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ace-wangxian·7 days agoText









I think the most consistently fun way to do mdzs modern AUs is to wildly diversify WHY everyone is in the present. Like, some people got reincarnated, some people cultivated to immortality, some people are actually modern, somebody fell on a time travel array, somebody’s just a god now. I cannot think of any wangxian fish out of water meet cute premise where one of them is from the modern day and the other has been suddenly transported from ancient wizard times that would not be improved by interrupting the plot to run into Jiang Cheng, who has simply been alive the entire time, at the grocery store.

the juniors all cultivated to immortality, because they’re obviously the only ones with, like, empathy and common sense (ish) and good mental health, and now their parents are being reincarnated and it’s a whole mess

#song lan is a noted cryptid #wen ning accidentally became a god at some point

Jin Ling is just a crotchety immortal who wants all these kids uncles off his lawn

Premise where a normal fic plot is happening but it’s only going smoothly because the junior squad are on its B side furiously putting out political fires and thwarting attempted assassinations. The romantic leads do not notice.

Sizhui smiling benignly as he forces down the wrist of a minor clan member with a spiritually charged machine gun: Sir that is my infant father and it would be rude of you to ruin his day.

random malcontent: …Are you trying to say baby daddy?

Sizhui: I am ABSOLUTELY NOT Jingyi was right I should have let him take this one

Jin Ling, in the sprawling manor house/old dog sanctuary on the tallest mountain of the small island nation that he more or less owns, because Jins know how to invest: I’m not complaining. I’m just saying, you guys have all found at least one or two close relatives - Jingyi’s parents were around last century, Zizhen’s third little sister has reincarnated twice, Sizhui’s got Wei Wuxian and La Wangji at the same time, making stupid eyes at each other from across the high school classroom! - but I never even got to meet my parents the first time, and now they keep not being born!

Jingyi: It’ll happen, and you’ll see them. Remember, Baoshan said souls tend to reincarnate near living souls they already know.

Jin Ling: Baoshan is, like, four centuries older than we are; why do you still think she knows everything

Jingyi: Because she definitely does?

Zizhen: I believe it. It’s the universe’s way of being kind to immortals.

Sizhui: Wei Wuxian is your uncle, too - you’re welcome to drop by the school some day and see him. I’ll sign you in.

Jin Ling: Ugh, fly to San Francisco just to watch him and Lan Wangji stare at each other? Pass.

Jingyi: Well don’t just mope about it. You’re insufferable when you mope. Remember the 1500s?

Jin Ling: *sits up straighter, eliciting a small mutter from the napping dog he’s definitely been petting this whole time* Oh I was the one “moping” in the 1500s - what about you, after that woman - 

[from outside: the stopping-skid of a dirt bike; a teenage voice shouting, “I’m here, Mr. Jin! You need to fix the fucking path; that tree root nearly killed me again! I’m going to go feed the dogs!”

“The gardeners clipped everything last week, you brat!” Jin Ling hollers back in the direction of the window, without missing a beat. “Try watching where you’re going! And don’t miss Luffy, she’s been hiding by the pond again!”

“Duh!” the teenage girl shouts back, more distant with the sound of feet running around the house.]

Sizhui: who was that?

Jin Ling: *leaning back again* Oh, just the kid who comes up a couple times a week to yell at me for no reason and pet all the dogs while pretending to do work. I pay her or something.




Jin Ling: …no. No, absoLUTELY not!

Jingyi: It is! It so is!

Jin Ling: You think I wouldn’t recognize - 

Zizhen, the only one of them who’s really dedicated time to honing the ability to examine and recognize living souls: *wanders over to the window and peers out at the girl now lifting an elderly malamute in her arms and nuzzling its belly* Yeah that is 100% your jiujiu.

#did sizhui get a job inconspicuously teaching math in his reincarnated dads’ high school so he can keep an eye on them? MAYBE  #does he feel a little bad in a stalker way? SURE  #but he’s doing it anyway!! [wei ying] is still very add and [lan zhan] is still very quietly autistic and they’re good kids brent and he  #loves them! and also all his other students! he totally teaches band too! #ironically neither of them is in band!  #he likes it anyway!

#meanwhile [wen qing] is in like her…mid 20s to late 30s and a leader in some notable protest movement  #and wen ning maybe impulsively dropped out of heaven to save her life and then had to pretend to be a normal modern human  #instead of some sort of undead god of abandoned and forgotten things  #and now they’re playing out every single beat of a ‘the old love of an immortal gets reincarnated and now they’re gonna fall in love again’  #plot - but like. she’s his beloved older sister.

#nie huaisang is a semi-talking sword who likes gossip; don’t ask questions

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Well, me wanting to make MBJ a normal human and SQH into the Special One of the AU resulted in the Reverse Dragon AU which is also a Modern AU…

SQH is a tiny danger noodle and MBJ, in true millenial fashion, has sO MNAY ANXIETY ATTACKS DUE TO THIS NEW TALKING LIZARD.

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here’s a sketch of both Lan Qiren and Qingheng-jun as I’ve imagined them when they were younger!

i like the idea that LQR was a put-out, spoiled kid before his brother’s seclusion kind of hit him in the face.

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Listen, is The Untamed an incredibly moving story of soulmates overcoming all odds including death?  Yes.  But never forget that Lan Wangji fell in love like a cat being forced into a bath, hissing with futile repressed rage the entire time.  And that’s beautiful.

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do you love fics where wei wuxian and lan wangji parent the crap out of lan sizhui? do you want to read accidental baby acquisition fics until your eyes bleed? would you die as your heart slowly turns to mush from the softness of this family? bitch the fuck, me too. here are some of my personal favourite fics of wangxian ft their turnip son a-yuan. its a range of canon divergence, post canon, thirteen years of inquiry, raising a-yuan at the burial mounds au etc - there’ll be something for literally everyone. enjoy!

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ace-wangxian·19 days agoAnswer

I almost feel guilty just asking, but do you or anyone of your followers know a story that has Lan Wangji loose or give up his golden core? 😬

Hmm, there’s this (very excellent but unfinished) one:

Molten Gold

by jessoterick

M, 17k, WIP, wangxian [my comment here]

Summary: Twenty years after Wei Ying’s death, Lan WangJi has lost all hope of ever seeing him again.
Under pressure from the elders of his clan to marry a female cultivator he barely knows, he flees to the Burial Mounds where he finds a long lost goddess of demonic cultivation. Surprisingly benevolent, she offers him a chance to reunite with Wei Ying, but it will cost him his golden core…among other things.
When Lan WangJi concedes and is thrown into the past, he finds life more complicated than ever. After all, how can he protect Wei Wuxian when he is powerless himself?
Does anyone know of any others?
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thought: Zixuan has so many kids to Dad, he sometimes unwittingly forgets to turn off Dad Mode and casually Dads people who are not his kids. pretty much every other dad in the previous generation is incredibly shitty so actually it works surprisingly well.

and also sometimes…

Zixuan: I can’t believe I used Dad Voice on sect leader Yao oh god that’s so embarrassing
JGY: I can’t believe it WORKED. we should have been doing this for YEARS.

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