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thefiresontheheight · a year ago
Prediction for other Americans: In a year or two when COVID-19 is winding down either just due to burnout or a vaccine there will emerge a narrative that it was tragic, and sad, but unavoidable, and people did what they could in the face of overwhelming odds.
This will be false.
The US has been far, far too slow in responding. Contrast our response with South Korea's, with their aggressive testing, containment, and mitigation. Notice how slow we have been in implementing measures that can slow the virus's spread. Notice how lack of insurance, paid time off, and a robust safety net will speed the virus's spread. Notice the lack of testing, and the spread of misinformation. This was, perhaps, not something that can be prevented, but it is absolutely something that can be mitigated, and our leaders and our country failed and continue to fail to take actions that can mitigate it.
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rimurutempest-bounced · a year ago
Tumblr media
repost from twitter
EDIT: Since this blew up when i wasn’t paying attention, I’m sorry for the original lack of transcript. I doubt the version circulating usually includes it, so I’m at least fixing the OP.
Transcript by @lilleeboi​
[ID: Cartoon of a light-skinned blind person with sunglasses, a white cane, and a yellow service dog standing next to a sign that says “IMPORTANT NOTICE” in bold red letters. Under this is a wall of black text on a white background, reading:
“I wanted to make people aware… guide dogs haven’t been trained in social distancing and queuing to get in a shop. If you see a guide dog heading straight for the shop door and not joining the queue, that is what they have been trained to do. They’re not being rude or intentionally queue jumping. Also, if you see them walking down the street, remember, they haven’t been trained to social distance, so it is up to us, the sighted people, to give them space. Hope that helps my many guide dog owner friends in these really difficult and challenging times.”
/end ID]
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fandomsnerd24 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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revolution-must-happen · 7 months ago
"Cowman" vs A Country of humans
Since 2014, this is a timeline of the number of times Cowman put this Country to trouble. The common man suffered - Sometimes thrown to Streets filled with utter Chaos, sometimes Locked-down, overnight shocking announcements, is his way of exploiting a Nation. CowMan never faces an interview, it's always - One way: He dictates, and the Nation must follow, even if it was at midnight!
Demonetization : Chaos and Disaster. The sudden announcement brought people to the streets, poor men and daily-wage laborers were stranded as there was sudden shortage of cash. How suddenly without planning and mismanagement, he abolished the currency notes 500 and 1000, and introduced 2000. People didn't understand why higher currency is banned to implement a much higher currency. Reason Given: Terrorism funds and black money flows in huge currency notes, so banning them is the only option. Reality: GDP falls, Unemployment and Cash Crisis. Result: Black money converted to White! Innocent common man suffered while the corrupt ones got away..
Pulwama Drama: Political drama to win his elections. In Pulwama Kashmir, 100kg explosives smashed into a Soldiers truck killing 40 personnel. The Blame was on Pakistan and it's Terrorists who infiltrated to India. In Air attack with Pakistan, India lost two Fighter planes and one Indian Pilot surrendered to Pak forces. Reason given: Retaliation is a must - India is strong and can fight back - Destroy terrorist camps in Kashmir border - India must prove it's stance as a leader in World Arms race. 300 Terrorists are camping in Kashmir border, and India will destroy them by sending Indian Airforce to Bomb the region. Reality: With whose permission 100kg explosives entered India in the first place? How a strictly controlled Border with Pakistan by Indian Army allows 100 Kg explosives to enter India? Or these were supplied from within India - is a direct pointer to this CowMan. Only trees were bombed, and none of 300 Terrorist bodies were found. His political game costed lives of 40 Soldiers and insult to India on international forum. Result: Cowman wins elections by outraging innocent youth with fake news and created tensions between India-Pak. Huge outrage against Pakistan, War-like situation, Indian youth motivated for Patriotism, situation created such that nobody can save India except Cowman. Hail Cowman slogans everywhere! Cowman uses every opportunity to convert it to Religious/Communal crisis, by spreading hate, and motivating them with Pride of patriotism.
Kashmir Lock-down : Serious violation of Human Rights. Abrogation of Article 370, which is against the law and against the agreement with united nations. Kashmiri people suffered seriously by total shutdown of Transport, TV, Telephone, Internet for over 6 months! and curfew by heavy military force. Reason Given: India's internal matter - Kashmir belongs to India. Reality: Kashmir belongs to neither India nor Pakistan. Result: International outcry against India's stupidity, violence against Kashmiri youth, which led to the spread of ISIS in Kashmir...and Kashmiri market dumped to losses.
Ayodhya Verdict: Establish India as a Hindu State. Whether it was birthplace of Hindu god Ram, or it belongs to Muslims, this case was running for several decades, and both Hindu and Muslims claimed it their own. Several Communal clashes happened in the past over this issue. Babri Masjid was demolished by Mob Hindus of Cowman in 1992. Court verdict was given in a hurry in Nov2019, settled the Muslims with a piece of land elsewhere and then immediately the Judge retires. Reason Given: How long shall we Hindus and Muslims fight? Lets together find a solution.. Reality: ASI (Archeological Survey of India) clearly states in Ayodhya Verdict: Neither the Hindu remains were found, nor Islam remains were found! Buddhist artifacts, thousands of years old, were found by ASI! Result: Hide the facts immediately. Give the Judgement immediately. Retire the Judge immediately. And wash off their hands with Hinduism. Why? If not hidden, all the 330 million gods may have to beg on the streets of India. Oh! Serious threat to Hinduism. Maybe every temple needs to be dug out, to find Buddhist remains underneath the flashy decorated temples. Better hide the facts and say Jai Shri Ram!
CAA/NRC: India is no more a Secular Nation. Citizenship Amendment Act/National Register of Citizens: means that every Indian citizen must prove his citizenship by providing a 50+ year old document. Reason Given: only minority Hindu immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan can be granted citizenship. Reality: Indian Muslims/Dalits need to be dumped as secondary-citizens or non-citizens. Disapproving citizenship to more than a 3rd of India's population. Who can provide a document older than 50 years? In India, Suppressed and Depressed classes (BC+SC+ST+Minorities) =85% population, who were never until 1950 allowed to earn, learn, own land, do jobs out of their caste. It is only after implementation of Constitution in 1950 that they could earn a living, buy a piece of land and then provide a document of proof, which is older than 50 years. Meanwhile during Partition of Ind-Pak, several Muslims migrated to India, these Muslims were hardcore patriotic Indians who left Religion and Pakistan for the sake of a Secular India so as to co-exist with Hindus, Christians, Sikhs etc. CAA/NRC questions their patriotism. Result: Huge outcry and Protests throughout every corner of India. Cowman removes the word "SECULAR" from Indian Constitution. SECULAR means: Religion has no interference in the functioning of the Government/State. Transformation of India into a pure Hindu Rashtra/State. Shaheenbagh peace protesters were ruthlessly beaten and serious violation of Human rights, UN shames India for ill-handling of most peacefully protesting women, including pregnant-women being handled inappropriately.
COVID entry in 2020: Corona Lock-down - A failure. Clanking and Candles amidst CAA/NRC Protests which were unstoppable by govt., which gave rise to the most controversial figure: Dr. B.R.Ambedkar of the common man back from history, the man who wrote Indian Constitution. While CAA/NRC protest was at it's peaks, Trump welcomed by CowMan in Gujarat. A long Wall was built within no time, along the convoy route of Trump to hide the Slums. He could build temporary walls to hide the reality, instead he could have built them permanent houses, if the intention be!! Three things happened around the same time: 1. Tablighi Jamaat: meeting of around thousand delegates of Islamic followers who come internationally every year to Delhi. 2. Trump speech with thousands of people in Gujarat. 3. CAA/NRC Protests uncontrollably crossing limits in Delhi while Trump was addressing his speech, stones were being pelted in Delhi. Nationwide Lock-down announced too late, though COVID gave enough time to react. Reason given: Covid cases are rising exponentially, Muslims blamed for Tablighi Jamaat. It all started because of the Muslims. Reality: Trump+CowMan are not to be blamed for their meeting. Result: CAA/NRC protests stop abruptly. Constitution put in Danger. COVID shows it's real ferociousness for the first time. Their agenda was implemented as they wanted - total Lock-down, and rub their RSS ideology and spread fake News using WhatsApp University.
Daily-Wage Workers Stranded: Millions thrown to Streets. Just the way every major announcement was made overnight/midnight, so was the complete Lock-down announced. If only the last trains and buses were arranged and run for another 2 days, these laborers would have reached their homes, thousands of kilometers away. While it's good that people made a huge fuss and cry about an elephants death, thousands of poor men, women and children died, nobody even knows their suffering! It's not SYMPATHY which is needed for them, it's QUESTIONING needed - their situation became miserable, who is the Cause? Reason given: Cowman's order is a dictator's order. Lock-down means complete Lock-down. How they suffer, why they suffer is irrelevant to him. He is just the Gatekeeper (Chowkidar) who will drag them by their collar and throw them out of the Gates. Reality: For up to 2 months these innocent people didn't know how to go and from where to where, to reach their destination. Some died on roads and some thousands on railway tracks. Devoid of salaries, devoid of resources, devoid of information and any help from the authorities. Blamed as COVID carriers, blamed as untouchables, Discarded from cities and streets, hungry, thirsty and beaten if found anywhere. Imagine this happening in 2020, DISGRACE to HUMANITY! But it happens only in India! Result: Some dared to walk all the 1000 miles by foot over several days. Government did nothing, apart from ripping their last sweat off, in the name of Bureaucracy and Bribes. Some humans helped them on the way with food and water, some also arranged voluntary transport services, but the rest are erased from history and thereby their citizenship, which exactly the Cowman wanted.
Manipulated Media: TRP Scam, Media turns a blind eye. In the flow of implementing several Schemes against the Constitution of India, and against the Consent of Indians, CowMan introduced several changes, even without informing the Citizens. How? Reason given: No Reason given - they bribed the media to cover nonsense issues and make it a National issue of a dead celebrity. Reality: Farmers Law, Labour Laws, Privatization of Govt. Institutions, Education reforms, which destroy India, Schemes which molest a Nation's progress, were implemented by diverting the whole Nation to Non-sense Bollywood issue and Tiktok. Result: it was too late, they already did several new changes, that eventually help them realize their goal of Hindu Rashtra - Preserving the Ladder system.
TikTok Introduction and Ban: Keep them engaged in Stupidity. Due to CAA/NRC protests, Dr B.R Ambedkar's voice was heard like never before in India. People are in complete lock-down... Oh what might they sit at home and learn more about CowMan's lies? Keep the common man busy - let him dance to Tiktok videos, instead of watching useful information on Youtube. All TV channels are Manipulated Media, that truth can only be found if you really search for it. India becomes the Highest User of TikTok in the world within no-time. But Alas, TikTok failed the CowMan's politics, there is EQUALITY in Tiktok and anyone can go viral. Suddenly #BlackLivesMatter happened in USA - One video shook the whole planet. Cowman thought, what if the world sees the brutality against Dalits of India, it's worse than Racism, and what if it goes viral? So shut it down immediately... how? Reason given: Ban all Chinese Products including TikTok. Declare a War on China for causing COVID pandemic. Few Soldiers killed in petty quarrel in the Border. No protocol to attack, just Drama. Reality: Anybody becoming viral/famous/rising up is strictly against Hindu Law. The upper remain upper, the lower MUST remain lower. All this fuss about Kashmir/CAA/NRC/Ayodhya is just to implement/maintain this ladder system called Brahmanism/Hinduism. Hence, suppress the man who gave the Constitution and Equality, Fraternity, Freedom. Result: Overnight tiktok was banned.. Which saved yet again the CowMan from his own mess, which he created. Hathras Rape Case, CAA/NRC, Dalit lives matter, all happened around the same time of #blacklivesmatter, what if these issues which are much worse than anything on the planet, are revealed to the world? - Successfully hidden to the common man and also to the World by banning TikTok.
COVID 1st wave subsides: CowMan saved India! Like Shaktiman, Superman, this time in 2020 India was saved from COVID by none other than CowMan. Sell 80 million Vaccines to other Countries rather than vaccinate ourselves, creating shortage of vaccines in India. CowMan will not only save India, Cowman will save the World!! Reason given: He says COVID is peanuts, we Indians have better adaptability, and the need for Vaccination isn't a priority for us. Reality: If we would have been vaccinated by now, India could substantially reduce the deaths caused in 2nd wave. Result: Disaster waiting to unfold in 2021 April.........
Education reforms: Education downgraded. That opportunity to strive to learn in children, can be removed by reducing compulsory education only until the age of 12 years thereby attacking Constitution indirectly, which calls for equal opportunity for every child of this nation to get educated. This is so vast, it requires a special article. (Just an example of how stupid reforms were made: Maths and science - not a must for engineering degree.) Reason: Education is burdensome to children. Not everything is taught in schools, practical knowledge is very important. Reality: The affluent 15% can afford higher education in private schools, while the downtrodden 85% get no education, to be qualified for better professions. Result: With 12 years of school, what great field does the child enter into, for practical experience, apart from their generation-old family work done by their own caste? - Introducing Caste system by retaining the same lifestyle.
Labour Law reforms: Attack the Labour Laws of Constitution. The Constitution of Babasaheb Ambedkar gives Workers a large number of benefits: Minimum Wage, Number of Hours, Workers councils to ask for work related Justice and many more. Reason: Due to COVID, economy dropped immensely, to balance it more Work needs to be done, due to lock-down the Work has increased, so they may need to work more, and must expect less salaries. Reality: Before Constitution came, the Workers were mere slaves. Exploited and looted off their sweat, who had no voice. Result: Indirect attack on Constitution and hidden implementation of Vedic Manusmrithi which Babasaheb Ambedkar burnt in public, due to it's unjust practices and rules. Workers are becoming slaves - Modern Slaves in the name of employment and exploitation.
Privatization of Govt. Organisations: Sell and Loot India! Reservations(social representation as per their population %) for Downtrodden people are given in the Constitution, so as to restore Equality, which they never had since last 2000 years. By privatizing over 100 Government Institutions like, Indian Railways, Airways, Steel, Life Insurance Company, Banks, Shipping, Military, Electricity.... it is a direct attack on Constitution! Reason Given: Government doesn't want to involve in Business, Government only wants to Serve the Nation. These Companies are in huge losses and Government cannot bear the pain. Selling is the only option! Reality: These are cheapest Services provided for the common man by the Government, these are not businesses! These are the largest employers in Govt. Sector... Every Govt Company was made to go into losses indirectly, by choking the suppliers first. By privatizing these dependent companies one by one, this Govt. Company can no longer afford sky-high prices quoted by the Private Firms, and hence they fall into losses. Result: Now the Reservations(social representation as per their population%) for downtrodden people mentioned in Constitution can be side-tracked. Removal of Reservations(social representation as per their population%) has been impossible - that Cowman's twice-born upper class cannot bear the Equality given to the downtrodden. They do not want to work together, these 15% want all the jobs. How to do it? Remove Reservation and look for Surname in disguise of Merit. **No jobs in Public sector, no entry in private sector, Hardly 12 years of schooling, bound to do what his caste is supposed to do. You see Manusmrithi back at work?
Farmer's Law reforms: Snatch away the Farmer's sweat. The price will not be decided by the farmer, the price will be decided by big Monopoly Companies. Reason told: One Nation one Market! Better price for farmers. Reality: Squeeze their sweat and grab their lands, once they become indebted due to losses - enslave them in their own land. Result: Thousands of Farmers protested in Delhi, whose cries were heard as far as Greta Thunberg and Rihanna and many concerned celebrities worldwide. Delhi police blocked internet and media coverage and suppressed them and beat them, several died even after striking for over a month. But, Indian celebrities tweeted "This is India's internal issue! Mind your own business" It's a shame to mention their names. These are the sick celebrities of India!
COVID 2nd Wave: Kumbhmela as a final weapon to Kill. In the times of 2nd Wave of Corona, which was steeply rising at a higher rate than 1st Wave, how could the permission be granted to the Hindus to celebrate Kumbhmela, where approx. 10 Million people are expected to throng-in? At the same time, for Ramzan in mosques which could accommodate 10k+ crowd, just 500 members was the limit. Is it stupidity or bias? Ban everything when the situation is getting worse, and announce total lock-down! Is 10 million a secretive gathering, that CowMan's eyes have been blinded? Is there a need for Election campaign when the Surge is high? Is there a need for pre-poning Kumbhmela which happens every 12 years, but this time it is desperate on the 11th year? Reason: Some great planet is at a great location, so Astrologers urge Kumbhmela to happen without waiting till 12th year. How stupid? What great wellness is happening to Indians now, apart from suffering and shelling your last buck to get a last artificial breath? Reality:Unimaginable high cases, that can't be controlled... unimaginable number of deaths... Unavailability of beds in hospitals... Testing costs skyrocketed... Vaccines are not free, but everybody is making their own profit before dying... Lack of Oxygen cylinders... Lack of cremation space, cremating by the bulk... No death certificates... Front-line health-workers scared of new mutations... Confusion over Vaccines, whether a myth or reality... Whether COVID is killing them, or is it their pre-planned sketch to eliminate a population... Result: Forget the Kumbhmela, and all the nonsense of the CowMan's Government, blame the Public. Blame the common-man for spreading COVID. Blame them to be the COVID-Psychopaths, who having recovered, are not following safety precautions. Blame the Hospitals for not admitting without a +ve Test-proof. Blame the Private-Hospitals not conducting Tests. Blame those who have not isolated themselves, but how do they know unless they get tested positive, until it's too late that their whole family gets affected?
Of all the worst things CowMan did in his Regime, there are few more worth a mention,
GST(goods and services tax) - CowMan Tax
Petrol prices skyrocketing,
Selling Government Companies to his Caste companions Ambani and Adani at dead-cheap prices,
Waiving off Loans by defaulters like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya letting them escape off to foreign countries,
Reducing interest rates in Banks, Selling off Banks,
Cow-Vigilantes killing innocent Muslims/Dalits,
Increase in crimes against Dalits,
Increase in Rapes,
No Freedom of speech,
No freedom of expression,
Jailing or Vanishing anybody who questions CowMan,
No Freedom for Women, Students, Journalists, Activists,
Finally they achieved what they want, from world's largest Democracy to Electoral Autocracy.
By hook-or-crook make India a Hindu Nation: Sanatana dharma= A ladder system. To preserve their dharma, they can go to any extent of killing millions of People as collateral damage in the name of Corona Pandemic - Not just killing, but also looting their last penny as well.
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leelbell · a year ago
So I just saw someone say we have to open school to “test the waters” before we can say it’s unsafe.
The thing is, “testing the waters” in this scenario means waiting to see how many children die or kill their family and community members through exposure. How many become seriously ill, how many suffer permanent lung damage. How many blood clots and amputations. How many ventilators will be needed.
That’s what “testing the waters” means. Don’t sugar coat it. You mean waiting to see how many people get seriously ill and die.
Also, it’s not like we have no idea what will happen if we start gathering people together in confined spaces during a pandemic, especially when most of those people are too young to fully understand what they need to be doing to keep themselves and others safe.
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lgbtqkidsrock · a year ago
Tumblr media
Attention: important health advisory
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