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#castle of fyrien
the-mother-of-lions · 4 months ago
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It seems things have changed for you, Guinevere. Yes, I suppose they have. I'm glad.
If you don’t drag each other at every opportunity, are you really even siblings?
Day 3: Favorite Scene - Gwen and Elyan reunited in Season 3, Episode 7: The Castle of Fyrien
Created for @merlinladiesweek
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merlinssaggyyfronts · 6 months ago
im watching merlin (e7s3: the castle of fyrien) and im watching with my mom and grandparents and i knOW YOU’RE ‘OLD FASHIONED’, but this does nOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT FOR THIS RACIST GWEN SLANDER
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pbaintthetb · 3 months ago
okay but the merlin episode S3E7 (Castle of Fyrien) where Morgana is collecting firewood and then Merlin comes across her and like, Merlin is so villain coded there? just
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mx-riley · a year ago
Cranking the angsty pining up a bit in today’s episode! Arthur and Merlin help Gwen rescue her brother - Merlin is delusional and Arthur is frustrated.
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lighthouse-on-the-sea · a year ago
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3x07 “The Castle of Fyrien”
Hot Knights of the thirst table
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coinofstone · a year ago
3x07 The Castle of Fyrien
Why isn't this episode called Elyan
Home abduction always a great start
Love Tom Ellis menacingly eating an apple
Merlin: most powerful sorcerer that's ever lived
Also Merlin: worst wingman ever
Remind me again why Cenred didn't just send his own men to look for the tunnels? And how they came at team Camelot from INSIDE when Morgana left the signal outside?
Cenred said ACAB - All Camelotians Are Bad
Lol Merthur did Get Help
Oh yea cuz that doesn't look like Camelot's corridor at all
The first time Arthur drops the L bomb on Gwen
Elyan got a weaker intro than Gwaine and Lancelot but he got a stronger intro than Leon so I'll allow it.
There really isn't much to say about this ep. I think the highlight for me is how dumb Uther is.
Arthur: we must send a search party to find Gwen!
Uther: we cannot waste precious resources on a servant!
Arthur, five minutes later: hey pops I'm going on a shopping trip be back in a few days!
Uther: haha shopping trips are funny, bye! have fun!
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orbitkevin · a year ago
I can excuse betraying Arthur and all of Camelot, but I draw the line at manipulating Gwen.
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f-f-podcast · 11 months ago
Episode III.VII - The Castle of Fyrien
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Join us for The Castle of Fyrien, in epsiode 7 of Season 3 of BBC Merlin
Live tweet using #DestinyAndChicken if that is your jam 
Check out this episode of Destiny and Chicken!
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takaraphoenix · 2 years ago
...I am a firm believer that whoever headed the costume department on this show was just as thirsty for Katie as all us wlw, because there is just no other way to explain all those... looks.
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It’s like she looks more gorgeous every episode? Every time I think “THIS outfit is peak!Morgana, she can not possibly look any more gorgeous”, she proves me wrong the next episode...
Note to self: Make GIF set of all the prettiest Morgana outfits as soon as I’m back home with my computer.
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screengrabb · 2 years ago
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The Castle of Fyrien - 59
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tinylilemrys · 3 years ago
Merlin 3x07 "The Castle of Fyrien" Highlights:
Sleepy yawning Gwen is proper adorable
How does Gwen not have a sword stashed somewhere in her house? You would think growing up as the blacksmith's daughter there'd be at least one? Why is she threatening the intruder with a poker??
Arthur not being a morning person and blaming it on how Merlin wakes him up (throwing open the curtains while saying a cheerful 'rise and shine!') rather than just the concept of being woken up at all
(I'm the same when someone turns on my light first thing in the morning)
Morgana stopping Merlin from pouring water into her goblet because she hasn't forgotten about him poisoning her
Merlin instantly knowing that something is wrong when he goes to check Gwen's house
It's Elyan!
(I would have preferred to have met him without Gwen getting kidnapped though)
I really wish we'd heard more of Elyan's backstory in this show because it sounds fascinating
Arthur taking a huge sniff of the chloroform cloth and pretty much knocking himself out (it should be noted that Merlin took a very careful sniff because he’s not an idiot)
Merlin being able to see through Gwen's story straight away and knowing something’s upsetting her
Merlin telling Gwen that they'll face the threat together and reassuring her that she's not alone
(I love all the frienships in this show so much)
Morgana spying on Arthur, Merlin and Gwen's strategy meeting
Morgana in her armour again!!!
(Except this time with an evil smirk that makes it like 900x hotter)
Arthur and Gwen are riding in the front having a lovely conversation about their childhoods, Merlin and Morgana are riding behind them in strained silence and I think this is what roadtrips used to be like back in the day. I’m sure I've been on this exact roadtrip.
Merlin not immediately picking up on Arthur's hint that he wants alone time with Gwen until Arthur makes it super obvious
Merlin confronting Morgana, letting her know in no uncertain terms that he'll do anything he can to protect Gwen and Arthur
Gwen and Arthur being interrupted just before their kiss by Morgana and Merlin returning
Adorable Merlin offering to go get more wood to let Arthur finish his kiss with Gwen even though the moment’s gone
Merlin's anxiety levels skyrocketing as Arthur blabs out the plan right in front of Morgana, knowing that she's going to use it to do some evil shit
The vicious sniping between Morgana and Merlin
Merlin using a snake to spook Morgana's horse, Morgana hurting her ankle but carrying on because she's so dedicated to her evil plan
Morgause revelling in the power that she has over Cenred and just knowing how amused she is at him thinking that he thinks he has the upper hand
Merlin: *trying to convince Arthur that they shouldn't carry on with his plan without telling him that it's because Morgana knows* "It's just an instinct." – Arthur: *rolling his eyes* "Oh, well, if you have an instinct, we should ignore my lifetime of military experience." (Good, Arthur, you're learning).
Morgause's amusement at Cenred and Morgana's Academy Award winning performance of captor and victim
Cenred's cocky little bow to Morgause afterwards
Elyan’s amazement at realising that his big sister is romantically involved with a prince
Arthur not being afraid of being tortured because he's 100% sure they're going to escape
Merlin's hopeful little smile when he thinks that Arthur might have a plan and how it falls a moment later when he learns that Arthur doesn't actually have one
Gwen and Elyan talking about their dad's death and how hurt Gwen is that Elyan hadn't been written into the show yet in that episode
Arthur's eventual plan, which involves Merlin yelling that Arthur's escaped so that the guards come barreling into their cell and then Arthur (who is spider-manning on the beams above them) dropping down on top of them
(this is probably one of my favourite examples of their little one-two routines)
Arthur being amazed and impressed when Merlin mows one of the dudes down
Arthur and Merlin peeking around a corner and Arthur asking how they should distract the guard sitting in the corridor and Merlin's solution being to shove Arthur into the room like a perfect mirror of episode 2x04 where Arthur does the exact same thing to Merlin
Merlin making the guard's trousers fall down and Arthur using this to his advantage (but also being super confused because he obviously doesn't know about the magical interference so it just looks like the guy doesn't know about the wonders of belts)
Gwen's relief and Elyan's excitement when Arthur bursts into their cell
Everyone being like 'where's Morgana???' except Merlin who’s like ‘oh we don’t know where she is? What a pity. Let’s go.’
Merlin saying determinedly that he's going after Arthur (who’s gone off to get Morgana) and Gwen's relieved smile knowing that Arthur has backup
(also, Gwen never doubts Merlin. Even if she doesn't know how powerful he is, she seems to sense that Arthur is safest when Merlin's around)
Arthur is so funny and suave in this episode – he's giving me real Westley from The Princess Bride vibes
I don't know if there are modern AUs about Morgana and Cenred being actors but there really should be. They seem to be enjoying it so much.
Merlin exploding Morgause's column of fire so that Morgause and Cenred are knocked down
Morgana having to go with Arthur to keep her cover but not wanting to leave her sister without knowing if she's alright or not
Merlin dragging Morgana along behind him, despite her protests that her leg is hurting, knowing that it's all bullshit so that she can run off to Morgause
Arthur stepping in and throwing Morgana over his shoulder so that she doesn’t have to walk, ruining her plans with his chivalry and Merlin's ecstatic grin that she’s been thwarted
Arthur being impressed with Elyan's fighting (his little band is coming together nicely)
Arthur indirectly saying “I love you” to Gwen
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katherynefromphilly · 3 years ago
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That moment when you accidentally say something far too emotionally revealing to a person you have a crush on.
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