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Nihilego Poses + Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
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Me armas ?
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Quiero contarte todos y cada uno de tus lunares mientras duermes
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¿La 1 o la dos? 🤍
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con guantes todo se ve más bonito 🦋
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Instagram: aheleihcehe
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The pastor: "For GOD So Loved Mankind That He Gave His His One And Only Son"
Me, 11, sitting on my hands in the back pew: Okay but like. He's God. He could've made more
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Todos nos contradecimos en algún momento y no es malo, nuestra manera de pensar va en constante cambio.
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BBF1: With a Sea View
A/N: Thank you to the anon who requested ‘brother’s best friend’, @sunflwrvolume6​ for keeping me motivated, and @swiftmendeshoran​ for brainstorming and commenting throughout the process. This was supposed to be a oneshot but accidentally became a series, so look out for the following parts soon! 
Author: @helladirections Pairing: Harry x Y/N Status: Part 1 of ongoing universe Word Count: 5.8k
Summary: Harry is YN’s brother’s best friend and YN isn’t a little kid anymore. Featuring Italrry, teasing, and a sea view. 
“I said, use your words,” he scolded, bringing a hand down to grab at her chin and make her look up at him. His eyes were blown out already, filled with lust. “Thought you weren’t a little girl anymore, hm? Or do you still want to be treated like one?”  She swallowed hard. Her heart was beating harder and faster than usual and she didn’t know what to say.  “Well, if that’s how it’s gonna be then, fine. I’ll treat you like the little brat you are, would you like that?”  Another nod. “Words.” “Yes.” “Yes sir,” he corrected her.  “Yes sir.”  “Good girl,” he said with a smile.
Read below or on AO3 or Wattpad
It wasn’t fair.
How dare YN’s brother bring Harry on vacation when he knew they were awkward around each other. He was constantly teasing them both to the point it was incredibly annoying, but YN supposed that’s what older brothers do - make fun of their little sisters for literally everything. For years now, he had been convinced that YN had a crush on Harry. He taunted her about it constantly. And any time he brought it up YN couldn’t help but blush a little bit at the suggestion, making both the boys laugh and embarrassing her further. 
Because the truth was of course she had a crush on Harry. How could she not? He was beautiful, and funny, and when he wasn’t laughing at her with her brother, he was actually really sweet to her. He had this way of smiling at her that made the butterflies in her stomach wake up like she was a teenager again. And he used pet names like ‘darling’ and ‘sweetheart’ so easily that even though she felt like the words were monumental he seemed to not even notice he was saying them to her. He defended her when her brother went too far and actually tried to include her when she was around. 
But he would never actually think the same about her, how could he? Although only two years younger, she was always going to be just a kid in his eyes. An annoying little shadow that they couldn’t ever get rid of. The same little girl that used to hide behind the couch and eavesdrop on them when they played video games in the living room. 
Of course she was unable to act normal around him. She tried not to be in the same room as him and her brother at the same time so she could avoid the teasing. And she always stumbled over her words when talking to him, desperate not to embarrass herself but only making it worse each time. Harry never said anything about the way YN acted around him, but she knew in the back of her head that he thought she was making a fool of herself. 
So it wasn’t fair that YN’s parents had allowed her brother to bring Harry on family vacation  to Italy, because this definitely would not be a vacation for YN when she was spiraling in her head about what it would mean to be around Harry 24/7. Not fair at all. She’d never be able to relax, she knew that for sure. And vacation was all about relaxing, wasn’t it? In the back of her mind she knew she’d always have to get fully dressed before breakfast, she’d be self conscious in her bathing suit at the pool or the beach, and she’d be overthinking every word she said when he was around. 
Dinner on the third night of the trip had been by far the worst of it. Harry and her brother had been in a silly goofy mood all day and took advantage of the audience they had to tease YN even more than usual. They weren’t even creative, not really. It was all about how she was younger, or a joke about the way she ate her noodles, or a comment about the time she almost won a board game on family game night but Harry ended up coming out on top. Her brother was pushing all her buttons in that way that only siblings can. By the end of the meal she was frustrated and exhausted and ready to just be alone. 
But when they were heading up to their hotel rooms, Harry surprised her by inviting her to join them for some drinks, and as much as she wanted to, YN really couldn’t say no. Not to Harry. Not when he was looking at her with clear, wide eyes and a soft smile. Before she even knew what she was doing she was nodding her head and following him towards his room to the left instead of her own room to the right and that’s how she ended up drinking beer with her brother and Harry on the balcony of Harry’s room after the sun had set. 
The teasing didn’t stop just because the meal ended. No, he was still going at her hard to the point where YN was very glad she had alcohol in her hand to turn to. She didn’t notice, but Harry had stopped joining in, and was actually frowning with a slight furrow to his brow as her brother continued his torment. 
“Don’t make me tell him about the time you were 11 at grandma’s!” YN responded to a particularly harsh comment, trying to hold her own after enduring days of endless annoyances from her brother.
“If you do, I'll just have to tell Harry about the time in third grade,” he said back to her. “Wouldn’t want your little crush to know about that, hm?.” 
YN rolled her eyes, trying desperately to come up with something to stand her ground before Harry cut in.
“Eh, be nice to her, mate. She’s probably had enough.” Harry kicked him lightly from his seat, shifting his attention away from her. 
YN smiled at him through the soft sea wind, grateful that he was willing to put an end to some of the taunting. It had already been a long day. 
“Don’t go getting soft on me, Styles,” he complained with an eye roll. 
Harry just shrugged, looking over the YN and then back to her brother again. “I’m not. Just… been doing this a lot, yeah? Give her a break.” 
“Fine, fine,” he relented with a grumble. He looked down at his phone and saw the time, eyebrows raising up on his forehead. “Looks like it’s time to hop in the shower then, if you’re not gonna let me fulfill my big brother responsibilities.” 
Harry gave a soft smile as YN’s brother stood up from his chair. 
“Pool tomorrow after breakfast?” 
“Sure, mate. See you then,” Harry responded as he walked out the door.
And then it was quiet. 
YN was alone with Harry, which was exactly the situation she had been trying to avoid this whole trip. She desperately searched her mind for an excuse to leave, anything to get away from him before she made a fool of herself. But she came up with nothing. 
Another gust of wind passed over them, smelling like the ocean below. The waves were crashing on the shore in the distance, and a few birds were speaking up as well. Trees lining the shoreline rustled in the wind. The walking path along the shore was empty as people had retreated back to their homes or hotels, so aside from the nature sounds it was quiet. 
“Tell me about your day then, only saw you at dinner. Do anything exciting?” 
YN shrugged. “Went to the museum with my mom, not too exciting though. Was gonna go to the pool in the afternoon but you were already down there so I took my book down to the beach instead.” 
“Why would us being at the pool be an issue?” he asked, clearly confused.
“I uh…” She didn’t want to admit the real reasons - that she didn’t want him to see her in her bikini because she wasn’t confident enough in her body, that she didn’t want to see him in the pool, wet and without a shirt on. So she told him the third reason, “didn’t want to deal with my brother making fun of me around you again.” 
YN saw Harry’s face drop then.
“Hey, don’t let him get to you,” Harry said softly. “I know he can be harsh, but he says those things because he loves you. You’ll always be his baby sister, yeah?” 
YN nodded her head. “Yeah, I know,” she sighed, taking another sip of the beer in her hand. She had realized years ago that he would only ever see her as a little kid. “He’s usually right about things anyway.” 
“What things?” 
And YN froze. She had gone too far. He was right about her crush on Harry and he was right that she was embarrassed to be around him and he was right that she had a dream about him one time a few months ago. But she would never tell Harry that.
“Just… things…” she said, blushing deeply.
Harry hummed in response, taking a sip of his own drink before placing it on the coffee table and leaning back in his chair. It was silent for a moment, except for the ocean noises below them. YN even closed her eyes, trying to tune into the ambient noises and out of the embarrassing corner she had backed herself into.
“Is he right about your crush on me?” Harry broke the silence.
YN’s eyes shot open. She expected Harry to have a smug look on his face, to use this as fodder for more jokes down the line. But his eyes were clear and genuine, head cocked to the side as he waited for her response.
“Um…” YN bit on her lower lip, looking away from him. 
“YN,” he said, bringing her attention back to him. “It’s ok if you do. Quite flattering, really.” 
“You’re just trying to make me feel better,” she scoffed, taking another sip and shaking her head.
“No, I… well I do want you to feel better but that’s not the point.” He paused for a moment, seeming to collect his thoughts. “I uh… well it’s really ok if you have a crush on me because um… I have a crush on you too actually.”
At his words, swallowed a sip of her drink wrong and started hysterically coughing, shocked at his admission.
“Oh shit, are you ok?” he asked, standing up and coming behind her to rub on her back in an attempt to soothe her. 
“I’m fine,” she said through a cough. “Just… went down the wrong pipe.” 
She kept coughing though, loudly, practically hacking up a lung. Harry darted away from her then, and she instantly missed the feeling of his hand on her back. When he came back with a glass of water she tried to smile as she took it from him, but the coughing fit only continued. He let his hand rest at the top of her back, offering his support. 
Finally after drinking a few sips she felt like she could breathe again. The corners of her eyes were watering and her face was red for several reasons. Harry sat down again, and she looked back at him before speaking with a scratchy voice.
“Sorry just… took me by surprise.” 
Harry smiled, scooting his chair a little closer to YN now that it was just the two of them. 
“S’alright,” he said softly. “I uh… I meant it though.”
YN had to stop and think about what to say in return. Harry, her brother’s best friend, who she'd known for years, had just admitted to having a crush on her. Although only two years older, he had always seemed so unattainable. He belonged to her brother and she only got to spend time with him on occasion. She wasn’t even really his friend. Just… friend adjacent. 
“But how, though?” She instantly furrowed her brows, mad at herself for asking such a stupid question.
“How could I not?” he answered easily. 
“Because I’m…me? I’m your friend’s annoying little sister?”
Harry chuckled a bit. “You haven’t been the annoying little sister in a long time, YN. Maybe to him, but not to me.”
She could feel the blood start to rush to her cheeks again.
“Is that why he always made such a big deal of it, trying to embarrass me? Because he knew you liked me too?”
“Oh god no,” Harry said, shaking his head with a smile. “Tried to hide it as best I could for that exact reason. He doesn’t need to know. Not yet, anyway.” 
“Mhmm,” Harry hummed in response, not really answering the millions of questions swirling around in YN’s mind. “On second thought, it’s probably a good thing you didn’t come down to the pool with us today. Not sure I would’ve been able to handle myself seeing you in that little blue bikini you like.” 
YN was stunned silent, but Harry continued. 
“And, I think maybe you would’ve had a little trouble as well. You’re not a little girl anymore, YN, and I know you have some naughty thoughts going through your head when you look at me sometimes.” 
She nodded her head silently.
“That’s what I thought.” 
He leaned forward then, letting his hand rest on YN’s thigh just below where her shorts ended. Her skin felt like it was on fire, like his hand was electric. She felt her body buzzing, begging for more. 
“Now tell me, YN, what are some of the things you’ve thought about me?” 
Her cheeks felt hot, a combination of the blushing and the coughing, and she was convinced there was no more blood in her body. All of it was rushing up to her face or down to her core and everything in between was probably pale as the sand below them. 
“Do you need some help remembering? Have you thought about me in your bed?”
She nodded, shocking herself that she was willing to admit it.
“Aw how sweet,” it came out a little bit less than genuine. “And have you thought of my hands on your body?” He let his palm stroke her skin slowly. 
Another nod.
“And have you thought of my cock?”
YN swallowed hard and nodded again.
“Oh darling,” he said, more than a little condescendingly. “And what did you think about my cock, hm? Was it in your hand? Your mouth? Your pussy?” 
She started to nod again, but this time Harry cut her off.
“Use your words, sweetheart. You’re not a kid anymore, remember?”
“Yes,” she whispered through a breath.
“Yes to which?”
“Yes to all three.” 
“Oh, is that so,” he smirked. “Would you like to make that happen, right now?” 
And even though a piece of her was still pretty convinced that this was all a joke somehow, she jumped at the opportunity anyway because it might never come again. 
Harry stood up then, towering above her. His waist was about the high of her eyesight while she sat in the chair and she couldn’t help but notice his prominent bulge. She swallowed hard. She’d noticed it before, of course. But her mouth went dry at the thought of what was about to happen.
“On your knees then, come on,” he said, pulling her out of the chair by her arm. 
She followed his lead, bringing her knees down to the wooden balcony below them. It was a bit rough, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Honestly, she wasn’t thinking about the surface at all, because now Harry was standing right in front of her, hand palming his own bulge beneath his shorts. 
YN couldn’t help but stare at what he was doing. It was so mesmerizing. She had always assumed he was rather large, but now that she could clearly see the outline of his dick it was a whole different ball game. If he kept teasing her, she wasn’t sure how long she could control herself. 
“Aw baby,” he cooed. “Do you wanna see it then?”
YN nodded her head rapidly without taking her eyes off of his hand.
“I said, use your words,” he scolded, bringing a hand down to grab at her chin and make her look up at him. His eyes were blown out already, filled with lust. “Thought you weren’t a little girl anymore, hm? Or do you still want to be treated like one?” 
She swallowed hard. Her heart was beating harder and faster than usual and she didn’t know what to say. 
“Well, if that’s how it’s gonna be then, fine. I’ll treat you like the little brat you are, would you like that?” 
Another nod.
“Yes sir,” he corrected her. 
“Yes sir.” 
“Good girl,” he said with a smile. 
He was still holding her chin with one hand, grabbing at himself with the other. When he finally let go, YN let out a breath but actually felt a bit empty at the loss of contact. She never knew she would be into this kind of play. Well - she had a inkling a little while ago when scrolling through porn late one night but she had never actually tried it. And never imagined she would be trying it with Harry of all people. But so far, even just the words he was using, the tone, the power he held by standing over her, it was all going deep into her core. She blushed at the complement and felt goosebumps rise up on her skin, but that could have also just been because of the ocean air around them. 
“Now,” he started, one hand reaching into his pants. He let out a short gasp when he grabbed himself, playing beneath the fabric where YN still couldn’t see. “I know how bad you want me. Have a feeling you’ve been wanting me for a long time, is that right?”
“Yes sir.” 
He smiled at that. “Good girl, you’re learning.” With his free hand he reached down to stroke at her hair, and she leaned into his touch. It was gone too soon though. “I think you might be able to wait a little bit longer though, hm? Think I’d like to show you what good teasing is about. The kind where we’re both having fun. Where it pays off for everyone. What do you think of that? Is that ok with you, sweet girl?” 
She looked at him, wide eyed, not entirely sure what he meant. But found herself agreeing to him anyway. The truth was she had known him for a long time, and she knew he was a good person; had heard the worst of what he had to say when she was hiding around the corner from him and her brother. She knew she could trust him. 
“You’re a lot more agreeable now than you were at dinner,” he chuckled. 
Without any warning then, he lowered his waistband and allowed his cock to spring free. It bobbed up, slapping against his stomach and leaving a small wet mark of precum above his belly button. He was big, really big, bigger than YN had ever seen or taken before. And he was hard. A thick vein was pulsing up the underside of his cock, his head a ruddy red, soon to be purple by the looks of it. 
And YN’s mouth was practically watering. She wanted him more than she could ever remember wanting anyone ever. He was so close, she could just reach out and touch him if she wanted to. But she had a feeling he wouldn’t like that very much.
“Look at you,” he cooed. “Bet you’d swallow me whole right now if I gave you the chance, hm?”
“Yes sir,” she nodded her head quickly, finally looking away from his length and making eye contact. 
“Don’t think I’ll give you that chance right now though,” he said with a shrug. 
Harry started tugging at himself again, letting out a soft groan with his motions. YN couldn’t look away, it was captivating in a way she had never experienced before. She would take whatever he would give her, even if it just meant sitting and watching. But she had a feeling he would give her something more eventually - he was truly kind underneath it all. 
“Like you down on your knees like that,” he mumbled under his breath, as if talking to himself. “Maybe I’ll let you taste me afterall... or maybe not.” 
YN couldn’t help but whine.
“Oh you didn’t like that, did you? Don’t worry baby, I’ll make sure you get what you need before I’m all done with you. Ok? Do you trust me?” 
He stopped moving his hand then, leaning his head down to catch her eyes again. “YN, do you trust me?” 
“Yes, Harry. I trust you.” 
“Ok, good. I’m not gonna do anything you don’t like but... if you want me to stop you just have to say so, ok?”
“Ok, good. Now where were we? Oh, that’s right.” 
He brought his hand back down to touch himself, letting his head hang back on his shoulders, eyes closed as he breathed heavy through his mouth. 
“Feels good. Do you think your hand would feel better?”
“Ok then, let’s see it.” 
YN swallowed hard as she scooted forward on her knees to bring herself closer to him. Timidly, she reached out with her left hand, letting it rest on his thigh. His skin was soft and warm, with just enough dark hair sprinkling over the area to remind her that he truly was a man standing in front of her. After a breath, she reached her right hand forward, holding his cock at the base and looking up to him as if to ask for permission, or guidance, or something. 
“Alright then YN,” he said with a smile. He was leaning back against the balcony railing now, his hands spread to either side. “Show me what you can do.” 
She nodded and got to work with one gentle stroke all the way up to his hand and back. And then she stopped, spit on her hand, and started again. This time she rubbed the wetness all around him for lubrication before building up a nice steady rhythm. He was visibly pulsing within her grasp, and she was loving it. Every few strokes she would bring her thumb up around the tip, reveling in the little grunts he would make in response. 
It was clear by the way he was pulsing, breathing hard, and leaning back with his eyes closed that she was doing a good job. He was vocal, too, letting out little moans and groans and growls with nearly every stroke of her hand. But she wanted to do more, give him more. So she leaned forward and gently kissed at the now purple head, tasting just a little bit of salty precum on her lips. 
But he didn’t react how she expected. Instead of a moan or some more praise, he stood straight up and grabbed her hand to move it way from him. 
“I said your hand, baby. Not your mouth. Don’t be greedy. You show me you can be good and you’ll earn a chance to taste my cock” 
YN couldn’t help but pout a little, biting her lip and looking away from him afraid that she had really messed up. He sounded mad. Had she misread the situation entirely? Did he not really want her, just wanted to get off quickly and that was it? Was he already regretting this? She didn’t know how to play this game, and maybe she was doing it all wrong. 
“Honey,” he said softly, using one finger to lift her face up and look at him again. “You said you trusted me, yeah?” She nodded. “Good, so trust me. It’s not that I don’t want you, or want your mouth. It’s just that... fuck... if you suck me off I wont last long enough to get you to the good part, ok? You’ll get a taste next time, I promise.”
She perked up at that. Next time? There was going to be a next time?
“Ok, now stand up for me.” 
He took her hand, helping her get back onto her feet. Her legs were already stiff, knees were a bit sore and definitely red. But she didn’t mind. She was standing so close to him now, could feel his breath on her face.
“I really want to kiss you, Harry,” she admitted softly. 
He smiled softly. “Kisses are for good girls, YN. And you were just greedy. Do you think you deserve a kiss?” 
She shook her head.
“That’s right, you don’t. But-” she looked back up at him. “But this is your first time playing like this with me, so I’m gonna cut you a break, ok?”
Her face lit up as his hand came around her body to rest on her lower back, setting off fireworks in her stomach at the contact. With his other hand, he brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear and held her face in his palm. She leaned into it, closing her eyes lightly. 
It started off soft, gentle, kind. His lips were full and warm, enveloping her in tender feelings accented by light touches to her back and her cheek. She couldn’t help but smile into the kiss, sighing as she felt a sense of relief, a release of all the pressure and anticipation that had built up inside of her over the years. Her little childhood crush that never fully went away had finally come to fruition and he was kissing her on a balcony with the ocean in the background. 
But once they found a rhythm, he picked things up a bit. His fingers gripped at her hips tightly, digging into her flesh in the most wonderful way. His lips pressed against her harder, tongue breaking through her lips and finding its way into her mouth to take what was his. Groans from him and delicate whimpers from her as they couldn't get enough of each other. She felt like she was on fire, the spark coming from his lips and the flames spreading throughout her entire body. 
“Fuck, babe,” he said through a breath, forehead pressed to hers and eyes still closed. “If I knew kissing you was going to be that good, I would’ve done it a long time ago.” 
YN couldn't help but giggle in response as he took half a step back. 
“Maybe you really are a good girl afterall, hm?” 
She nodded. A seagull sounded off in the distance. The trees rustled. The waves crashed. 
“I think I’m gonna make you cum now.” He said it so nonchalantly, like it was nothing. Which was incredibly frustrating to YN who felt like every single second of what was happening was monumental.
Harry looked around them before his eyes lit up with an idea. 
“Gonna touch you while we look out at the ocean, what do you think of that? Would you like that?”
“Yes sir,” she whispered, even though no one else was around. 
Sure they were going to be doing it out in the open, but the balcony was rather secluded. His room was on a corner and none of the rooms around them had balconies where people might be able to spot them. Plus, no one they cared about would be able to catch them in the act because they were all in their own rooms by now. 
Harry guided her over to the railing, where she gripped the cool metal tightly with anticipation. He stayed behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck. His body was warm against the cool air, and YN felt herself immediately relaxing into his hold. Kissing his way up her neck, he eventually made it to her ear where he sucked on her lobe for just a moment before whispering. 
“Gonna make my pretty girl cum with a sea view. Gonna make you wetter than the ocean.” 
“Please,” she whined. 
Harry chuckled. “Well when you ask so nicely...” 
With one hand he trailed down her tummy until he found the waistband of her shorts. She was wearing a pair of old running shorts made with a bit of elastic, which he snapped back against her skin. Hissing at the feeling, YN could tell that all her senses were on high alert now. Every touch, every breath, every sound was stronger than she ever remembered experiencing. 
Softly and slowly, Harry’s hand traveled underneath the waistband, over her mound and down to her core. She spread her legs a bit to give him better access as he let one finger trail up and down the wet spot on her panties. 
“Fuck, darling,” he whispered. “So wet for me already.” 
“Yes,” she moaned softly. 
He stroked up and down the spot for a moment before traveling up just a bit and finding her clit. It took a few seconds but once he found the spot she felt her muscles clenching and let out a little squeak of pleasure and surprise. 
“Harry, please. I need more. I need you, please,” she begged. 
Without changing his pace, he laughed again. “S’like an on/off button for you, hm? Couldn’t find any words before and now you’re begging me like your life depends on it.” 
In any other circumstance she would have been embarrassed, blushing and hiding her gaze from him. But in that moment, she didn’t even care. In fact, she liked it. 
“Please, H. ‘m so wet. Wanna feel you,” she begged.  
Harry ground his hips into her rear then, and she could feel his still hard length against her bum. Her breath hitched at the feeling. 
“Wanna feel you too, baby. But we’ll get there. Right now I just want you to relax and look at the view. Can you do that for me?”
“Yes sir.” 
He lifted his hand up just enough to slide beneath the thin fabric of her panties, fingerpads finally coming in contact with her most sensitive bits. Much like their kiss, he started off slow and gentle, getting a feel for YN and her body, how she reacted to things, what kinds of rhythm and pressure she liked. But when she started rocking her hips against his hand to get more friction, he could only hold back for so much longer before he lost all self control. 
“Such a tight little cunt you got,” he whispered. 
With one arm still around her stomach he held her close to him, breathing heavily directly into her ear as his other hand sped up. Two fingers inside of her, he quickened his pace while simultaneously curling his fingers up and searching for that special spot inside of her. After a few tries, he found it and she let out a noise somewhere between a squeak and a moan. 
“Prettiest sound I’ve heard, I think,” he told her. 
“Harry,” she moaned into the night air. 
They found a rhythm that worked well for them, Harry eventually adding a third finger into her pussy and using the heel of his palm to rub against her clit at the same time. It was a bit of a stretch, a new feeling that she never wanted to let go of. She could feel the tension building up in her lower tummy, the heat filling the area as she knew it wouldn’t be long before she would explode. 
“I bet y’thinking about my cock right now, hm? How bad you want in your mouth. Gagging on it. Is that right? That’s what you’re good for, right? Warming my cock?” 
YN released another moan at his words. 
“Close... Harry I’m close,” she warned him.
“I know baby. Gonna give you what you need, alright?” 
“I need-’
“I didn’t ask.” He punctuated his remark with a harder thrust of his fingers, her breath catching in her throat for a moment. 
The hand around her stomach started moving then, traveling up her torso. She expected him to grab at her tits, to play with them a bit. The act never gave her much sensation but she knew most men were into it. But he only grazed over the area lightly before his hand spread out on her upper chest, just below her neck. 
With a comforting voice, he spoke to her. “You need me to stop, or go softer, you tell me, alright?”
She nodded her head. 
He grabbed around her neck then, most of the pressure on the sides over her carotid arteries rather than actually blocking her breathing. She let out a deep, guttural moan that had him laughing behind her. 
It was almost too much, then. She let her head fall back onto his shoulder for a moment, but he shook her off quickly.
“Want you looking at the view, baby. See the ocean down there?” 
“See the beach? Think you’re gonna down there tomorrow again? Wear that little blue bikini... get wet in the ocean... stretch your body out in the sand?”
“Yes, Harry.” 
“Gonna let me watch you? Not gonna run away from me anymore, hm?”
“Yes,” she breathed out.
“Can’t wait to see you in the water, getting yourself wet for me,” he said, breath heavy in her ear. “I’ll wear the little short swim trunks… show you all my tattoos…” 
“Harry please,” she moaned. 
“I know darling, I know. Do you feel good?”
“So good.” 
Harry started leaving soft kisses behind her ear, down her neck, onto her back. Somehow, he managed to be tender and sweet with his lips while simultaneously choking her and finger fucking her outside with his hands. 
“When you’re ready, I want you to cum for me. Can you do that? Can you do that for me pretty girl?” 
“Yes Harry,” she moaned again. 
His forearm flexed against her lower body as he continued his motions, not stopping or slowing down even once. He kissed back the same trail across her shoulders, her neck, and up to her ear again, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. 
“Cum for me, baby,” he whispered.
And she just couldn’t hold it back any longer. The tension and the heat in her belly peaked as the ball inside of her seemed to pop. She gasped loudly in time with her release, eyes squeezed tightly, hands grasping the metal bars of the balcony so hard her knuckles turned white. Her gasp turned into a deep groan, then a light moan before finally a whimper as he helped her ride out her orgasm on his fingers. 
It wasn’t until her legs wiggled and she stood up on her toes to get some distance from the overstimulation that he finally ceased his movements. His hand around her neck dropped down to hold lightly at her hip. With one last light rub over her wet lips, he slipped his hand out of her shorts, patting the area from the outside lightly before bringing his hand up to the dim light seeping through the curtains behind him. 
The wetness on his fingers glistened in the light. 
“Holy fucking shit, look at that,” he mumbled.
She turned her head to see, but had to turn her whole body as he brought his hand to his lips, sucking her taste off his fingers. 
“Taste so sweet,” he told her. 
“Wanna taste you now,” she told him, voice still soft. 
“C’mon sweetheart, let’s get you cleaned up first. Can taste me in the shower, how about that?”
She nodded her head quickly.
“Words,” he reminded her.
“Yes! I mean... yes, sir. Please.” 
“Alright, come this way then.”
He tasted like the ocean, and the pool, and the sun and the stars. 
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