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#im so sadddddd
im-not-enough-im-sorry · 25 days ago
don’t come too close. i almost wanted to say but instead i swallowed the words down my throat and into the pocket I keep inside of my heart. you’re going to hurt me and i'm going to let you. our hands are almost touching, my body is trembling. i think i love you and it makes me sick. you hold my hand and i let you. i don’t want anything else but this.
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sonderwalker · a year ago
Andromeda galaxy: the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. or for someone else so that they can survive -- Anakin? 🥺🥺🥺
Andromeda Galaxy fun fact: is the closest galaxy to the milky way, and unlike most other objects outside of our galaxy, is actually moving towards us! Andromeda Galaxy prompt: the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. or for someone else so that they can survive this is my first time writing major character death.
Breath in. Breath out.
Or, that’s what he kept telling himself at least. As Anakin lay there on the battlefield, he could feel something wet pooling around him. But it was raining, so he wasn’t sure if it was his blood or the raindrops from above.
He lifted his hand and looked at his glove. It was red. Dark red.
But, he had pushed everyone away, out of the blast zone. It was alright if he was hurt, but as long as everyone else made it out, then it was okay.
Another breath in, another breath out.
He dropped his hand back down on to the ground. It landed with a small thump, muffled by the rain-soaked mud. He blinked, as the rain got into his eyes, and as the tears slid down his face. But now, they were both cold, and he couldn’t tell them apart any more. 
“Anakin!” A voice called. It was distant, far away. He heard footsteps against the muddy ground. A face appeared before him. It was Obi-Wan.
Another breath in, another breath out.
“You’re going to be just fine.” Obi-Wan said, gently reaching out and cupping Anakin’s cheek. Anakin swallowed thickly. He could tell when his master was lying.
“Just fine.” Obi-Wan repeated softer, his voice cracking as his hand moved away from his face and held his hand. Anakin missed the warmth.
“I- I know you’re lying.” Anakin replied with a small smile.
“I’m not lying.” Obi-Wan replied firmly, tightening his grip on Anakin’s hand. He could barley feel it. He could barley feel anything anymore. It all felt as if he was looking at it from underwater. As if the rain had covered him, submerged him, and he was watching as life carried on around him.
“I’m sorry.” Anakin whispered, as more tears slid down his face. He could feel them this time. They were hot, not warm like Obi-Wan’s hand.
“Don’t.” Obi-Wan said. “I’ve already called for a medic. You are going to be fine.”
But Anakin shook his head. He could feel his strength fading. He knew that the pool of liquid that he was laying in was his own blood. It was the fact that the rest of his body felt like as if he were floating, is what told him that he had run out of time.
“Obi-Wan, listen.” Anakin said, squeezing his eyes shut, gathering the strength to get these last words out.
“Take my saber.” Anakin said, trying to move to grab it himself. But his body wouldn’t cooperate, his arms wouldn’t leave the ground.
Another breath in, another breath out.
“Why? Anakin- no, you are going to need it.” Obi-Wan said, gripping Anakin’s saber with his hand.
“No.” He whispered. “I won’t.” Anakin closed his eyes.
“I- I wanted to make Ahsoka a second saber.” He continued, his voice cracking. “I thought she could use it. That she would be a better fighter with it.” He opened his eyes again, and looked at Obi-Wan for the last time.
“And you will. You will make her a second saber.” Obi-Wan insisted.
“No.” Anakin replied, his voice fainter than before. “I won’t.” More tears.
“I won’t.”
Another breath in, another breath out.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered, his eyes sliding shut.
Another breath in, another breath out. 
The rain continued to pour, making the body grow cold. And Obi-Wan sat there in shock, holding, begging, pleading for Anakin to come back. But there was nothing.
He was already gone.
And when he went to give Ahsoka his saber, and explained to her that Anakin had wanted her to have it, explained to her that he wanted her to try dual wielding, she took it silently. She walked off without another word.
But once she was alone in her room, she opened up the hilt and stared at the crystal. She remembered what she had been taught, how to teach the crystal to sing with her presence in the force.
But this was Anakin’s crystal. It sung with his presence.
She removed the crystal from the saber, held it against her chest, and sobbed.
from these special prompts!
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xw0fandom · a year ago
Capaaaaaa, why did you made Rach hottttttttt. 
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last-of-the-jaded · 2 years ago
Can we talk about how the chapter’s in which Wuxian adopted the leftover remnants of the Wen Clan are entitled “RECKLESSNESS” because it’s still fucking me up
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gayedmundo · 2 years ago
“please, please, i don’t wanna walk out of here alone”
Tumblr media
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windmil · a year ago
omg i took a little survey to see my chances of going to my choice colleges using my high school statistics and i got a 1-5% acceptance rate on ALL of them 😰
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ufogoo · 2 years ago
Audio under the cut:
Hurk: Oh man dep hey look at you! Yeah! Wow so much has changed since uh we last saw eachother... Yeah well I’m a daddy now... Yeah I got a little boy named Blade... And what about you man? You’re uh... What are you some sorta death monster now or?... Sorry I’m uh real nervous around you...
Judge: ...
Hurk: Still the silent type eh? hah-eh? Yeah yeah okay cool.. cool.. cool cool cool cool cool. Alright homie uh, I’m uh crack on then... I’m-I-I’ma go... Umm... best of luck to you and oh! Uh little favour man uh if-if you ever see me party by the lake. Just. Don’t cut me up okay? Please?
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hyunubear · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dayangelnightdevil · 11 days ago
ok but this hits different
losing your best friend is like loosing the one person in your life that you choose to love.
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nightscherub · 4 months ago
so I’m gonna leave to go across the country for an internship and while I’m not moving away my mom still cried and now I don’t think I can go…
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enjolrasrevolution · a year ago
i mean i literally broke down after everything became clear about mafuyu's past and how he screamed in the song after he reminisces the last word he said to yuki im-
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girlrose · 3 years ago
my fucking laptop battery needs to be replaced and im dirt fucking poor
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thebanalone · 4 years ago
Get yourself a man that doesn't send you snaps of cake and then tell you he just had some while you're craving cake 😐
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