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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Gorb goes up to Shelby

Gorb: Gorb has expected the visitor Shelby. Gorb has told the others a visitor approached

Shelby: It seems you truly are the great mind!

Xero: Don’t boost anyone’s ego around here, especially Gorb’s. That’s the last thing we need. And Gorb, you didn’t tell us her name!

Gorb: Gorb does not wish to spook visitors in any way.

Markoth: …

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i think theyre neat!! all of them have interesting designs and pretty intriguing backstories. i really like the fact that, just like all of the other ‘ghosts’ in the game, they dont realize that theyre dead– but i really like how by fighting these guys we can actually make (some of) them remember this. i find their fights to be neat lil challenges! im one of the people that would definitely call them 'minibosses’ rather than just 'bosses’ since they only have one move and all that. this sentiment does NOT extend to their godmaster variants, however; some of the ascended/PoH versions of these fights have NO right to be as difficult as they are (looking @ u, no eyes and markoth)

overall though, I Just Think Theyre Neat! :]

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