uncontrollable lust. He grinds into you, careful not to hurt you in any way. He shows great control but deep down he is struggling. All Jasper wants to do is fuck you senseless - he wants to own you.
“I'm not going to break, Jas. It's okay.” It's not hard to tell he is craving more and so are you.
Jasper never wants to scare you with his strength. He'd rather show you that his strength is meant to protect you - save you from anything and everything. It warms your heart to the core but right now all you're thinking about is how amazing it would feel if he'd just let go.
“Do you trust me, Darlin?” Jasper looks you in the eyes waiting for your answer. He knows you do in general but with such a fragile moment like this - he needs reassurance.
That's all it took for him to finally drop the softer side of himself. He begins to build up a new pace - slowly, but surely - getting rougher.
You cling onto him and whimper. One of his hands grip the headboard, the wood cracks and splits down the middle. Jasper doesn't want to grip onto your body right now, it could harm you. Since you understand his fears and reasoning, you don't push him for more.
Jasper closes his eyes in pleasure - paying close attention to your quiet moans and breathless praise. He notices how you're losing control and struggling to keep yourself quiet. He lifts his head to look at you - smirking at your flustered face and panting. Jasper then carefully covers your mouth with one of his hands, roughly thrusting into you, whispering into your ear.
“Shh, we don't wanna get caught.”
You whine - a muffled moan leaves your mouth and vibrates against his palm. Jasper increased the speed of his movements just enough to coax another reaction from you. And again, his voice drops and sends shivers down your spine.
“It's alright, Darlin. I got you.”
Jasper studies your body - testing how rough and quick he can get before it gets uncomfortable. Within a few minutes Jasper has found the limit and lingers dangerously close behind the line. It's almost overwhelming.
The bed creaks and the headboard rams against the wall but neither of you care enough to stop, the thought of being caught brings more excitement anyways. Jasper is greedy and wants to feel all of you, wants to feel you cum around his cock - your distant sounds of pleasure edging him on.
You're a mess underneath him. Constantly squirming around, scratching his back and squeezing your legs around his waist to feel all of him - no amount of closeness is enough.
Jasper knows you're close. Any other time he'd encourage you to let go but tonight he wants this to last - Jasper likes hearing you beg.
“Don't you dare, Darlin. Be a good girl for me and hold it. I know you can do it.”
His words only welcomed your second orgasm, his tone of authority mixed with how gentle he spoke made your stomach twist and tighten. You really did try, you wanted to do what he asked but your body didn't listen.
Jasper couldn't find the words to scold you for not obeying him - the way you clenched around him and moaned loudly against his hand distracted him completely. Your climax pushed him into his own - However, Jasper still panicked silently when he knew pulling out was near impossible. You felt too damn good.
Lost in his pleasure, he uncovers your mouth and moans deeply, dipping his head down again to kiss your neck. And even though you came twice - you know Jasper is going to make it three, effortlessly. Not only that - you're also aware of his nearing orgasm that he fought off the entire time to focus on you.
“Jasper, please— Cum inside me, please!” You end up begging for it, moaning with a higher pitch and grinding against him to create more friction. All of this felt like an adrenaline rush.
Something happened. Jasper suddenly changed his demeanor, eyes dark and he let out a low growl before leaving your neck to hover over you more, one of his hands gripping your throat - his thrusts became almost erratic and close to being violent. This should've scared you but it didn't. You moaned louder and felt your body light up into flames, white hot pleasure coursing through your veins.
Jasper leans down - mumbles quietly with his hand now holding your jaw, oddly calm. “Is this what you wanted, hm? You like it when I ruin you, don't you? Look at you, Darlin - you're so desperate to be filled up.”
All you can do physically is nod and pant heavily, legs shaking and heart pounding. It's quickly starting to feel overwhelming again so your body naturally tries to escape his hold. Jasper didn't like that at all.
“What's wrong, Sweetheart? You don't think you can take it anymore? I know you want it. You're dripping, so needy. C'mon, it's okay. Take it.”
Both of you cum at the same time. Jasper helps you ride it out and doesn't stop moving. He's slower but not done yet. Jasper looks down to see your entrance leaking with his cum and he moans at the sight - praising you.
“Just like that, Darlin. Such a good girl.”
It took a few minutes to calm down from your high. Your breathing and heartbeat unsteady even after he pulled out and held you to his cold chest. Feeling insecure about your natural body heat and sweat had no chance to settle in your system. Jasper lovingly wiped your face and kissed your head - he always loved how your body reacted to being intimate with him.
It's silent except for your occasional deep breaths and slowed heartbeat. Jasper is the one to break the silence.
“Did I hurt you?” He sounded so small. Worried and nervous - it's adorable.
“No. It felt really fucking good. Thank you, Jas.”
You close your eyes and bask in the bliss he gave to you. Jasper chuckled.
“You're thanking me? I should be thanking you, Darlin.. Thank you for trusting me.”
With a tired smile you look up at him, finding him already staring at you. “Always.”
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carnationhcs · 3 months ago
I NEED a part 2 of that size kink with Jacob!!😩💓🤍🤍 I can already see him having the cullens meet her for the first time with her hopping over to Jacob stuttering over her words and him pulling her to the side to fuck her in the woods 🥺🌸🌸🤍 I'm sorry I'm just so in love qith your last fic !
(A/n: No need to apologize, I may slander Jake from time to time, but goddamn if I don't want him to absolutely ruin me at the same time😅)
(I would like to preface that this is NOT the fic for this that I talked about; it's just a second smut piece! I still don't really know if I'm going to make this a whole ass fic, let me know!)
Hope you enjoy~❤️
Taglist: @lendeluxe
Warnings: Size kink, creampie, belly bulge, public sex (does the forest count as public?), angry sex, strength kink
Age Rating: 18+, Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Kinktober- Size Kink Pt. 2: Jacob Black x Fem! Reader
How you ended up in this situation you have no clue..
The morning after the night you and Jacob spent together was kind of a blur.
You learned that not only did your long time crush like you back, but he was part of a pack of werewolves and was sort of -barely- friends with a coven of 'vegetarian' vampires. Oh and how could you forget: you were also his 'imprint' which you have taken into yourself to just call soulmate..
Back to your situation:
You are deep in the woods with none other than your now boyfriend, Jacob Black. He has you pinned against the trunk of a large pine as he roughly fucks up into you. One of you hands in gripping his shoulder as the other scratches at the bark of the tree. His body heat and force of his trusts have you craving more even as you tighten your legs around his waist in preparation for yet another orgasm. At this point he's practically bouncing you on his cock like you're a living fleshlight, you're so fucked out.
After being together for a few months, he had brought you over to the Cullen's to meet them and Bella. Naturally, he and Edward got into an argument and while you wish you could say you were nervous to be in the middle of two feuding supernatural creatures, you were moreso turned on because of the angry flexing of Jacob's muscles as he yelled. Suggesting a walk in the woods to help him calm down, you also had a plan to remedy both of your problems.
His pulsing member was forming a bulge with every thrust he made. Barreling straight into your cervix it was almost painful, though the pleasure outweighs any other sensation you might be feeling. Your hands slide over the taunt muscles of his arms; flexing with effort of holding you up for so long. The feeling of the velvet steel of his arms enough to throw your head back with a groan.
When you were fairly certain you guys were well out of earshot, you had looped your arms around Jake's neck, pulling him down in a searing kiss as you backed up against the evergreen you were now pressed against.
Pulling out of you he sets you down and spins you to face the tree, shoving back into you as he lets out grunts of his own. He grabs both of your hands in his marginally larger ones, intertwining your fingers as he holds them above you head.
"God, I love you so f- ucking much, you don't -ugh- understand.." he mutter, pressing soft kisses along the length of you neck, a complete contrast to the ruthless pace he was driving into you with.
All you could respond with was a high pitched keen as he hits just the right place inside you. Jacob's hips come to a stuttering stop as he empties the contents of his balls into your sopping cunt. The feeling of his hot seed enough to shove you over the edge one last time as well.
He doesn't pull out for a bit as he rests his head in the crook of your neck, letting the both of you catch your breath before returning to the house of vampires that definitely heard your shenanigans..
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