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#u can really tell i don't like the fandom era lol
musashi · 11 months ago
i think i want to give my chemical romance a try since everyone speaks so highly of them, but i don't know where to start! are there any specific songs or albums that are good for new listeners? or maybe like basic information i should know? i guess i could just look something like this up, but i trust someone who's a fan of said band better than some random article
what kind of music do u regularly listen to? that will be a big deciding factor. 
honestly i’d say give three cheers for sweet revenge a listen first because if you start with black parade your expectations will shoot thru the fucking roof. bullets and danger days can be enjoyed in any order theyre both good but i dont feel like they hook u like parade & revenge do.
the song most people cite when they talk about being instantly converted is mama. honestly fair. it slaps. for me i liked them a lot but didn’t truly get it until welcome to the black parade. 
i think the perfect introduction to the band is the revenge era videos, mostly notably i’m not ok and helena really introduce their whole aesthetic. im not okay’s video might as well be the poster child for the emo movement and helena really plays to their mallgoth sensibilities.
if you’re a podcast person i recommend the my chemical fancast podcast, too! you dont need to be a hardcore fan to get into it. its two queer gals who love MCR talking about the history of the band and running through every song on every album. they talk about the concepts behind the albums (every album has a story, with danger days even having a comic that goes with it) and they tell you about some of the whack ass shit the band did when recording. i looked it up when i was first getting back into my chem, because i felt out of touch with the fandom and wanted to get back to where i was when i was younger.
but yeah lol listen to three cheers for sweet revenge and then just go apeshit with the discog. and watch those videos theyre so good.
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