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#i've seen it so many times
serpentstylesa month ago
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milcsmoralesa year ago
yeah haikyuu is my comfort show what about it
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joekaboxa year ago
Jurassic Park really is my favorite movie, huh?
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matbarfzala year ago
was anyone going to tell me timoth茅e chalamet was in interstellar or did I have to find that out by rewatching it myself??
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demonssanctuary2 years ago
Shadowhunters and Colours
So in the Shadowhunters-Codex there is this childrens rhyme about colours and their associated meanings for the Shadowhunters and there are two (for the point I'm trying to make) very important lines in this rhyme:
For death and mourning, the colour's white.
Gold for a bride in her wedding gown,
My point:
Stop putting Shadowhunters in white dresses and/or suits at weddings. They're not dead. They're not mourning. Come ooooonnnnn.
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sometimesrosy2 years ago
What happened with the fandom in S3? I always loved the 100 and got really into Bellarke around S2 but I hadn鈥檛 joined the fandom or any fandom for that matter, until after S4 and the beginning of S5. Which I鈥檓 actually grateful for because from what I鈥檝e heard during S3 the fandom was a mess maybe worse than now? IDK, the way everybody talks about it it sounds like it was the dark year from the 100
fanwars. shipwars. holywars.
i think there鈥檚 something to the idea that people are using media content to replace their religious beliefs, because people become nearly fanatical about their ships and interpretations, and dogma. Like you HAVE to bow down to certain interpretations, and some characters are made virtual gods, while others are made devils, and then we play out this holywar in fandom.
And I am SO not into any of that. I鈥檓 watching a STORY. Period. I can learn stuff about it about society. I can learn something about myself by engaging with it and reflecting upon it. I can ENJOY myself. But it鈥檚 nothing to worship.聽
I do think it was worse in season 3. I personally got caught up in the holywars and was LITERALLY named聽鈥淭he devil鈥 by some in the CL fandom. And names are still being thrown around but the race question and the homophobia question aren鈥檛 part of it, so they鈥檙e just generic character assassination. The frequent ones I get lately are 鈥渁 joke鈥 鈥渁n ass kisser,鈥 and 鈥測ou are always wrong.鈥
聽And I鈥檝e refused to participate in it this past season, but I can see a lot of the same dogma being spread around and I can see that people STILL believe the claims of bellarke delusion, and STILL have been conned into thinking that canon is less important than fandom feelings and opinions.
I mean, people are more important than stories, but people鈥檚 feelings and interpretations don鈥檛 invalidate the canon. The story remains the story it is without regard for how fandom likes it. Or which ship is considered good and which ship is considered evil.
I think s3 fandom was worse, and more divided and more antagonistic. This time around they target the show and the writers for a lot of their antagonism. They hate JR. Or the show itself, considering it to be a betrayal of their ship. It used to be that they considered the other fans to be the greatest evil in the world and they would attack and feel perfectly righteous.
what a mess actually.
Maybe it鈥檚 just better for me because I learned how to deal with it and cut it out of my bubble and know better what鈥檚 going on so it doesn鈥檛 confuse me as much. For someone who wasn鈥檛 personally involved in the shipwars, it might feel worse this time around as their fandom fell apart right around them.聽
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starfate2 years ago
Me, walking through a forest with some friends, forgetting that not everyone has seen the masterpiece that is the parent trap (1998): Banging some sticks together.
Me friends: ... What are you doing?
Me: Scaring of the mountain lions.
My friends: ... What the actual fuck?
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everymovie20202 years ago
Ghost (1990)
Tumblr media
Date watched: 31 December 2018
This is the last movie I watched in 2018.聽 I saved the best for last.
Tumblr media
I swear to god, if they ever remake this, I will... lose my fucking mind.聽 Some movies are sacred.聽 This movie is sacred.
Tumblr media
Also - a pretty original concept, right?聽 They don鈥檛 make movies like this anymore - dramas, but crowd-pleasing dramas.聽 Weepy dramas.聽 Where the fuck are my weepy dramas?
And how fucked up is Tony Goldwyn in this movie?聽 Sam was killed over eighty thousand dollars.聽 That鈥檚 fucking NOTHING.
Fuck you Tony Goldwyn鈥檚 character in this movie, Carl.聽 You jerk.
Tumblr media
Fuckin鈥 Carl.聽 What a prick.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mean, if I want to sob my guts out, I鈥檓 going to pick this movie.
Happy New Year!
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mars attacks is such a silly movie but it taught us all that the real power of music is that no matter how terrible a song is it鈥檚 still valid because even terrible music can save the world
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avelera5 months ago
Pro-writing tip: if your story doesn't need a number, don't put a fucking number in it.
Nothing, I mean nothing, activates reader pedantry like a number.
I have seen it a thousand times in writing workshops. People just can't resist nitpicking a number. For example, "This scifi story takes place 200 years in the future and they have faster than light travel because it's plot convenient," will immediately drag every armchair scientist out of the woodwork to say why there's no way that technology would exist in only 200 years.
Dates, ages, math, spans of time, I don't know what it is but the second a specific number shows up, your reader is thinking, and they're thinking critically but it's about whether that information is correct. They are now doing the math and have gone off drawing conclusions and getting distracted from your story or worse, putting it down entirely because umm, that sword could not have existed in that Medieval year, or this character couldn't be this old because it means they were an infant when this other story event happened that they're supposed to know about, or these two events now overlap in the timeline, or... etc etc etc.
Unless you are 1000% certain that a specific number is adding to your narrative, and you know rock-solid, backwards and forwards that the information attached to that number is correct and consistent throughout the entire story, do yourself a favor, and don't bring that evil down upon your head.
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princekacho3 years ago
ppl don鈥檛 realize that when they lie to their kids and assume their kids lie too that that鈥檚 how you get kids that lie...
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Sometimes I'll be looking for something to watch and Hamilton just starts playing, weird
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en-decouvrant-le-monde9 months ago
one of the only good things to come out of quarantine is watching everyone slowly but surely return to their old interests that they were forced to grow out of due to societal pressure and not being ashamed about them anymore
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gogys12 months ago
anyways i watched titanic last night and that movie STILL makes me cry a little bit.... just a bit.
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anaisreading3 years ago
I am watching coco again and I have zero regrets
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jadespeedster17a year ago
Anyone ever get annoyed with genderbending for no reason? Like, not for reasons just AU鈥檚 or fanart? (loving the Fem Roman and Janus content guys!)
聽No no no, for reasons because the person wants to create a female (or male) and instead steals another's art, changes the gender, and says it鈥檚 theirs.聽
I love Genderbending, it鈥檚 fun and cute sometimes.聽 But then some people just make it hard to find the people who are doing it for good reasons.聽
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