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monster-town-au · a year ago
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there will be more soon but this is how much i've gotten done so far!!
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p-pamda · 8 months ago
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Politely declining the last piece of candy
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flamedy · a year ago
Today is the day to reblog this
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kyrias-pumpkinpatch · a month ago
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Roblox rp momen
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ayuki-dream · 8 months ago
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Ya saben que mes es >:) *hace el Spooky Dance*
Y no podía faltar otro estilo xdd Se hizo lo que se pudo uvu
Espero que les guste!! <3
Un reblog y un corazón son de gran apoyo a mi salud mental xdd 💜💜💜💜💜💜
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groovyathletefestivalegg · 4 months ago
I promise, my Familiez au's next chapter will be done! But in this moment no.. Why? Just one simple word "school", i have to study for various exams so i won't be able to do it :(, don't worry! I'll still try to post something when i can!
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Ah and for the "Everything" part-
Just wait for it, i wanna do some storyboard about it
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sabersasha · a year ago
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My internet is out right now lol
🎀Instagram 🎀 Etsy 🎀
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purplepainter · a year ago
Haha brain go brrrrrrrr
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lemon-simp · 9 months ago
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🎃: skid.. you need to go..
💀: what.? What do you mean-
🎃: there’s not much time..
💀: pump, your..
🎃: j-just go! I-it infected me.. it h-hurts.. it’ll infect you too..!
💀: pump… I won’t leave you! Y-your my best friend! We’ll stick by each others side no matter what.!
🎃🖤: good. Glad your here. Bud. : ) why don’t you join me then? We’ll be together forever. Like we promised… : )
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kharmely19 · 11 months ago
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sequencial comic
skid x pump
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toonyloser · 7 months ago
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halloween's officially over once again
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existing-user · 8 months ago
Spooky month day 4: trouble
Hehe so I decided to draw hatzgang for today and have something else follow up for day 5 :]
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Now imma sleep am tired hehe-
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charlie-the-clover · 12 months ago
Incase y’all didn’t get a chance to see, here’s a scene of spooky month 4 that got leaked
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Source (in one of the replies in the notes)
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ihatestarbucks · 8 months ago
Spooky Month Plushies!
Just a fast review about the comercial Sr Pelo publicated two days ago.
Yeah, the meme of “don’t turn me into a marketeable plushie” but another level lol
(I saw the video like 10 times and i still don’t undertand what Lila said when is crying)
Basically, the kids watch this spooky comercial and turn in plushies. Well, you can be everywere now kids, because Sr Pelo send this plushies to every single place in the world! Happy?
Also, Lila (OFCOURSE) gets sad because her’s son is a plushie now, and then starts watching TV and... What’s that?
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Skid and Pump were on the TV, but now Lila is there to? (also, she’s wearing other clothes, like... a toga? like curt’s toga?)
Well, definetly i wasn’t expecting that.
 I just have 3 theories.
1. This means nothing, Sr Pelo is just trying to do a nice comercial for his new plushies, and that’s all, doesn’t affect to Spooky Month
2. Skid and Pump watched the TV and turned into plushies, and Lila watched TV too, so... Will we have Lila plushie?! :O
3. This is an sneek peak of the new Spooky Month episode!! Yay!
That’s all by the moment, we will see in the next SM episode. Bye!
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unflair · 11 months ago
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They’re family your honor
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dem-dem-demi · a year ago
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Wherever Skid goes, the spooky follows him!
Based on @the-spooky-children headcanon.
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sunny-ds-art-space · a year ago
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And here's part 2 of my art dump! Only one other drawing but might as well keep all of the art in their respective tags 👌 fnf is a cool game and i made this at the beginning of the year but i never posted it lol. But yeah! Local cryptid goes trick or treating with 2 spooky children: more at 11 👌✨
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inkysanctuary · a year ago
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Ok ok so pump and skid but they are epic monster
Pump is a scarecrow and skid is a grim reaper
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littleboxgoi · a year ago
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My boi Anknown1 has met the spooky boi’s before. How? Well... we will have to wait this Halloween to know how they met.
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katy-fasila · a year ago
Ghost friend au
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this au is about
Pump get murder by a red demon
And skid forgot who's pump
And yes angst time
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