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caelos-au · 2 days ago
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moon introduction!
i've been contemplating this for a while and then spontaneously kinda ended up writing it as i sketched it
now i can rest easy moon actually met y/n
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prince-les · 3 months ago
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Aw gee I wonder why every other human mechanic ended up dead after working in the pizzaplex
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madame-mongoose · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
In case I don't finish my Moon comic today have this messy doodle
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kadssp · 7 months ago
hello:D apologies if i’m bothering u but could i please get a lil smut for either sundrop or moondrop, if not that’s ok and i hope u have a good day/night!!
note: starting the new year off with my favorite daycare attendant and i see some asks already for my him and sun, my heart just might explode ! this is basically a smut test because im still learning. this is also,,, more than a “lil smut“ as well,,, mybad💀
warnings: dubcon, noncon, marking, choking, overstimulation, swearing, slight bondage, degradation, sub!reader, implied tummy bulge, orgasm denial, moon doesn’t have a dick.. he took a dildo from a woman’s bag, minors DNI !!
reader is afab !
word count: 2.1k
Lights off, Strap on
When the lights went off due to a power outage you already knew the worse was going to come, especially when Sun started clawing at his face as he sounded genuinely in pain.
But you didn’t expect for Moon to snatch you by the arm and throw you on the ground roughly the second he was in control.
You also didn’t expect him to wrap ribbons use for making bows or arts and crafts tightly around your wrists keeping them close together as he fumbled with what sounded like a bag that he stashed in the desk the night before that you didn’t know about.
”Moon? What are you doing?” You stuttered quietly, trying to turn your head to see but with it being pitch black due to no lights you’d need a flashlight to see even a shadow of Moon.
However your question went unanswered as the animatronic laughed to himself, the bag now zipped up and heard thrown to the side as he jumbled with the buckle on the object he took with a groan.
You tried wiggling your hands free, grabbing the silky ribbon with the tips of your fingers and pulling up only for it to get seemingly tighter, leaving marks on your skin.
”You turned the lights off. Didn’t you?” He spoke near your ear now and it caused a shiver to run up your spine at the closeness, a cool metal hand tracing up your arm before halting and gripping the plush skin tightly, erupting a whine of protest from you. “Answer.”
”N-No! I didn’t do it. I don’t know what happened.” You exclaimed as you wiggled to get his iron grip free, with a robotic sigh he released your arm, the sound of his body squeaking quietly as he backed away and for a moment you thought he was fine.
But then your pants were abruptly pulled off of you aggressively. Your yelp causing the robot to cackle as he pulled it off you completely and threw it to the side.
”Are you lying?.. To me?” He says, your body jolts at the contact of his cold metal fingers dancing across the expanse of your thighs, goosebumps spread throughout you as you shift in place.
”No. I wouldn’t lie to you.” He hums at your words, his hands halting and poking at the soft flesh before moving up to the swell of your ass and giving a harsh squeeze.
“If you wouldn’t lie to me..” He says, voice dropping to a low whisper as he leans over you, the hands resting on your ass pick the sides of your panties and holds them. “Are you wet.“
Before you can even process a response, he tugs your panties up, the fabric brushing so hard but wonderfully against your clit, and it has you stifling a moan as you shove your face into the padded flooring.
He relaxes his hands back down resting against your ass, still holding your panties firmly. “Naughty girl.” And pulls them back up harsher this time, and you can’t hide the whine that escapes you.
He cackles at this, spreading one of your legs as he dives his hands down to your heat. He toys with you, fingers circling around your pearl and ghosting over your pussy that clenches around nothing.
”Moon.. Don’t tease.” You breathe out, wiggling further down to try and get some type of friction, but he taunts your sensitive spots with a laugh.
”Naughty girls need to be punished.” He cackles, dipped a single finger knuckles deep into you and you moan, cheeks bright red from embarrassment as you look at your tied hands.
He curls the digit before removing it entirely and inspecting the fluid clinging to his finger, dripping down onto his palm.
”Naughty, naughty little thing you are.” He says, pulling your hips up and your ass in the air. “Stay. You need to be punished.”
You shake your head, frustrated as you try to turn your head to look at him, but this time you see a pair of red glowing eyes before you’re being stuffed full with no preparation.
You scream, covering your mouth as the sting burns through your heat, yet you keep sucking him in because god it felt good despite the stretch, and his pace was fast and rough, relentlessly pounding into you.
”You like this don’t you? Little slut.” He hisses, hand snaking down your back and wrapping around the back of your neck pushing your face into the floor.
Your moans are loud and embarrassing as he uses you and you catch a glimpse at the purple of the silicone cock disappearing in your cunt.
So that’s how he’s fucking you.
You choke on a sob when he thrusts rather harshly into you, the head of the dildo bullying your cervix as his other hand moves from your hip down to your stomach and pushes on the spot you can feel it poking at from the inside.
”If only you could see it, you can at least feel it, right?” He moves his hand further down and slaps your clit, a shock running through your body at the contact and it was such a hot mixture of pain and pleasure, the lines between the two were blurred.
”Like being used like the fuck toy you are, hm? Naughty girl, naughty.”
Every word he spat went straight to your pussy, clenching around the cock pounding into your gummy walls and rubbing that spongy spot that had your toes curling.
You moan his name like a mantra, words coming out jumbled as your brain goes to mush from the feeling of his fingers wrapped tightly around your neck.
”Already reduced to a dumb whore, huh?” He snickers, releasing your neck and grabbing a fist full of your hair, pulling it back enough to lift your head off the ground.
”S‘too much!.. ‘M gon, gonna cum!” You slurred, saliva dripping down your chin as your eyes roll to the back of your head, the strap on hitting all the right places leaving a delicious tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach.
”Already? Tsk.” He laughs maniacally, pulling the dildo out and sitting back on the heels of his feet as you stay there wiggling your cute ass in the air.
”No!.. Please, I’ll be good. I can be a good girl!”
”Can you?” He sneers, slapping your ass before rubbing over where the mark will show. “Bad girls don’t get rewards.”
He turns you over onto your back, the cool padded floor sending shivers throughout your body as you look up at the bright red eyes staring back down.
He tilts his head side to side as if contemplating the decision before halting his movements and leaning over you, his hands coming up and gripping the back of your thighs.
”Take your punishment, brat.”
He slams back into you again, you yelp in surprise from the sudden penetration and your cunt squeezes tight around him almost affecting his rhythm.
”Squeezing it this tight? You’re enjoying this, you bad girl.” He hisses as he brings your legs up to press against your chest and thrusts harder into you at the new angle.
You whine, mewl and moan as your head lulls side to side, his name falling off your tongue as the knot in your belly grows tight nearly about to snap.
You try to mask it, acting like you’re not so close to the edge that it’s bringing tears to your eyes. In hopes you can come undone, even if it’s without him knowing.
But he’s smarter than you give him credit for. He grips your face and leans so close his cold metal head is almost touching yours, and he growls at you.
”Are you trying to disobey me? Disgusting slut.” He slaps your clit again and you feel that knot twist even tighter. You look up at him through your lashes dampened by tears as you whine at the bruising pace he’s going at.
”What? Cat got your tongue?” He snickers bringing his hand up and squishing your cheeks to pucker your lips out.
He slows down, shallow and slow but precise thrusts as you try to roll your hips against his, dampening his pants with your juices before he growls and shoves your hips to the floor.
”No, no, no!“ He snarls. “Don’t move, brat.”
”Moon, please!.. Please I’ll do anything!” You whine, moving your arms but remembering the tight ribbon around your wrists.
”Anything, hm?” He laughs and you frown up at him from where you’re forced to lay until you feel him pull out almost entirely, the tip barely in your needy cunt that’s soaked his pants.
”Then take what I give you.” He huffs, ramming the entire length inside you and your eyes roll back, arching up into him as he leans over you and wraps his hand around your neck again. “Like a good girl would.”
You nod pathetically at his words, taking every comment and degrading thing he says and letting it bring you closer. Your pussy tingling with overstimulation that pushes you to your peak quicker than the first two denied times.
You lift your arms but they’re quickly shoved back down to the ground and you mewl as his hand around your throat tightens slightly and his other one comes down to your puffy clit begging for attention.
The cool metal of his thumb rubbing harsh and quick circles around your clit causes you to arch more, eyes closed as your mouth opens in a silent scream, that knot barely hanging on by a thread.
”Go on, cum on me.” He whispers into your ear. “Be a good girl for me.”
The feeling washes over you and you see stars as he continues to bump against that gummy spot inside you. Your legs shaking as your juices gush around the dildo still abusing your spent cunt.
You whimper at the feeling before he stops and sits up, dick still inside you as he just stares down at the mess you made.
”This much? Over a toy?” He laughs, mocking you when your cheeks burn a darker red than before.
Your breathing is erratic, sweat clinging to your body as you lie helplessly on the ground. You groan at the empty feeling when he pulls out, taking the strap off and shoving it back into the bag from before and sliding it off to the side again.
He tilts his head to the side as he looks down at you. Crouching down and picking up your hands before removing the colorful ribbon and letting your arms fall to the padded flooring again.
He laughs as he watches you struggle to sit up, glaring over in his direction as you sit there recalling the events that just happened with flushed cheeks.
The lights turn on when he’s in the middle of making a remark, stiffening upon the sudden brightness before you blink a few times and see a shiny yellow fellow where the Moon had just been.
He‘s extremely worried and scared when he sees the condition you’re in. Mumbling to himself as he stands to his feet and runs over to you.
”Oh nonono! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” He asks thousands of questions as he examines your physical body for any signs of harm, taking mental notes of the red hand marks on your neck and thighs before he gently lifts you up on your feet.
”I’m okay, Sunny.” You smile up at him, and suddenly you realize how adorable it is that he cares about you all the time.
He claps before jumping over and picking up your clothing that was ripped off and handing it to you, patting your head softly as he inspects your condition more.
”That’s great, Sunshine! I was worried I— He did something.“ He says as his head droops a little at the thought of hurting you. “B-but! You’re okay and it’s fine! Do you wanna play a game, Sweetheart? Do ya? Do ya?”
His enthusiasm causes you to giggle as he does his swaying dance side to side waiting for your answer.
”Hmm, I dunno, Sun. Depends what we play.” You smile, watching as the animatronic brings a hand up to his chin as he thinks for a moment.
”We could play anything! Anything in the world! I just want you to be happy, so you pick, Sunshine!”
You stare wide-eyed up at the Sun who resumes his little dance. Pants still in your hands you squeeze your legs together as you think over his words, the times he would constantly praise you or put your needs above his own and it made you fall for him more.
You grin up at him as a thought crosses your mind and you take his hand in your own.
”I think I have an idea of what we could play.”
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i-write-abt-a-buncha-stuff · 7 months ago
Glamrocks+Sun and Moon with an S/O who loves to sing!
-He ADORES your voice.
-He is your personal hypeman.
-Sing one of his songs and he’ll melt.
-He’ll keep mental notes of all the songs you sing or hum around the ‘plex so he can learn them and sing with you!
-Duets are his favorite!
-He’ll show you off to everyone!
-Gregory also likes to hear you sing whenever he’s around.
-He told Freddy this, and now the teddy bear uses that as an excuse to hear you.
-She loves when you sing while she plays her guitar!
-She asked you what your favorite songs are, and learned to play each of them!
-She’s not shy about loving your voice, she’ll up and ask you to sing at any given moment throughout the day/night.
-She’s not much of a singer, but she eventually warms up to humming along with you.
-She loves getting to listen to you after her performances.
-She also shows you off, but to a much higher scale.
-Anytime the two of you are together around the others, she gushes over you.
-“You have to hear them sing! Come on, sweetpea, sing that one song!”
-Your voice is the only thing that calms him down post-performance.
-He could be going straight brazy in his room and the second he sees you, he’s immediately stopped.
-He’ll eventually start waiting for you in his room, knowing you’ll be there to lull him back to his calm state.
-Though, depending on what you sing, he might just continue going off.
-If you have the ability to scream, (like metal lmao I’m sorry) he’ll be putty in your hands.
-He doesn’t sing. Never.
-But he’ll knock out a beat on a wall or table whenever you sing. (I HC that he was programmed to be a drummer before becoming the bassist for the Glams)
-Biggest hypeman in the lineup.
-“Fuck yeah! That’s my baby!”
-Somehow, hearing other people praise your voice inflates his ego, too.
-“Damn right! My rockstar sound like an angel, don’t they?!”
-You didn’t even realize it the first time you sang around her, but she cried.
-She loves you so much, even if she’s not the best at showing it.
-If you sing to cheer her up when she’s feeling down about herself, she’ll be attached to you for the rest of your life.
-The least likely to show you off, only because she believes that she’s the only one who deserves to hear you sing.
-She will brag about you though.
-“Oh, you heard singing from my room last night? Yeah that’s just my amazing partner, hope you aren’t too jealous!”
-She will hum with you, and sometimes will sing with you.
-Honestly, she’s just obsessed with you, and your voice.
-He’ll beg you to sing for him at all hours of the day/night.
-If you’re around during the day, he’ll ask you to sing for the kids.
-Of course, the kids love you so much.
-“Y/N! Y/N! Can you sing Let It Go again?”
-Of course, Sun gets easily distracted by your voice.
-He has to force himself to focus on the kids whenever he happens to hear your soft voice echoing throughout the Daycare.
-He wishes he could just sit and listen to you forever.
-He feels bad whenever you get a sore throat, especially since he’s the one who urges you to sing so much.
-But when you reassure him that it’s okay, he’ll be elated.
-He’ll be back to begging for your singing the moment you say you can.
-Like Monty, your voice is the only thing that calms him when he’s erratic.
-He loves watching you lull the kids to sleep, and occasionally finds himself drifting off as well.
-He’s entranced every time you open your mouth.
-The only time you’ve ever heard him sing was one night, when one child wasn’t able to sleep.
-The young girl was used to hearing you sing her to sleep, and unfortunately, you weren’t there at the time.
-Moon stressed himself out, desperately trying to calm the girl.
-When he finally realized it was the singing she was missing, he softly hummed the same song you’d always sing to the kids.
-When humming didn’t work, he nervously sang the song, his voice warbling ever so slightly.
-You walked in right as he began.
-You sang along with him, and the girl happily clapped along.
-Moon refuses to acknowledge it, but you saw the big smile, and gentle eyes he had in that moment.
Hoo-wee! I thought this was cute, and I hope y’all like it! If you have anything specific you want to see, feel free to send requests! I love you all, have a wonderful day!💕
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ficmachine · 7 months ago
hi! can i request a sundrop/moondrop x reader- where the reader is a staff member working over time in the daycare center and as they night goes on they feel like they’re being watched- and it turns out that sun and moon have been following them around because they like them so much and they can’t agree on how to approach them.
Tumblr media
Mostly Moondrop-focused but Sundrop is very much mentioned throughout. Kind of went off with this one but i think it's still close enough--
Sundrop/Moondrop (FNAF) x GN Reader
Wordcount: 1,685
Perhaps switching to night shift wasn't such a good idea after all. Sure, you get paid slightly more to stay after the closing hours, but is it really worth it if you're doing all the work basically by yourself? (With the occasional help from the S.T.A.F.F. Bots, of course) Then again, you're allowed to vibe along with your music and not worry about running into anyone else. Besides, listening to music while you work slaps.
With a song blasting through your headphones you catch something move in the corner of your eye and naturally you dismiss it. 'Must be one of the cleaning bots.' Though, when you see something zoom out from behind the corner again you don't hesitate to point whatever you're holding at the intruder.
“Who's there?” You call out, pulling your headphones down and holding out the rag in the most threatening manner you can muster. The moment the familiar figure of a bot comes rolling forwards again you let your shoulders drop. “Man... At one point one of you guys is gonna give me a heart attack.”
The S.T.A.F.F Bot pauses by you, their head tilting to the side slightly the second they make eye contact with you.
“Uh-” You hesitate, they tilt their head to the other side – a question. “Oh! No, I'm okay. Thanks, though.”
The robot nods its head at you somewhat stiffly before they continue rolling off wherever they need to go.
The second they roll out of view the lights go out. Quickly you scramble to get your torch, cursing yourself for losing track of time. Is it 2AM already? You let out a sharp sigh you didn't realise you were holding.
Damn, being in here after dark can be unnerving.
You decide to get back to work and get this room done with before you go take your break. Just as you put the headphones back into their place and hit play something behind you taps your shoulder.
“FUCK-” You're sure you jumped about 3 feet in the air just before you whip around to come face-to-face with the moon animatronic. Instantly you whack him with the rag. “Moondrop!”
“Language.” He cuts in, clearly disapproving of your reaction. Oh he doesn't get to scare you and then scoldyou right after. “Violence is prohibitedon thes--”
You whack his chest with the wet rag again, ignoring the irritated grunt that comes from him. “Dude!”
“Yes?” Instantly his demeanour calms and his head tilts to the side significantly more than it'd be natural for any human being.
“Don't scare me like that! We talked about this already.”
Inhaling deeply you patiently wait for your heart to calm down.
He lets out a hum of dull acknowledgement and you roll your eyes at him. You've asked him to stop coming up behind you and to give you a heads up by making a noise first but--
Hold on.
“Wait, did you make a noise?”
Ah... Well, that one's on you and your headphones then.
“Right..” You shoot him an apologetic smile. The next second it drops. “Wait, aren't you supposed to be checking the other floors right now? Lights out and all?”
What the hell?
You nod slowly, brows furrowing in confusion. “And you decided that checking on me was more important than a possible out of charge animatronic laying around somewhere?” You pry, finding it very unbelievable for Moondrop to choose you over his night duties. “Cold? Forgotten? Nobody there to help them?”
“...Y--” A pause, his mechanics click as he shifts his weight onto another foot. “No. But the fool's been keeping an eye on you from the distance. I thought I should-” He takes another step closer to you and leans down to look you directly in the eyes. “-Interfere...A little.”
You blink, shuffling back a step. “Interfere a little? Wait-- Fool?”
Wow, his responses are truly creative.
Motioning for him to continue you take another step back the second he closes the distance once more. Unfortunately, no respect for your personal space is normal for Moondrop. “... Well? Go on?”
As if on command he straightens up almost instantly, nearly upper-cutting you with his shoulder. Startled you jump back in response, sending him a look as he stands straighter than you've ever seen him stand, wondering what in the world got into him tonight. He's always slouching and hunching his shoulders down to be lower to the ground, but seeing him in his full height reminds you of his daytime counterpart.
His gestures extremely elegant as he begins to pace around the corridor.
“Sundrop,” He starts, shooting you a brief look to check if you're listening “has things to do, just as Ido-”
You nod.
“- and the fool's been following youaround instead of doing his nightly duties. Can you tell me why?” He stops again directly in front of you, once again leaning too close for comfort before you push his face away with both your hands. Now it's your turn to pace around – irritated.
“Wait, Sundrop's been following me?” You click your tongue, Moondrop's eyes watching you intently. Seeing you annoyed, especially at his counterpart, was... A first. “Is thatwhat I kept seeing around all night? He's been watchingme?”
“Is that why I've been cleaning up the daycare party rooms all on my own? Because he wanted to watch me do the work instead?”
Moondrop chuckles at you, very much enjoying how you managed to spin the situation into something much worse sounding than it actually was. “... Something of the sorts.”
“Right...” Letting out a sigh you decide to bring it up to Sundrop next time you see him. The feeling of disappointment still lingers but you'd much rather approach him about it than jump to conclusions. “Right. Could you help me before you go off and the lights come back on?”
“Wuh-- Why not?”
“Watching you is far more entertaining.”
Oh his little chuckle makes you want to throttle on the spot.
“...Wow, thanks.”
Fed up and tired you throw the rag back to where you've found it.
“You are welcome.” Moondrop watches you pick up the torch and look over the cleaning products you've got – already done with talking to him for the night. He's not having that though, oh no. He's not done talking.
“I do -” He begins, leaning over your shoulder from behind where you're crouching to grab and hand you what you were looking for. “- However,” He grabs your wrist and tugs you up to stand again. “- need to fix his behaviour before it gets... All three of us in trouble. And, you see--”
“Hold the fucking phone. All threeof us? What did I do?”
Squinting at you he jabs his finger at you accusingly, moving the light of the torch down to not shine at his eyes. “You are... Taking up allof his attention. Distractinghim.”
Right there and then you're ready to take his head off.
“God... Moondrop, for crying out loud.” You pinch the bridge of your nose and let out a deep sigh; at this point you're very much exhausted with the whole exchange. “I talk to youmore often than I do with him, you know this. You practically beggedme to switch to night shift because you didn't like me spending so much with him before.”
Snapping your head up at him you're cut off by him covering your mouth before you can accuse him of anything. It takes you a bit to pry his hand off your face but the moment you do he tries again – failing as you sidestep to the side and away from him.
“No.” He hisses, tone low and threatening and he knows he fucked up and ratted himself out as your grin grows wider.
His posture means nothing to you no matter how much his eyes narrow in an attempt to shut you up because he KNOWS you know better than to take his threats seriously.
You're the last person he'd ever harm.
“Wait. Wait, wait wait-” You take a step closer – he points at your to-do list.
“Your work isn't finished yet.”
You ignore him.
“Moondrop, are you jealous?”
The word leaves your lips the lanky jester does a 180 on his heel and promptly marches down the hallway. You call out after him, trying to keep up with his long strides but he only speeds up.
“Wait- where are-”
“I have places to be. Places youhave no access to.” He states, oh so matter-of-factly. For a split second he thought he'd lost you only to see you job by him with a grin so big it reminded him of his own.
Of course he made the mistake of looking at you, what kind of fool is he?
“You ARE jealous!”
He scoffs at you, sending you one more glare before leaving. “Being loud after closing will get you fired.”
Cackling you watch him as he tugs on one of the strings he's attached to. Oh you won this one. “Walk away if you want but I still figured you out!”
And with that he's gone off to... Wherever the hell he goes when he does that. Shrugging you walk back to where you left off before he interrupted you.
“Uh-huh. Sure, yeah. Whatever.” You cackle quietly, picking up the rag you dropped earlier. “I figured you out anyway”
Not even a second passed after you've entered the last party room on your to-do list and the muffled *THUNK* echoed from the vent above you. Shining the light towards it you freeze for a moment.
Eyes locking onto a pair of another and--
Hold on a second.
“...Moondrop what the fuck are you doing in the vents?”
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notmycereal · 5 months ago
@bamsara ‘s Solar Lunacy moon gonna snatch you
Tumblr media
Bonus sunnydrop monk moments
Tumblr media
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honeydragonstar · 7 months ago
𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐩/𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐩 𝐱 𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
pairing: sundrop/moondrop x reader summary: you ended up working late at night and failed to realize the exhaustion creeping up your back. reader: gender neutral warnings: none, pure fluff a/n: please send requests I am in desperate need :"))
you went to daycare very early in the morning to run a maintenance on him. It would be like 6am or so
sunnydrop was very excited to see you again. His first reaction was to hop around you happily.
it was very hard for him to sit still during maintenance, sunnydrop was practically buzzing with joy.
after the check-up, he was very much in tip top shape. You just needed to tighten up some loose screws here and there and he was good to go.
"Was I a good boy? Do I get a gold star??" He asked, getting close to you. You couldn't help but let out a hearty chuckle and hand him a gold star sticker. You placed it gently on his chest and sun was as energetic as a kid who took too much fizzy fazz.
when you tried to leave he would plead for you not to go, often giving excuses or ideas of what activities you could do together. "Wait- wait! Don't go yet, we could play hide and seek! or, or even catch up with what fun things we missed out on."
who are you to deny that sweet offer, it made it hard to disagree. Specially with those long arms of his wrapped around your waist. It wasn't required but then again it wasn't prohibited either. Fuck it.
You spent the rest of the day playing with sunnydrop. Of course, he was more than delighted to play with his favorite employee. When it was nearing 12pm however, sun noticed you were getting sleepy.
"Tired? It's alright, you can rest here with me!" You were about to protest till you yawned. God you felt like your legs were going to give out beneath you. They almost did.
Blacking out for a second, sun caught you in his arms. "Hehe, good thing I caught you there" he said in a hushed voice.
Immediately he set you down on the padded flooring of the tall play area. He went out to get a pillow for you to lay on.
When he returned he spooned you, his metal body surprisingly warm to your liking. Softly, he placed a kiss on your forehead.
He played a soft lullaby, which you did not expect but grateful it played. You relaxed as the tune lulled you to sleep.
you were asleep. Well that certainly surprised him when he switched with sunnydrop.
man, if only kids were like this too. With your obedience you'd practically need 0 punishment
moondrop cradled you for a while, just enjoying your soft snores as you hugged the animatronic tighter.
wait. why were you here again? Moon cocked his head to the side before inspecting you with his eyes.
it was maintenance day.
oh jeez, as much as he wanted to not disrupt your comfortable rest he knew you would get in trouble if you didn't run a diagnostic on him too.
well, you're lucky he likes you awake as much as you are sleeping.
he gently shook you awake. Would you look at that, for the first time you see moondrop wake someone up instead of putting them to sleep.
"No punishments today, you've been quite obedient haven't you?" Moondrop grinned, rubbing circles on the small of your back. You almost let out a loud bark of laughter, he sure liked making sure people were sleeping at this hour.
You let out a soft chuckle, thanking the robot for waking you up.
you lead him to a nearby bench so you could inspect him.
you were so gentle he couldn't help but blush. you asked him if anything felt off as you twist his arms from side to side.
“Stay a little longer?” He pleaded. It’s no fair that sun gets more time to hog you.
you stay and he’s elated. “Thank you starlight~”
eventually you did have to leave, but something inside you knew that you would come back for more things than just maintenance.
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srslysierraa · 7 months ago
Headcanons of what is like to date Sundrop, Moondrop, and Glamrock Freddy please?
Tumblr media
Hand In Hand.
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Prompt ;; You finally confessed to him, or did he confess to you? Either way, congratulations!! Now, ever wonder what dating an animatronic is like?
Type ;; Headcanons, fluff :))
Chars. Involved ;; g. freddy, moondrop, sunnydrop [FNAF sb]
A/N ;; i absolutely LOVE that this is all of my fav characters in one place, Freddy has always been a favorite but recently sun and moon has been clinging on my heartstrings and i just hdbdusnis MOON!!!! moon my beloved. I love him sm. Anyhow, enjoy!!
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Glamrock Freddy.
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First of all, YOU'RE DATING HIM????
Lucky mf.
I think we all get the gist now, he's well mannered, a gentleman, knows boundaries, always tries to help, and overall just a sweetheart.
He's literally husband material reincarnated as a robot, you better put a ring on it.
With that being said, the first one to actually confess was you!
It's not that he doesn't like you, or that he was too nervous, he just never experienced actually romantically liking someone before so it was kinda hard to differentiate between being fond of you the way friends do (just a bit more intense) or actual genuine new types of liking, loving.
When you confessed however, he was absolutely over the moon!!!
No he didn't jump over moondrop dw, that would be bad.
That aside, he's absolutely happy when you told him how you feel! Not only do you feel the same way as he is, but now he also has some clarity to what these feelings are!!
Still... He's a bit nervous.
If you're an animatronic, then he's nervous to what the higher-ups have to say about this.
Would it affect the shows?? Will the kids like it?? Will his bandmates support you two?
They absolutely support you two. Especially Chica, she's been shipping you both since day one!
Now, if you're a human? Then it's a different set of worries.
Is this even okay? Will you be happy with him? It's not like he can take you to dates or something.
In the end, you had to shush him and comfort him that whatever happens you're going to stay no matter what!
Please give him reassurance that you love him, it's not that he doesn't know his worth, he's just really nervous and don't want to mess anything up accidentally :((( he could use the affirmations.
Now the actual relationship!!
You guys are the cutest couple in town istg.
Freddy takes you to Fazerblast dates and you almost always win!!! (He lets you win because the expression on your face when you 'beat' freddy is "to die for" -Freddy)
If you're an animatronic, you guys spend most of your day after performing and greeting kids with eachother.
If you're human, he understood that you're here to work so he'll try not to bother you!! HOWEVER, you will absolutely feel the earth practically quaking as he ran towards you to spend time when you're on your break.
Very respectful, whether you're a cis female, male, trans, bi-gender, agender, genderfluid, etc. He makes it a POINT to remember to use the correct pronouns on you. <3
If you ever feel upset, you can always come to him!!! He'll do anything that you want him to, whether it's for advices (though be warned that he's not that good when it comes to human problems outside the pizzaplex), attention, or just someone to listen to.
He'll carry you around bridal style when the Pizza Plex is closed for the fun of it tbh.
Random i love yous, and i mean RANDOM.
If you're an animatronic, "we need to prepare soon, it's almost time for our performance again. By the way, i love you."
If you're a human, "Chica went to the kitchen. You need her to repair her voicebox, don't you? Also, i love you. Oh and, is your break about to end? :("
Bear hugs, pun intended, so many bear hugs.
Either way, he's an absolute darling and i would die for this bear.
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Tumblr media
He's an absolute Sunshine!!!
Pun definitely intended.
He's usually with kids a lot of the time so when you come visit him, he's just being crowded by little bébés and ugghhh-
It's the cutest thing you've seen tbh.
With Sunny, it's one of those situations where the confession was outta nowhere!
As in, he blurted out how much he loves you without thinking. So i guess it counts as him confessing?
While it was on accident, he really did mean it!!
He said it when you came to visit him while the kids are still around, and he immediately drags you to be next to him and introduced you to all of the kids.
Soon enough, even the little children are fond of you!! Smiling happily as Sun tells them about how much of a great person you are.
"Oooo mr.Sunny has a crush!!!" One of the kids exclaimed, and soon enough the whole room was filled with "ooo"s and "awwwe"s!
Heck, even the parents looking after the kids shook their heads while smiling, some even "ooo"'d at you too!
You are embarrassed, definitely, but you just swallowed that feeling and told everyone that you're just here to make sure the generators in the playplace were closed properly so that none of them gets hurt.
Sun being sun just tried to hushed everyone and explain how he just really really really, likes you as a friend!
"See kids! You just gotta gotta gotta, find a friend like (Y/n)!! One that you know has your back! Andyouhavetheirs, aaaand! One that is able to make happy, fuzzy and nice inside! Makes you feel like youre fLOATing just by looking at them!! So much so that your head hurts due to how dazzling they are!!"
He even go the extra mile by putting his hands by his head, dramatically falling to the ground.
"my mom said that's how she felt when looking at daddy! She said that feeling is love!!"
You blinked twice and the moment you looked at Sunny, he only looked at you back. Even he seems to be stunted. You however took this moment to tease.
"I feel that way when looking at Sunny too!"
When i told you that sent him FLYING-
He didn't really fly, but he immediately springed up and jumped AND cartwheeled his way to the wall next to him, before leaning back on it and releasing a dramatic gasp.
You're shipped by the kids now hooray!!
He'd be so happy and energetic that even the little kids are overwhelmed-
When the pizza plex closes, you better BELIEVE that sun is dragging you back to the daycare.
"(Y/NNNNN), did you mean it? Did you?? Pinky promise???"
A small celebration once you assured him that you do.
He'll be holding your hand and twirl you around, you'd need to yell his name to stop bc you feel like throwing up from spinning too much-
But he's just really happy alright!!!
Lots of arts and crafts dates!
He'll be making you a lot of random things to give to you, ranging from drawings, paper bracelets, and even a paper crown/tiara!
He'll pick you up at random too, all the while speaking so loudly he's practically yelling how much he loves you!
He's a bit wary when it comes to moon though, letting you know before hand about what to do in certain situations with Moon.
Definitely avoids the light switches like a plague, especially when you're around.
Tell him that you're okay even if moon is out! He'd be skeptical but soon enough he'll believe you.
Really adores you and wants you to be safe no matter what, it someone is being mean, he'll snatch you while yelling. "Stop being mean!! Bad, bad!!" At the person in question.
He might be all over the place but you still love him anyways.
And he loves you! Sosososososo much!!
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Tumblr media
This guy... THIS GUYYYY!!!!
I love him sm hxnskxvuxk,suxbi-
HE'S SO ?????
Anyways, ahem. Back to the topic at hand.
You guys already seen eachother a lot of the time when you had to cover for a friend's shift, and you're one of the few people who's okay with him, considering even some of the workers are scared shitless when it comes to moon.
You can't say you guys are buddy buddy either, you guys are just okay in eachother's presence.
And that's exactly what got him so attached to you.
He absolutely knows how Sunny feels about you, and unlike Sunny, he's not as oblivious-
So he made it a point to himself to try and not be as "stupid" as he is (says moon) and catch feelings for you.
That backfired to say the least, and now he's on the ceiling keeping his eyes on you as you try to organize a few mechanical parts.
Romantic i know /j
He doesn't interact with you much, no matter how interested in you he is at the moment.
But he does appreciate the little "Hello, Moon!" Or "Goodnight, Moon." When you do catch him there.
Then he'll slowly warm up to you, even if you're close to Sunny already, it'll take some time before he finally opens up.
Once he does, he'll tease you every so often. Cleaning the kitchen and trying to secretly eat some of the leftover cupcakes even though you're supposed to throw them out? Or at least pay for them? Moon would suddenly calls you out as you're stuffing your own face LMAO.
"Naughty, naughty! Taking what is not yours!"
You almost choked, suddenly hearing the voice out of nowhere. You really thought you were caught.
"Oh, shush moon!" You said, though muffled with the amount of food in your face.
Soon enough he'll start actually landing on the ground, walking beside you when you're alone considering the other night guards isn't exactly fond of him.
Picking you up a lot!!! You're trying to go home? Too bad, he's picking you up and putting you in the daycare until you're basically dramatically crying for him to let you go.
He helps by trying to make things as organized as he can in the daycare at night time, that way you don't need to also clean it.
After you and Sunny dated, he'll get jealous and will try to avoid you. Thinking that you prefer Sunny over him.
Just go to the daycare and tell him that you need to do basic tests for a report, it'll take a few tries and a few threats that you'll get fired and won't be able to see him again but he'll show up.
As you're running your 'test's, talk to him about how you like him as much as you do to Sunny, reassure him will ya?
"...you prefer him."
"Nope. Wrong! I like the both of you just as much! So please stop avoiding me, alright?"
You know that you got through him once he tilts his head to the side just a bit.
He won't really nod or say yes, but he will slowly stalk be with you again!
If you're sad because of someone, he is so gonna do some war crimes to the poor person- and you can't lie saying that no one hurt you either because he was watching when it happened.
You kept yawning while on the job? He's kidnapping you and bringing you to the Daycare, telling you to rest. No he doesn't care if you're on night guard duty, you are going. to. rest.
He can guard the Pizza plex on his own don't worry.
Tell him you love him and he'll just stand there like a stunted deer in headlights.
"..fine, I'll take a small nap, but wake me up in like an hour okay? G'night Moon, love ya."
He's going to remember that for the next three weeks- or more!
Anyhow from that point on, he'll be absolutely scaring the shit out of your poor friend just so they can make you handle their night shifts, it's really mean, but it's his way of trying to spend more time with you <3.
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prince-les · 3 months ago
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Hey did you hear about the new cute technician that works in the Pizzaplex?
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bamsara · 5 months ago
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some more artwork I did yesterday during stream of my X reader AU
I have the hc that there's the three sides of moon (full, cresent, new) that show his mood/temper. He can be conflicted at times lmao
The second doodles is the 'pssp pssp pssp' scene from the third chapter of Solar Lunacy
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shizkayo · 7 months ago
small shit i made for self comfort , i have not slept since yesterday and i feel like shit rn
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mokiya · 7 months ago
Decisions decisions...
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Nvm I got two holes for a reason so why not ..
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kadssp · 7 months ago
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warnings: afab! reader, hair pulling, implied squirting, tummy bulge, praise, degradation, mentioned overstim, orgasm denial, spanking, choking, oral fixation, moon fucks your mouth with his fingers, mating press, swearing, minors dni
characters: Sun and Moon
word count: 3.6k
part 1
Tasty Treat !
Tumblr media
Light thumps against the ground could be heard as the daycare attendant skipped happily through the play area. He dipped his head under structures, scanning the small spots for anyone before giggling and bouncing away to the next place to check.
He wasn’t checking for kids though. Oh no, he was looking for you. It was your idea to play this game, only he thought it was genuinely for fun.
You opened the bag you found near the desk at the front doors of the daycare, unzipping the zipper as quickly and quietly as possible before rummaging through the contents in the bag.
Your hand collided with the object you’d be using this evening, even if Sunny didn’t know what it was or how to use it, he’d surely know that it’s going to be making you a mess tonight.
The silicone felt cold against your touch, thighs trembling with anticipation of when the animatronic would find you, you couldn’t hear his footsteps maybe he gave up?
You eyed the object, clean despite being used on you almost an hour ago, maybe Moon cleaned it in the dark? You weren’t sure and didn’t exactly care.
Eyeing the opening from the spot you hid in you listened closely for any sound, something that would tell you how close he was. You peeked out, slowly inching your body forward as you leaned your head through and looked down both sides now confused where he could’ve gone. With a huff you push yourself back, looking down at the bag where the dildo sits on top, reaching back to pick it up again when you hear cogs clicking and metal squeaking.
Your body stops, heart stopping momentarily at the sound, your movements frozen in place as you frantically look out the opening for when he’d show up but you’re too late to realize he was actually behind you as a pair of soft foamy hands poke your shoulder.
He giggles, knees moving up to his chest as he rocks side to side letting out fits of laughter, voice glitching and stuttering as his head leans back. You shake it off, turning around and hiding the bag behind yourself as you face the smiling animatronic, wiping at his eyes at where tears would have fallen before he sighs deeply and leans on his palm staring up at you.
”I won our little game! Oh so much fun!” He cheers, head swaying against his hand as he watches you closely. You nod as you relax your body, this isn’t Moon this is Sun, you were fine.
”You did, Sunny.“ You sighed, faking a look of defeat as he inched closer to you. “I think you deserve a prize then.”
”A prize?” He gasps dramatically, grasping at his face as you stifle a giggle. “I love prizes! What kind of surprise? Tell me, tell me!”
His hands waved around in the air, fingers dancing as he moved while still laughing, how funny and exciting this must be for him.
You grabbed the bag and placed it in front of you, stickers adorned the sides of it along with a “Mommy’s bag! No lookie!!” that had been drawn on with a marker. His head tilted as you unzipped the bag, nervousness in your movements as you looked up at him. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.
”C’mon! Open it, I wanna see!” He leans in, peaking at the opening of the bag which you shove to the side, the silicone toy slipping out much to your displeasure in the moment.
Your body went stiff as your eyes landed on the toy poking out of the bag and Sun took this as an advantage and took it out with a small “Ooo”.
He holds it up to his face, your cheeks burn in a dark shade of red as you look down at the padded flooring, God he was such an idiot.
”What’s this, Sunshine? What is it!!” He’s happy to learn though, wagging it in front of your face as he plays with it like it was a child’s toy… Funny.
You sputter, trying to find the right words before you groan and snatch it from him after he took a finger, pulled it back and released it while saying “Boing” as it swayed side to side.
”Sun, this isn’t— this is what we’re going to play with.” You strain a smile, refraining from saying it wasn’t a toy since that would lead to confusion for the animatronic.
His head tilts to the side, gears turning and chattering before he bounced up again where he sat, jumping closer to you as he leaned in.
”Another game? Oh hahaha I LOVE games!” His hands shoot up in the air before falling by his sides, swaying softly to the sound of the daycare theme playing outside of the playhouse.
”Yes I know, Sun, that’s why I brought this. But it’s not a kid game.” “It‘s not?!” He sounds truly shocked, grabbing at his sides as he let’s out a robotic gasp.
You shake your head before continuing, “It’s a game for us. Because we’re adults.”
He freezes for a moment before tapping against the floor. “So… It’s an adult game?” Your jaw clenches as you fight the urge of backing out. “Yes it’s an adult game.”
He cheers again. “I didn’t know adults likes playing games! This will be so much fun, oh boy, oh boy!!”
You nod absentmindedly at his words, grabbing the dildo and strap, placing it on Sun who sits and patiently waits for the game to begin, so sweet and obedient.
You let out a shaky breath, lifting yourself up onto his lap, cool air suddenly making you self aware of the fact you haven’t had pants or panties on, they were torn and ripped by Moon. It was too late to salvage them now.
Sun’s hands go to your hips, rubbing circles into your soft flesh as you squeeze his shoulders while supporting your weight up.
”Is this the game? Has it started yet!” He asks with a giggle. You‘re anticipating the penetration, not listening to his words as you stare down at the fake dick you’re about to sit on.
”Hey…” He whispers, padded hand coming up and resting against your neck while pushing your jaw up to make you face him. “Are you okay? Do you need help? I can help you, Sunshine!”
You smile warmly at him, brushing your lips against his cold smiling face before dismissing his words and slowly letting yourself sit down.
The head bumps your folds, nudging your clit and you bite back a whine as you slide it down and push down onto it as your pussy sucks it in. It’s cold, insides tingling at the sensation before it’s quickly replaced with the warmth your pussy provides, sliding down further as your mouth opens in a silent moan and your eyes squeeze shut.
Sun coos at you, playing with your hair as he holds back from moving around, he‘s unsure why he does but with you in his lap it gets his program malfunctioning to the point he can’t think of moving.
You’re embarrassed by how much the toy splits you open, thighs burning as you slowly lower yourself down further while the girth leaves your pussy clenching and stinging at the stretch.
You look up at Sun through your lashes, tears sticking to them in globs waiting to drip off and down your pretty face and your mouth is hung open as you finally sit on his lap, the head of the dick snug against your cervix. You wonder who would even get such a size as big as this.
”Are you okay, Sweetheart? Your face is all red.” He asks, worry laced in his tone yet he’s still excited about your game. You nod, biting your lip as your hands squeeze his shoulders for support before rocking your hips slowly. Your head drops, whining at the stretch and how full a toy could make you feel before you lift yourself up and then drop back down finding a rhythm that had you a panting mess soon enough.
Your tongue peeked through your lips as you released moans and whimpers, repeating Sun’s name like a mantra as you bounced on the toy dick strapped to him. He laughs softly at you, how desperate you looked for him and he finds himself embarrassed over such thoughts about you even if you were grinding your hips against his this very moment.
”Sunny please!.. aah, fuck me, Sunny.” You mewl as the tip kisses your cervix, the veins along the cock rubbing deliciously against your walls that fluttered around it. His hands squeeze at your hips, releasing a sigh before his hips buck up against yours and your breath hitches at the feeling. Your nails scratching against the metal of his frame as his hips hesitantly meet with yours trying to follow your pace.
”So good. So good for me, Dewdrop.” He whispers, holding your plush hips more firmly as his thrusts get more confident, bumping against that spot that had you arching into him, chest pressed against his cold metal body as you moan and cry out.
Your thighs burn trying to keep up with his unrelenting pace, drool on the corners of your lips as you beg for him, cry for him to fuck you.
”I’ll make you feel good, Sunshine.” He nods at his words not realizing that he’s giving you the best fucking of your life right now. “So pretty. Such a pretty girl.”
”O-ooh, Sunny! Sun ’m gonna, haah, gonna cum!” You‘re yelling at this point with your eyes squeezed shut as you can feel the euphoria on the tips of your fingers that clung to Sun for dear life.
”Go on, Sunshine. You can cum! You can do it for me, c’mon.” His voice drops, low and almost dark as he giggles and pistons into your tight cunt. Mouth hung open as you practically scream when his long and nimble fingers come down to your clit experimentally rubbing small circles around the puffy pearl. Your orgasm happens so suddenly after it you don’t have enough time to react, a breathy whine leaves you as his name is repeated on your tongue as he continues thrusting up into your sensitive hole.
”S-sunny stop.. Stop—“ You push against his metal chest plate, teary eyed as you gasp at the final thrust that hits deep as your cunt spasms and your juices spill past the dildo inside of you.
“Sorry, Dewdrop! Sorry so sorry..” He apologizes as his head shakes side to side and his hands twitch against your hips. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”
Your lips quirk up in a small smile as your chest heaves up and down in heavy breaths, thighs trembling against his lap as your arms are loosely wrapped around his neck.
”No it’s okay, Sun.” You giggle pressing a kiss to his face, soon followed by more as he laughs and holds you tight against him.
You’ve slid off the silicone toy now, pressing your lips all over Sun’s face as he falls backwards on the soft padded floor in the play structure. You smile at him before your eyes go wide, noticing a generator cord under his body and the sound of it shutting down nearby, he must’ve pulled it out.
The lights go out, followed by Sun’s frantic movements as he lightly pushes you off him and huddles in a nearby corner scratching at his face as he groans in pain.
You’re looking around for where an exit might be, but you can’t see shit in the darkness as you crawl across the floor, hands waving in front of yourself for any wall or opening to get out through before he got ahold of you.
”Naughty girl, naughty girl.” He chuckles darkly, grabbing your ankle and pulling you backwards roughly as you fall to the ground before being turned around on your back with your hands pinned above your head.
”It’s past your bedtime. Why are you still awake?” He snickers at you who’s unable to form a word as your mouth is left open, brows furrowed together in slight annoyance. He moves your hands together, holding them together in one tight grip while his other hand snakes down to your face, grabbing your chin and forcing your head up as he leans down his red eyes boring into yours.
”Answer me, slut.” He hisses, shoving two fingers into your mouth when you try to speak up an insult, gagging as he pushes them against your uvula before swiping them over your tongue making a peace sign. “Oh. You can’t.”
You flick your tongue against his fingers, trying to push them away as you glare up at him. His knee nudges against your bare and slick cunt, pressing against your clit and causing your body to jolt at the sensation.
”Dirty whore. You like this don’t you?” He released your hands, hand running down to your breasts and pinching your nipple, rolling the perky nub between his cool fingers as he snickers at the sounds that fall past your lips.
”Didn’t I fuck you already? Or could you just not get enough?” His head tilts slightly, fingers tapping against your tongue as you hold back the urge to swallow while drool spills down the corners of your lips. “Close.” He demands in a low tone sending a shiver down your spine and you obey closing your mouth and encasing his fingers in your warm and wet cavern with slight curiosity.
His fingers plunge to the back of your throat with how long they are, pulling them back once you gag before shoving them back down like he was fucking your mouth with his fingers. The hand on your nipple grabs and squeezes your breast hard ripping a whiney moan from your throat as his fingers continue to thrust in your mouth.
”Getting off on this, huh? Disgusting slut.” He hisses as if he’s truly disgusted by your actions. Releasing your breast and moving down to your legs pulling them up and pressing them against your chest and you mumble around his fingers in confusion before your eyes roll back in your skull as you’re filled with the dildo again, forgetting it was still strapped onto Sunny before the lights went out.
Your pussy sucks him in, milking the toy for all it’s worth as he thrusts into you at an unforgiving pace, holding your thighs to your chest as you moan and drool around his fingers that stuffed your mouth full.
He groans, voice box glitching ever so slightly with the sound as he pulls his fingers out of your mouth with a soft pop and wraps them around your throat squeezing just enough to cause your voice to go quiet.
”Shut up, shut up!” He growls, annoyed with you as he thrusts harder more forcefully into you, bullying your cervix as a bulge is evident against your tummy and he presses his palm that was holding your legs up against the small bulge. If he could smirk he would.
Your legs ache but you dare not to let them fall limp, shaky arms coming up to hold your legs against your chest as you whimper and mewl, choked by his hand that’s around your neck every time you get loud. Your gut tightens, the feeling of a knot being pulled apart by two ends barely hanging on by a thread as your head leans back against the padding of the floor.
Your chest burns for a moment and your eyes shoot open unable to process what happened before it happens again and you hear the smack ring in your ears. His hand collides with your bouncing breasts again before giving them a rough squeeze once more, yelping at the pain and pleasure of it all as your back arches off the ground and your eyes close.
”Gonna cum? You little whore.” He growls, halting his movements right as you were on the edge of another orgasm, your hips try to roll against his to get some type of friction as you whine out pathetically.
”No! Moon please, ngh, please let me cum.” You cry, tears falling down your face as you stare up in the dark at his red eyes, the soft sound of his gears clicking and your heavy pants being the only noise made in the daycare.
“Do you deserve it?” He grins, pressing a thumb against your clit that tingles from overstimulation, your legs tremble against your weak hold on them as you hold back from crying at the lack of movement he’s giving you.
”Yes, I can be good.. I can be a good gir— aah ooh!” Your face scrunches up in pleasure, his hips thrusting the dick back into your spent cunt as you moan loudly before choking on your sounds when his hand tightens around your neck.
He huffs, mentally rolling his eyes as he watches the ooze of your white juices dripping past the dildo that drilled into you as you came. You began to quietly beg for him to stop but are choked by his fingers pressing around your throat tighter than before almost cutting off your airway as he lets out a growl, pulling out and flipping you onto your hands and knees that wobbly hold your weight up before you feel the tip press against your folds and slide past back into your warm cunt, rubbing against your gummy walls as your head falls forward in a choked cry at the lingering pain of being fucked a third time.
”You gonna cry, filthy slut? Be good for me and I’ll give you what you want.” He chuckles darkly amused by your sobs and the tears that stain your cheeks, his hand that was around your throat coming up and grabbing your hair pulling your head up and back as you scream in pleasure, begging him to keep going, to not stop.
His other hand snakes between your legs and rubs fast and rough circles around your pearl, pushing you closer to the edge quicker than before as your back arches with a loud whine. His voice is low and close to your ear as he coos at your cries mockingly.
”Gonna- agh ngh, gonna cum! Wanna cum all over your cock, Moon!” You sob, tears streaming down your face at this point as you feel your climax nearing for a third time for the night, arms shaking like leafs under your body as you try your best to hold yourself up just long enough to come again.
”Yeah? Go ahead then, cum all over my cock, doll.” He purrs happy with the choked scream that slips passed your lips as the knot in your gut is ripped and your juices splash against the padded floor, pornographic sounds reverberating off the plastic walls of the playhouse you were in as his thrusts slowed and became more shallow before he completely stopped, pulling out and letting your body fall limp to the soft flooring with a quiet thud.
Your chest heaved up and down in labored breaths, eyes glossed over with fresh tears as you look over at the pair of glowing red ones that stare off to the side, then he turns to you and places a hand on your shaking thigh giggling as he watches you squirm against his touch.
”Are you going to be okay, doll?” His head tilts watching you intensely as you brush your hair out of your face and slowly sit up, heart beating rapidly against your rib cage and loud in your ears as you stare at him almost in a daze.
”’m fine, Moon.” You mumble, eyes drooping with exhaustion as you rub the tears from your eyes while he cackles again at you, such a weirdo in your opinion.
”Good. I wasn’t going to help you anyways.” He huffs, patting your thigh before moving away from you and standing up yet crouched over as he looks off to the side again. You suddenly remembered how tall he and Sun were.
”Clean up, and then start turning those generators on.” He says as you stand, not exactly able to clean yourself with it being pitch black and your clothes ripped somewhere near the daycare entrance from earlier that night and you didn’t even know where that could be.
”Why?“ You ask softly, arms wrapped around your form as your legs struggle to hold yourself up standing, brain still fuzzy from your orgasms as you try to not pass out.
He giggles before it’s turning into full on maniacal laughter as he turns to face you, inching closer slowly as his bells jingle softly against his wrists.
”If you get them turned on, you can leave.” He says with a half shrug you fail to see in the dark. You back away slowly with each step he takes to get closer to you, nervousness overtaking your senses as you stare up at him in slight fear of the situation you’re now in.
”And if I don’t turn them on?” You ask, curling in on yourself where you stood as his movements halt and his head sways side to side gears and cogs squeaking and chattering with his head movement.
He laughs at you again, honestly finding it funny you’d ask such a thing.
“Then you’ll be my personal fuck toy.” He grins, your eyes widening as your mouth is left open yet no sounds seem to leave you as you process his words. “Our game starts…” He drawls out, taking a big step forward and grabbing your chin between his index and thumb forcing you to look up at him as he towered over you. Your thoughts are racing as you try to even think of a way out. How were you going to turn the generators on in the dark? It had to be impossible!
Tumblr media
taglist ; @trope-madness @shizkayo @theonewhoeatspastaraw @cmstars2 @plaguerat44 @mellamew @blairemmy90 @madjuly @frazzleboop @correctnt-blackpink @sicknasty03 @melomichuwu (if tag doesnt work it means it couldnt find blog url)
Tumblr media
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sdr2lovemail · 7 months ago
I need sundrop and moondrop pining. Can I get them pining over a worker at the mega pizza plex
This one was inspired by a dream I had.
I hc that Sun is a great artist but would draw at the same level as the kids to make them feel better. Also Sun and Moon hang out with DJMM because I said so.
I hope you enjoy!
There is now a second part to this!
Daycare attendants aren't programmed to handle a crush!
Letting out a yawn, you use your security badge to enter the employee lounge. Usually on the first shift no one else was in the room. All you needed to do was leave your bag and begin your sweep of the Pizza Plex. You tuck your security badge into your pocket as you walk to your locker. You look up to input your code before pausing.
The door to your locker looks like it was ripped open and then sealed closed with pink, glitter tape. The keypad’s screen was shattered and flickering. If you looked close enough, you could see claw marks in the metal of the locker. You look around and see that no one else's lockers suffered any damage.
Peeling back the tape, the door almost falls off its hinges. All of your belongings were still intact. Nothing was stolen or broken. Infact, there was something new there. On the bottom shelf was a stack of papers tied together with ribbon.
Untying the pages reveals multiple drawings of yourself. Some were obviously done by children, even signed with their names. But a majority were a nicer quality with no signature. On some of the nicer drawings, there was a small difference in style. Some had a harsher, darker stroke. While others have more of a lighter feel to them.
The Freddy themed wall clock chimed, indicating the start of your shift. You set the papers into your bag. You hope no one actually tries to break into your locker before you could get a new one. The only security for it now was some tape.
You begin your morning by checking in on the animatronics. Giving your good morning greetings, seeing if they were good to go for the day. You asked the main four if they knew anything about the drawings in your locker. None of them knew what you meant, giving you confused looks. Seems you would have to ask elsewhere.
Leaving Rockstar Gallery, your next stop was to see DJ Music Man. The big arachnid was able to set up on his own, but it never hurt to check up on him.
“Hey DJ! How are you this morning?” You walk over and begin to check over his booth. Making sure everything was in the right place and turned on.
He pauses his set up to give you a wave and a finger gun in your direction. DJMM begins to look over his tracks while listening to you talk.
“-and so I opened my locker and there were a ton of pictures of me. You know anything about that DJ?”
He freezes up and looks down at you. Shifting his eyes to the left and right, he turns one of his beats on, ignoring your question.
“You do know! Who was it? C’mon, tell me.” You pressure. You needed to know who left those papers in your locker.
DJMM is quick to shake his head, to the best of his ability, and retreat into his tunnels. He was hiding something from you. You’d find out what sooner or later.
The final stop of your check was the daycare. You first stop by the gift shop and the attached waiting area. Checking over the monitors, it feels like someone was watching you. Turning towards the daycare play area, a blur of yellow slips just out of your vision. The blur is followed by a loud crash and then a mechanical shriek.
You speed over to the big wooden doors and enter the play area. Sun is frantically trying to piece together a block castle.
“Oh no! Oh no! Where was the bridge?! Where was the flag?! Such a mess! Must fix it!” The daycare attendant is quick to rebuild the castle. Seeing everything back in its place, he begins to calm down. He swerves to the left but is startled by the sight of you. Weren’t you just in the gift shop?
“Good morning Sun. I heard a crash and wanted to come chec-!” You were interrupted as Sun practically leaped into your arms. They began to nuzzle the cheek of their faceplate into your own.
“Friend!! You’re back!! I had to wait a full 14 hours, 37 minutes, and 15 seconds to see you again!! It’s been so, so long!!” You weren’t used to having so much attention at one time. You attempt to continue your duties with Sun clinging to you.
“I missed you too, Sun. That crash made me worried so I came down to check on you.” Your words made his cooling system go into overdrive. A low hum could be heard from his mechanics.
“You were worried!! About me!! Oh, you’re just as thoughtful as always!! Did you have a nice drive here? Did you look inside your locker?”
“...Did you leave those papers in my locker?” Oh no! He ruined the surprise!
“What?! No no no nonono! Moon left them. I can’t go into the employee lounge.. it’s against the rules! You know Moon, always the rule breaker! Why do you ask? Did you like them?”
From inside their shared thoughts, Moon was fuming! This wasn’t the plan at all. Sun was making them out to be some bad guy!
“Yes I did, I thought the drawings were very nice. I’m not sure if Moon can hear me right now, but if he can’t, tell him I appreciated it.” You push against Sun’s torso, causing them to release their hold on you. “Though, I would love it if he didn’t destroy my locker. Well, I need to check the rest of the Pizza Plex before we open.”
You were leaving already?! Their plan was going down the drain!
“You can’t go, Sunshine! Why not play a game? We could play house, or hide and go seek, or tag!” They curl their arms around your own.
“As much as I would love to, I have to get back to work. My bills won’t pay themselves. If it makes you feel better, I can try to come by during my lunch break.”
“We could have lunch together, friend!! I could put the kids to sleep early and I can be with you while you eat!! Like a date! It’s a date!” They release your arm to cup their heated faceplate.
You weren’t thinking of it as much of a date. Your ideal date location wouldn’t be a daycare. But Sun seemed really happy about this. “Uh…Sure! It’s a date, Sun. I’ll see you at 12.” With that, you quickly make your way into the hall.
Sun was fidgeting with excitement. Even with their plan failing he scored him and Moon a date!
‘You idiot! Why would you make me the villain! It was your idea to put the papers in their locker.’
“Oh relax, Moon! That can be water under the bridge now! We got a date to go on!” Hooking himself to the cable in the sky, Sun goes up to his room to make preparations for your visit.
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giotistic · 7 months ago
sun/moon (fnaf security breach) x parent!reader hcs
2nd person
pronouns used: none for reader (gender neutral) he/him for sun/moon
genre: fluff (?)
warnings: fnaf sb spoilers...kinda
Tumblr media
when sun found out you had a kid, he was ecstatic
kept nagging you about bringing them to pizzeria, making excuses like "it's bring your kid to work day!" or something along the lines of that
you eventually cave in when the lady that was supposed to babysit bailed on you
started jumping around when he saw you approach the daycare while carrying a toddler
practically snatched them out of your arms
"New friend, new friend!"
"Sun please calm down, I think you're scaring them--"
you ask him if he can do you a favor and watch over the kid while you carried on with..whatever your job is. he -- of course, agrees and waves you goodbye before he drags your child to the ballpit
treats them as his own
sun's already great with children, it's no surprise that the kid got comfortable with him in no time
if you work the day shift, sun tries his best to treat the kids all equally. though his favoritism shows whenever your child interacts even the slightest with him
"All of your drawings look great! Now, next we -- hm?" the yellow animatronic's speech was interrupted by a tap on his back, "Mr. Sun, look! I made macaroni art!" insert (child's name) holding said macaroni art
"Why, it's absolutely magnificent! It's gorgeous!"
if you work during late hours, your child has his absolutely undivided attention
if you give him a bedtime schedule of sorts, he'll try his best to put them to sleep without having to drag moon out
is upset when you have to take the kid to your quarters/home, but he understands
will pester you for the next week or so about bringing them to work again
by the time moon comes out, the kid's either already asleep or you've already taken them home with you
if theyre still there when the lights magically go out, moon tries to stay as quiet as possible
will bring them someplace where the kid won't get randomly startled or have their sleep interrupted by the bots roaming around the daycare
it's usually not somewhere safe though..*cough* the top of the playpen
grabs stuff like blankets, pillows etc to make sure theyre as comfortable as possible
just watches over them while they sleep
may not give them back to you once you ask for the kid back
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notmycereal · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What’d you say about there starlight?,,
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