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#i literally have no words
x--mccrew--x · 3 months ago
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Happy pride month indeed!
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joelsfarabee · 3 months ago
not trying to be rude but i honestly dont think oskar should have won the masterton just because he had cancer like??
i literally just saw this and had to calm myself down but tell me you’re joking and you did not just come on here to say this
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georgerus63 · 4 months ago
I have been informed that people not only write fanfics about mayo egg but also ship him with other drivers
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genshinarchives · 4 hours ago
At the chapter 4 of Villainess fic, I read that Gorou intimate with the real (y/n).
Then I imagine, what if our (y/n) interacts with the real villainess and then she asks her "Hey I remembered (in your memory) that you two intimate on the bed." And at the sudden, our (y/n) asks the real (y/n), "How big was he?"
— ///
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farthest-stars · 3 days ago
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futures-tense · 3 months ago
Imagine the genius of making Enzo a therapist or councillor? Like, he’s got this Kiddo who’s obviously struggling with untreated anxiety and depression and addiction and he’s the one equipped to help even if TK’s parents are either ignorant or blind about his struggles Enzo makes sure that he knows that no matter what, Enzo will be there to help, I just imagine teenage TK freaking out over a certain essay and all the implications, Enzo comes home to him having a panic attack and he just drops everything to help TK calm down, and they have a talk about all his anxiety surrounding the essay and Enzo makes sure he gets some good food, a lot of water, and some meds for his headache and then sits next to him for the rest of the night to help him write what he’s stuck on 🥺
Do y’all see this??? The LS cowards i mean writers could never!!!! im gonna cry this is so good
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babylonashton · a year ago
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Tumblr media
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falllingthroughspace · 12 months ago
My husband was jailed for daring to run against our president, so I ran in his place.
This is a story of  Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a woman who actually won the election in Belarus. This a story of Belarusian nation fighting for democracy. 
Today Lukashenka secretly held his own inauguration without any warning. He did it because he is afraid. He did it, because if people knew about it, thousands would go to his palace, just as they do every single week, proving to him, that he is not our President any more. They are doing it right this second - and getting detained for it. 
Please watch this video. It beautifully outlines what has been happening this whole year in my country. And please support Belarus. 
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this-is-a-job-for-vesemir · 10 months ago
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Yeah that’s a horrible thing
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triptuckers · 11 days ago
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good morning ?!!?!?!? oh wow
i’m running late to catch my train but i wanted to say a quick thank you! this is insane!! thank you to everyone who has read my fics, commented on them, sent me an ask, all of you!! <3 i’m so grateful wow i don’t deserve this
(i’ll think of a celebration when i get home or tomorrow!)
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