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#me when I get comfortable around u
averykedavra · a month ago
pairing: platonic anxceit
word count: 1351
warnings: hurt/comfort, open ending
“Do you ever feel like it went too fast?” Virgil asked, without looking up.
Janus glanced at him very quickly so Virgil wouldn’t notice. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”
“You do.” Virgil was reading something on his phone and bunching his hoodie around his wrists. As if he wanted to pretend this conversation wasn’t happening. “Acceptance. Redemption. Whatever. You got yours a while ago, and I just...I dunno. I wondered.”
“If it happened too fast?” Janus repeated, turning the words over in his head. “After years of isolation, I would say it didn’t come quickly enough.”
“Yeah, but that’s not what I mean,” Virgil said. “I mean the actual thing. ‘Cause when I got accepted, it was quick. Too quick. Like everyone just decided, right then, that I could be part of the party.”
Janus decided not to answer, just to see if Virgil would continue.
He did. “And it was like a state of emergency, then. You know? There wasn’t another option.” He pulled at his sleeve. “I know they care about me. I care about them. But...yeah. You know what I mean, right? It didn’t start out with them trying to help me. It wasn’t about me. I was hurting Thomas, it was a crisis.” Virgil’s voice dipped to a mumble. “Makes me think things have to hit rock bottom for any of us to change.”
Janus swallowed, and realized he was looking at Virgil again. He quickly looked away and busied himself with adjusting his gloves. “And what’s wrong with that methodology? Sometimes a wake-up call can trigger what’s needed.”
“You know what’s wrong with that!” Virgil sounded frustrated, but not like he usually did with Janus. Like he really, genuinely wanted Janus to understand. “If we wait until the eleventh hour, everything’s just gonna fester. Thomas is gonna improve jolt by jolt, and if stuff slips through the cracks, it’ll never get fixed! Just ‘cause stuff isn’t the worst it could literally be right now doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get better.”
“We can’t aim for perfection,” Janus said. “If we try to fix every tiny thing, no matter how inconsequential, at all times? I would definitely enjoy that kind of workload and vigilance. Sometimes you don’t need to be on your guard.”
“You’re calling me paranoid.” Virgil blew out a breath of air. It rustled his bangs. Janus was looking at him again--shit. “Maybe you’ve got a point. But maybe I’ve got one, too. There’s a middle ground between fix everything all the time because nothing’s good enough and let everything become a trash can until it spills over. Right?”
“Look at you, believing in a middle ground. How forward-thinking.” Janus couldn’t resist the jab. “Next you’ll tell me some people aren’t inherently evil. And, gasp! That two different perspectives can both be true!”
“Yeah, yeah, don’t get all smug on me.” Virgil paused. “I’ve changed. You know that.”
“I definitely don’t,” Janus said. “And it wasn’t just because of one major crisis, was it?”
“You pin your acceptance on a singular moment. As if the official words made it true, not the actions.” Janus looked up at the ceiling and kept his voice level. Virgil was right--honesty was easier when you didn’t acknowledge it. “Yet even before you were accepted, you had become one of the group. And afterwards, they worked to include you, help you, understand you. They worked with you. That’s your acceptance. It’s continuing to this day.”
Virgil cleared his throat. “So you’re just proving my point that we need to fix things bit by bit?”
“I’m saying we’re already doing that.” Janus huffed. “We could be better at it, obviously. But no change is a single isolated incident, and to think that your acceptance was only because of the emergency...” Janus trailed off. hoping he could get away without finishing the sentence.
Damn it, Virgil. “It’s lying to yourself,” Janus finished. “And it’s wrong.”
“Oh.” Virgil sounded very small, for a second. If they weren’t across the living room from each other--if they weren’t years away from friendship--Janus might have put a hand on his shoulder.
“You are here because they want you,” Janus said, the truth stinging his tongue. “Things are changing because you all want to be better.”
“And you?” Virgil asked after a quiet pause. “Do you...want to be better? Do you really feel like you’re not another crisis-induced 180 degree turn?”
Janus counted the cracks on the ceiling. Of course he didn’t feel that way. He belonged here, and it was only a matter of time before the rest of them realized that. He didn’t need to be better. He was the constant--the others had to change.
Or he needed to change to suit them, and he wouldn’t be able to. If he wasn’t good enough as is, he had no idea how to fix that.
Or maybe both things were true at once. All of them could be better. All of them could be worse.
“Sometimes I agree with you,” Janus finally said. “Sometimes I think that I am another friendship of convenience. Thomas needs me, so I am accepted. That there’s nothing more to it--that everyone has an agenda.” He sighed. “But unfortunately, I’m not cynical enough to believe that.”
“You like us,” Virgil said with a hint of a tease.
“Unfortunately,” Janus repeated, smirking at the ceiling. “I should distrust you all. I should treat this as a convenient exchange of affection for assistance. I should look at the years of isolation and say it could never be erased. But... there were moments, even before I was accepted, where change was starting to happen.”
“Not on my end.”
“Don’t flatter yourself,” Janus said. “You spoke to me and you looked me in the eyes. That was change.”
Virgil huffed.
“And hopefully, there will be more change.” Janus was thankful Virgil was not looking at him, because that meant Janus could smile. “And more rest, of course, because self-care is important. We should appreciate the way things are, not just toil over self-improvement.”
“Yeah, I used to think like that, too.” Virgil almost sounded fond. “But it’s not as much work as it seems like.”
“Oh, yes, transforming myself from the dastardly villain, befriending my former foes, and undoing years of distrust and lies is just a walk in the park.”
“What do you think you’ve been doing right now?”
Janus jerked his head around. Virgil was smirking at his phone.
“You’re literally doing it,” Virgil said, still smirking. “You’re literally improving yourself right now. ‘It’s so hard, woe is me’? Come off it, this is a polite conversation we’re having and you’re not covered in hives yet.”
“I resent your tone,” Janus said. “Do you think change will magically occur if I keep gaining friendship points through banter with you?”
“Probably can’t hurt.” Virgil thumbed at his phone and shrugged. “Like you said, actions speak louder than words.”
“Yes, no words are involved in this conversation right now.”
“You knew what I meant. Jackass.”
Janus rolled his eyes. Virgil still wasn’t looking at him, but Janus wasn’t looking away, and that was a start. “No, I totally didn’t.”
“Good,” Virgil said. “And I got what you were saying, too.” He waved a hand at Janus. “We’re talking and not killing each other. This is how acceptance works. Congrats.”
“A high bar.”
“For you and me? It’s progress.”
Janus settled on the couch and scuffed his feet on the carpet. The TV sat in front of them, blank and empty. Virgil was contorted comfortably in the recliner, scrolling on his phone again. They weren’t actually that far apart from each other, Janus realized. And Virgil didn’t seem to care.
Fine, maybe it was progress. Maybe this was how acceptance was supposed to feel--not one big, glorious epiphany. Not a half-baked speech as the plane was going down. Acceptance was steady and quiet and almost invisible, and it didn’t end for a long, long time.
Janus was alright with that.
“As a fair warning to the antisocial,” he said, turning on the TV, “I’m going to watch a few episodes of Avatar. Stay, or don’t, I hardly mind.”
Virgil paused and glanced up through his bangs. “Which episodes?”
“Only the filler episodes. If I see a hint of plot or character, I skip to the next one.”
“You’re the worst,” Virgil said, cracking a smile. “I’m in.”
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kalijhomentethi · 5 days ago
which type of romanticism are you?
deep romanticism
mindlessly shared space, automatic glances, overwhelming warmth: you're deep romanticism. deep romanticism consists of pure comfort and belonging, the complete intertwining of two souls. it's growing into a shape that fits perfectly in the arms of another, it's asking questions you already know the answer to, just to hear the way they pronounce those words again, it's admiring their face as they sleep pressed against you, admiring the same face you study as they talk about whatever they're fond of that week, yet finding new things to love, even after years of doing so. you're most likely an old and pure soul, and anyone would be so incredibly lucky to have you. just remember that emotional and romantic depth is not the end goal, enjoy your journey rather than focusing on a certain point of achievement along the way. love in uncertainty, sit in unfamiliarity.
“we'll survive, you and i”- f. scott fitzgerald
tagged by: @buntsuko ty!! uwu
tagging: @ask-syndra @embraced-agony @ioniasjewel @empcratriz @kaisajhomentethi @regina-tenebris @defyances
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to-kei · 4 months ago
Which Hogwarts house do you think Neinheart would be in and what Patronus would he have?
oh!! very interesting question! 😳 please excuse me as I go off a bit ALSJDJKFNF
I think most people see Neinheart being in Ravenclaw (and I don’t really have an objection to this 😌) but I think you can humor the idea of him being in Gryffindor! Choosing the path of uncertainty, finding an empress with no guarantee of existence, voluntarily throwing himself on the frontline of fighting the black mage (he shows great resolve to stop the bm but we never get a definitive answer as to why and it keeps me up at night D:<) are pretty strong indicators of valor and conviction
As for a patronus ,, I looked some stuff up and it seems like they’re kind of based off of you but maybe also somewhat based off of your relationship with the people you value ? (and if I am completely wrong abt this I apologize 😔🙏)
In that case ... I see his animal maybe being a rooster ?? partially because of the bird motif in Ereve (home of the people he dedicates himself to) + roosters being popularly known for regulating the start of a day AND also because roosters look really cool but in the end they’re just male chickens and that kind of description vehemently reminds me of neinheart 😌 (I’m kind of glazing over the reasoning for this but basically just symbolically, image, and role-wise, rooster seems to fit the most; I’m down to elaborate on this if this doesn’t make sense but I feel like I get less coherent the more I ramble ALSJFBJFBG [yes, there was more text here that didn’t make the final post :,D])
but someone keeps telling me it’s about the vibes too >:( (and honestly I don’t remember much about Harry Potter beyond the plot so I’m going to trust them D:) and in that case I’d indefinitely have to say penguin 😌
instead of trying to explain why, I’ve developed this helpful visual:
Tumblr media
and because he already looks fantastic in long robes and warm clothes B) :
Tumblr media
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opens-up-4-nobody · 2 months ago
#money is weird#i feel like most ppl make money to live functional lives and then have/do nice things with the extra#but i feel like i orient my life around school and learning and it just so happens that i get paid to do that#so i pay for my functional life but the doing/having nice things is inconceivable#like i dont kno how to do that. i open up my band account and it makes me feel sick#which is bizarre bc i grew up comfortable middle class#never had to worry abt money but i spend like im on my last dollar and its super stressful#like i planned to get my sisters cool presents for Christmas but my brain wont let me#which makes me feel horrible bc it makes it seem like i dont care and i know they're gonna tear me apart for it when i go back home#and its like im sorry. i dont kno why im like this or why this happens but i wish it didn't#and like everytime i talk abt it ppl r like: oh wow good on u for being good with ur money#and its like: u dont understand. im trapped in a box and i cant buy things#ive needed disinfectant whipes for literal months to clean my counters and i finally finally managed to make that happen#it fucking sucks and its upsetting#but sure yeah im good with money. fine lets never talk abt this again#so frustrating. i want to buy a new bathing suit so i dont have to wear a tank top when i go home but looks like thats not gonna happen#either. but thats partially bc my brain wont let me drive either so whatever#sigh... i just hear my sisters voice in my head: y r u so weird???#ugh fuck off my stupid brain is so restrictive its impossible to function properly#lol im spiraling bc when i go home im transitioning to my other sisters old phone bc she's getting a new one#and she bought a $23 phone case on my behalf bc it was on sale#i just dont like change and im terrified of having nice things ans spending money#unrelated
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pathyfindy · 4 months ago
tmw cw for r*vhound hate(?)
#going to say as little as possible abt this#but a quote on quote friend#if you’re in the gaypex server don’t worry it’s not any of you#i don’t think they have a tumblr either so /nbh#but they got soooo pissed when i told them that rev/hound triggers me#like. they were so angry.#WHY. WHY DOES IT TRIGGER YOU. THERES NOTHGIN BAD ABOUT IT.#um first off. i literally don’t have to answer you. you should be like. okay! and move on#you could be like. why is that? no pressure ofc i’m just curious so i can think abt it too#but they were SO. PRESSING#like they would not stop asking why and being so aggressive about it it made me so uncomfortable#i never actually told them why because they were scaring me so much fhdggdhdh#i just. left and blocked them#i’m gonna summarize my reasons why so. if that ship is a comfort for u please look away!! i don’t wanna make u upset#i hate how often houdn is put into predator/prey type situations. especially w rv.#they get sexualized so often and it’s almost always in that weird predator prey type of dynamic.#its . in my mind dehumanizing for both hound and rev#making rev like. an animal that houdn hunts down and takes advantage of#or the other way around#it’s just... creepy#also because of. cough cough trauma cough#how some of their trauma is watching a beast kill their beloved uncle right in front of their eyes#and how boone died which i worn detail for spoiler reasons#wont*#its just. uncomfortable. anyways#if you read this far ily and i hope ur having a great day
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reidyoulikeabook · 3 months ago
you are literally one of my favourite people on this site. i just wanna wrap you in a blanket and give you tea and beans on toast and timbits because i adore you so much. you're such a genuine person and i cannot believe i have been bestowed the honor to be your friend. i do not know why but every day i think about how grateful i am to know you. i feel so comfortable with you and everytime i get a notification that you post i drop everything to see it. my day feels empty if i go even an hour without being blessed with your presence.
good evening i am in fact crying (this is ... the 2nd time today something you've written has made me cry) and i do not even know how to process it. you are so kind to me and i love you so much and being your friend is one of my favourite things !! i am SO SO gratefulk that you turned up at my askbox shouting about spencer one day because now i have a bestie i speak to everyday and who sends me DANG LOVE LTTERS :( goodness i adore you so much ew ARE actually eating timbits right now and i am giving you a forehead kiss
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adhd-loki · 3 months ago
I need ppl around me to function on a basic level but it's also kindof funny that the most effective form this support can take is doing absolutely nothing. Like I haven't figured out why this is yet and it's not even a specific person, ideally someone I know but not even necessarily know well. I just need someone to accompany me on tasks and silently stand in the room and my brain is like oh okay I'll turn on and function I guess. But I don't need or really want the person to help at all. If they have their own thing to work on all the better.
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wingedbeings · 10 months ago
omg......... sobbign and cryign ovr here
#help so idk if any1 remembers my posts abt her or read tjem but the stray kitty is making so much orogress in trusting me#i lov her im crying here she meowed back at me today when i talkes 2 her for tje first time#sobbign genuinely help#i've been feeding her for months now and she's gotten to the point where she's not as afraid of me anymore so i can put her bowl somewhere#closer and she's just ok w that!! like before i'd put it behind my cabin by like my storage area where she tends to sleep bx theres pillows#of my outside bench thing (it is sO cute)#nd like before she'd nyoom if she even heard me coming nd then she went oh i will keep vibing here then nd then she started exploring my#garden more etc and now i can go back in to fill up her bowl while she's there and she stays within arm length and lays down while i'm there#and Aufh sobbign she even comes running when i go to feed her and she'll just sit/lay down w out paying close attention 2 me and im sobIgn#like jst now she just like started washing herself laying down w her back towards me?? help i love her#litraly i have so much love for tjis cat#i want to make a little like sleeping spot for her thats insulated for the winter bc its starting to get below 6 degrees c again at night#and her furs gotten very thick and feeding her has been helping a lot too but i'm just all nooo i domt want her 2 be cold#she's so small still she rly cant be more than 3 T^T#ive not started trting to pet her yet bc i want to keep letting her decide what she's comfortable w around me but help i jst want to take#her inside she's so tiny#the meowing felt like such a big step bc i think it means she's still like used to human interaction and thats just :'3 bc i rly hope she'll#eventually trust me enough to come inside when the weather is bad and like i want her 2 kno i'm more than happy to feed nd care for her!!#help 2day sje was also jst looking at me like ''wel. wjere is the rest. i am waitign'' after i fed her and 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。#like i need u al 2 understamd i wld kill for tjis cmat i love her so much#i couldn't giv her more tjan i already did tho bc her tumy is not used to a normal amt of food yet so she'd get sick if i gave her too much#so its like (;_;)pls know i want to feed u 1000 times but i cannot for ur own health n safety#moss.txt#theres roughly 20 strays at the cabin complex its so sad#like people use it as a dumping ground for cats ): theres a like stray cat help place that at least comes and neuters them when theres new#ones and give them the shots thwy need and potentially any deworming etc#but its still so sad like yea its a lovely place for cats generally safety and nature wise but fUck man ):#i just hop more ppl r doign what im doing w the atrays who's territory is in their area
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icarusichor · a month ago
cissies be like “i use all pronouns haha” or “i use they/them too” and think they can have a stance on trans discourse -wilbur
not sure how many times it has to be said but you dont have a right to trans discourse if you aren‘t trans. use as many pronouns as you like to show support, that’s cool, but if you identify with only your birth gender keep your face out of trans spaces and stay out. it’s not a conversation that involves you, stop trying to make yourself feel special/quirky and progressive and understand that you have no say in trans discussions.
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opens-up-4-nobody · 9 months ago
#okay so pros and cons of going home bc i haven't made a decision yet....#cons: ethically traveling across the country rn is not good. and personally navigating the steps of traveling rn feels impossible bc im so#exhausted. also i havent done any Christmas shopping which i kno my sisters will criticize me for but its not live ive been lazy abt it#ive been stressed abt it since November but it hasnt happened and its just gonna make me really upset when they point it out.#also when i go home ill have to stay upstairs in my sisters old room bc she moved into my room and its dumb but that makes my brain go:#u cant go home now bc u cant handle that change#. also when i come back ill have to quarantine 2weeks and i still have a bunch of stuff i have to do in the lab.#speaking of which if i stay i can get a lot done here lab wise and maybe relax a little more bc it wont be like im doing normal hrs which#stress me out. and we have an ongoing project that needs help with in the lab too so i feel bad leaving. also im so tired and worried i wont#be able to relax until whenever id get a flight so im nervous abt driving#pros of going home: cant go into the and therefore must relax which is desperately needed. will see my family which is good bc never kno#when someone might suddenly kick the bucket and i dont make connections properly so my direct fam are the only ones i feel almost#comfortable around. also my parents miss me and i always feel like a terrible child for living so far away from them.#also i might be able to experience some tiny crumbs of happiness in my tiny pathetic hypercontrolled life.#and that's basically it: if i stay i feel horrible and guilty toward my family and if i go i feel ethically guilty but my brain might get#some tiny amount of relief for a sec#idk if i stay ill try to be more healthy and do some fun crafty stuff and force myself to recover so idk...#if i havent bought tickets by Sunday then im not going. rn im leaning toward not going but it does make me quite sad#writing this out rn bc i woke up with my face v swollen from crying which was a product of half#indecision and half my brain collapsing under the weight of the week#idk i just hate making choices#unrelated
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jiwoms · 2 months ago
i’m the only single person in my friend group 😭
Tumblr media
#what kind of fucked up shit is this..#i mean i dont care cause ive literally fallen in love w being single#but its just funnyyy like theyre like lets go on a triple date 🥺 oh and ari we can find you someone to bring#and i was like nah i’ll go single as a seventh wheel or u guys can go without me#although i am kinda upset cause they wanna go to dave & busters which is one of my favorite places ever#but its fine i’ll be racking up tickets babygirl im trying to get a cool eraser#i dont know i genuinely dont feel sad about it ? like i love being an elligible bachelor who owes nothing to NO ONE!!!#like i dont have to worry about texting them or them texting me … i dont have to put effort into hanging out w someone … i dont have to#deal w the consequences of being vulnerable and intimate and getting to know someone / getting known or getting attatched#just for them to leave me or for us to break up … like who has the time for that shit fr ..#i’m on my lorde girl summer <3#i mean … like yeaah do i wanna kiss someone .. sure .. but its not a necessity#idk like i’m really falling in love w myself :) i honestly wouldnt mind playing games bu myself and having fun alone#krystal said i’m gonna bring my jiwon pc DJKSKSKS GODDD .. thats so funnyyy#yeah … i set her pc down and i’m like jiwon watch me get these skeeball tickets babygirl x#when they all breakup thats gonna be rough to be around 😭 like damnnn how am i gonna comfort them all at once#im kiddinggggg they wont break up love is real <3 ☺️😋🥰#LOL no no i’m kidding for real i hope this works out for all of them i love them so much i want their happiness to hold them for as long as#possible
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i think the thing that like really bothers me abt coming out vids is like when the kid starts crying and their parent is like “i dont care! i dont care!” like i know they mean it like theyre not going to feel any different or love them less but like. bad
#like i guess my ideal scenario is them telling the kids like 'im so happy for you that you felt safe telling me this and ill protect you bc#i know its hard to be yourself but im your parent and i love you and ill always be here for u' or smth like that#like one girl was crying and told her brother and he was just like 'im SO happy for you' and hugged her and kept hugging her and telling her#he was happy for her until she stopped crying#which was so sweet i did tear up#but like you. you dont have to! youre a person not a spectacle and i know the way our culture views and treats queerness#you might feel like you have to be a spectacle or performing#esp with like internet 'make ur whole life public' culture but youre a person! you have a right to privacy!#we all do! comfort is a human right and you dont deserve it less for being gay or trans (screams)#like im very private (relatively speaking) online which i guess people think is weird once they get to know me irl#bc im very (sets off a firecracker to announce that im entering the room wearing my most neon stilettos on a tuesday)#in personal life like with acquaintances and friends especially#but when im at work i dont talk about my wife or being gay or being on hormones unless someone asks bc its none of their business#im even pretty tempered with like people i live with even tho i know theyre cool bc like u dont have to be ON all the time!#youre a person not a performance#this coming from the living performance piece#sometimes when i say hang out its to melt someones hood ornament with thermite#but sometimes i will come over and clean ur counter and sleep on ur couch and leave#u can be both!!!#be a person and establish your comfort. set boundaries around it. being yourself isnt just being Out its also being comfortable#for me being myself has absolutely no bearing on me being out. for me being comfortable is being able to talk about my poops and#sleep on a couch#your identity is important but it doesnt have to be all of you. youre allowed to just take up space and be
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dustylovelyrun · 22 days ago
Happy STS, When you watch a movie or show, do you ever narrate in your head how you would write it out?
Thank you for the ask, and happy sts, human!
Excellent question, and one that I believe with my full heart, soul, and core may have been subconsciously crafted specifically to call me out regardless of any prior knowledge about my writing process, because, boy howdy, there’s no way to answer this other than with a resounding, full hearted, and joyous yes.
Specifically, I’m ninety-eight percent certain that I mentioned I have an interest in acting and probably would’ve yeeted myself down that course of existence if it’d not been for the nineteen years of questionable parental practices that shaped me into the anxious, semi traumatized and awkward human I am today. I also had a huge interest in writing fanfiction at one point in life and would’ve strayed there if I had a singular lick of talent when it came to managing that, specifically.
My interest regarding both came strictly from the ability to further explore and be able to immerse myself into other people’s worlds. Add my own touch on things, or find little details to finesse in and weave in a greater picture. Explore what’d been left untouched, neglected, and left to wither, perhaps. Find a nice within, then see what little twists could be added onto it. And both became promptly thwarted by my general inability to avoid crossing the fragile but present line marking a work as independent but within the fandom niche, and then delving out or being around people for extended periods of time. 
Viva La Revenge of the Deceased was actually one of those failed attempts, for example, as the only wip with an introduction of it’s own. I saw elements from BNHA that intrigued me and explored them until a wip was born focusing heavily on tones of deterioration, loss, magic, friendship, death, the paranormal, change, elements that extend beyond both life and death but remain encompassed in both and strewn between, internal conflict, unfinished business of the undead, uncertain deaths and organizations surrounding the, acceptance, and finality.
And I’ve kind of just been doing things like you described since I was twelve, and realized that was an option when another writer did that and made a career from it. If I can let my mind run, change things enough, and build it independently on my own.
#writing#sts#so if you made it to the end of that? you're a legend and I absolutely love you with my full heart#I rambled and I'm absolutely aware of that#at the time of writing this I'm still very much stuck in the general good time happy vibes of finding my name! and just generally?#I feel very comfortable around humans in a way that I haven't in a l o n g time right now#I tend to ramble when that happens - which is kind of an issue but something I've long since accepted#ninety-eight percent of my wips come from running away with concepts and ideas and just generally seeing how I'd do something with a show#or book or movie or anything that was really interesting in the moment#I've done it with q u o t e s too and it still baffles me#but honestly just shoot me an ask inquiring about any wip I've revealed at some point and I could probably locate a fandom that it came from#I'd put fifteen at m o s t as having no outside source material and being purely within the confines of my own brain#this does not count viva la revenge of the deceased. pulse. haunted kids. soul begone. slipping around. shoulda been dead boys.#french boys. howl. awoo murder baby. sn. or that one other wip - getting lost between dimensions with a semi feral spouse tearing 'em apart#just to get them back and stuff#...OR that one where plot twist what the HECK d'you mean my partner sold his soul exactly one year ago and now's time to cough up?#there's a lot of them huh? I had to t h i n k about that for a hot second and that's just what's been mentioned with w r i t i n g here.
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