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eternalgirlscout · 14 hours ago
i cant assume there are actually more than a handful of take-havers on tiktok upset hozier is doing a collab with an EDM artist but it's still funny because literally nobody who has listened to more than like. 5 hozier songs. could say he only writes about decomposing in the woods or whatever. the second track on his first album is about a toxic relationship between people who do a ton of drugs together. he collaborated with maren morris, a country singer, two whole years ago. the musician man is not betraying you, kids, you just havent been paying attention to his work.
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sakebytheriver · a day ago
If nothing else Inside Job has provided society with a scene of a group of people laughing over Jeff Bezos' death
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skygemspeaks · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
in kitty jail. biding his time and trying to be cute, waiting until i let my guard down enough for him to climb onto the dining table.
So far he has tried putting his paw on it 4 times to try and climb up, but each time i stop him, and he sits back down and starts purring again
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drippinlou · a day ago
Joel screaming 'fuck' and putting the video up on his insta stories— The BC tumblr community: That was literally deafening Joel! Whose car is that? Was that Aleksi in the driver's seat? Those were definitely his thighs 👀; Me: Ah... My submissive babe Joel... I wanna hear that scream when I get to fuck your brains out darling >;)
I get the impulse. also... this man basically flexed with the fact that he was the co-driver. like, not even the driver...
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loverjimin · a day ago
also just wanna say im a slut for long hair jimin <3
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hunterinabrowncoat · 5 months ago
Not to sound like a sap but I think we as a society would be so much better off if we stopped constantly assuming the worst of each other.
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eternalgirlscout · 2 months ago
sex work
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sakebytheriver · 6 months ago
Will anything ever bring us as much joy and comedic bliss as the reveal of Jason Mendoza? Will I ever feel as alive as I did in that moment when Jason utters the words "heaven is so racist"? Will there ever be a moment in time that slaps me so hard in the face with surprise as the moment Jianu the monk rapidly turns into Jason the Jacksonville dirtbag? Will we as a society ever capture that kind of magic again?
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millenniummmbop · a month ago
Me: I think kaiba's use of saggi the dark clown paired with crush card virus is a direct metaphor for his interpretation of his own childhood
Clowns in the traditional sense are symbolic of laughter and joy and are often associated with children. If we know one thing about kaiba it's that he has nothing but respect for children and so to perverse this symbol of childhood innocence by turning it into a literal weapon that infects and dismantles his opponents' decks is more of a reflection of himself as a child.
He could afford to replace these cards with more powerful monsters, yes, but the fact he chooses to keep them around despite this shows how he's still clinging to a past he claims to care nothing about.
Saggi is him. He is the infected clown. HE is booboo the fool.
He really does see himself as a poisoned child whose only purpose left is to destroy everyone else around him
My therapist: can we talk about LITERALLY ANYTHING other than seto kaiba for once
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zhe-lazy-fox · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I made a glare skin XD
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piromantic · 9 months ago
claim a home office
if it means we’ll both
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herbgerblin · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: Drawing of Lup and Barry, a young human woman and man respectively. Lup has thick, curly blonde hair, tan, freckled skin, and a slight build. She is wearing a purple tank top, grey baggy sweatpants with a white strip logo, and pink socks. She had one a pink headset with long rabbit ears. She is holding a black game controller and sitting on a dark grey beanbag. Barry had short, dark brown hair, pale skin, and a chubby build. He is wearing a pale green t-shirt, dark bluejeans, and grey and green socks. He is wearing a black and cyan headset, and holding a black game controller, while seated in a dark grey arm chair. They both appear to be looking ahead and talking into their microphone. End ID]
something something blupjeans gamer au. lup’s headset had bunny ears because it’s cute and fun to think about
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subsequentibis · 3 months ago
kinda gay for a man to stab another man. why do you wanna penetrate dudes so bad
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Supernatural is like the ikea of tv shows it’s just a box full of different elements and vague concepts and a long list of characters and you have to set it up yourself, the show does not assemble it for you, you gotta do the work to actually make it a good, free-standing thing.
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fallinel · 2 months ago
I actually love the idea of Riz doing an investigative journalism track in college just because you know he'd pull some shit like idly noticing a financial discrepancy in published university budgets that snowballs into getting the dean arrested for embezzlement not even halfway into his freshman year
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