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#tadashi kikuchi
elysiumtoweradverts · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Looking for Ainoske Shindo/Adam and Tadashi Kikushi/Snake to join a 18+ Multifandom Discord RP.
Elysium is a small, brand new 18+ Multifandom Discord Roleplay set in an enormous, isolated tower where magical technology, virtual reality, cyberpunk, and solarpunk blend into one. The mysterious Artificial Intelligence running the Tower has pulled you from your own worlds and trapped you inside. Will you find love, a home, a chance to start a new life, or an opportunity to claw your way to power whatever the cost? We welcome both light slice-of-life and romance stories, as well as darker, angsty adventures. What you make of Elysium is up to you.
We are now OPEN for a “Soft Launch!” We will be inviting anyone who’d like to pick up a character on our Requested list. In addition, we have 3 open spots for anyone who’d like to apply for any other character from any comic, animated show, anime, or video game (no life action shows, please)!
If you are interested, please send us an ask with the character you’d like to play and any questions so we can send you the discord invite. Our full grand opening will be scheduled at the end of April, so if you’re not able to join yet, please check back soon.
Home| Premise | Rules| Requested Characters | Masterlist
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pasteltitania · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tadashi, my beloved...!
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wizardstove · 2 hours ago
Request from insta but Tadashi with snake bites supremacy babyyyyyy
Tumblr media
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thequeenoffandomhell · 10 hours ago
Planning to get the plot done by the end of april (latest) and start posting biweekly chapters in may. thats the game plan! hopefully my writing is up to standards and expectations.
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doctor-queenie · 11 hours ago
Secret Garden - TadaAi Victorian Era Multichapter Fic.
Read here on Ao3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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malvsworld · a day ago
Do i think you have self-esteem based on who's your favourite character from Sk8?
Reki Kyan;
We both know you have no self esteem
Sometimes you have random waves of confidence
Langa Hasegawa;
Good job
Miya Chinen;
You act like you have self esteem
But lets be real you don't
You just act like it
And I'm proud of you
I don't know how but you do
Cherry Blossom;
Uhm Yes, you do
Again,i don't know how
Tadashi Kikuchi;
Yes,you do
get help please
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anabotti · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wish Adam would stop speaking like that to Tadashi-
Tumblr media
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working on the plot for the angst fic. planning on stretching it out over 20 or so chapters. if not 20, then maybe 10. this is probably one of the biggest projects i’ve taken on, so i’m trying my best. there’ll be a lot of sensitive topics, like attempted suicide so if that bothers you please do not read. thanks for stopping by, it means a lot.
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borkcoli · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
man I really wanted to see Tadashi defeat ADAM in a beef
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midorikawawas · 2 days ago
Tadashi participating as Snake in S regularly post ep.12
But he now has a metal bat since people keep trying to hurt him because he's too good.
And he's ruthless with it if provoked
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baylecn · 2 days ago
[Reki and Tadashi having a conversation about Adam]
Reki: He doesn't deserve you.
Reki: If he doesn't treat you right by now, you're gone.
Tadashi: I'm gone.
Reki: *proudly* Now go chop his dick off!
(This could work for Joe and Cherry as well)
(Even tho he's completely attached to Adam, I feel like Tadashi needs to be with people who actually care about him. I have nothing against Tadashi relationship with Adam, it just doesn't sit right with me and I don't know why)
(Btw ya like my new format?)
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midorikawawas · 2 days ago
Lil Nas X wondering what the fuck is AiTada and why is "Montero (Call me by your name)" in all those playlists
Tumblr media
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wizardstove · 2 days ago
Hope ur having a good day btw!!! :D
Tumblr media
This is your fault you made me fucking do this
Ok but your ask made me think about how Tadashi, even after leaving Adam, is still affected by everything he’s gone through and sometimes it’ll all hit him at once. Luckily, Joe and Cherry are always there to comfort him
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aavaros-aaravos · 2 days ago
Thinking about how Tadashi referred to Adam as “the man I serve” and not as a boss or employer in the love hotel scene
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tobiiou · 3 days ago
adam: ugh, tadashi that mouthgasm is immaculate~
tadashi: ADAM-
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#ooooh so interesting....#what would their numbers be??#i would assume adam has a number similar to grace#and miya number must be in the mid 200s? because of his run with the apex maybe??
@raindvst tags on her reblog of my Sk8 the Infinity Train speculative plot post which you can read [RIGHT HERE]
Deciding numbers can be difficult. We see a range in the show, and, while we know the general idea of how starting numbers and increases/downsizing of numbers works, the exact  “points system” has few references and sometimes just moves as the plot demands. Even starting numbers, we have them range from 50s to in the 300s. Now, 4 drops tomorrow and we may have new or more nuanced information soon. 
Long-ish musings on numbers for Miya, Adam, Tadashi, Reki, and Langa under the cut, and some general talk/calls for opinions about Joe, Cherry, and Shadow involvement in the narrative in the final paragraphs.
Tumblr media
Miya’s number probably started somewhere around Tulip’s (115), since they are similar age and have a lot of commonality (parents they feel don’t care or pay attention like they should, stubborn, gifted kid, etc.) and though Miya’s issues may not shape in exactly the same way as Tulip’s with her parent’s divorce causing a spike of anger and trauma, we also see that Tulip still has friends/support in her life. Miya is pretty isolated, so maybe we put his starting number a bit higher, like 140. In that case, 200s may be a lowball if he ran around with Apex for awhile, especially if he knew better than to take every word said to him as gospel truth, which I think he would, and he definitely knew some of their actions were wrong/harmful but went along for awhile anyway. Intent counts for a lot. 
Even if he’s on his own now, I would still say maybe 400-500 for Miya’s number. We actually see some non-Apex, presumably “normal” passengers with numbers over 1000, but they are older than Miya. Not that age always means a higher number, as Jesse’s was fairly low to begin with, but Jesse was a soft heart from moment one despite other issues, and I think that soft heart and willingness to examine himself sooner than some others means a lower number.
 Actually, let’s also look at Hazel and the 337 on her hand. We know that her number is there because that was Amelia’s number, but Simon and Grace don’t know that when first finding her, and though it’s understandable that the fact that Hazel’s number is not glowing trumps all other observations, there isn’t much focus on why a six-year-old who was just hanging out and playing with a denizen has a 337...ergo, maybe that’s not that high. Of course, I could be off base though as I don’t remember any background Apex members numbers (feel free to send them if you got them) so maybe 300 is still pretty high.
I’d still say Miya is around 500 though. Not insurmountable, but still a little problem child. 
Adam’s number is indeed one that wraps up his arm, though it’s usually covered by his clothes, so what attracts attention is still the personality. Whether his number is higher or lower than Grace in season 3 is anybody’s guess. He doesn’t care or keep track. He’s just living his life however he wants, going overboard a bit on the principle of doing whatever he desires. He doesn’t buy into the “numbers are power” theory or ‘high number wins”. He never cared whether dwindling numbers meant death or a return to normal life, because he came to regard both as the same thing. 
Tadashi’s number (not asked about, but now I am in speculation mode) would seem like it has to be fairly small in comparison with Adam’s. He’d wear gloves, but not long ones, and when he rolls up his sleeves, there is no glow to be found. However, his number would be an irrational number/constantly in flux I’ve decided, because, when our story would begin, his work toward resolving his core issues would enter a paradox. Tadashi’s heart issue is resigning himself to a life where he prioritizes being obedient and serving well over everything else (including right and wrong, his happiness, and even people he loves) refusing to so much as be vocal about his own opinions much less take action. So, finally finding something other than duty important enough to take a stand over, and making a change in how he is going to live his life from there forward is healing. However, and this is a big however, the change he’s made and life he’s chosen, leaving his responsibilities, is following Adam around, not objecting to anything he does, and viewing it as duty owed as much or more than affection...which is both wrong and the same exact pattern/problem. 
The train isn’t infallible. We’ve seen that before. I don’t know that the system would know what to make of it. So, until he decides to make another change, finds different priorities, or his relationship dynamic with Adam changes, the anomaly persists.
Reki would probably enter under 100, much like Jesse, and stay right around the same area, decreasing or climbing slowly like we see with Tulip or Jesse most of the time.
Langa, I said before he keeps the same number, but what that number would be may be a difficult assignment. How do we rate the grieving process? Do we give him a number similar to Amelia’s starting place long ago at 330-ish or do we say Amelia had signs of other issues even then so let’s give Lange more along a 200? I’d probably split the difference and give him something like...288. Get the 8s in there to make sideways infinity symbols.
I am still not entirely sure how I am going to integrate Joe and Cherry. I have a thought for them as recently come aboard the train at the same time in separate cars, but  I am not completely sold on the first scenario of an inciting incident I came up with. Okay, I’ll say it. Joe proposed, Cherry said no, they fought and broke up entirely, and then both ended up on the train. It could work but it seems a little...melodrama, perhaps? 
I don’t have any idea about Shadow, and was tempted to have him as the gang’s train denizen guide. However, I don’t feel that’s entirely fair to him since every other character gets to be human (not that he couldn’t have his own focus or character arc as a denizen) and the au would otherwise be following canon backstories and just be “what if the Infinity Train existed in Sk8’s version of earth,” a path I’d like to stick to.
I am open to ideas about Hiromi/Shadow and Matchablossom if anyone has suggestions. I...think this AU may actually get written.
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baylecn · 3 days ago
Ok, I know I said that I personally don't see Tadashi as a protective bro figure, but I do see Reki begging him to join the Sk8er family, you know, the whole "Extrovert Adopts The Introvert Trope" considering how in ep. 11 and 12, he feeds the gang info about Adam's intentions during the beef. I also imagine Reki actually making a board as a way to say thank you for helping him (even tho he really didn't do much) and at some point Reki asks the Gang if they could keep him.
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