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Good news. I finished chapter one of the still untitled fourth fic in the Earth-197320 series. It still needs to be betaed before I can call it fully finished (if the individual who betaed the other two is available) but I’m still pleased it happened.

The fic is still nowhere near finished - Chapter 2 is only 400 words right now, three and four are still mostly disjointed scenes, and 5 and 6 don’t exist in anything but an outline - but I’m glad some inspiration came to me.

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Still alive. Just needed a break from people I guess?

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For anyone out there who might be worried about commenting the same thing as someone else on a chapter, I once got 6 comments on a chapter and all 6 of them referenced the same line. It just so happened that it was also my聽favourite line, and knowing that other people loved it too just made my whole damn day.聽

Just like authors don鈥檛 need to be original with their plots, commenters don鈥檛 need to be original with their comments. If you want to say something, go right ahead. Don鈥檛 worry whether someone else said it first. Your voice is important too. 鉂

As a reader, I very rarely read the other comments on a fic/chapter before writing my own. That way it鈥檚 actually fun to read the others afterwards and go 鈥渙h wow a LOT of people liked the same bit!鈥, instead of feeling like 鈥渙h no what if I鈥檓 just copying what other people said鈥︹

And as an author, I love finding out that something in particular stuck out for multiple people because either -yesss I had the effect with it I wanted to!- or -heehee that was my favourite line tooo and I鈥檓 so proud of it!- or even -oh damn I didn鈥檛 expect that to be so special, cool!-

I had three separate people pull out the same quote from my latest fic, and I was exceedingly smug about it, bc it was one of my favourite bits too.

I鈥檝e had people commenting on a line in a fic of mine for several years now as it鈥檚 hands down their absolute favorite in that whole thing. Years of this, y鈥檃ll. For a 4 word sentence. And it doesn鈥檛 get old for me, for any of us, I promise you. It thrills us to no end. Y鈥檃ll can spam us about those 鈥榙amn dinosaurs鈥 all you like and we will love you for it. We probably laughed our asses off writing the line that made you laugh yours off. It鈥檚 a shared emotion between us and you. That pride, that awe, that amusement or sorrow. Knowing that you felt the same thing as us when we wrote it has a significant effect on us.

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aelaera month agoPhoto




















It鈥檚 time to activate it鈥

Bites The Dust!
now this entire post will be reversed!


Am I having a fucking stroke

what the fuck was that

World heritage post.

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I got 300 words written last night. It’s a start.

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I feel like fandom generations are both very specific and easily conflated. Like,, you either live through so many they blur together into one hellish mess or you join in on one generation and remain blissfully unaware of the previous ones


  • No internet
  • fledgeling fandom聽
  • women run everything聽
  • seriously where the fuck did we go wrong聽
  • fandom wouldn鈥檛 exist as we know it without these women
  • conventions, badges, quite a lot of taboo but also lots of fun
  • closely-knit communities
  • mostly discussions in magazines聽
  • hogging the phone so you can chat with your friends聽
  • (while trying to pretend the rest of your family doesn鈥檛 exist)
  • basement meetings聽
  • fanart what??

Dawn of Networking

  • tin-bucket sites and forums聽
  • the badly assembled DIY IKEA kits of the internet
  • these were strange places聽
  • i鈥檓聽too young to know firsthand but I鈥檝e heard the stories
  • they were like,, inhabited by eldrich beings
  • 聽who would sell souls in exchange for fanfics
  • early RPs
  • nobody was quite sure what they were doing
  • but!! You could connect with more fans quickly!!!聽
  • made obsessing less lonely
  • yay

鈥淚 was there Gandalf鈥

  • Live Journal聽
  • small internet communities聽聽
  • the name 鈥淎nn Rice鈥 strikes fear into your heart聽
  • also hatred, lots of hatred聽
  • adding every warning and rating under the sun, hiding behind NSFW filters even if it isn鈥檛 necessary, praying you don鈥檛 get reported or deleted
  • you get reported
  • your friends get reported聽
  • nobody is safe
  • fuck.

Citrus Cheesecake聽

  • DeviantArt and ff.net聽
  • bright shiny eyes
  • children everywhere聽
  • 鈥渕ore of a lime than a lemon >//< but also kind of just a lemon with fluff?鈥澛
  • where did all the adults go? Where were they hiding??
  • pls don鈥檛 flame
  • A/N *dances away from your flames because idgaf*
  • omggg聽such a nosebleed!!!! XD lol
  • characters and authors having conversations in the author鈥檚 notes

Archive of Our Saviours

  • ooo聽we found the adults
  • mass migration by younger fans to Tumblr, Ao3 etc聽
  • looking at fandom鈥檚 earlier stages like聽鈥淚 have no memory of this place鈥
  • ratings that had nothing to do with fruit聽
  • (thank gods)
  • fandom grows up聽
  • we are all grateful聽
  • we have proper websites to call home
  • wanderers can finally settle down
  • many fans are Tired

We鈥檙e here again, Gandalf

  • your elbows are explicit聽
  • cats are explicit
  • there are legends of a paradise of pillows聽
  • but none of us wants to leave hell聽
  • blue blue blue聽
  • a well-respected petblr聽is flagged as explicit聽
  • will we be here in January?聽
  • who will survive?聽
  • those with sense watch the chaos from Ao3, sipping mocktails
  • but we鈥檙e not really scared
  • nothing can kill fandom聽
  • not even god.聽

Tag your era. :P

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there鈥檚 a large grey area between聽鈥渢his creator is a misogynist/homophobe/racist鈥 and聽鈥渢his creator did not fully think through the implications of some of their writing choices鈥 and it would be nice if people would stop to assess where in the scale between those two cases their criticism applies, instead of going for a hard zero on the first option all the time

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Still alive! Will get to people/replies soon ™. Have had little motivation for social interaction, work takes it out of me.

(Going to try and donate blood today. Apparently badly needed atm. Gonna also see if they’ll test my blood for antibodies because I want to know if that horrible flu I had in early Feb after walking through the airport Wasn’t A Flu).

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Morgan's first word

Morgan says her first word on a day when Rhodey鈥檚 visiting.

It鈥檚 a nice day. The sun鈥檚 shining bright overhead and the lake next to the house looks warm and inviting. He and Tony are sitting out on the porch, catching up over cups of Tony鈥檚 homemade cold brew and smoothies DUM-E made from a recipe FRIDAY found for him on Pinterest.

Rhodey has Morgan perched on his lap, gently bouncing her up and down as Tony asks him how his mama is doing, suggesting they go on a road trip to go visit her in Philly so she can finally meet Morgan. They鈥檙e just a few weeks out from Morgan鈥檚 first birthday, and it鈥檚 high time her honorary grandmother gets to see her in person instead of just over video chat.

Just as Rhodey鈥檚 leaning over to place his glass back on the table, he catches a whiff of something in the air. He wrinkles his nose a bit, sniffing a couple more times to figure out what it is he鈥檚 smelling.

鈥淵eesh, okay,鈥 Tony says, with a slight grimace that does nothing to cover up the smile that鈥檚 threatening to break out across his face.聽鈥淭ime for her diaper change.鈥

鈥淥h damn, is that what that stench is?鈥

Rhodey turns Morgan around so that she鈥檚 facing him. Holding her up so only her tiny feet are resting on his knees, he can鈥檛 help but engage his goddaughter in some baby talk.

鈥淵ou a smelly girl, Morgan? Like your dada, huh? Little Miss Stank, that鈥檚 what you are.鈥

The giggles bursting out of Morgan lights up his entire world, and he keeps it up as he gets out of his seat to bring her inside to get changed, Tony following right behind him.

鈥淎lright, Princess Stank, let鈥檚 get you into some clean diapers, yeah? You鈥檇 like that? Don鈥檛 wanna be stinky like your old man Mr. Stank, am I right?鈥

Morgan鈥檚 giggles get even louder, and right as Rhodey鈥檚 about to launch into some more baby talk, he hears her say her first word.


He and Tony pause in the middle of the living room, staring at each other for a second before turning back to Morgan.

鈥淲hat did you say, honey?鈥 Tony asks, reaching out to pick up Morgan from Rhodey鈥檚 arms.聽鈥淐an you repeat that for me?鈥

鈥淪-s-stank!鈥 Morgan almost yells, then falls into more peals of laughter. In between giggles, she keeps saying it.聽鈥淪tank! Stank!鈥

Next to Tony, Rhodey bursts out laughing, hands on his knees as he tries to contain himself.聽鈥淗er first word is stank,鈥 he chokes out.聽鈥淢organ Stank.鈥

鈥淵eah, yeah, yeah, laugh it up,鈥 Tony says, obviously a little put out but still amused if the uptick of his mouth is anything to go by.聽鈥淢y kid鈥檚 first word, literally born from shits and giggles. Thanks, platypus.鈥

鈥淪hits鈥 and giggles,鈥 Rhodey wheezes. He stands up straight and wipes the tears away, and gently brushes Morgan鈥檚 hair back. 鈥淕od, that鈥檚 too fucking funny. Shits and giggles. Good job, Princess Stank.鈥

鈥淪鈥 the baby questions, eyes wide and boring into Rhodey鈥檚 own.聽鈥淪tank.鈥

He looks back up at his best friend.聽鈥淚 think your baby just tried to say聽鈥榮hit.鈥欌

鈥淵eah I think it鈥檚 time we stopped talking and just get her changed before Pepper comes back and murders us both.鈥

They make their way to Morgan鈥檚 changing table and get her cleaned up. All the while, they can鈥檛 stop randomly laughing at what just happened.

Honestly, Rhodey can鈥檛 help but be proud that of all the words the genius baby could have gone with for her first attempt at speaking, she chose his. Stank.

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