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Another page from the same Self Worth booklet, this one is about Sleep, and getting good quality, consistent rapid eye movement at night time. This is what I imagine it looks like as you exit the conscious state?

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What if the world that we currently live in is a simulation of the world we wish to live in.

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I can see clear. I can reach the bottom of the ocean but I can’t find a solution. I can’t see the reason , and that’s cause I can’t see what’s underneath the sand , I need to breath so  I go back to the surface..I have never manage to dig under the sand and even if I could I don’t think I would find something…either way I’d be dead.  I feel something is wrong .. I know.. I can see it… but I can’t affect it. My brain needs oxygen as well .. so as many times as i have tried to go deep ,I see something but then I can do nothing about it and I stop thinking.

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oooh my god I need to tell you guys this story

so i was trying to recover my old music library because it wasn’t on any of my working computers/devices and lord knows I pirated most of that shit so itunes wasn’t any help…

so I bust out my old ipod, blow off the dust, and manage to find a suitable charger…. it turns on and I’m like.. yes.. finally this is it!

and then it asks for my password…..

I try my usuals from like 5 years ago but none of them are working, so I do some investigative work. Firstly, I was definitely neck deep in the 1d fandom at the time, my ipod background was various pictures of Harry’s weird expressions during 1DDay photoshopped onto a picture of space. Yes that’s right friends, I wasn’t always a space/memes blog, I was a full on 1d/memes blog back in the day. Futhermore, I was big on shipping h&l so it might have had something to do with that.

additionally, i was very lazy, so i didn’t want anything too long or had numbers or capitals

So I type in a 1d related password thinking it wont work. it’s like the ‘password1′ of the 1d fandom… 

and it fucking worked I swear to god. 

Anyway, i dare you guess my password. send me an ask or comment on this post, I will be watching. First to get it right gets a sense of Pride and Accomplishment.

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This is an original poem I wrote. Please if you post it someone where else credit me or link my tumblr. A poem about the 4th of July (bout to get deeeeeeppp)

The 4th of July

It’s like a big boom. That thing that describes the forth of July. It Lights up the night. It sizzles and cracks. It’s the faint smell of smoke in the air and the lingering smell of the barbecue you invited people from all around to come to, even dealing with your one annoying neighbor
If it meant others would come or maybe even pasta salad. It’s the glow sticks and the lawn chairs and the slight breeze in the air. Then the sizzle and the crackle and the boom. You might have an idea of what I’m talking about. It’s rather obvious. Fireworks. No. It’s not that. It’s a sizzle and a crackle and a boom. It’s happiness. The moment you see the smiles on the faces. When the you hear the giggles of children at parades and their oohs and aahs the first time they get to see fireworks. Smiles shining bright. Smiles throughout the night. Don’t get me wrong The 4th of July still has a traditional meaning, the meaning being America. USA!!! Simply put. But really it depends on how you put it. America land of the free. home of the brave. Gay marriage is legal in the USA. There are no more world wars. The amount of Sexism is going down. The amount of Racism is going down. Hover boards exist. And yet…

There is still so much racism and sexism. Pink tax exist. Donald Trump exist. There are no more world wars. Gay marriage is legal but if you’re part of the lgbtq+ you’re still easily treated like crap in many places. America land of the fat and home of the branches of government constantly fighting. White people fighting over other races equality. Men fighting over women’s equality. Fighting and fighting and fighting.

So yah the forth of July it could be horrible. It could be wonderful. It could mean America is the dream or America is doom. It could be loud quiet long short happy sad angry mad future past cup half full cup half empty

Just drink it already!
Drink in life because its present it a sizzle and a boom and a crackle it’s the smile it’s happiness it’s the joy
It’s simple okay!!!

(P.S. I know I know! typos! I wrote this at 12:30-1am so I didn’t spell check)

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You know the feeling when you want to talk to other people but you end up thinking you’re disturbing them and just start being so negative torwards yourself

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Choot jaaye zamaana koi gham nahi, haath tera rahey bas mere haath mein

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