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myfunkybdaytv · a year ago
Juventus signing Ronaldo, was an expensive mistake, we have to let him go - former president Giovanni Gigli
Juventus signing Ronaldo, was an expensive mistake, we have to let him go – former president Giovanni Gigli
Juventus signing Ronaldo, was an expensive mistake, we have to let him go – former president Giovanni Gigli Continue reading
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schwanenhals · 7 months ago
The tragedy is — I don’t want to settle. I don’t want to wear clothes that scratch or wash out or get that cheap shine after a while. I don’t want gleaming-cheap polyester and plastic pearls. I don’t want the slick-tacky, artificially scented hand lotion or the waxy aftertaste of cheap chocolate.
I want heavy strings of pearls and intricate-delicate, glittering bottles of perfume. I want organic clay face masks, I want conditioner that weaves roses into my hair and body lotion that kisses orange blossoms or jasmine onto my skin. I want bars of honey-scented soap and rose-scented face wash. I want cotton and cashmere and fluttering silk. I want good notebooks and organic tea without artificial flavouring. I want fresh baguette and rose hip jam. I want to get my olives at the market hall and my chocolates at the chocolatier.
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theelvishfiddler · 2 months ago
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Hiya! I’m opening commissions again!! I only open a few commission slots at a time, so check my pinned post to see if there are any slots open!
My email (and preferred method of contact) is on the last slide!
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nrth-wind · 2 months ago
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they were his colors
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onebighappyaftonfamily · 3 months ago
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yeah i dont have anything to say about this one guys
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palefoxwerewolf · 2 months ago
How Dick Grayson actually gets adopted by Bruce in canon
Dick: So why are you dressed in black? Why not green? Pink? Or idk, something kid-friendly?
Bruce in his batman voice: I will stop wearing black when they make a darker colour
Dick: did you just quote a lyric from a fucking fall out boy song at me
Bruce: omg
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starbuck · 11 months ago
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You want to trade it? You want to trade the cache, my cache?
(AKA the day Jack learned that working with Flint just means that he will make unilateral decisions about your future that you Will Not Like and there is nothing you can do about it.)
#black sails#jack rackham#this part really got me bc it's like. Yeah i guess Jack hadn't personally experienced this before but Flint has always been Like That#when he was like 'And who decided this? You?' i swear i was fucking howling#like GIVE IT TO HIM LMAOOOOOOO#the cache trade situation is such a clusterfuck#like. i don't disagree with Madi that (considering what information they had at the time) it seemed like the best option#HOWEVER - Flint's track record of unilateral decisions that fuck everyone over means that by going through with the deal#he was banking on a level of trust he hadn't earned#it's nothing to do with the decision itself being right or wrong - it's all to do with the circumstances#and Flint's going through with it over Silver's protests was a Huge Mistake#so (although I love Flint - of course) i couldn't help but be tickled by Jack's incredulity about the whole mess#oh and also it bears mentioning: DON'T FUCK WITH THE SACRIFICE BOX!!!!!!!!#(besides Eleanor who wanted it to pay off a specific debt) i honestly doubt that anyone would have ever spent it on anything#because it carries so much Meaning that it's Too Important to waste on just any expense#so can't you just see it sitting around collecting dust earmarked for a future use that never comes to pass? i can#but okay now i'm thinking about Treasure Island and getting upset so we're putting the breaks on this one#hoo boy i am NOT looking forward to the last four eps#Wherever The Treasure Is Buried Is A Grave Because The Chest Is A Coffin#you know how it is
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demonsamong · 5 months ago
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meowsapow · 3 months ago
Alcohol is so funny to me cause its always been this big grownup drink, then you actually go to a bar for the first time and the special is a florescent glass of "tootsie pop sloppy" or some shit. And for a mere 11 dollars you can experience a molecule of it on ice
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ritzy-biscuit · a month ago
I'm ordering a custom engraved Yeti tumbler for my dad's b-day/father's day and I almost submitted it with a typo! 😭 Thank goodness my dumbass double checks 😅
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shouldntdaresleep · a year ago
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“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” ◆ Mania ◆ Fall Out Boy
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theerealcowboy · 2 months ago
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one-way-to-do-it · 2 months ago
I want to follow sebs advice and drop toxicity from my life but that means I need to drop out of uni and I'm in too deep and in £120,000+ debt because if it so if he helps pay it off then I'm game
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secondbeatsongs · a year ago
“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” with every first beat removed
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nrth-wind · a month ago
cont. II @dementedspeedster​
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“Oh, I would love to see you try.” 
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onebighappyaftonfamily · 4 months ago
guys does anyone have any recommendations for fanfiction where michael is an animatronic. I am trying to collect them all.
#ive got the lolbit one. ive got the ballora one. apparently theres a circus baby one or two out there? need.#ive got some glammikes but those are easy to find#i read one where michael was a glamrock foxy in the kids cove of security breach but i cant refind it#im sure theres a mike as normal foxy out there since... ya know... the mask#maybe even him as funtime foxy?#ooooh. HIM AS GLAMROCK BONNIE! i read one but i dont have it in my collection where i can have the links on hand#also unrelated but if you have any sort of fic where william sees how fucked up michael is (ie scooped) and reacts and shows any kind of em#empathy. please share.#into the rabbit hole is an excellent series where william sees mikey get scooped and then immediately gets stuck in springtrap because he at#attacked the animatronics to deal with his grief of thinking mikey is dead#excellent.#look. i have daddy issues. i also kin michael afton. he is the only person i have ever kinned my whole life. i literally almost died and ins#instead of seeing my own life flash thru my eyes i saw fucking. michael???? thats how i knew i kinned him. like i did not kin him before the#the experience of near death. which kills me. but.#also i was listening to expensive mistakes when it happened which is why ive got that animatic of michael aftona nd expensive mistkaes.#i made that in response to me realizing i kin michael. which is. okay. anyway#if you have. michaela fton whump fic recs. i guess to sum this up. please hand them over.#michael afton#fnaf
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illyria-and-her-pet · a year ago
The most annoying thing about Raf's strategy & attitude towards scoring & program construction is that it completely relies on exploiting narratives & politics, not anything that actually exists in the handbook. Yes narratives & politics are something that everyone has to play.  However, Raf does not put work into his skater's skating skills, transitions, or spins & relies completely on base value & consistency. BV is the only thing that is actually supposed to affect TES & scores, not consistency. Neither are supposed to affect spins, GOE, PCS, SS, or TR. 
Yet they do & we have Nathan winning EVERY category of skating when it should just be the BV & TES, which at Worlds would have been more than enough to win the FS & overall. Instead it has been made so that his levels, GOE, PCS are all maxed out, which means he is unbeatable as he has the highest BV. The only way to beat clean Nathan is to raise your BV higher than his, while still skating clean. So to beat him you're pushed to raise your BV, but Nathan isn’t pushed to improve his spins, skating skills, or transitions when he should because the judges say they're already the best. 
Eteri of course has many issues, including teaching bad jump technique + plays the narratives & politics game too. We saw how consistency + higher BV from first backloading jumps last quad or now higher BV from quads & triple axels wrongly increases every aspects of her skater's scores.  
However, her original blueprint does indeed increase scores in more areas than just the BV/TES according to the handbook, even if the judges take it too far. Tanos & Rippons were a GOE bullet last quad. One foot & multidirectional skating + transitions affects multiple aspects. Transitions into jumps are a GOE bullet + raise the transitions score in PCS. Filling a program with one foot & multidirectional skating increases both the skating skills & transitions categories of PCS. Of course knee bend, ice coverage, speed, & quality not just quantity should be reflected in the scores too. 
My biggest problem with overscoring is that it keeps skaters & their teams more complacent instead of constantly striving to be the most well rounded skater they can be. We see it in Raf's attitude about not needing to count points or improve for a long time now because Nathan has won Worlds by so many points.
Nathan's sit spins have been regressing since IDF 2019 & his programs get emptier as the season goes on every year yet he had the highest spins & transitions scores. Anna's skating skills & spins have regressed, yet she is getting the highest spin GOEs & skating skills scores. Sasha programs get emptier the more quads she adds, yet PCS is so close to or higher than Satoko, Rika, Karen, Kaori, Loena. 
Meanwhile skaters who actually have their issues called are forced to fix them even if it is at the expense of their consistency since they aren't allowed the same cushions for mistakes. 
Mao had to rework her entire jumping technique until she finally did a clean 3Lz at her very last competition (JNats 2016). Whenever Yuzuru's sit spins are too high, they get called (ACI 2019, JNats 2020) & he works on them so they're low again. V/M improved their rhumba & redid the entire 2nd half of Moulin Rouge after their GPF 2017 loss. Rika had to add 4S & her impression from Worlds is that she has to keep pushing in every aspect of her skating, despite being the most well rounded ladies skater right now. 
I'm sure every skater works hard & wants to improve, but the priority of an overscored skaters' team is always going to be to stay consistent, since that is what is going to get them the most points. Improving in weaker areas will always be a lower priority because judges say they're already the best there & working on things like relearning jump technique or adding transitions would just make it much harder to skate clean. 
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duckweed-fr · 12 months ago
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devouringyourson · 3 months ago
a girl I hardly know has invited me to her full wedding but all our other mutual friends she's only invited to the evening?? either that's a mistake and they've sent me the wrong invite or ive severely misjudged our friendship. can't exactly ask either way though can I?
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starryevermore · 7 months ago
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jj + morpheus the hamster
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