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dark-frosted-heart · 18 hours ago
Sub Rosa - Team C gifs
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actorarjunrao · a day ago
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With jaya Bachchan ji Web series Sadhabhar #actorslifestyle #actorarjunrao #arjunrao #bollywood #bollywoodactor #bollywoodstar #starslife #arjunraophotos #blackstar #blackman #behror #actors #photoshoot #shooting #fashion #model #modelling #love #selfie #bestoftheday #actor #film #entertainment #photography #art #filmmaking #artist #creative
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cyberangeldust · a day ago
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with my hands on my mind, i hold wounds that won’t mend
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galaxxiwrites · a day ago
Headcanos for sotetsu n kongou dinner dates if its okay 😳 will they choose casual or romantic?Outside or liek at home?😳
Sotetsu + Kongou date hcs
Tumblr media
I feel like Sotetsu is more of an outdoors-y person, mostly because he just wants the whole world to know he's dating the most wonderful angel in this world.
If there was any time Sotetsu was glad to be working as an info broker, today was one of those times. He'd take you to all these expensive stores and restaurants and for some reason he always has a "friend discount."
He'll spoil you a lot, buying you anything you wanted and just showing you off around, calling you his cute girlfriend. The smirk never leaves his face as he sees your face turn as red as a tomato.
"Hm, what's wrong? Did I make you too flustered?" He teases you every chance he can get.
Expect lots of PDA in public, like having his arm around your waist or having his hand rest on your thigh as you both eat. He'd even suggest you sit on his lap while you eat at the restaurant, and you can tell he's dead serious.
If you furiously deny him, he'll just laugh it off. Seeing that cute expression of yours was more than enough to satisfy him.
If you say yes though? He'll be shocked, and still tease you. "Haha, feeling a bit daring today, are we?"
Really, whatever you do he'll find a way to tease you.
Will invite you to stay the night as his place, though whether or not anything will happen is all up to you.
Tumblr media
I can see Kongou as more of an indoor date kinda guy.
His dates are always so casual and relaxing, you barely have to lift a finger whenever you both have a date at home.
The dates are usually at your house, and he always arrives on the dot with homemade food.
Most of the day you two just cuddle in the house binge watching shows you're both interested in, or maybe even have a movie marathon.
Don't even bother getting up, the second he feels you moving he's asking you if you need anything to drink or eat. Gladly gets you both a drink or whip up something to eat.
If you ask him if you can help, he'll happily oblige. Your responsibilities are based off how good you are at cooking. Not saying you have to be a professional chef to help him, but he'd rather make sure you're safe than accidentally setting the kitchen on fire.
On occasion though, especially if the weather forecasts predict a mostly sunny day, he'll take you somewhere nice. On some days it's an amusement park, and on some days you both just quietly stroll around the beach or local park.
Kongou isn't much of a show off type of guy, he'd rather just enjoy the moment with you.
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cat-soap-opera · a day ago
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galaxxiwrites · 2 days ago
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Rules & Masterlist
For headcanons, I have a 3 character limit.
Fandoms: Twisted Wonderland, Arknights, Genshin Impact, BlackStar Theater Starless (BSTS), Final Fantasy XIV + XV, Jujutsu Kaisen, Ikemen Vampire + Sengoku, Code Vein
Mostly reader inserts, I don't mind doing ocxcharacter as long as you tell me about them.
MxF, FxF, MxM, or gender neutral. if you leave it unspecified, I go by MxF by default.
Please try to be as specific as you can with your request, it helps me a lot!
I also do oneshots or scenarios, but they will take time so please bear with me ^^;
If I am uncomfortable with writing a request, I'll let you know. :)
Tumblr media
Sugar daddy
BlackStar Theater Starless
Team K
Tumblr media
Team B
Tumblr media
Final Fantasy XIV
Aymeric de Borel
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact
Tumblr media
With an overworked s/o
Rainy Day
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kidstardom · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh yeah it’s not like this took me months to finally finish
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raburabusama · 2 days ago
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Some umeshu on the rocks with the boys ✨✨✨
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skygirl999warriorocs · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Warrior Ocs - Whispering Blood, Start Of A Storm - Prologue Page 2
This definitely came out a little later 😅 oops Updates on my warrior oc comic might be slow…sorry 
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wingedgardener2000 · 2 days ago
Canvas #8. Subject: Bowie's Black Stardust.
Tumblr media
I quite like how this turned out. As mentioned before, I've been wanting to a piece related to David Bowie for a while, so this came about. The colors are calm, but vivid. Meaningful, but not distracting from the whole thing. I love this one very much.
Stay tuned for canvas #9!
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Shout-out to Jupiters legacy on netflix, the show sucks total ass and I don’t know why they canceled shit to add it in the first place-
But thank the gods for the “villain”(three minutes of screen time in eight episodes), That looks like a fallout supermutant, is a dilf, and reads porno novels while wearing old lady glasses in jail while classical music plays.
Yes you heard that right, and only three minutes. For eight 50min episodes. Their MAIN villain.
Tumblr media
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madmuffin · 2 days ago
[BSTS] Main Story The singer not the song 4 Translation
Lico: Saki~. Won’t you go on a day with me? Today’s weather is perfect for it.
Saki: Ehm, but right now there’ll be a performance.
Lico: Let’s just have some tea before the performance, it’ll fire me up.
Unei: Oh thank God here you are Lico-san. I have a message from the president, he wants you to meet him in the owner room.
Lico: Are you serious…? Aah, looks like this is the end for me.
Saki: What happened? You look troubled
Lico: I might get fired if I go. What should I do, Saki?
Saki: Eh? Fired? There’s no way you’ll get fired that suddently.
Sotetsu: Well it might jus happen. You just suck at supporting and it shows.
Lico: Shut up.
Sotetsu: However, wasn’t this kind of thing Kei’s job?
Lico: I’m a different matter, I’m in debt with that dude so I was told I could repay it by working here.
Sotetsu: Weren’t you making money by being a host? You told everyone you came here because you got bored of it.
Lico: Of course all of that was a lie. Only a bunch of hosts are able to make good money. I couldn’t get enought clients so I just wasn’t making money.
Sotetsu: You can just refuse to pay, you know?
Lico: When you have that old man as your enemy?  That’s impossible. “If you join Starless your debt will pay off” is what he said, it was impossible for me to refuse.
Sotetsu: And what if you earned money at Starless? Did he say what would happen then?
Lico: The fuck you mean by that.
Sotetsu: Nah, nohing.
Lico: I’m a host, I was hoping to take care of some women but this is not it.
Saki: You sure have it tough…
Lico: Yup, that’s right. I always do. Saki, be a doll and cheer me up?
Sotetsu: That won’t do. Kei hasn’t even chosen the starting members yet.
Lico: That’s not what I mean. I just want to be comforted in a time like this.
Saki: I get it. Good luck, Lico-san!
Lico:....... I didn’t think you’d actually do it.
Sotetsu: Isn’t that nice? You just got noticed by her.
Lico: Anyways, right now it’s impossible for me to earn money at Starless. To do that I’d have to be at least a starting member.
Sotetsu: And if you become the team’s top or it’s number 2, Haseyama will change his mind too.
Lico: That won’t do. At Team K it’s completly impossible to… hm? You’re saying any team will do, right…?
To be continued...
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kueruzu · 3 days ago
Maka: Men are dumb.
Tsubaki: We know Maka.
Maka: Men are stupid.
Liz: We understand Maka.
Maka: Men are annoying.
Patty: Yea yea Maka.
Maka: He’s so dumb.
Kim: Yes he is Maka.
Maka: Why is he so-
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mechanakal · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
finally redrew this darn thing! i got tired of seeing those hecked up proportions every time i went to look for a ref >u>; not saying this is much better, but still.
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kenkichi · 3 days ago
I don't have any explanation for this but I feel like Blackstar has drank bong water before
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