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The only one I REALLY dislike rn is Isen, because to me, he's the biggest hypocrite of not just the trio but of the main cast. And John basically summed it up when Arlo confronted him later on. Not to mention how he basically stated that John's looking for a reason to hit somebody, even though he damn well knows the reason why, which he neglected to tell Remi and Blyke. In addition, he's framing John as someone who was always violent - even though he was minding his business as a cripple.

He’s a coward and you should say it, Anon 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

The thing is most of his actions are guided by self-preservation and well, fear. Which we cannot blame him for because he’s being cautious. Most people react badly to Isen because he’s fearful, because he shows how a normal person would react if they were in the same scenario and people don’t like being shown human flaws in fiction, particularly when there can be a comparison, like how Isen reacted when he saw Volcan, as opposed to Blyke, who kept his cool, and quickly came up with a plan. But yeah, I get what you’re saying

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Let me get this straight…

Isen came to John as a school journalist (under Arlo’s order) which of course John figures out it was Arlo’s order so in default he never had a choice but to follow.


Isen just asked questions, John attacked him FIRST by grabbing him by the neck simply for not liking the questions when he could’ve just walked away!!


And he has the audacity to preach about high tiers entitlement, huh

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Thoughts on latest chapter

Blyke you poor angry child, listen to Isen and calm down.

Remi using her powers to stop them fighting, yaaas.

Remi, no. I love you baby girl but no.


Oh no. I ship Remi and Arlo now.

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Yeah, I might be on the wrong side of the fight for this webtoon. But… I don’t really care if he’s deserving and I semi-care about the means of acquiring it… the throne belongs to him.
These guys awoke the demon, these guys toyed with the demon. Accept the fact that their hierarchy is trash and let him burn everything to the ground take what is rightfully his.
Once Remi is relatively untouched and Sera remains okay, I say it’s about time he takes his throne. We’ve been waiting for the dark prince to finally rise. 
Blyke may be the model King but come on, Blyke under Arlo’s ruling? Blyke didn’t even know what Isen did to John.
Blyke probably doesn’t even know just how messed up their ‘order’ really is. What John is planning to do is probably wrong but…. so what? Only the high tiers benefited from that ‘order’ so whatever hell John is planning to unleash, I support.

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Just got done reading the newest chapter of unordinary, and I have to say I love it when, Isen’s friends, are talking about the person who beat him up, and how he had multiple abilities and Isen notices both John and Arlo staring at him and Isen is just like… “NOPE! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO DID IT, LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN SUFFER THROUGH MY HUMILIATION IN PEACE!” 

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1 from the ask game? (asking because in most aus Isen owns at least one pet spider lmao)

oc ask game time

who would own a pet spider

Oh boy, let’s go down the list.

Iris (one of those cute fuzzy ones)

Luca (probably a daddy long leg he adopted because he doesn’t have a roommate)

Mirynn (not a lot of pet options in Dust Town)

Sorrel (except, she doesn’t actually have a pet spider.  she just tells her students that she has one, then keeps an empty tank in her classroom just to scare them)

Sumal (until it bit her :( )

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