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Building a Hügelkultur: A First Attempt Guide

Spring is coming, I can feel it in my bones, which means it’s a good time to prepare my raised beds! Hence my impulse driven project of chopping up my Christmas tree and building a hügelkultur as dusk started to fall.

For those who don’t know, a hügelkultur is a German permaculture-esque practice of burying logs and branches with compost to create a raised bed. As the wood decomposes, it releases water and nutrients that the plants can easily access, meaning you don’t have to fertilize or water as often. Sustainability rocks!


Step 1: Dig a big hole. I’m doing this in raised bed boxes, but you can do it anywhere.

Step 2: Lay a bed of logs and branches, logs on the bottom, branches on top. Make sure you have a decent layer, branches like to spring but the woody material is what holds all the good stuff. I’m only using the branches, since the trunk of the tree is going to be firewood, but this has been done with full trees. Like, full maples. Big ass trees.


Step 3: Organic material! Kitchen scraps, partially decomposed compost, garden cuttings. I have a camellia that drops it’s flowers all over my pathway, so I was able to use those and do a bit of witchcraft while building this thing.


Step 4: Brown material! All those dried leaves, the soggy mess from your gutters, all of it. Plop on top.


Step 5: Cover it all up with a layer of fully composted material and the soil you dug out when you made that big hole.

This raised bed will be decomposing for several years, and as it decomposes, the soil will get richer and richer. As it is, it’s a really soft and springy bed, great for root systems.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this guide!

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Altar ideas for my new space☕

🔮 Bathroom altar: Scented candles, luxe bath salts, bath bombs & fresh eucalyptus.

🔮 Workspace/Desk altar: 7 day candles, framed photos of pop pantheons, lots of plants, fountain pens, craft paper & my magic junk jounal.

🔮 Windowsill altar: drying herbs, crystal clusters, a bottle of water for charging under the moonlight, more plants & an electic candle to guide the local spirits.

🔮 Ancestor altar: framed photos of my grandparents, grandmas earrings, papas copy of Sherlock Holmes & a bottle of Jack to share.

🔮Bookshelf altar: loose papers with handwritten letters to dead poets, that one well loved book of sad poetry, electric tealights & stacks upon stacks of books beside already overflowing bookshelves.

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Kitchen Witch Tip🥄🍳

Keep your cooking in oil(i.e. olive, canola, vegetable, etc.) a squirt bottle. That way when you’re prepping your pans for sautéing or cooking you can draw out sigils or bindrunes before hand to infuse your cooking with your desired intention. You can even use specific oils to further your intention.💫

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I'm glad to see you're learning about witchcraft! Good luck on your journey!

Thank you! I’m just kinda dabbling, I guess. Though it’s something I’ve read about and dabbled in off-and-on for years now. But I’ve been much more “into” my paganism and such lately. :) 

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How does one become a village hearth witch? I would love to begin on that journey! It seems like it would be my cup of tea! Any starters or pointers? Thank you! 😃😃

Ah. 😅 They’re two separate things, I just like to condince it down. I call myself a hearth witch because a lot of my life revolves around a hearth/fen deity plus I spend about six hours a day minimum doing magic that could typically done over an open fire like making candles, cooking, baking, and then weaving and such. I’m a village witch because I actively stay involved with my community? I put a lot of my time and resources into volunteering and donating to good after school programs for the youth, etc. I stay up to date on local folklore and town history. The majority of my practice and life is from locally grown and harvested produce. I hand make just about everything I can. I stay educated on local politicians, political issues, definitely be active in voting. I do a lot of research on my cultural as well and bring it into the community and use it to help others(when applicable).

I think the biggest thing is being active and helpful in your community, using what you know as a hearth witch and about the area to help others. So be up to date on local shelters, free food, food pantry’s, community events, etc. I don’t know it’s something I’ve recently coined myself as. Good luck.

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Do you cast spells for money? I need help finding a new job.

I do, in my local area. If someone around here needs work done, house cleansing, protective talismans, ect. I’ll gladly work with them. Sometimes I accept money, sometimes I accept payment in food or trade. I don’t offer online services other than the occasional talisman for sale but it is very rare for me to do that. This kind of goes back to my localized focus, but also I’m not much of a business person. 
If you need help finding a job make sure you are applying to as many jobs as possible, brushing up on your resume, and going into each interview confidently. Magically, appeal to your ancestors to help you gain the attention of employers and ace interviews. Ancestors are actively invested in your success in a way that other spirits simply are not. Lighting a candle and giving some simple offerings while placing your resume under the candle. 

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Mobile Witch Kit

This is what I’ve been working on the past week or so! Now if you saw the original concept sketches you’ll notice some differences, like the insert, no longer a tray with compartments. The bones of it are still there, pretty well realized if I may say so.


Antique brass astrology knobs and the hand woven rope handle make it easier to transport.

*The handle can be unwoven relatively easily as it is one extremely long piece of burlap twine.*


The inner lid details are still being worked out, if that’s a removable wooden spirit board, or pockets/loops for a mini book of shadows (copying some of my most used stuff and info and leaving room for new stuff) pen, pencil, knife and other tools, haven’t decided.

Black working ritual cloth and chalkboard painted wooden box make up the first layer. The chalkboard box can be used as pendulum board, mini spirit board, altar whatever you can draw on it.


Contents, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Bone salt chalk
  • Poison Oak Berries
  • Datura Stramonium seeds
  • Hex powder
  • Rose thorns
  • Asafoetida
  • Lavender
  • Burlap twine
  • Amethyst, garnet, onyx, citrine, tigers eye crystal shards

Bottom level has the vial insert, painted gold.

And now the big reveal…all the stuff I crammed in there.


Candles, honey, oil blend, black salt, chilis, witch hazel, hawthorn berries, agua Florida in spray bottle.

Flying ointment, paper charms in every color, wild white sage, patchouli, cardamom, balm of gilead, eggshell powder, charcoal disks, myrrh incense.

Ophidia Rosa Tarot deck, damiana, cloves, valerian, frankincense, matches.

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Witch Tip Wednesday 2.21.18

Conflicting Emotions and Clients


There are times when I’ve been approached by clients where the requests can be trying, and other times I end up feeling torn.

Any witch who publically practices or who offers their services to the public will come across this at some point. It could be a request to incorporate something from a religion other than your own, for non hex friendly witches you may be asked to hex, jinx or curse someone. You may be asked to do love magic when you don’t feel comfortable with that, or a very honest situation that deals with depression, anxiety, or a painful truth that you don’t even know where to start the consultation.

People never like to feel judged, and sometimes when they come to me, it can be in a very exposed mindset. They’ve opened their inner hearts and desires, fears and misgivings and laid out the emotions and facts at your feet. If something makes you uncomfortable, then you can say it, but, there is a way to do it without causing drama or hurting someone if it’s a sensitive subject.

  • Thank you for trusting me with that, but I don’t know if I have the right mindset to do ________ at this time. Have you tried *list mundane alternatives*?

You acknowledge them, clearly say that you can’t/won’t and offer an alternative. This diffuses the situation by showing that you heard them, but are unable to assist.

Other alternatives are along the lines of

  • That’s not something I practice.
  • I don’t know how to do that.

At other times, you may feel helpless, or like you want to help, but don’t know what you can really do. The best option there is honesty.

  • I can try my best, but magic can only go so far.

You have to remember that while you know your practice, others don’t. Sometimes people actually think that there is a puff of smoke, some sparks, and magic will fix everything. I try my best to explain that magic can only support something if work is put into it. It won’t fix everything, but it can help with the surrounding issues.

“I want so and so to love me! I’ll never be happy unless we’re together.”

Try breaking down communication barriers, a self confidence spell, and a self love spell so they know that they don’t need to force love, they can stand on their own, and they can put their best foot forward and have honest discussion to see where it goes.

If you’ve had a sensitive experience like this and advice for how to navigate it, please type it in the notes or reblogs!

🦇Cheers, Barberwitch

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