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Genre: Comfort

Parings: Dad!Aizawa x Daughter!Reader, Dad!Mic x Daughter!Reader, Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada

Warnings: slight angst, crying, bullying, suicidal thoughts

A/N: I’ve been really sad recently and I needed some dadzawa and dadmic to help me out. I’ve hit a roadblock in my life, low mental health, unfulfilling job, nd all that shit, so I wrote this to cope.


You were tired of school, of your peers, of waking up every day, of living. You were reminded everyday of how you were a disappointment to your parents, and you would never be able to live up to your surname. Someone had started to leave notes on your desk, some with threats, some with insults, some reminding you that you’ll never be good enough. The notes were starting to affect you, you couldn’t eat, you couldn’t sleep, and it constantly felt as if a weight was pushed on your chest. You’d told your friends that they were love letters, but by the fifth one, they noticed something was wrong. You brushed them off, just saying you were having an off day. They weren’t the only ones who noticed, though.

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Shinsou took a long deep breath, a bit nervous for his first day in Class 1a. He had been moved somewhat abruptly when some grape kid was expelled, Kinetic was it?

The lavender headed boy normally didn’t get nervous, it usually only showed on the inside.

But anyone could tell from his stance and his tightened back pack straps that he was mentally sweating bullets.

He decided to just go for it, it’s usually what Pops (Mic) told him to do, or at least that’s what he did when he asked out Dad.

And his brother Todoroki was in here, it shouldn’t be too bad.

He slid open the door to reveal everyone in little spots talking about whatnot, only some turning to look his way.

“Hey Shinsou!” The boy he had gotten to know as Kirishima Eijirou left his small group gathered around a couple desks and started walking towards him.

Was it normal to be squinting in a ordinarily lit room, or was this guy just that bright?

“I’m so glad you got to come to our class, especially with such a cool quirk! I mean when you’re in it, it feels so strange! Like this one…” once again, Kirishima began to ramble about something that Shinsou really wanted to pay attention to but couldn’t.


“It looks like another person has fallen victim to Kirishima’s cuteness.” Kaminari shook his head sadly as he watched Kirishima y’all at Shinsou, remembering the first time he met Kirishima.

Min had been pushing him to be more outgoing during the summer before U. A. and it really paid off when he confidently introduced himself to Kaminari, the blonde was a bit star struck .

He had no choice but to befriend the overly bright boy.


“Sorry, I’m talking too much, aren’t I?” Kirishima stopped himself right in the middle of his story. He looked up questioningly at him, Shinsou noticing their height difference.

“Yeah, but it’s fine. I mean, I’d rather have someone talking to me than being ignored.” He chuckled nervously, putting a hand on his neck.

“Well, I know you know Kaminari but you’re going to love Mina, Sero, and Jirou! I don’t know about Bakugou, ‘cause of the sports festival but we’ll see.” Kirishima grabbed his other hand and started bringing him over to his group of friends.

Shinsou’s cheeks turned pink without his will nor consent.


“It hasn’t even been three minutes and his cheeks are already pink from being in close proximity of Kirishima. That’s gotta be a new record!” Mina pointed out as the lavender boy was brought over to their group.

“I’m surprised Kirishima doesn’t notice every time it happens.” Jirou put her feet on the desk, showing off the new patch she put on her pants. She was pretty proud of it since it was made by Momo herself.

“You know how dense Kirishima is, if the world’s oxygen cut off for five seconds, he’d probably still try and continue breathing.” Sero flicked a paper football through Kaminari’s waiting fingers, hitting the boy in the nose.

Bakugou nodded in agreement, going back to finishing up his English homework.

“Hey guys!” Speak of the angel, Kirishima came into hearing distance with Shinsou in tow, slightly hunched because of how low Kirishima’s hand was.

“Sup Shinsou!” Kaminari turned around in his chair since he was facing Sero.

“Hey, you’re that kid from the sports festival! Welcome to class 1-a!” Mina patted him on the back rather roughly, pushing a cough out of Shinsou.

Bakugou looked him up and down, “Ew.” He mumbled.

“Dude, be more respectful! If it were Minoa or whatever, I would say have at it but Shinsou’s nice!” Kirishima unknowingly held the lavender haired boy’s hand a bit tighter, momentarily forgetting that they were still holding hands.

“Boomer is just mad that Shinsou spit facts before the sports festival.” Kaminari dogged the oncoming pencil with about as much grace as a broken legged gazelle, the pencil clocking him in the side of the head.

“Denks, are you okay?” Kirishima walked over to him quickly, letting go of Shinsou’s hand, who wouldn’t admit to himself that he missed it already.

The redhead checked the side of Denki’s head, sighing when he found nothing wrong.

“Dude, that was so rude! You could’ve seriously hurt Denki!” He hugged the blonde to his chest protectively, Kaminari’s cheeks rapidly turned a bright red fire hydrant color.

He laughed dazedly, seeming to be having the time of his life.

“Well, he should shut the fuck up if he knows what’s good for him!” Bakugou raises another pencil threateningly, Kirishima glares at him.

“You throw that, and you’re history.” Kirishima raised an eyebrow, daring him to do it.

Bakugou stares for a while before putting the pencil down and going back to his work, Kirishima smiling.

The redhead breathed in to say something but Aizawa came in, telling everyone that butts should be in chairs and mouths should be shut.

Aizawa tiredly trudged up to the podium, asking for Shinsou to come up next to him.

Shinsou stood up from his place in the back, walking just as tiredly up to the podium next to his Dad.

“This is Shinsou Hitoshi, he’s moving from the General Departments to Class 1-A. Any questions?” Yellow eyes looked around the room for any signs of hands.

“Is Shinsou your son?” Deku raised his hand from the back of the room, getting his notebook ready for a new page.

“Yes.” Aizawa decided in that moment that there was no hiding anything from the observant boy.

There really wasn’t an uproar like Aizawa expected, just small murmurs of “I knew it.” And “That makes sense.”

“Anyway’s Hitoshi, you can go back to your seat.” He patted the boy on the back.

As Hitoshi walked back, he caught glimpse of Kirishima smiling at him, making the corners upturn a bit.

“Alright class, today….”


As Shinsou sat down with Midoriya and the self proclaimed “DekuSquad” for lunch, Kirishima approached him holding a book in his hands.

“Hope you don’t mind but I drew you, as a welcoming present to class 1-A!” Kirishima flipped his heavily stickered sketchbook to a page and handed it to Shinsou, the boy down his chopsticks and grabbed the book.

Shinsou blinked a few times, expecting a child like doodle of some sort but this was so far from it.

Ochako looked over his shoulder, failing to keep in a small gasp.

It was him, but he was in action, using his capture weapon to tie up bad guys, he looked kind of like spider man with his webbing. The hero outfit he had on was styled with so much detail and finesse that it looked like a photograph at first glance.

He very much liked the design.

“Kirishima, this is amazing. Do you mind if I keep it?” Shinsou said monotone and deep, as he always did, but you could tell something different was behind it.

“Oh! Sure thing!” Kirishima looked surprised that he would even ask, ripping out the page in his book carefully and handing it to him.

“Thank you, Kirishima.” He gave him a small grateful smile.

“Of course! No need to thank me!” He scampered off back to his table.

“Wait, there’s writing on the back!” Ochako flipped over and placed it back in his hands.

“What’s it say?” Midoriya finished up his noodles and pushed the bowl away from himself.

“I am quite curious myself, actually.” Iida looked at him, Todoroki doing the same.

Attached to the picture was a little red post it nots, written in Kirishima’s squiggly, loopy handwriting read “Hey Shinsou! Wanna go out for ice cream after school? My treat! Text me (679-999-8212)-Kirishima”

“Looks like Kirishima-kun likes you, kero.” Shinsou blushed ten-fold at her boldness,

Tsuyu smiling somewhat smugly.

This time Shinsou smiled broadly, Midoriya getting a small shiver down his spine from how uncanny it looked compared to Aizawa- Sensei’s.

He pulled out his phone and typed in the number, replying with a one word answer.



(Small story to the ice cream shop. Aizawa and Mic also showed us since it was also their date night, and while ordering Mic saw them sitting at a table. Aizawa thinks to himself, “Huh, not blonde like I expected but red is fine too.” And they both go over there and they just all sit together. Kirishima learns that Aizawa Sensei can be really funny in a Wednesday Addams sorta way. Mic says something like “I wish Shouto could’ve been here to see his little brother on his first date!” Shinsou and Kirishima both blush, the other not realizing it did look like a date. And in walks Todoroki, coming in to order his weekly salted caramel ice cream. Mic is loudly waving him over and Aizawa quiets him down. And the 5 of them just eat ice cream together.)


@deepseawave Happy Valentine’s Day!! I love you! I got really inspired by one of your posts (as you can read) and WOW JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!

Oh and the backpack! I don’t know if you can see but there are little pins it, Present mic, Eraserhead, Todoroki, Eri, and Midoriya.

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I’m not really on the dadmight train purely because …… Yagi is not a DAD to me. He is the weird uncle that always brings the kids back with illegal fireworks and more junk food than is legally possible that’s a complete pushover and I love him for it. Kids learn to drive from him at approximately thirteen because no is not in his vocabulary when he’s hit with the puppy dog eyes. Dadzawa is my shit tho. And dadmic. I love dadmic purely for the image of him valiantly trying to tame Izuku’s hair for years and years. It never works. He managed it a total of one time.

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I figured if I’m going to get back into this website, might as well promote where I’m more active.

As nobody probably knows, I like to write, and b/c of that I’ve started writing fanfic. My only current fic (if you ignore the two hetalia fics) is called Loud Guy Radio Presents: The Sprout Sessions. Long title I know.

If you like :

- Dadmic

- Quirk! Izuku

- Kid Antics

It might be the fic for you! Do heed the warnings as their are some sensitive topics.

I hope if you read it, you enjoy! If you want, comment that you came from tumblr, I’d love to talk to people about it.

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Eri knew Present Mic - at  least as much as she knew everyone else. She saw him around while Toshinori took care of her along with few other people.

He was a nice man… she assumed.

Toshinori trusted him, so that meant something.

Toshinori brought Eri over for Yamada to babysit as he had some business to attend to and couldn’t have the little girl with him. Two men talked for a bit before Toshinori had to go.

Eri didn’t want to look scared, but she could hardly help herself.


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p-platonic yandere mic for deku? owo

- Mic is very handsy with Midoriya, often throwing an arm around his shoulders, patting his back, or leaning on him when he’s around. He’ll find any excuse to touch him - straightening his uniform, fixing his hair, wiping something off his face…

- Midoriya is the only student in Mic’s class who gets stickers on his work every time, even if he didn’t get a good grade. Also prone to giving him extra credit for things Just Because.

- He brags about him to the other teachers when he gets a particularly good grade in his class.

- He tends to visit him in Recovery Girl’s office, even sometimes asking other teachers to cover for him so he can. He gives him reassurance and support if he needs it, and often a light scolding. He’ll stay by his side even if he’s unconscious. He gets real pouty if he’s kicked out.

- The distress over his self mutilation is Real. He probably starts conversations with Aizawa and Yagi over what they can do to prevent it. He really wishes… Midoriya wasn’t in the hero course sometimes……

- He often offers to be the one to watch over the dorms, just so he can reasonably spend time with Midoriya.

- He hangs out with Midoriya in his dorm room and introduces him to new music. He even invites him to concerts sometimes, hoisting him up onto his shoulders so he can look over the crowd and get a better view.

- Obviously Midoriya is on his mind a lot, so Mic has written a couple songs that are secretly about him. Everyone misinterprets them as (romantic) love songs, much to Mic’s horror.

- His commentary during training and sports festivals is So biased towards Midoriya and against his competitors.

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hi!! kind of out of the blue, but you mentioned inko being neglectful in a couple of your au's, could you do some headcanons about how dadzawa/dadmic would react to finding out? also GRATS ON YOUR EXAMS DUDE!!!!

(please please pretend this ask isn’t months old while i go over my older asks) 

oooh, dadzawa and dadmic finding out about terrible parent inko? coming right up! to preface this: i promise i adore inko as a character and know shes a really good person but most of my au’s feature izuku doing a bunch of crazy stuff canon!inko would be too good of a mum to let him do lmao


  • Honestly his suspicion starts with an off-handed comment from Bakugo, something along the lines of “Do you have enough for the rest of the week?” It catches him off guard, even more so when Izuku responds with “I’ll be fine, Kacchan.” He notes that isnt a yes.
  • Izuku totally preens under any adult’s affirmation. A single “Good work, kid” from Aizawa had the kid grinning all morning. Something about that feels off to Aizawa. 
  • He and All Might do to visit to get permission for the dorms. Something feels horribly wrong when Inko’s only question is “Will it cost any extra?” They don’t see Izuku the whole visit. 
  • It’s only when Izuku arrives at the dorms after the break that Aizawa gets really scared. He looks markedly thinner and totally exhausted, and he’s barely got enough stuff with him to fill a cupboard, let alone a full room. He still tells the kids off, though the look of exhausted acceptance on Izuku’s face cuts deeper than he thought it would. 
  • He corners Izuku to talk about it that night, asks Izuku whats wrong - what happened over the break. Izuku mummers out a soft “My mum doesn’t like me being in the hero course so -” he trails off. “So?” Aizawa prompts. It comes out a little harsher than he ment. “She kicked me out.” It comes out in a rush, Izuku wincing after her finished speaking. He doesn’t look as upset as Aizawa would expect, more embarrassed that he had to tell his teacher. Aizawa wraps him up in a big hug. “Next time you’re in trouble, tell me. What kind of hero - what kind of teacher  would I be if I just left you to hurt?” Izuku starts to cry. Aizawa doesn’t leave him until he’s finished. 


  • Izuku is one of his favourite students. The kid always lights up whenever he, or any other pro, walk into the room and its hard not to like a kid that looks excited to see you talk about past and present tense.
  • Still, Hizashi isn’t an idiot. He see’s the way the kid practically lives and dies in the approval of the adults around him and something feels terribly off.Something about him never even trying to avoid Bakugo, despite the negative feedback the other gives him, feels off. Almost like he just wants some form of acknowledgment or companionship, even if it hurts.
  • The thing that sticks out the most, however, its the total void where his parents should be. No packed lunches, cute notes, texts, “sorry i can’t come out, mum said no” or even little anecdotes about something he and or his mum did. And it’s not like he doesn’t have parents, they are both listed on his file as alive, even if his father works overseas. While he mentions it to Aizawa, there isn’t much he can do other than try to show Izuku that he can be trusted. It eventually pays off.
  • UA closes the dorms for the weekend for repairs, the kids go home. He doesn’t miss the nervous look on Izuku’s face and slips him a contact number. It gets called a few hours later. Izuku is crying quiet tears down the line that his mum wouldn’t even let him into the house and that he doesn’t know what to do. Mic speeds over to go get him (probably breaking a few traffic laws but he honestly doesn’t care) and finds a quietly crying Izuku sat on the curb just metres away from his house. He thinks he sees a head of green hair staring at him from the window, but as soon as he sees it, it’s gone.
  • Izuku spends the weekend with mic, aizawa, shinsou and their cats. It’s honestly one of the best weekends he’s ever had.

bonus Dadmight: 

  • It tears him up a little on the inside that izuku didn’t feel he could talk to him. He thought of Nana as his mother, wishes to do the same for Izuku but feels no one wants a washed-up hero like him. Aizawa gets sick of his moping and makes him talk to Izuku. Turns out Izuku just thought no one would ever want him and that the only reason All Might gave him his quirk was to keep the legacy going, missing the more personal aspects to the transferal and mentoring. They both have a bit of a cry, lament how silly they both were, and set about doing all the silly father-son stuff they can to make up for lost time. 

TL:DR: Izuku has three whole dads now. 

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Is Kaminari Mic’s favorite student?

Don’t tell anyone this, but yes. 2p Mic tries his best not to show favoritism toward his students, but he really can’t help it! He doesn’t fully trust his class yet aside from 2p Kaminari, so naturally he’d be his favorite student. They’ve just known each other for longer, so they trust each other more! If 2p Mic came to trust his students over time, maybe 2p Kaminari would have some competition for the favorite student position! I can already imagine that 2p Mic would grow fond of 2p Bakugou if he knew the kid better.

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It’s Present Mic’s birthday!!! Let’s give it up for Hizashi Yamada and all the awesome things he’s done!

Speaking of him, something interesting to know would be the fact that 2p Mic doesn’t actually get attention from a lot of people on his birthday! He has sophisticated tastes and can be a little extravagant sometimes, but he’s still a very private person. Despite being a radio host, he doesn’t share anything even remotely related to his personal life! His students don’t know many details about him, either. Only the closest people in his life would know when his birthday is, and they also happen to be the people who shower him with the most love on his special day! 2p Aizawa in particular always gives 2p Mic plenty of birthday kisses to really emphasize just how much he loves and appreciates his husband. 2p Shinsou never fails to make his dad a super silly yet thoughtful birthday card, and sometimes he’ll even have the time to finish a wonderful handmade gift for him! 2p Kaminari is a newer addition to the little group of people who know 2p Mic’s birthday, but he shows just as much appreciation as the rest of them. He always puts together something very heartfelt for his mentor, and he’s forever grateful that 2p Mic included him in the whole birthday celebration at all! 2p Mic might not have a huge fanbase cheering for him all the time, and he certainly isn’t a hero, but knowing the people who matter most love him is all he needs.

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