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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Ending of UnOrdinary:

*everyone defeated the big bad and EMBER is gone, and the hierarchy is erased. The Wellston students in John’s dorm eating pizza and drinking boba, when suddenly*

John: Can you pass the breadsticks?

Arlo: Wanna fight for ‘em though?

John: Ight, one more game? Bring it.

*Both rear their fists back, barriers shrunk around their fists, they collide, their arms get eviscerated*

John/Arlo: Ow, good hit.

Sera: Can you guys not FOR ONE SECOND?!

Blyke/Isen/Elaine/Remi, internally: Well one thing hasn’t changed…unfortunately.

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Yeah, I might be on the wrong side of the fight for this webtoon. But… I don’t really care if he’s deserving and I semi-care about the means of acquiring it… the throne belongs to him.
These guys awoke the demon, these guys toyed with the demon. Accept the fact that their hierarchy is trash and let him burn everything to the ground take what is rightfully his.
Once Remi is relatively untouched and Sera remains okay, I say it’s about time he takes his throne. We’ve been waiting for the dark prince to finally rise. 
Blyke may be the model King but come on, Blyke under Arlo’s ruling? Blyke didn’t even know what Isen did to John.
Blyke probably doesn’t even know just how messed up their ‘order’ really is. What John is planning to do is probably wrong but…. so what? Only the high tiers benefited from that ‘order’ so whatever hell John is planning to unleash, I support.

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Fast Passes

Question for all:

What do you think about the fast passes?

Me personally, I don’t use them since I think of them as unfair, but I can understand the reason why they are there. One so that fans can get more episodes faster without having to wait a week and two being that Webtoon can get more funding for their app. (Not at all mad at that part it just business)

It’s benifital for both consumer and producer, but still I find it unfair that I need to avoid some part of social media so I don’t have to get any spoilers.

Also it was nice to have a whole group of fans waiting for their fandom together and then talking about it after the latest episode. It was all wholesome and good. Now it seems like a divide, like we are all part of the same fandom, but part of our fandom knows more than the rest of it, but it happens.

For those who do use fast pass, I’m happy for you, just not the spoiler part, but still happy that you enjoy all the episodes.

That is all Mayashlice out (^.^)/

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Just got done reading the newest chapter of unordinary, and I have to say I love it when, Isen’s friends, are talking about the person who beat him up, and how he had multiple abilities and Isen notices both John and Arlo staring at him and Isen is just like… “NOPE! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO DID IT, LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN SUFFER THROUGH MY HUMILIATION IN PEACE!” 

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