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10) How they deal with pain.

-He ignores it. If it’s legit dangerous? He’ll stitch it together with a little bit of soul, but unless he’s genuinely pissed by its existence or terrified of what it can do to him, he’ll usually just leave it to heal on its own- wyrms heal fairly quickly, because their lives are usually so focused on conquering and defending their territory, so he’s sort of internalized how they deal with it because he’s dealt with enough wounds over the years to be pretty meh about most of them. He doesn’t care about his body, nor does he care about bringing it pain- the only thing he really fears is the death of his creations and the futility of his existence/actions, so he usually doesn’t see why he’d waste the soul when its perfectly fine mending on its own (and often does without a visible blemish, because PK doesn’t get himself into big physical battles- he’ll fight if he needs to, but he usually prefers flight, because he thinks he has better things to do than risk his life for problems he can kill in a more sneaky manner.)

For mental, though? Well…it’s much of the same XD He considers like 99.7% of his emotions to be flaws or weaknesses, so most of the time he just straight-up ignores whatever bothers him because he considers it below him to be affected by things like that. If it’s an infected child, then he has a right to be pissed, yes, but sadness is only allowed when viewed through a vengeful light, because that is the Radiance transgressing on his territory. Or, at least, that’s how he was when he was younger- as he grew older, and started realizing the extent of what he did wrong, he just…wasn’t able to keep away the exhaustion and sadness, and grew bitter and tired with it, no matter how much he tried to deny it, to be the perfect voice of logic and justice for the people in need. 

But it still wasn’t enough to force him to confront his feelings. Not until it was too late

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“Whoever would want to be king?”

Viva la Vida

Finally! After months of procrastination and balancing school projects, my collab piece with @gattasmagicalartblog is finally finished! I learned a lot working on this project, especially material painting and multiple light sources. This is also a project that helps take my mind off the stress of class works and I really appreciate the opportunity.

Again, thank you @gattasmagicalartblog and everyone for your patience and encouragement!

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So, I decided to go back through the White Palace in preparation for silk songs parkour movement system when I noticed something.

The Kings body is gone, and you can’t sit in his throne anymore.

Now, I’ve talked to few people to get some more opinions about this, and the consensus is that Team Cherry removed his body to avoid cluttering up the palace in future runs.

But if that’s the case…. why is the King the only one missing? His Kingsmoulds are still where they fell, so why isn’t he?

Now, I’m not one to hypothesize (I leave that stuff to mossbag) but why go through the trouble of removing just one body? And why does it so happen that the body belongs to one of the most mysterious and powerful characters in Hollow Knight?

Why didn’t they just block off the Kings throne room like they did a good chunk of the palace? Why go through the trouble of deactivating the Kings throne as a seat? The same throne that happens to symbolize Hallownest and the Kings failures?

Now, I’m not saying the Pale King is alive, but as far as we know, the Knight is the first living thing to enter the palace in a looong time. Probably the only living thing since the King entered the dream himself. And as far as we know, the Knight is also the only one able to access the dream, so someone coming into the palace and bodynapping the Kings corpse is unlikely.

So unless Team Cherry comes out and says they removed the Pale Kings body for gameplay performance…

Where the fuck is the King?

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I just want to say that I am in LOVE with @chipper-smol​ ‘s time travel/feral vessel au
I could not sleep until I drew this and I highly recommend their blog,,,, very nice art and i’m in te ar s from the au it’s so funny

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