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Haven’t finished lotr but I support them cause my mom stans them, and I stan my mom XD

(they are both beautiful and my mom told me their love story and it sounded very romantic to me at the time, even if I forget the details) (she waited for him right?) (so he could prove himself?) 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

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Ship: Mary Penelope/Jake Windsnap?

what a THROWBACK!! 

They were cute ngl. Not super memorable. Pretty sure they had the story where they were kept apart because of parents??? I’m pretty sure I liked them .. . 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

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Hey I was wondering, do you reblog cast lists too?

Hello! 😊 Unfortunately, we generally do not reblog content that concerns tv-show or movie adaptations. Thank you for understanding. ❤️

- Nickie

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Nice art! Glad to meet another “Coco” fan!

Thank you!! And likewise! :’’)

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Love your video reviews! Especially your 2-part "Love Never Dies" review. Always great to meet another Phantom of the Opera fan =]

Thanks! I was a super hardcore Phantom phan from ages 11 to 23ish. Like so so obsessed. It was my whole world. Now I have a much more balanced world, but it will still always be my favorite story.  I used to collect Phantom memorabilia. I have a HUGE collection of stuff. I’ve sold some of it over the years in hard times, but I still have hundreds and hundreds of things. Also all my old Phantom fanfic is still on >_>

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Your art's looking better and better! Love the lighting effect you did on your most recent one.

Thank you very much! I took my time and looked up some guides. I need to let myself know sometimes it’s ok to not know everything right away. I’ve been pushing myself more this year with my art and it seems to be paying off. 

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I like your designs of Brendan and Walley as merfolk! Wonder what Mermaid!May would look like

I have designs for both May and Zinnia, I haven’t had the time to color them;;;
May is either an octillery, a blue basculin or a frillish. Zinnia is something like a shark but I can’t think on a pokémon that fits her.

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Love your Youtube channel! I discovered it via your "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" review. That movie IMO is so bad that it's good XD

Thank you! :D Haha yeah we were just in it for Diego Luna, especially by the end XD

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I think it'd be a really cute idea if your kids cosplayed sometime as a Numel and Carvanha, to match your Maxie and Archie costumes ^_^!

That would be so cute! Although I feel they would protest if they weren’t dressed as a Mega Camerupt and Mega Sharpedo. They will always be my little baby pokemon to me though! 

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Skeleton!Guzma looks like Sans from Undertale 😆

Yeah, I laughed at this when I was drawing him.

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YAAAY "Primal Rage" is finally done!! I loved the ending =D

I’m so glad! Even though I stayed very close to my original notes I don’t think I planned for the last chapter to get as long as it did. Made editing a bit of a nightmare, but I’m glad that I pushed through. I’m happy with how it all came together. Thank you for reading, it means a lot!

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Have you thought about adding any famous athletes to the Rejected Princesses list?

There’s quite a few in the book, including one who won the only Gold Medal ever given for “All Sports” - yes, all of them - by the French Academy of Sports. I try to avoid more contemporary figures, though, and most famous athletes are fairly modern.

I do have a couple on the web, too:

There will undoubtedly be more.

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cjbolan submitted:

Everyone else here is submitting fanart of Maxie&Archie, so I decided to do the same thing :)


Artwork belongs to myself

*GASP* ORAS has infiltrated the RSE sanctuary!

Haha joke, thank you very much for submitting :DDD all marchies are precious and welcome. Now turn towards each other and kiss U3U

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I dare you to draw your cats in Pokemon-style!

Oh, I lost already!!  Sorry, I draw animals just terribly! I have absolutely no  practice, because my whole life I was more interested in drawing humans and stuff… But maybe oneday!

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Thoughts on the RSE versions of Team Magma/Aqua?

i enjoy them quite a bit! they arent as preferred to me as oras magma/aqua, both design and character-wise, but i wouldnt demean them or really compare the two versions to each other.

there is one thing i strongly prefer out of their rse counterparts: their clearer ideals in helping people And pokemon rather than the ‘help pokemon/humans too’ ambiguity in oras (theyve been rewritten as such to show extremities, which i dont mind)

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I admire your ability to apologize for being rude 🙂! We all have our bad moments yet still need to own up to them, if we want to keep having good people in our lives. Most people online are either too scared or too arrogant to ever apologize for their behavior because...well, it's the Internet and the Internet sets no consequences and thus cannot stop people from doing whatever they want.


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That drawing of Maxie on the wooden board in the ocean reminds me of Kate Winslet in "Titanic" 😆

It wasn’t my intention X) But it’s funny coincidence.

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