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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#punch buggy

I just remembered when my siblings and I were kids we used to save up our punch buggy punches so we could just deck each other whenever we wanted and our parents couldn’t get mad and eventually we got well into the hundreds because there was always one house we would pass by that had a VW Beetle in the driveway and the air would get tense as we’d all clamor to be the first one to say “punch buggy grey no punch backs” before my mom shut it down because my brother hit my other brother in the face

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so, is this like a local thing or do other people know of “punch buggy”

cuz, like, basically everyone I’ve met, and any media I see on it is like “slug bug”

but like, “Punch Buggy” goes like:

*sees a ‘punch buggy’*

*punch person while calling out:*

“PUNCH BUGGY [insert colour here], NO PUNCH BACKS!”

and basically first person to call it and punch someone is immune, unless they don’t call it, or they forget to say “no punch backs”, or mess up the colour. and if they fuck up for any of those reasons or if someone hits you for a bug you already called, then it’s a “Slug Bug” and you get a free hitback pretty much as hard as you want.

anyway, that’s how my family, and friends have always played but I don’t know where these supposed rules came from, because pretty much everyone else I’ve ever talked to just plays “Slug bug” which seems like it’s basically just see the car and ruthlessly beat on your friends.

anybody else ever played or even heard of “Punch Buggy”?

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