rainy-nomad · a day ago
one of the staff teaches sun/moon how to make their own stickers and now they use the homemade stickers as prizes when they play with the glamrocks. some of them say 'great job superstar!' or 'you tried' or they're pics of the glamrocks etc. all of them are poorly drawn and some are misspelled (either on cuz they suck at art or it's on purpose, like a meme)
My love I love this!!!!
girl's night activities
Tumblr media
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glambots · 2 days ago
Romantic headcanons about Sundrop, Moondrop, and Glamrock Freddy with gender neutral human reader?
🎩Glamrock-Freddy + Romantic HCs: 🎩
⭐No matter where you are in a crowd, he can always find you immediately. And the second he does, his whole face lights up, and he always gives you the biggest, happiest wave. It's equal parts adorable and embarrassing, because you just know you're both gonna get teased about it later. He's even done it while on stage! Monty has yet to let you live that one down.
⭐His favorite way to relax is sitting on the couch in his green room, with you in his lap. He doesn't mind what you do while you sit there: you can read, play games, whatever you'd like! He just likes holding you, arms wrapped around your waist with his head resting atop yours. He finds it even cuter when you fall asleep on him like that--until he realizes that he's trapped. (Well! This is his life now.)
⭐One of your favorite memories was the time you gave him a kiss on his nose and it made a squeaky-toy noise. And his ears were wiggling?? There are times when he can be so damn cute that it's dangerous. (Just know that you're the only person he'll let squeak his nose like that.) You two are so smitten with each other that it's downright sickening. Good!
☀️Sunnydrop + Romantic HCs:☀️
⭐His primary love language is 100% physical affection. He's always looking for excuses to touch you in whatever ways he can--giving you hugs, putting an arm around your shoulders or waist, holding your hand (he likes doing that cute arm-swingy thing), etc, etc. Sun doesn't care if you're in front of the kids, staff, whoever. He'll hang all over you if you let him! (And he'll pout if you don't.)
⭐He also really loves giving you gifts. Especially if it's something he's made himself. Friendship bracelets, drawings and paintings, hand-made cards--and if you ever made him anything? Let's just say, if he had the ability to cry, he'd be sobbing like a baby. He keeps every single thing you've ever given him safely tucked away in his room, in a spot where only he (and Moon) know about.
⭐Pet-names go straight to his heart. "Sunny," of course, is one of his personal favorites, but he absolutely melts when you call him things like: sweetheart, honey, baby, darling, etc, etc. His nicknames for you are more around the lines of: sun-shine/light/beam, dewdrop, and honeydew! They're cute, sappy, and (mostly) themed after himself. (Because it's more sentimental that way!)
🌙Moondrop + Romantic HCs:🌙
⭐The man is like a cat in that he likes to leave you gifts on your "doorstep" (i.e.: outside your office, on your desk, and other similar places). Mostly his own merch, because he's a possessive little shit, but also snacks, drinks, medicine--anything he thinks you might like or want. After all, he keeps watch over you, so he knows when and what you might be in need of.
⭐Cuddling is very rare, but once you manage to wrangle him into it, he's not letting you go, no matter how badly you have to pee. He'll wrap his whole body around you, tangling his legs with yours and carding his fingers through your hair while he hums lullabies. The amount of times you've fallen asleep like that is...a little embarrassing. But it's really hard not to, when he makes it so easy!
⭐He's got a low-key high-key weakness for listening to your heart-beat. Something about the sound of it is just so...soothing to him. A little reminder that you're actually there with him, and not just a figment of his imagination, or some sort of dream. That, and he thinks the way your pulse flutters whenever he so much as looks at you is adorable. Such a precious little thing~...
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w0lberg-i-guess · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
OBSESSED with this design by @rainy-nomad !!!
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cherielya · a day ago
I didn't have much time to draw (because of university😔) so I could only do this little doodle of my human version of Sun, I tried to paint it in digital so it wouldn't be so boring jsjs
I fell so in love that I tried to do the closest thing in artbreeder and then edit it, I think it turned out quite well, what do you think?
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agileo-101 · a day ago
Does Dawnlight have a crush on anyone or at least someone he considers almost his equal?
Tumblr media
Glamrock Freddy. But that’s a hush-hush.
He doesn’t like the BlareRock version of Freddy though. Both of them likes to hog spotlights and they refuses to share. Instead, Dawn likes how kind and gullible Glamrock Freddy is.
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m1cr0w4v3df0rk2 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
an offering (its googly eyes)
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sugarsmilez · a day ago
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two dumbasses walk into a bar
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crystallizedcheese · a day ago
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fuzzvcore · a day ago
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uhhh first post I guess
sun, moon and gregory doodles :)
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zombiecare-rotdraws · a day ago
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Hold their face, kiss their forehead/cheek, and tell them they are good boys!! 😤 I love them so much god!!!!!
My Insta/Twitter: @ zombiecare_rot
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rainy-nomad · 19 hours ago
continuation of the girl's night replies on that one pic you drew: before chica invites sun/moon to girl's night, he (same body) would crawl thru the vents and input convo. roxy says something about freddy being cringe and moon (from the vents) is like 'he's super cringe, but in a cute dorky way'. roxy's like 'i mean i GUESS but- WAIT WTF ARE YOU DOING IN THE VENTS?!?!'
Absolutely. They have no filter
Also, HC that sun and moon are like cats and like to squish into obscure places.
Tumblr media
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glambots · 2 days ago
ok... hear me out? how do you think sunnydrop and moondrop would fare with a crush thats like. Super Oblivious. they could literally say "i love you" and reader would be all "oh, i love you too, bud!" kind of oblivious. they like like them too, they're just doing an idiots to lovers slowburn without realizing it is all jsgkmds-- like some hc's for this if thats cool? or whatevers easier for you
☀️Sunnydrop + Oblivious!Crush HCs:☀️
⭐GOD, He's Suffering. Like, he really couldn't be more obvious even if he tried. And...Boy, Oh Boy! Has he tried. He's even thought about consulting the kids about what to do. (You know things are going in the right direction when you conder turning to literal preschoolers for advice on your love life.)
⭐Your casual "rejections" have a terrible effect on him. He tries to keep up the positive façade, especially when you're working, but he's noticeably more...pouty? Lacking his usual energy, constantly sighing and staring off into space, and even mumbling under his breath. It's like watching a flower wilt in real-time.
⭐At the same time, he doesn't want to give up yet! He's determined to make you realize that he means it. And even if you don't feel the same way, that's okay! He's happy just to be your friend, but these feelings are eating him up inside and he needs to get them out or he's gonna lose it--
🌙Moondrop + Oblivious!Crush HCs:🌙
⭐It's a little easier to brush things off when it comes to Moon's methods of "flirting" because...it doesn't really come across as flirting. It's more like semi-friendly teasing! But the lingering touches, the softness in his eyes when you catch him staring, the tone in his voice when he says your name? Not so much.
⭐Unlike Sun, he knows that you're not actually rejecting him, you're just frustratingly oblivious. (Doesn't make it hurt any less.) His version of pouting is mostly just giving you the cold shoulder and grumbling to himself. Less tantrum-like, but equally as dramatic. He's just a prissy little drama queen who likes to throw his prissy little hissy fits.
⭐Out of the two of them he's the one who's more likely to let the feelings stew inside of him without actually coming out and saying it. He wants to--he really, really wants to--but he's so afraid of facing possible rejection that he's willing to..."let it be." As long as he can be next to you, even if it's just as your friend, then he's okay with that. (He can learn to be okay with that.)
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marieeviart · 2 days ago
They're 10000000% besties no one can change my mind 🌞🎧✨
Tumblr media
Look at emmmm 😖💜
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raeloganthesonic06fangirl · 17 hours ago
Super cool detail about Moon is that if you peek at the character model in full, it's interesting that Sun's rays are modeled in as fully retracted into his head
Tumblr media
Seriously, I'm really impressed by some of the details between the two of them. It's fun to just look at the grime and chipping paint to guess what probably was happening pre-game for them...
Like, it's interesting how springy the rays are when you also see for a brief moment when Sundrop is freaking out, you can see him push down on some of them on the top and they retract as well before popping back into place.
Tumblr media
So I guess it's on a spring-loaded system of sorts that allows for individual spikes to recede when pressure is applied, but it can also retract simultaneously during the switch. I suppose when you deal with little children for most of the day, and they slap and thump around on stuff all the time, you'd want to be sure that they can't be poked by triangular decor.
So, while Sun and Moon both have different models for each other that look related that can be swapped out during that scene, there's still some bits to indicate that the illusion is intended for them to appear as a Dual AI scenario under the same shell.
I really like that Moon has the sun rays retracted into his head even though it looks like under normal gameplay (I'm still waiting for the Switch port, I don't have a proper system that could handle this game right), you wouldn't really see that.
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maximusod · a day ago
Tumblr media
Flats down on the boi(s).
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agileo-101 · 9 hours ago
wOAh woaH wOah okay I only just noticed and wanted to ask; so yanno how dawn light also has feminine traits (i.e:longer eyelashes - NOT STEREOTYPING) does he get that from moonlight? I mean i know you said they have different eyes, but not different faceplate......right? (I'm sorry I just LOVE theorizing about this au, it's so curious- oh and, how are you today? :))
No, no, hon. You got it right. He got longer lashes and it's all his doing.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dawn had to go through 30 different purses from unsuspecting mothers to find the shade that compliments him.
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redw00d-bones · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doodles and Sun because why not
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aroseinasnowstorm · 22 hours ago
I just found your work (so glad I did man) do you think you could do a Monty/sun with a ftm reader who just got a binder please
Only if your comfy :)
Tumblr media
TW: Body Dysphoria, Binders, Awkward but supportive Animatronics, Reader uses "he/him" pronouns for this one, Sun is fucking DENSE- And we stan him still
- The Animatronics are programmed to use "They/Them" pronouns for everyone until they´ve been told the pronouns they are supposed to use and NO ONE can convince me otherwise.
- Of course, they know the difference between the female and male body but honestly? I don´t think they actually care... at least Monty doesn´t.
- He doesn´t want to come as ignorant but he simply does not question it when you tell him that you are a "he", he just rolls with it. Never even think twice about the connection between the pronouns and your assigned sex at birth.
- Of course, he himself prefers "he/him" but he never thought about why this is the case. I guess when you are an Animatronic with a self-thinking AI you have other things to worry about than what gender you have and what pronouns you use-
- Yet he gets it quite quickly once you explain to him what you feel and how you would like to perceive. He doesn´t really change his behavior towards you after your talk but you do notice that he makes you more compliments about how masculine you look, or how strong you, his boyfriend, actually are.
- And if you wear a Binder for the first time and are unsure about it? Oh boy, he will be almost purring about it. He notices it actually from afar. Usually, he doesn´t pay that much attention to anyone's body but you are an expectation.
- He will actually ask you about it, I don´t think he ever saw a Binder before. Once you explain it about him he is all amazed and will make sure to give you compliments about it. Anything that can make you feel more like yourself is something he adores.
- Make sure you mention that you need a break every now and then from the Binder, he will make sure you don´t overdo it. And when you can´t use a Binder he will give you wayyy oversized shirts of his own merch in the hope it could reduce your body dysphoria for the time being.
- Oh my god, Sun is DENSE- Like. They are and I am so sorry about it- But he just babbles a lot, and this 99% of the time without thinking twice.
- He WILL ask about why you prefer he/him pronouns and why you would like to be perceived as male. Mind you, he has no bad intentions but this Animatronic is as intrusive as a kid- Maybe that´s what happens to you if you constantly need to work with children.
- But don´t let this slightly uncomfortable start trick you. The moment you explain to them what is going on you can almost hear the ticking in his head before he lets out a loud "OHHHH, that makes sense, yesyes!"
- He will... overdo it a bit at first. They would love to just tell the whole world that you are a very, VERY masculine man who also happens to be his perfect boyfriend- Don´t worry though, if you tell him that it makes you feel uncomfortable he will lower his affections towards you.
- Is totally confused the first time you appear with a Binder. Where did your chest go? Yet he learns fast and once he realizes that certain clothes and parts of your body make you feel uncomfortable he is actually very supportive and even provides you with a TON of compliments
- Moon is less dense than Sun. He can kind of understand your struggles? Something about his body doesn´t feel right either sometimes... but that is another story.
- He is the complete opposite of Sun, meaning he would just accept everything you ask him to do or not to do without asking twice.
- That doesn´t mean that they don´t care, they just don´t want to pressure you to into telling them anything. Yet the moment you talk about anything he will intensely listen and even ask questions.
- The first time you wear a binder he makes sure to ask about it carefully. Once he realizes that it makes you feel uncomfortable in your own body he makes a mental note about this.
- He is not big on compliments but he will make to drop some every now and then if he notices they make you feel more confident in your body.
- They got you a very large poncho (don´t ask where he got them from, who knows-) you can wear it when you can´t wear your Binder in the hope it would ease your body dysphoria.
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helloitsojo · a day ago
Tumblr media
he deserves to swear, that was my take from the game
(Click for better quality!)
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sonasnowdrop · 2 days ago
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Afton doodles!
Tumblr media
And some sunny hehe👹
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