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been tryna change my attitude about drawing lately 

and disocvering that while i really enjoy doing it and figuring out how CSP works and testing things and just having fun, its frustrating that i often get exhausted easily and can’t continue things in one night 

(maybe thats a side effect of recovering from a month-long breakdown but y’know still annoying)

i guess its better for making me stay on a project a bit longer and clean it up more tho, i want to be able to dedicate a lot of time to something like that 

also i said i’d leave medibang but i may keep it just for doing multi-character things with my simple lineart and colours 

csp is slightly better for painting and single character things but medibanf is easier to manage with more character cos its an easier program

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Lineup of the character designs I drew for the #huevember challenge. I am really struggling with the algorithm now, as it refuses to to give my work a coverage, so any like, comment or a share is really important to me right now ☺️
I am really proud to have finished this challenge.
#помощьхудожникам #концептарт #дизайнперсонажа #цифровойрисунок #артер #иллюстраторка #オリジナルイラスト #visdev #conceptartist #conceptartwork #characterartwork #characterlineup #modelsheet #オリジナルキャラクター #オリキャラ #clipstudiopaint #csp #artistssupportingartists #artistsupportingartist #キャラクターデザイン #キャラクター

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Impulse bought CSP and I’ve been learning it with some rad new brushes!

Drew an old lady dragon with this neat crunchy brush:

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