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#dimitri alexandre blaiddyd

(so so happy you specified Gen!!!! I’ve never written them in the same scene peacefully I don’t think? thanks for this! @dailydimiashe got Dimitri/Ashe on my brain so if you don’t mind…)

Perhaps the mirror in his dorm room was tired of having Dimitri look into it and fuss with his hair, but Dimitri was too wracked with nerves to care. He messed with his cuffs, untied and re-tied his boots, ran his fingers through his hair– all the while pacing in his room.

There was a knock on the door. He tensed. Ashe was early. “C-Come in!” 

Edelgard entered and Dimitri let out a sigh of relief that made his whole body sag. “Oh good, it’s you.”

“Expecting someone else?”

“N-No, I was, ah, that is…” Dimitri groaned. “You already know, don’t you?”

Edelgard smirked. “I do. I thought I would drop by and see how nervous you are.” She looked him up and down. “I’m going to guess “a lot”.”

“I am perfectly fine.”

“Your boots are untied.”

“That proves nothing.”

Edelgard rolled her eyes, unimpressed. “Why in the world are you nervous? Ashe is the one about to go on a date with royalty. You’re a mess.”

“Oh goddess, am I?” Panic surged though Dimitri and he whirled around to check the mirror again. “I thought my uniform would be good enough to wear but perhaps–”

The floor suddenly rushed towards him as Dimitri tangled himself in his boot laces. As if expecting this, Edelgard caught him by the hand and pulled him upright. It took a moment for the room to right itself. 

Dimitri sucked in a breath. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Edelgard let go and pointed to the bed. “Sit and tie your shoes.”

Dimitri followed orders. As he bent to lace up his boots, Edelgard sat beside him. “Did you come here to watch me unravel?” Dimitri asked miserably.

“I came to calm you down.” Edelgard unabashedly looked around his room. “So you are the one who checked out that book from the library! I’ve been looking for it everywhere.”

Dimitri dropped his head into his hands. “You may have it if you can… help me, somehow. I have never been on a date before. I have no idea– I don’t know what I am doing, Edelgard.”

Silence followed this confession. Dimitri was content to let it go on forever. Possibly dissolve into the floor. But after a minute, he turned to look at Edelgard.

She was twisting a lock of hair around her finger, eyes on the opposite wall, looking deep in thought. “Anything?” He prompted, well aware of how desperate he sounded. 

“All I can think of,” Edelgard said slowly, “is that Ashe likes you.”

Dimitri stared. “I would certainly hope so?”

She looked at him. “I mean, you shouldn’t have to do anything differently, then. Ashe already likes who you are. At least enough to agree to a date.” A soft smile lit her face. “As long as you both enjoy yourselves, I think everything should turn out just fine.”

The words were a balm to Dimitri’s tense spine. “You are right.” He straighten his cuffs one last time and stood from the bed, turning to face her with his arms out. “Well? How do I look?”

Edelgard looked him up and down once more. “You look like Dimitri. As you should.”

He smiled at her just as there came a knock on the door. “Your Highness? I mean, um, D-Dimitri? Are you ready?”

Edelgard stood and fiddled with the front of Dimitri’s hair. He scowled but she ignored him, brushing something off his shoulder before giving him a firm nod and a light push towards the door. 

Dimitri waved her away, earning himself a smirk. 


“I am ready, Ashe.” Dimitri called. He opened the door and there was Ashe. Dimitri grinned– Ashe looked like himself as well. Perhaps things would go well after all. 

Ashe smiled when he saw Dimitri, but his face quickly fell into confusion. “Edelgard? What are you doing here?”

Dimitri felt himself tense again but Edelgard simply pushed past Dimitri into the hallway. “I was just coming to get this book Dimitri was hogging,” she said, holding up said book. “Have a wonderful time, you two.”

With that, Edelgard left. Ashe watched her go before turning back to Dimitri with a nervous smile. “Um, shall we?”

Dimitri shut his dorm door and held out his arm to Ashe. “We shall.”

Infinitely more confident, Dimitri escorted Ashe out of the dorms. And he did not trip over his boot laces even once. 

(send me a ship or platonic pair and a type of hand hold!)

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Keep Your Mouth Shut - Joths_Dump - Fire Emblem: Fuukasetsugetsu | Fire Emblem: Three Houses [Archive of Our Own]
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Thank you!

Ok I’m looking through some of those tweets for inspiration. I’m totally stealing “Mom, you were my best friend until I actually got friends” as a Dimitri roast. He definitely cried over this. He’s just. A lil dramatic about things sometimes. Especially when it comes to his children.

Dedue never gets roasted. He is above reproach. All of the children idolize Papa Dedue.

Felix is the opposite end of the spectrum. He gets roasted constantly. Usually for his height or his general catty behavior. I think one time the kids acquired one of those headbands with cat ears? And they tried to put it on Felix in the middle of dinner. And Idk if you’ve ever put something on a cat’s head before? They do that thing where they look horrified for a moment and then try and back away or buck the thing off? That’s Felix in that moment, and absolutely everyone at the table is laughing their asses off. When asked why they did this they’re like “well you’re already basically a cat?”

Sylvain mostly gets roasted for being a hypocrite lmao. He doesn’t want his son flirting and André just looks at him deadpan like “But mama says you used to do this?”

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the fact that these weren’t transparent was mildly inconvenicing so yeah . anyways , if you find some actual use for them , go ahead and use em ?

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Byleth: I have made an awful mistake. Dimitri and Sylvain were arguing about something during the middle of a war meeting. So I made them sit and watch Into The Woods as punishment. Now they won’t stop singing ‘Agony’ together at any given chance. What have I done?

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FE3H College/University AU: Blue Lions Part 3

Here we go again with this—

Part 1

Part 2


  • “He is so gay,” says probably the entire college.
  • Ashe maintains a GPA of 3.0-3.3. He’s got his book smarts for sure, and very decent street smarts since he used to be a thief.
  • He’s apart of the horticulture club, culinary classes, and is a part of the agriculture club. This is how he gets closer with Dedue!
  • His thieving skills come in handy when it comes to lunch hour; he can steal something off your tray right before your very own eyes and you won’t notice it. He probably steals your small cakes that you buy for an extra $1.25.
  • Ashe also lives with some people who worked for his father since he was young. His father died earlier in the year and had a decent amount of political power. Since his death, those who live with him have urged him to take over his political stance, but he’s just pursuing culinary (and alchemy).
  • He and Caspar are b a s i c a l l y brothers; they actually have a lot of classes together, but he has to keep Caspar out of trouble most days. When he makes friends with Dedue, he had to tell Caspar about him and even seeks out advice on how to talk to him. Caspar usually suggests being honest and just talking to him about what he’s curious about or find out interests. “Hit the nail on the head,” as Caspar usually says.
  • This dude loves baking edibles. He prefers to bake the brownies, though. The one who eats brownies the most is Felix, despite hating sweets. He’ll eat that like it’s spicy food.
  • Oh, if Ashe were to be apart of a sport it would have to be archery or hockey. I don’t know why Hockey, but something tells me with the way he’s pale that he enjoys ice skating too.
  • Ashe is almost never late for class. Rarely he’ll oversleep, but he does get sick more commonly than most people do, I feel.
  • During his lunch break, he’ll go to the courtyard and feed stray cats. Caspar sometimes is there feeding them as well. One of them he’s named ‘Finley,’ due to the cats obsession with fish.


  • This q u e e n is the mother of the Blue Lions, no doubt; Probably the OG mommy of the schools lesbi—I mean, let’s be honest guys.
  • Did someone say lesbian? Because Mercedes needs a cute girl to have mommy vibes with probably. Maybe. It’s probably Annette.
  • She maintains a 3.0-3.4 GPA, and often finds herself with not much motivation to do her homework. So what does she do? She sweet talks people like Annette, Linhardt, or Ingrid into helping her with her work/studies. She rewards them by baking for them or helping them with any chores they may have in their homes or at their dorms.
  • Studies religion thoroughly and is a pastoral student so she can teach about the Goddess.
  • Even though she studies religion, she makes the most sex jokes besides Sylvain dkdkdkdl
  • She probably leads a religious study group every Sunday morning and Sunday evening. She also takes part in any sort of charity event. She always bakes and drags Annette into baking with her one way or another. Although Annette isn’t huge on charitable events, she still takes part to see people happy.
  • While she’s menacingly beautiful and soft-spoken, she can slip into this motherly voice that’s stern and it’s lowkey scary for any student to witness it.
  • This girl bakes the best edibles. She bakes anything sweets and happens to make candies as well. 
  • Whenever the Blue Lions get together, you know what she’s bringing; the good stuff. She, Ashe, and Dedue mainly make the good stuff so that they can munch on food and discuss anything remotely thought-provoking. She’s tried to offer Dimitri some but he refuses every time.


  • Honestly I love Ingrid and she just has feminist vibes so yes.
  • I smell a pansexual woman who says “gay rights.”
  • She manages a 3.5+ GPA. She’s hella hardworking, knows what she believes in, is a tomboy, loves anything protein, reads and studies a lot—what else can I say? She even tutors other students and actually gets enjoyment out of it.
  • She’s apart of an outside equestrian group apart from the school. That’s where she’s met some others like her. But she meets Dorothea through an LGBTQ+ group where they’re supportive of each other and share their stories, etc. she probably develops a crush on Dorothea here.
  • Visits Dimitri every once in a while because she feels like she’s his big sister. When she sees him at his home, she brings treats for his dog and brings him little gifts. Sometimes a little box of tea or some snacks. She also views Sylvain and Felix as brothers, too. Mainly Felix as a brother-in-law.
  • Whenever she, Sylvain, Dimitri and Felix are together, the four of them all know that Ingrid’s in charge of them—regardless of the fact that Sylvain is the oldest.
  • Lunch is her favorite hour of the day because food,,, Felix sometimes makes fun of her for it. Trust me, she doesn’t bother to try and look pretty while she eats.
  • When the Blue Lions get together and study, instead of eating edibles, drinking or smoking, she’s actually the one leading the study session. If anyone wants to get her off track, they either talk about food, or the music or theatre department (Dorothea).
  • She and Ashe get along really well and he views him as a brother as well. Often times she and him will talk about books they’ve read; they end up being study partners most of the time since the others get off track too easily.
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Different [timeskip!Dimitri]


Pairing: Dimitri x reader

Request: no

Word count: 1180

Warnings: none

Author note: I have been rewatching the originals lately (it’s a good show) and Klaus reminded me of post timeskip Dimitri, so have this thing.


It has been five years since the battle at Garreg Mach Monastery.

Back then you felt like you had lost everything. Your subsequent home, your religion, your boyfriend’s sanity and your professor. And then things only went down hill from there, you had to return home to your family and leave your friends, a literal war broke out and to put the icing on the cake your mentally unstable boyfriend died. But surprise he didn’t really die! You just found out that his friend and vassal died in his stead, making him even more mentally unstable than he already was. Oh, and your professor is also alive and well, bringing you to this situation.

“Dimitri! I know you can hear me.” You said as you knocked on the door of his room for the fourth time that day. Turns out when you decided to not attend the war council for one time, everyone suddenly votes you to be babysitter/therapist for the next king of Faerghus. The professor explained that they’d thought you’d be the best choice to bring him to his sense since you were his girlfriend once and are the closest thing your group had to a therapist, you however believed that it was simple punishment for not showing up to the war council.

You paused for a moment and looked around. It was quite late at night, you believe that everyone else has already turned themselves in for the day. “Come on, Dimitri.”

Everything was silent for a moment, that’s when you heard an annoyed growl and shuffling from the other side of the door.

“You don’t have to yell, I heard you.” The door opened slowly, and only just a smidge, but it opened. Before you was now the latent king, his deep blue eyes, well eye, staring right at you.

“What do you want?” His voice was practically dripping with venom as he spoke to you. It seemed that any love or compassion he once had for you was gone and overtaken by anger and desire of revenge towards the emperor.

You shook that thought out of your head and instead focused on your task at hand. “You weren’t at dinner. I just wanted to check up on you.” You said with a smile on you face, trying to be more inviting.

Dimitri only clenched his jaw at your feeble performance, he knew that this wasn’t you. “I’m fine,” he growled through his teeth like a beast, “Now drop the act and leave me alone.”

“What are you talking about?” You replied confused, “I’m not acting.”

He let out a scoff, “Of course you are. Look at yourself. That outfit, your forced smile, did the others put you up to this humiliating display?”

You let out a sigh and crossed your arms over your chest. “Well, everyone is worried sick about you. And honestly can you blame them? You’re… different. And I’m not talking about the good kind of different.”

Sometimes the gloves just have to come off and you need to slap some sense into people, fortunately you were a bit better in the latter category.

You looked at Dimitri and paused for a moment, taking a deep breath, “Listen up, you sewer rat. I used to know you better than anybody and I know you know that.” You began, earning yourself a quiet scoff from the blond, “There isn’t a single person I loved psychoanalysing more five years ago. And now you stand before me with a scowl on your face, showing no hint of your past self or your love for me. If anything you’re pushing me— us all away.”

“It’s better that way trust me,” he simply said, making you reach out to grab his hands, only for him to push you away from him. “Go away (Y/N).”

“Why?” You replied with a pained look.

“Just go away (Y/N).” He repeated.

You shook your head and took another step forward, “I’m not leaving you. I’ve made that mistake once before. I’m not doing it again.”

“(Y/N), leave right now.”


“GO AWAY (Y/N)!”

You shrunk back at the sound of the loud and commanding voice shouting at you. It was loud and aggressive, almost akin to a growl let out from a beast, making you freeze in your place with wide eyes. Dimitri saw your frightened state and instantly felt regret wash over him, something he knew all to well. His face softened and instead of slapping your hands away he took them into his, like he did when the two of were at the academy together.

You snapped out of your trance and looked up at him in confusion. He only let out a sigh, “From the first time we met, you were right,” he said in a much softer tone, “You saw me for what I really am, a man that is damaged by his demons. And those demons are not dormant, they are hellbent on killing me and everything I find beautiful. And you… you are beautiful.” He took a small pause and pushed a stray piece of hair behind your ear, “I lost enough people in my life. I’m not losing you too. That’s why I need to kill the emperor once and for all.” He dropped your hands and the look on his face hardened once more.

He looked like he wanted to return to his quarters, but you weren’t done with him yet. “Dimitri, wait. I get it,” you said, making him turn to face you once more. “The hurt you have had inflicted on to you for years, I understand what you’re fighting against here. But the real question is, what are you fighting for? Ask me to dance.”

The prince looked at you perplexed, “You want to dance? Right now? You hate dancing with every cell in your body.”

“Yes, I do. But I’m trying to make a point.” You stretched out you hand to him. He took it and then placed his hands on your hips, while you wrapped yours around his neck.

You quietly started to hum a faint melody and together the two of you started to sway slowly from side to side. Eventually you leaned your head on his shoulder as you continued to sway, even without a tune to guide you. “There’s more to life than the pain that they made you feel,” you spoke quietly, “A cold drink, a nice song, a good friend. There are good things, Dimitri. You need to see that too. There’s no real peace in revenge.”

The two of you stopped to sway and broke apart. You looked up at Dimitri, looking for any kind of reaction, that’s when you felt a soft kiss being pressed on to your forehead. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I can’t.”

With that he left and closed the door behind him, leaving you all alone in the cool night air.


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i havent drawn my boy in a very long time,,,

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his highness dimitri alexandre blaiddyd if he had commissioned a portrait of himself during his time at the officers academy

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