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WickenbergRPG is a beautiful and magical world filled with wonder! However there is a deep and dark secret which ties into it’s deep history and lore of Witchcraft- or so people are lead to believe! Something lurks in the darkest hours… people are disappearing left and right…a mysterious figure is sometimes seen in the dark. Is it truly a witch…or is it simply some psychopath? Step into our world and see if you can discover the truth! Come visit us today! 

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Didn't that person also claim that Sofia collapsed on set and that Dove and Thomas were cheating on both their respective partners at the time? I know that someone else said that Dove tried to cover it up by lying about the filming dates but I thought that was just rumors

I don’t remember anything about Sofia collapsing (it’s been a WHILE since I’ve read it over) but given what else was said, if it’s true, then it isn’t far-fetched. I don’t wanna give too many details given the reason why/if she collapsed because it’s triggering but yeah, it’s all very unfortunate and I really hope she’s better now.

As for Dove and Thomas, the rumor about their relationship origins had been swirling around for a while and it’s all very messy.

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