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Exhausted medics fight to keep #COVID19 patients alive in packed wards at @RoyalFreeNHS in London – but many never make it home.

Sky’s Jason Farrell reveals the harrowing reality of the battle against coronavirus inside a COVID ward.

Full story here:

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I think we underestimate what a learning experience covid can be for us all. For example, I’ve learned that “too lonely to sleep” is a possible state of being

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many facial mask products have flooded the marketplace. The debate on the efficacy of facial masks and shields often ignores the anatomy of human face and viral pathways. The three main considerations to keep in mind when choosing or wearing a face mask/shield are Eye health, impact on children, and long-term overall health impacts.


As the use of face masks spreads along with the spread of virus, there is concern over eye health such as dryness, irritation and keratopathy (damage to the cornea).  There are recent findings of dry eye symptoms among Covid-19-positive patients and while it is suggested that these symptoms are a result of the disease itself, a report proposes that it may also be associated with long-term use of masks. According to the NIH (the National Institute of Health): “This pathway may be further compromised by irritation from mask use. The tear film is an essential barrier against pathogenic invasion but may be compromised if mask use causes this barrier to evaporate more rapidly. Discomfort from dry eyes may also increase eye rubbing and face touching behaviors, with attendant fomite transmission. All of these factors together create an increased concern for ocular infections secondary to prolonged mask wear. This risk is particularly worrisome during the current pandemic due to a well-documented probability of the novel coronavirus spreading through contact with the eye.” The study provides some preliminary guidance, such as the use of “lubricant eye drops and eye protection such as goggles… used in conjunction with masks with additional care by those who wear masks for extended periods of time and by patients with prior history of dry eye disease, recent eye surgery and other eye diseases such as Sjogren syndrome.”

The report further recommends that mask wearers ensure that the mask is shaped around the nose to ensure that air is not being directed toward the eyes.  Furthermore, “patients experiencing dry eye symptoms from extended mask wear should take breaks every few hours to remove the mask, allow the eyes to recover, and reapply lubricant eye drops. Emollient eye drops may be the most effective in preventing symptoms by preserving tear film. Blinking exercises may also be beneficial.” 

The American Optometry Association further note, “Patients and staff described subjective worsening in symptoms measured by the Ocular Surface Disease Index. They also detected a decline in corneal staining and a “distinct” increase in post-operative dryness in cataract patients.”

Impact on Oxygen and Co2, How SARS-CoV-2 spreads, Effectiveness of Masks, Can a Mask become a Virus Trap?

Another perspective for consideration of mask wearing comes from the New York Times Best Selling authors of  “Plague of Corruption”, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively in their recent book,  “The Case Against Masks:  Ten Reasons Why Mask Use Should be Limited”.

The book begins with a quote attributed to the late Eric Arthur Blair, known by the pen name of George Orwell – “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.   The authors outline 10 reasons for their argument to limit the use of masks:

This quick guide – only 56 pages - provides logic and science-based analysis on the mechanics of transmission and the impact of masks for concerns such as eye health, viral load, and much more.  The authors proceed to recommend the following guidelines for wearing masks: Wearing of masks outside of a health care setting is useless and that children should return to school without the need to wear a mask due to the low transmission rate unless the child is coughing and sneezing.


In a recent video post with the Academy of Nutritional Medicine, Dr. Mikovitz mentions that face shields such as “Shield of Glory”  (a brand) may be an acceptable option if mask wearing is mandatory or needed.  These type of see-through, transparent masks are seen as being more useful in communicating and not blocking airflow for the user.  Other authoritative bodies such as JAMA – Journal of American Medical Association, also note that,  “Face shields offer a number of advantages. While medical masks have limited durability and little potential for reprocessing, face shields can be reused indefinitely and are easily cleaned with soap and water, or common household disinfectants. They are comfortable to wear, protect the portals of viral entry, and reduce the potential for autoinoculation by preventing the wearer from touching their face. People wearing medical masks often have to remove them to communicate with others around them; this is not necessary with face shields. The use of a face shield is also a reminder to maintain social distancing, but allows visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for speech perception.”

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The majority of things I think, I put in to the story, as is obvious from the fact that my main fic is like 8 million chapters.

I do occasionally think about a version where coronavirus exists, and how would everyone react to that situation.

In my huge found family one, Spot has an autoimmune condition, which I know from personal experience, makes a pandemic that much scarier.

I don’t know if I’ll ever actually write anything with these ideas, but if I do, I’ll probably do it separate from all the other ones so if anyone wants to avoid reading it, they don’t miss out on the story I’ve already got going.

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Sonali Advani, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke University, explains that KF stands for “Korean filter.” And 94 refers to its filtration efficiency (basically, just how good the mask is at filtering out particles we don’t like), which is 94%. Not surprisingly then, an N95’s filtration efficiency is 95%.

If you do end up choosing to invest in a KF94 mask, Morse warns to be wary of counterfeits.

“Not all KF94 masks are made in Korea — many are manufactured in China — [but] KF94s manufactured in Korea may be less prone to counterfeiting,” he says.

Or you can use a quick, expert-approved trick to test the mask’s effectiveness. Try blowing out a candle while you’ve got it on. If you can’t, you’re probably good to go!

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I realized the Corona virus is not “novel” anymore

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Does anybody else who is considered an “essential worker” feel this sort of sense of being an outsider to the feelings a lot of people had of being in quarantine. Because, while a lot of people talk about just wanting to be able to go anywhere or do anything that isn’t just being at home, all I have wanted to do throughout the pandemic is be home. My hours and workload increased so much when this hit, and then enduring the holidays in the midst of it as well as a retail worker, I always feel weird being in the midst of people who say they just want to go out because all I have wanted to do this whole time is be home, away from all of this.

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