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First thank you, I’m doing pretty well! Second, Little Ghost is the character you play as. They don’t really have a name and Team Cherry tends to refer to them as ‘The Knight’, where Tiso and the Hunter call them Squib, and Hornet calls them Little Ghost. The last tends to be most used. Most of the fandom, me included, interpret them as being a child since we see a younger version of The Hollow Knight, the bug locked in The Temple of the Black Egg, which looks very similar to them. Because of this I’m gonna go with The Hollow Knight for this.

  • They want nothing. They want no one. They only have one purpose: to contain the infection, to contain The Radiance. They have no need for anything else.
  • At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. How they insist it is. No mind to think, no will to break, no voice to cry out in suffering. 
  • The problem is they have a voice that cries out each time a seal breaks, their will had been broken by the radiance long ago, and they have a mind that can’t stop thinking no matter how hard they try. It hurts too much to recognize how much they failed their one task of being the perfect vessel. 
  • Instead they do what they always did before getting sealed away, they fake it. They do everything they can to never make a noise, they try so hard to never think, but they have long lost the fight to contain The Radiance. No matter how hard they fight she controls their body, their absolute wreck of a body, and there is nothing they can do about it.
  • The silence that is suddenly left behind when The Radiance is gone is deafening. Their own thoughts are like sirens in their head. It’s been so long since they were sealed away they forgot what it was like to hear their own thoughts. It’s shocking to them, so they deny this and just try to ground themself to the here and now, doing only what their instincts tell them. They wander from place to place, doing all they can to stop thinking.
  • It’s when they see the few bugs living in Dirtmouth that they see something they never really saw before: bugs genuinely caring for each other. It wasn’t Bretta’s obsessiveness that caught their attention, but Elderbug giving advice to anyone who listens, even though he never gets a thanks in return, Iselda’s care for her customers and the pins she makes even if she found the work dull, her relief that her husband was safe at home after venturing through Hollownest, and even Cornifer who didn’t often show his care for Iselda in front of others but would steal loving glances at his wife who gave so much up to be with him. It’s just not something they had ever really seen. The one other bug they saw that acted with such care had been their mother, and even then they only ever saw her a few times in their whole life.
  • Somewhere deep down, they wonder what it’s like to be apart of something like that. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic sense even. To be a part of a community where you look out for each other, or be so close with someone you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down around them.
  • Or just having a conversation with someone. It could be about anything, just a small conversation that leaves the individuals day just a tiny bit brighter than before. What would that look like? What would that even sound like?
  • Anytime they find themself wondering about such things they quickly squash it down though. They were supposed to be one thing, a perfect vessel. It’s all their father ever wanted from them. The thoughts of “Maybe I don’t have to be what my father wanted me to be” or “Even if I failed, being perfect is no longer required of me anymore” or even “Being perfect was impossible for me to be in the first place” just hurts too much. It’s hard to tear down everything you built about yourself your whole life and start anew.
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:,D thank you! I akjdkf I’ve been wondering how to answer this for the longest time bc its so sweet and I’ve been feasting on it’s positivity for the last week haha, but honestly, this means a lot :,> I shall continue doing my best giving y’all quality content! But, for now, have some random hecking sketches I did of the beans that I can’t really put anywhere haha

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