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infictionalwonderland · 2 days ago
Can you please write a headcannon of dating the twilight characters you write for ❤️
sure thing love <3
Tumblr media
Dating the twilight characters headcanons !
warnings : fluffff, mentions of blood death etc etc, swearing
characters included : jasper, rosalie, emmett, alice, carlisle, edward
Jasper Hale —
i am so in love with this man
he’d be really cautious at first
he doesn’t trust himself at all and with something as precious and fragile as you he was even more anxious at harming you
i feel like he would feel better if he initiated all of your touches when your relationship with him becomes more romantic & intense
pls respect my baby’s boundaries
but when the trust between the two of you strengthens
he’s willing to let you be the one to initiate contact and such things
when this happens.. pda will be a regular occurrence tbh
when he gets used to your touch, he’ll find comfort in it
hand holding :))
head buried into your neck, and you silently cheering him on as he overcomes his blood lust
but that’s just what his love for you does.
it overpowers his desire for blood
is his nickname for you
& in that accent
overall the cutest couple ngl.
Rosalie Hale —
you’re the only one who she’s just soft with.
that’s a major flex tbh
she loves when you run your hands through her hair, brush her hair, style her hair just anything like that
it’s so soothing for her
she’s so protective of you
arm around your waist at all times and glaring at anyone who looks over to youse
forehead kisses >>>
she’s big spoon 😁
she secretly loves your cuddles and cuddling with you
no matter how much she jokingly complains
loyalty is also a very serious thing for her so if you betray her trust in any kinda way
.. let’s just say she won’t be pleased
you two the typa couple to dance around to absolutely no music
& to run around in the rain
we all know bae wants kids
so.. yh prepare to adopt
bye bye your sanity :)
Emmett Cullen —
underrated hottie
you two are the LIFE of the parties
one of youse is always ‘misbehaving’ as esme says
mama cullen even suggested a naughty step
but like she loves you both, you’re her children, so it’s okay :))))
constant laughter
constant teasing
constant sexual comments
and to outsiders you two have the most confusing dynamic
one second you’ll be having a ‘fight’ and the next you’re literally jumping into his arms and he’s swinging you around happily
he loves to just kiss ALL over your face for no reason over than your laughter, his favourite sound
and you tend to just randomly jump into his arms or onto his back & he has to catch you
sometimes he purposely just lets you fall and laughs at you
what an ass 🙄 I know
Alice Cullen —
ALICE 💗💝💕💖
she’s so giddy and happy and UGH i love her
you’re basically her protector, not that she needs it, you just adore your bubbly fairy-like gf and never wanna see her in harms way
alice’s fav
can always catch the two of you cuddling wherever
constant adoring gazes
a lot of touching
lot of mushy-ness & soppy shit but it’s okay bc it’s alice
so so many compliments
she picks out your outfits for you sometimes and makes them match/coordinate with her own
best friends & lovers in one
she never fails to impress you
and you never fail to have her in sheer awe of you
cutest gfs
Carlisle Cullen —
okay im a dom
but this man 👀
anyway moving on
sorry sweetheart but you’re now the official mother of unstable dead bitches :)
have fun with that xoxo
i don’t really see a lot of pda with him
cuz idk i don’t think he’s the type
BUT i do however see him as the possessive type .. just me? mkay
he doesn’t really ‘mark’ you like in sexual way, cuz youse like with his kinda kids and they’d never let him live that down
but he does insist you wear his clothing, he’ll sometimes give you jewellery and perhaps even a ring with his initials
im here for it
lot of pet names
‘my love’
lemme catch my breath
Edward Cullen —
i kinda have mixed ish feelings bout him but let me just proceed with this
lives to tease
idc what youse say
this man IS a tease
hand on thigh
tracing your arms & figure ‘n shit
cheeky fucker just winks and/or grins at you
he likes you reading to him
he’ll have his head in your lap and you can just read to him, it’s peaceful
also outdoor adventures are another thing he likes
now that really ain’t for me, i don’t ever leave my house unless im forced but if that’s what you like then .. so does he 😶
he finds silence peaceful
like you two can be in bed, you’re sleeping on his chest ( if your human ) and he’s just looking down at you so in love, feeling peaceful and happy
in a non creepy way..
let’s hope 😃
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twilight-and-marvel · 19 hours ago
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Basically the plot of Twilight tbh.
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esme: rosalie, you need to apologize to edward!
rosalie: ugh! fine!
rosalie, to edward: unfuck you, or whatever.
emmett: HA!
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 2 days ago
emmett's canon entire personality is literally "yeah dude i drink blood and my girlfriend's hot" but what do you think he was like as a person? we get glimpses of other cullen vampires in their human life but we get nothing of him except for that deleted chapter of him telling bella the bear story.
I'm sorry, anon, wrong blog.
I think that is Emmett.
I think he's, at the end of the day, a rather ordinary man who lives in a bit of unordinary circumstances. There's nothing particularly noteworthy or special about him, he's likeable enough and amiable, but a bit of a dudebro and not one inclined to deep thought.
Emmett's just that guy who's around. Not much going on.
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railmerosalie · 4 months ago
If the people of Forks made memes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: yes there is a typo here, pls stop mentioning it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took so fucking long to make, but please do enjoy
Tumblr media
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i-shitpost · 10 months ago
My taste in men is ✨ Fictional ✨
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bellasforgottenjansport · 6 months ago
Carlisle after receiving a call from the school saying that Emmett drop kicked Edward across the football field while Jasper did 58 consecutive backflips in the cafeteria and Alice and Rosalie had a dance off that leveled the Gym:
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fluorescent-bulbs · 5 months ago
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Edward at the grad party
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effervescent-influenza · 4 months ago
Emmett after watching Jasper try to kill Bella:
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chnnmrgn · a year ago
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We gonna play some baseball or what?
(do not use without permission)
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haletwinsstan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
twilight + text posts: twilight characters as the gaslight gatekeep girlboss meme
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 2 days ago
What is Emette and Jasper's relationship like ?
Friendly enough.
They don't seem particularly close, Jasper has a lot of baggage and a dark history, but they engage in hobbies like wrestling and what have you. Emmett in general seems to get along well enough with every member of the family (including moody Edward) though he doesn't seem particularly close to any (even Rosalie to an extent).
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carlisles-girl · 6 months ago
What pet names or nick names would the cullens use for their significant other? :)
a/n: Yes of course! Thank you so much for sending requests, if you are the same person, it made my day when I arrived from the store!
Pet Names The Cullens Would Use
Carlisle Cullen
Tumblr media
Carlisle would use standard, yet romantic, names.
“My love” would certainly be his favourite.
Especially when he greeted you whenever you, or he himself, came home from work.
“My love, I’m home!” And it’d follow with a warm smile, and a kiss on the forehead.
Or, “My love, you’re home!” And he’d get up from wherever he was seated at, and go over to you and bring you close by holding your waist, then kissing your forehead, then your cheek.
He’d definitely use “Dear”, too, but less often as “my love”.
Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
I certainly feel like he’d stick to the more “Darlin’, I’m home!” Sort of 50s family sitcom stereotype.
“Darlin’” is said by him about 63 times a day.
“Darlin’, look at this,” he’d say as he showed you something.
“Darlin’, come here,”
“I miss you so much, Darlin’. I can’t wait for you to get back.” He’d say as you both were on a phone call, distanced from the other.
His accent makes it so much better and smoother.
Imagine him feeling *needy* and he’s just like,
“Darlin’, I- uhh, need ya for somethin’.”
oh my god
Alice Cullen
Tumblr media
Alice has a more bubbly personality, so I feel like she’d switch up the pet names every once in a while.
One month, it’d be: “Sweetheart”.
The next it’d be: “Baby”.
The one she’d use the most would have to be “Honey”.
You’d asked her about it, why she’d call you that out of all of the names she’d given you, and she responded with:
“Oh, no reason, you’re just my honey :)”
Literally the cutest <3
Rosalie Hale
Tumblr media
Probably not into nicknames, it most likely reminds her of her ex-fiancé.
However, she’d call you a shorter version of your name.
If your name was too short to be shortened, she’d call you “dove”.
The definition for dove is; “Bird Of Peace.”
Whenever you come into eye-range of Rose, she becomes instantly happier, you are the light of her life - her escape.
Emmett Cullen
Tumblr media
As demonstrated with Rosalie in the first Twilight film, during the baseball scene, he used “babe”.
“Babe” is simpler for him to say; it’s one syllable, and goes along with just about any sentence.
And he looooves dragging it out to get something from you.
“Baaaaabe! Please? Just one more match?” He’d say after a wresting match.
Or, “Baaaabe, please?” For just about anything.
He’d occasionally use, “Baby”, whenever he wanted a little change in his everyday life, and a raised eyebrow from you, wondering why he changed it all of the sudden.
Edward Cullen
Tumblr media
Probably would use some dumb shit like “Pookie” or something.
After an argument, let’s say, and you’re ignoring him;
Edward crossed his legs as he sat on your bed behind you. You had your back facing him and you were reading a book to clear your mind from the small argument you and Edward had just a few moments prior, but also just to ignore him. Ignoring him was such a difficult situation with Edward, because he could read every thought that passed through your brain. “I know you’re still thinking of me.” He whispered, his chin resting on his left hand. You continued to ignore him further, giving Edward a feeling of aggravation and frustration. He smiled mischievously as he scooted closer to your frame, your eyes drifting of the page you were on for a moment attempting to see what he was getting at. He rested his chin on your left shoulder blade as he brought his hands up your back, then trailed them down to your hands. You had dropped the book on your lap moments ago, forgetting even why you were mad at him as he entangled your hands with his, his chin still resting on the blade of your shoulder. “Hey,” he began, gaining your attention before your eyes fluttered closed. You hummed to him as a response, your mind still a little foggy. “You’re my pookie.” Your eyes snapped opened and you turned to face him, “What?” You said, attempting to feign your smile. “I said, ‘you’re my pookie.” Edward repeated himself as he brought a hand of his own to your jawline, bringing your face closer to his. You chuckled, so quiet that if Edward didn’t have his hearing enhanced, he wouldn’t of heard it. “What does that even mean?” “I don’t know.” He’d say as he brought your lips to his.
Esme Cullen
Tumblr media
Would keep it short and simple like “love” or “my beloved”.
She would absolutely adore you .
“My beloved, I made you (favourite food) for dinner.”
“Love, I have a new book for you to read.”
Absolutely would treasure you for the rest of your eternal lives.
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bellaxcullen · 6 months ago
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Under appreciated moment between Bella & Jasper
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lizardsparkles · 6 months ago
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I never finished this, but here are some slumber party Cullens!
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