Diamond Shards AU

An AU where Steven gets a lot of suspicious jewelry, yet another unknown gem tries to kill him, Steven has some issues with his gem half, and the Diamonds meet their maker. This is an ask blog, so asks are appreciated.

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su-blingverseau·6 days agoText


Here’s a boat load of Sunstones!

I’ll list them off left to right first row and then second row.

Royalty Sunstone (mine), Disarmed Sunstone ( @stevenuniverseanewchapter ), Bad Prediction Sunstone ( @jigokuhana ), White Diamond Steven Sunstone ( @justskypix , au by @ask-whitepearl-and-steven ), Robot Sunstone (mine), Cracked Sunstone (also mine), Human Sunstone ( @admin404 , their standing on a box to match the others heights-) and last of all Blingverse Sunstone ( @su-blingverseau )

Ay! I was not expecting this when I logged on! Thanks for including my little glitter son!

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su-blingverseau·a month agoAnswer

Can you do a Fusion between your Steven and Renee from @blue-white-fusion-au?

This was a nice break from the angst.

Anyways, look at this cutie!

They’d be one of the more stable fusions, since Shard and Renee’s combined willpower would be enough to overtake Pinkie. They’re basically a six foot tall child who loves sweets and fluffy things. Lion is their favorite thing in the universe.


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su-blingverseau·a month agoText


This fusion wouldn’t be very stable. Not only do the two Steven’s have drastically different goals, but Pinkie would be absolutely appalled at being fused with Pink Diamond (or at least, someone who thinks he’s Pink Diamond). It would barely be kept together by Homeworld!Steven’s force of will. It’s constantly shifting shape, sprouting new arms, legs, and eyes at random. It’s very painful.

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su-blingverseau·a month agoAnswer

Can you do a Fusion between your Steven and Eckhart?

Going straight for the angst I see…>:3

That’s the spirit!

So this fusion would be incredible unstable, since three of the five personalities don’t want to be fused (Shard, Ekhart, and Ekhart’s Pink side) but the other two are so very determined to stay together (Pinkie and White). It would be very painful both mentally and physically for Shard and Ekhart, but Pinkie and White would be having a hayday with their new best friend, taking turns tormenting everyone else.


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su-blingverseau·a month agoAnswer

Can you do a Fusion between your Steven and P!Steven from the gone wrong AU?

Okay, we gotta do some math for this one.

Steven - gem + gem = ???

So this is gonna be the most boring looking fusion in existence, but also probably the most stable. It’s basically just steven, but with more mental trauma and with a bunch of gem shards floating around that seem to be angry at being replaced.

So yeah, meet Steven 2.0


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su-blingverseau·a month agoAnswer

How about Shard, and Perfect!Steven? from @perfectstevenau

You know, in reality, Shard wouldn’t let Perfect!Steven get anywhere near him, let alone fuse with him. Pinkie, however…well, Pinkie and Perfect!Steven are two peas in a pod.

You better watch out!

This fusion would be volatile at best, absolute psychopath at worst. They inherit Perfect!Steven’s perfectionistic tendencies, mashed together with Pinkie’s insanity and disregard for any and all life. Surprisingly, this would be a stable fusion, since both of them kinda have the same relative goals.

@perfectstevenau come take your disaster child, they’re tearing the fabric of spacetime.

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su-blingverseau·a month agoAnswer

Hey! I have a request! Can you a fusion between DS! GameCube64 and DS! Steven? DS! Stand for Dimond Shards.

I’m guessing you meen Iolite?

Meet Mystic Topaz!

They’re very detail oriented and motivated, and they love nothing more than checking off boxes on their to do list.

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su-blingverseau·a month agoAnswer

Can you do a Fusion between your Steven and Steven from @su-blingverseau?

Meet Gold Plum Steven!

He may look stable, but I wouldn’t get to close. He’s not got ahold on his shapeshifting, and is constantly forming and deforming mouths on his torso and legs


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su-blingverseau·a month agoText


Sweet like Honey Lavender ~

Honey Lavender Pearl!! A fusion of Cinnamon!Pearl and @su-blingverseau ‘s Pearl

Ay! This is something I wasn’t expecting! She looks awesome!

I like her turtleneck and the colors of her gems! Good job!

Again, lemme do my scheduled freak out that happens any time anyone does anything relating to my au.


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su-blingverseau·a month agoText

Hey if you guys wanna suggest fusions for Shard and some other Steven, feel free to ask, it might help me with the block.

Also, slight update on the status of the comic. I’m going to take some time and actually storyboard some stuff, instead of winging it as I go. I think this might help me get a concrete knowledge of what I’m drawing and what’s next, instead of an ending with a couple plot points sketched out in my head, with a whole lot of blank space between them.

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su-blingverseau·a month agoAnswer

Can you do a Fusion between your Steven and Steven from @su-blingverseau?

Here you go, pal! Enjoy the unstable boi.

@su-blingverseau I hope u like it uwu

He’s a slightly unstable fusion but it’s totally fiiiiinnnneee

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su-blingverseau·2 months agoText


I decided to draw @su-blingverseau ’s Pearl, I honestly love how it came out! (Especially the face-) I hope y'all like this :)

Holy crap I wasn’t expecting this in the morning! This is awesome! You never cease to surprise/amaze me apllo. I applaud u 👏👏👏👏👏

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su-blingverseau·2 months agoText

Holy crap there’s 80 of you

Uuuuuuuhhhhh wow lol

I’ll try to push back the writers block on the comic, and probably get some celebratory art out as well.

As always, if you guys have requests for me to draw, feel free to send them in! :)

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