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Hi there!

Haha yes I love thinking about XianLe trio in general! 🥺 As for Hua Cheng almost finding Xie Lian – that was confirmed in an interview with MXTX.

Tumblr user uoongs did a wonderful translation of all the TGCF-related questions specifically, and you can read that HERE. The question/answer #17 is the one you want! The short of it is that Xie Lian’s crap luck prevented him from running into Hua Cheng, as that would have been indeed the luckiest thing ever for him! ;o; And it wasn’t until it was inevitable (i.e. his ascension) that Hua Cheng was able to get his actual location and go to help him!

Hope this helps!~

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My god

Dear lord


I miss book 1 man. Where’s all the cute, fun stuff? Where’s Hua Cheung being annoying to Mu Qing and Feng Xen? Where’s the idiot trio being idiots and not discussing something important? Where are my super cute and romantic hualian moments?? I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS

  • When Jun Wu said this to Xie Lian:

“You can’t save everyone.”

Xie Lian slowly straightened up. “Whether I can, I won’t know until I’ve tried. Even if the heavens say I must die, if that sword doesn’t pierce my heart and nail me dead to the ground, then I am still alive, and ‘til my last breath I will struggle to the end!”

That is some very dreaduk foreshadowing i sense….

  • Yong'an’s drought wasn’t the main problem! Just like the family of three, it was basically just a catalyst for Xianle’s destruction and whatever the white-clothed calamity had planned djdjdksk Oh how nice would it have been if the only problem was a lack of water…but the problem is just so deep
  • Lang Ying literally made a deal with devil smh. Someone should have given him a Snickers. He’s just not himself when’s he hungry lmao
  • The cute idiot trio moment was so precious, but noooo Lang Ying just HAD to ruin it
  • I LOVE how excited Xie Lian gets whenever he starts taking about the Martial arts! Makes sense why Hua Cheung wanted to gift him an armoury later on!
  • Hua Cheung is acc so precious!! Poor boi literally held on so strongly and did everything Xie Lian told him to 😭😭 I’m wondering who those flower demons showed him to seduce him, buut I think I might have a feeling who it is. Poor boi tho, having to listen to Xie Lian literally hurting himself and he can’t do anything snsjdkdkd
  • The strand of hair tied around Hua Cheung’s finger by Xie Lian and red string of fate…dare I say…connected?
  • Omg Qi Rong!!! I literally can’t stop laughing at him 😂😂 This guy got kidnapped! Tortured! Injured! And like 2 second into being rescued he starts cussing, and Xie Lian Is just so done with him lol

Next to him, Qi Rong cussed.

“Rubbish! Do you know who cousin Crown Prince is? He’s a god of heaven! If he’s not right, what, you think you trecherous dogs are in the right?!”

And Xie Lian’s just like OMG shut up for one second

  • Another one of my fave Qi Rong moments lol

Those things crawled and emitted a thick, glue-like body fluid, and So Rong was crying at how disgusting they were. He stomped on the head of one that looked weak and noticed that creature wasn’t exactly scary.

He said dejectedly. “So they’re not that impressive?”

  • So I totally forgot about the white-clothed calamity lmaoo but it totally makes sense that he’s involved in making Yong'an stronger.
  • Ugh the torture Xie Lian had to go through in the cave. I felt so bad for him. I was literally like shut up demons, for like 2 seconds skskdkdkkd I was like nooo when Xie Lian stabbed himself but welp, I guess he’s fine for now
  • I love how MXTX wrote that lust and the desire to kill are intertwined. It reminds of how in psychology, we learned that sometimes the body confuses fear, desire and other similar feelings and seeing it applied here is pretty cool
  • Oh no. The human face disease. Oh no

And that’s it for now! Haha…I’m gonna finish book 2 tomm and UGH I cant WAIT to get back to the calmer present tbh

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Cursed thought that won’t leave my head till y’all see it too:

Xie Lian owns the Four Seasons Landscaping (and is confused).

Hua Cheng owns the dildo shop (and is hot for Gege).

Qi Rong owns the crematory (and is a gremlin).

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Xie Lian, Mu Qing and Feng Xin all collectively share one braincell among themselves. And that braincell is passed between Mu Qing and Xie Lian occasionally. But Mu Qing is the one that uses it the most.

At this point I’m fairly certain that Mu Qing is the voice of reason amongst this chaotic trio. You would think that it’s Xie Lian but nope. It’s definitely Mu Qing.

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