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#but im just not feeling it

my mum was saying how skinny my sister was and literally said that i couldn’t be that skinny (my sister has anxiety which causes a sore stomach and then the doesn’t eat cause she’s not hungry)

and then she said that she’s scared that my sister might develop and eating disorder because one (1) time my sister are nothing the entire day except for dinner, like WTF that’s not how eating disorders work, it’s mostly to do with your mind not the food.

just because someone doesn’t eat much doesn’t mean shes going to get a f*cking eating disorders

didn’t realize how toxic my mum is..

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Ok so like,,,,,,,,,Concept

Mermaid au but All the sides are mermaids and Thomas is the only human among them

Like humans still exist and stuff and it’s probably modern day but mermaids don’t really…interact with humans much

They aren’t really *dangerous,* since most people don’t believe they exist anyways, but mermaids just. Don’t see them much. They never come out to deep enough waters or come by the coast at the right times or stay long enough, and most mermaids don’t see it fit to expose themselves anyways.

Idk what fish everyone is yet, I plan on looking that up later, honestly, but I’ve got some Other ideas.

Anyways uh,,,,,,Remus is totally the one who finds Thomas first

He was with Roman, the two of them just seeing if any humans were hanging out near the beach. They were about ready to leave to go back to where the others were (they have a little grotto they’ve claimed for themselves that most other mermaids don’t touch, probably mostly bc Remus terrifies them)

And then Remus stopped, hearing a human singing a song. That sounded like it was underwater. And was *also* an ancient siren’s song, wh-?

Remus grabbed Roman by the shoulders and dragged him back closer to the shore, telling him to listen.

Both sat stunned for a moment.

Mermaids have their own language that most humans can’t understand; it’s a lot of singing and humming and clicking + a few deviations for different species, like accents for humans. Most of this language is due to mermaids being descendants of sirens, though nowadays they have different, more complex powers that align with a species and then deviate between people, in some circumstances, though most of them still relate to singing in *some* way. (Dw, the boys are all getting their own powers.)

Mermaids can understand humans, but just barely, most of the time. This human though, he was singing something they understood loud and clear.

They took a spot on a rock near him, Remus hiding behind Roman a bit. (He’s always been the scarier of the two, and Roman is more social anyways. Plus…it was an old habit left over from when they were kids, ok? Don’t judge.)

When the man stopped singing, eyes opening, he took a moment to look around

and then simply *froze* when he noticed fucking *mermaids* right in front of him, what the hell-

Thomas was just singing an old song his parents had sung to him when he was a child, why are there fucking *mermaids* here??

Roman quickly explained that *yes* we’re mermaids but also YOU were the one singing an ancient siren song

And then the dude was like ‘oh yeah I’m hearin ya’ and they were like 'HH???’

Slowly, they explained that 'dude mermaids usually can’t understand humans and we can’t usually understand them, wh-’

And then the man’s face scrunched up and he began speaking human speak, eyes widening as he switched again. “…how the Hell didn’t I realize I was speaking in hums and whistles.”

“Ya might be siren born!” Remus chimed from behind Roman, sharp teeth grinning wide as he moved out from behind him a little more.

Thomas was just like ’???’ and so they explained that 'yeah you might have siren descendants, we have a friend who knows more tho’

The twins talked with the man a little more, finding his name was Thomas and he was coming out to the beach because he used to come here a lot as a kid. Not to mention that the sea was…calling to him, he felt, as it always had.

“Definitely siren born,” Roman muttered.

Anyways, after a little more talking and the boys introducing themselves-Roman and Remus, twins-and their powers-able to create anything they desire with a certain song and the right ingredients-they told Thomas to wait there and got the other four.

Thomas didn’t get to ask what the “power” they mentioned was all about, but he simply waited.

Roman and Remus returned with the others, the twins settling on the same rock and most of the others just popping up from the water.

They introduced themselves, one by one;

Logan, able to help anyone understand or learn anything by simply humming in their hearing range. He’s helped his stupid friends figure shit out like this a few too many times. He knows a lot about many things, as well; his powers are *made* to help people learn, and it pulls him to learn enough to properly do so.

Janus, able to deceive or trick anyone he wishes with the right song. He’s also able to make anyone believe what he wishes them to, which he usually just uses to basically go 'psst. Taking a nap is a good idea’ to his friends most of the time. He is not easy to trick, but he has a habit of lying, as it is what his powers are made for. It’s also very difficult to get him to believe anything besides what he does at the time.

Virgil, able to make anyone fear or not fear anything at all. This is rather useful for keeping others safe and keeping dangerous people and things away from them aswell, but he himself is rather fearful, a result of his purpose being to manipulate others’ fears.

Patton, able to spread any emotion he pleases, and able to sense emotions. This is useful in helping the others calm down and making sure they’re ok. He’s very emotional, however, and is often scrambled with his own between broadcasting emotions and sensing outside ones. A part of him is naturally against feeling negative emotions, as he fears he may accidently broadcast them. And either way, he’s made to spread good, *useful* emotions, right?

And Roman and Remus’ repercussions; Roman can only make certain things and same for Remus. Twins often share powers in this way, split between them. They also basically never stop thinking about what things to make, which makes them a little spacey. Remus is also prone to violent creations, and Roman flowery ones, as that’s part of their bias as two halves. When they work together, it’s absolutely perfect. Their harmonies are known for their beauty, similar voices harmonizing perfectly to put together things neither could dream of making on their own. Of course, it does take quite a bit of harmony from the two themselves, but they usually manage it. (There’s a chance part of Remus’ hectic personality is due to people disliking his creations for their darkness, and that part of Roman’s theatrics and happy tune is part of trying to keep his side of their creations, but that’s a different story, and a problem they’re working on anyways.)

After Thomas asks about the “powers” stuff, Logan tells him simple and clean; “due to the fact that mermaids are descendants of sirens, we often have our own versions of their ability to lure others in with their songs. For instance;” Logan gave a simple hum, and suddenly Thomas knew the random (but slightly pertinent) fact that twin mermaids often have powers split between them.

As for the rest of the AU, Thomas just generally learns more about mermaids and stuff and eventually, over some time and some investigating into his family history that *yea I’m a descendant of a siren holy shit.* Thomas’ power seemed to be a rather weak version of ancient sirens’; he’s able to attract people to him, basically. People hear him singing and go 'wow he seems super cool I should talk to him’. Like um…friendship powers. Literally friendship powers.

Which is uh. Probably part of the reason the sides ended up becoming friends with him in the first place.

I don’t know exactly what ocean creature everyone is going to be yet, and it probably won’t change their Power™ (wow I need a better name for those) but it miiiight change their role in their group a little bit/the headcanons I have for how everyone is going to act, so I’ll have to wait and see. For now though, I’ll give you the basic idea:

Roman and Remus are the chaos twins, of course. They go around creating whatever the hell they want, basically-within reason. Mostly. Remus scares off any other mermaids for the most part and Roman talks to the ones that seem nice and assures them that they’re just trying to keep their little grotto safe. The two of them were abandoned and grew up pretty much alone. They only had each other. They’ve got a pretty unbreakable bond-oh and also they have an *infinite* amount of teasing material and inside jokes.

Virgil also instills a little fear in most of them of specifically *hurting* him and his friends/messing with their shit. It used to be pure 'yeah fear us’ when he didn’t have as good as a grasp on his powers and just Panicked anytime anyone came up but now he’s more like 'yeah just leave us alone pls’.

Janus? Absolutely the local mom. Goes around forcing everyone to sleep well and to eat and to *preserve your goddamn voices you idiots, I know we all love singing here but our voices are Important ok-*

Also forces Remus to stop chasing local tiny fish and is the only one that can really keep him in line. (Roman can too, for the most part, but he doesn’t rlly mind Remus’ random shit for the most part.)

Logan usually leaves for at least part of the day to explore and find more things out. He exhausted most tests he could of the other fives’ powers to understand them better in about the first month, but he still has it filed away in his Memory Brain. (And that memory of his is exceptional; another important part of what makes his powers useful, and thus extremely pertinent.) Other than that he’s usually telling the others off for doing stupid shit or telling someone stuff if they want to hear. (One of the others sits down every couple days and lets him infodump on specific fish and stuff like that. Sometimes verbally, sometimes through his hums, depending on the day.)

Patton is usually goin’ around spreading good feels and fixing any bad ones he finds along the way. He’s always checking on everyone, always making sure everyone’s happy and ok, and they make sure he is in turn.

Sidenote for the Glasses Boys: yeah no I don’t think they have glasses. Maybe it’s more like…hm…they were born with slightly weak voices, ones that were wobbly. A simple fix, just as glasses are; simply more singing, more training of the voice, and they’re mostly up to snuff.

Second sidenote, mermaids can sing without using their powers, but it’s fairly rare as most see it as a necessity rather than something fun. The sides love singing, though, and random singing without a meaning at all can often be heard ringing through the tiny little home they’ve carved out.

I just realized I don’t know how they sleep. Idk if/how this is going to work depending on what ocean creatures I choose, but currently the plan is they sleep in piles on the ocean floor, inside their grotto/cave thing. Sometimes just a couple of them sleep together, sometimes they’ll all pile on. Depends on who goes to sleep when and what piles you want to join. The rule, though, is no one sleeps alone. It’s just not as fun, and Patton insists. And we don’t ignore Patton in this household, ok?

The twins like/hate sleeping together on their own depending on the night, though they almost always sleep together anyways. Just the two of them reminds them out at sea, alone when they were kids, but it also makes them feel *safe.* On the nights it reminds them of sadder days, they usually just beg one of the others to join them for the night.

It’s basically a rule that *someone* has to oblige.

The twins don’t sleep right without each other, honestly. Sometimes, though, they need someone else there to remind them of where they are now.

Idk what I’m going to do with the others’ backstories, really. If nothing else, tho, current plan is that mermaid parents usually work like ours do; they raise a mermaid until it’s mature enough to be out on it’s own. This can change between species, though, and is mostly decided by the mermaid and it’s parents according to species, preparedness, and like 50 other factors. So it’s not quite as set-in-stone as it is for humans.

Remus and Roman were *certainly* too young when they were abandoned; maybe 10 years old when most leave at 16 to anywhere around 24.

No one knows where their mother went. Not even them.

Also just realized they don’t have ages,,,,,,,,h

Note: mermaids live longer than humans (around 150 yrs mostly, deviates slightly depending on species) but they still use human ages, since they mature at…kinda the same rate. Sorta. Thomas, of course, will be living a little longer than most; probably 120 yrs or so, as most of his family is known for. (His great grandfather holds the record for humans at 140 yrs. Probably only a couple lines down from that og siren.)

Roman and Remus: 23

Virgil: 22

Patton: 24

Janus: 25

Logan: 24

Thomas: 23

Mermaid lifespans would probably be a lot shorter if most predators didn’t know not to fuck with them. Even animals can understand that mermaids are *powerful,* and can and *will* protects themselves. Most mermaids live peacefully, unless they try to fight each other, which is actually kinda rare since they’re usually loners or in small groups like The Boys are and they’re usually pretty spread out.

Idk if I’m gonna do any romance for this AU…I’m kinda not in the mood?? Feelin like lettin this just be friends bein friends yknow

Idk. I think that’s it for this idea for the moment. I’ll come back with any major ideas/those ocean creature designations later, so yknow,,,,,,,,hype for that ig

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Ok I gotta vent real quick and then I’ll never talk about it again because I feel like the most white privileged young adult EVER by even thinking these thoughts. I’m so angry at myself. All I can think about is how sad I am that I can’t celebrate my 21st birthday tomorrow. I know it makes me THE SHITTEST person ever and now I’m just beating myself up. I feel like half of me is Kim saying “omg I lost my diamond earring in the ocean” and the other half of me is Kourtney saying “Kim, there’s people dying”. I have cancelled my trip to Nashville next week because it doesn’t feel right and that I should be celebrating and having fun at all and I beleive would be soooo insensitive of me (a white girl) to walk around downtown Nashville acting like nothing is wrong. My friends and family are so upset at me that I canceled and are going anyway and now I just get called a “crazy liberal bitch” by everyone and get told I’m being “too sensitive” or “care too much” when talking about the movement. Idk I just wish there wouldn’t have to be a movement and systemic racism wasn’t the foundation of this shithole of a country. There should be NO DEBATE on “IF” black ppl should be treated fairly. I hope this leads to real change and we never go back to how it has been.

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Hi guys it’s me your friendly neighborhood hispanic here to talk about the use of spanish in fics!!!

First off: please stop using cariño so liberally. While technically correct it’s not used very much between lovers as it has slightly juvenile connotation and is more often used on children. If you’re that desperate to use a spanish term of endearment try mi amor or mi vida

That being said…maybe remember that Eddie doesn’t speak spanish that much in the show. He only has been shown speaking it to people who speak spanish to him first and, if he’s anything like me, the only time he’ll speak spanish in front of non spanish speakers/his family is if he’s a) with his family in public or b) drunk.

Most bilingual people don’t mutter in Spanish or interspers it into their daily vernacular the way I’ve seen people doing in fics, and we definitely don’t say things like “sorry my spanish comes out when I’m mad”,… if you’re angry enough to revert back to spanish you’re not gonna be pausing to apologise in english I speak from experience

Anyways I just wanted to put this out there because it’s a lil uncomfy to read that way and also kinda feels fetishising rather than an attempt at accuracy

If other spanish speakers/latinos/etc have opinions feel free to comment on this post

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