vellerue · 2 days ago
finally got xiao
after a year of waiting (well, nearly a year, considering his first banner came around February)
so much farming was done. so much.
I’m finally free from that torment. *screams into pillow*
I can’t pull for yae now but
I think I’ll be okay.
to those who are still pulling for him this late into the banner - I wish you the best
(anyone got any nice team builds to recommend? I’ve done some research, but you never know)
okay, dramatic rant over - you may go on with your day. hope it’s a nice one.
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vellerue · 4 days ago
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You’re forgiven. (Windtrace Event)
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vellerue · 6 days ago
Absolutely love the new added areas for windtrace 2.0 <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And of course, i have also made the meme for it:)
Tumblr media
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vellerue · 10 days ago
I was rewatching the scene where Mirabel meets Bruno. He tosses salt, then sugar (at least he says sugar), then as he hops around he mutters,
“Sana, sana, colita de rana.”
Translation: “heal, heal, little frog tail.”
It’s a little phrase said when you get hurt, kind of like when a kid skins their knee and their mom kisses it better. The phrase I always heard was, “sana, sana, colita de rana. Si no sanas hoy, sanarás mañana (heal, heal, little frog tail. If you don’t heal today, you’ll heal tomorrow.)
I haven’t heard that phrase in YEARS. I don’t know, I just find it cool that I heard that in a Disney movie. Did everyone else hear it and I’m just late to the party?
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vellerue · 13 days ago
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just a regular museum selfie
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vellerue · 13 days ago
It’s all Dimitri?
Always has been.
top 5 most attractive fe3h characters go!
okay but I don't remember their names so I'll just show you (in no particular order).
Tumblr media
I don't know which game this is from, but this is a feral Bastard who must have gotten a little too vigorous eating pasta and got it all over his face and armor and is now being shamed by having it pointed out. He made this list because I think if you take him out back to hose him down, serve him less messy foods, and push that hair outta his face he'll be something special.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is, as far as I can tell, some random crazy Demon Monster man from Fire Emblem Heroes with a glowing eye, some suspiciously placed armor rips, and obviously good intentions. I don't think I should need to explain why he made this list (it's the heels).
Tumblr media
Controversial pick! This is a guy from Three Houses who, unless I am very mistaken, intends to Kill Every Last One of Them. I put him on here because his smile is very handsome and the raging fires complement his blond hair.
Tumblr media
I do not know where this guy came from, he's kind of a dark horse on this list because he doesn't look as deranged as the others. Still, I think there's something really quite special about his pulled back hair and gentle demeanor.
Tumblr media
Right here, as you can see, is a man who looks like he would not Stop Right There! A real go-getter! A fella who just wants to have a good time! The hair is a little problematic but the determination is attractive enough for him to make this list. I like a guy who just throws himself head on at a problem!
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vellerue · 13 days ago
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This was my 2021 Christmas gift for wonderful @kariniarts! 
Prompts were ‘modern AU, exes, jealousy, getting back together’
so I tried to make it like early 2000s romcom-ish. :)
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vellerue · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Writers’ signups for the Dimileth Big Bang are now open!
Signups for writers will run through January 23rd. Once you’ve signed up, your writer proposals are due on February 5th. (The complete schedule is above.)
The minimum word count for the Dimileth Big Bang is 17,500 words. Please review our guidelines and FAQ carefully.
Artists: per the schedule above, your signups begin on February 12th. However, if you’re coming into the bang with a partner, your writer will let us know during signups so we can get you situated. Artist signups and claims will run from February 12th - February 19th.
We look forward to seeing your beautiful creations!
(The amazing Dimileth art here is by Toufuu.)
@faneventshub @thebigbangblogproject @fireemblemzines
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vellerue · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
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vellerue · 15 days ago
don’t mind me, I’m just sobbing rn
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Virion 40 conversation
He really remembered that he the first heroes that we have summoned and accept the fact he will be replace by other heroes
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vellerue · 22 days ago
Hello dear internet friends! 💙
So here’s the deal, I am struggling my way through this pandemic, as I am sure most of us are, and my minimum wage salary just is not cuttin’ it anymore.
Thus, I’ve decided to start doing some freelance beta work! I have no idea if this post will make it past my page, but if it does, and if you are reading this and you’re in need of a beta reader for any original piece you’re working on—hello! Fantastic to meet you. I’m Anne. :)
I love to read, and I am a very conscious reader. I would love to read your piece and give suggestions on flow and pacing, whether characters are well rounded and their intentions are coming across—or whether your intentions are coming across!
I’d love to give you feedback and offer insights to help fix anything that might be hindering your story from being the masterpiece it can be! :)
Disclaimer: I am not a poc, or member of the lgbtq+ community, so I don’t have authority to offer sensitivity on issues concerning those groups. However, I am a plus-sized woman, so I am qualified and more than willing to offer special feedback surrounding issues facing plus-sized individuals.
Further disclaimer: I will only be accepting original works to beta read, as it would not be legal for me to accept money to read a fan work. :)
Let’s talk pricing!
For any work under 1,500 words, I would read and offer feedback within 1 week for $7.
1,500-5,500 words, within 2 weeks for $12.
5,500-15,000 words, within 3 weeks for $17.
Anything larger, with multiple chapters/parts would need to be negotiated on a case-to-case basis as length plays a huge part in how long it takes to read, and subsequent pricing. :)
As I’m sure you know, there are many lovely people who offer beta services on this site completely free of charge, so I encourage you, if you can’t afford to pay someone, to go find one of them! I totally understand that problem—intimately. I was just sitting here being generally stressed about money, and I thought to myself, “Hey. Maybe the tumblr community has a few bones to throw me!”
Even if you don’t have any work for me at the moment, I would greatly appreciate a reblog if you can spare it. :’)
Please message me with any questions further regarding pricing/payment or the types of works I will accept!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!! ♥️
I look forward to reading and loving your story!!
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vellerue · 26 days ago
There's this urge... to make a new Genshin Idol Group. The people in it will be Baizhu, Dottore and Cyno. Or am i too late? If not then I'm naming the group Academiacz or some nerdy shit for the bois. Lisa is their manager.
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vellerue · 26 days ago
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vellerue · 26 days ago
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The natural reactions of the traveler
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vellerue · 26 days ago
Reading this just as my cat meows at me for reasons I cannot discern.
owning cats is mostly just about getting meowed at
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vellerue · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
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vellerue · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
📚📝First day of class 📝📚
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