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Toilet paper, I know that everyone wants to use you, but we would like to cherish you - masks

awww…. cute

- eilidh

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if thé c in campdnp stands for corona, does the a stand for arson? -masked language nerd

oh god i didn’t think of that… perhaps

- eilidh

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you know how everyone wants toilet paper? we aren’t an exception ;) - masks tent


- eilidh

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hey quarantine how you gonna burn us we're all sold out people actually want us unlike you -a mask

oooooooo burned (haha)

- eilidh

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Two of my characters, Daniel Diedrick, who is a hunter, and Orran, who is one of Daniel’s ancestors, and also a vampire. Orran normally wears a mask to cover one side that is scared, but that broke. 

drew this a while back, and I’ve slacked off on posting. So here is this. More to come

Orran, Daniel, and artwork belongs to me. 

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So yesterday was my birthday, my most wanted birthday gift for this year is mask and sanitizer😂😂😂
No part no big dinner this year! I am going to host my birthday party online 🤣
#mask #stayathome #stayhealthy
#transformation #crosdress #genderswap #genderfluid #tiktok #comedy #smile (at Australia)

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