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#class ability
dndspellgifs · 2 days ago
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Tempestuous Magic
class ability
Storm Sorcerer
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peri-shambles · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So busy showing me where I’m wrong, You forgot to switch your feelings on So, so superior, are you not? You’d love a little bit, but you forgot!
me listening to the hoosiers’ goodbye mr. a for the first time after rewatching gravity falls: hmm i’m sure i won’t make any connections between these lyrics and a character from the show i just watched lol <- CLUELESS
ANYWAY finally finished this after. like two to three weeks i think? i’ve never done anything like this before but well you see the idea grabbed my mind and simply Would Not Let Go (head full many thoughts) so hey. first time for everything huh
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metamatronic · 8 days ago
The teams in the baseball au don’t seem very fair… it’s like… 6 against 10???
They let Toko bat twice—once for Toko and once for Syo. but yeah it’s not super balanced.
however, the new baseball au i’m cooking up fixes that problem :)
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aro-culture-is · 4 months ago
aro culture is doing that “turn to page 30 of the nearest book and the first sentence describes your love life” challenge, but you soon realize that the book you’ve chosen doesn’t have page numbers
#aro culture is#aro#aromantic#actually aro#actually aromantic#ask#mod kee#me: perpetually surrounded by college textbooks#me turning to page 30: ... for uniaxial tensile or compressive stress and [eqn] for simple shear where tau = G*gamma#basically a description of strain energy caused by atomic dislocations in a crystal lattice.#make of my love life what you will.#(it then describes the energy of dislocations for the remainder of the page... concluding that the strain energy of a dislocation is#proportional to the natural log of the radius of the strain field and that the strain energy is proportional to the square of#the burgers vector)#yes i know what this all means#welcome to the second theory class in my major: hell#taught by our man jp who is an old dude with wild stories and zero teaching ability despite being huge in the field#(thus: initials. we only call him jp or his last name though)#(i'm not typing his last name. you could genuinely find him. don't do that.)#ah another 30 pages in is a description of the nine common defects in a pure metal crystal#hmm i forget what a stacking fault or twin is and we never really discussed the two bulk defects but hey w/e they're p self explanatory#big holes and big chunks of smth else (pure is... relative)#like seriously. pure is VERY relative. polymers can be pretty damn pure but metals? hah. they laugh in your face.#also you probably don't want or need pure metals in most applications other than making a precise alloy#pure (elemental) metals are. hm. bad for most things.#chatty kee#nerdy kee#listen my major is just. like this. also y'all have not lived til you've seen a microscopy of metal you prepared#me looking at my inch diameter metal cylinder encased in a resin that was carcinogenic powder an hour ago in a microscope: :heart_eyes:#look up brass microstructure if you wanna see it. if it's pretty yellow and there's dark/light you've got an uncolored one otherwise
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demigodsanswer · a month ago
Shout out to neurodivergent children, teens, and adults who were not "gifted kids," but who were average, below average, or labeled "problem" students because of the ways their neurodiversity negatively affected their ability to learn in a traditional classroom setting.
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adhdandcomics · 6 months ago
Hello, could I have your opinion on something? I am one of those people who feels like I'm faking everything for attention, so I wanted to know if you think it's a valid stim if like, you started doing it on purpose? Like consciously made the decision 'I will do this because I like how it feels' and then it became habit? My brother has autism and all of his stims are unconscious and he actively dislikes that he does them, so I feel sometimes like I'm doing something wrong/faking/appropriating Real ADHD because I stim consciously and intentionally a lot of the time...
nah dude sometimes i think about stimmimg and do it bc i was thinking about it and suddenly want to- i think anything that makes you feel good or comfortable is valid even if you’re doing it consciously when others do it unconsciously - “stimming” is just a word for self-stimulatory behavior, so everyone does it to some degree! and a lot of the societal pressure of stimming=not good/disruptive behavior is ableism. anyone should be able to stim if they want to! but not everyone has to want to do it or like it, you know?
something that is helpful for one person could be not at all helpful to someone else, and that’s perfectly fine!
and if it’s not hurting you or anyone else i don’t see why anyone shouldn’t be able to do it!
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dndspellgifs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
class ability
Rogue, Monk
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mormonculturememes · 11 days ago
hey i'm a former mormon (now quaker) but on good terms w my home branch etc and my family are all still members. anyway i have family visiting rn and i humbly offer this quintessential lds moment: my uncle saying to my cousin, "how are you ever gonna serve a mission??" with maximum exasperation when he refuses to eat any particular food
this ask is 800 years old but an older sister in my ward this week talked about how her son just started a mission in cote d'ivoire and one of the first meals his companion fed him was cat meat, and the second is going to be monkey. and she was horrified but i was just like....that's weird but also lit as heck and i would not turn up my nose at it. and it's probably because i was raised by people operating from the same Mormon Parenting Manual as your uncle!!!
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Happiness is like Modern AU!Kingdom but not really but yes really and I am here for it
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dilftrand-bell · a month ago
what i really want for campaing 3 is to see someone playing a Gloomstalker Ranger, for two reasons:
one, it's actually a pretty good subclass with a bunch of interesting abilities and spells; and
two, i want to see matt's face the first time the ability that makes you invisible to creatures that use darkvision on total darkness gets used :)
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darkwood-sleddog · 4 months ago
i’m curious as to how you went about training your dogs when they were puppies. i want to get a spitz breed one day but all the advice i see is done with handler focused breeds and i don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for the future pup
Couch Wolves is my favorite blog to point to because I love the way Molly talks about dogs and she’s a great actual trainer with certifications that loves and is passionate about primitives. I’m not a trainer, just a person doing things with dogs I love and I’ve only raised one of my dogs from early puppyhood (Sigurd…Zombie arrived at 1 year and Slash at 6 mo.)
The thing I always tell people to remember is: be patient, comparison to handlers with biddable and non-primitive dogs is a useless exercise that will exist only to make you feel bad about the speed in which your dog achieves certain behaviors. And most importantly, understand that your dog’s motivations are different and that’s okay.
You can use primitive friendly activities as a reward (many people and trainers aim to stop pulling for example, but I find getting to pull an excellent reward for the primitive dog if they enjoy it), your rewards may look different than others, that’s okay. It may take you a long time to trust your dog’s reliability in certain situations and that’s okay. Your dog has a mind of its own and that’s okay, it’s WONDERFUL actually and likely what made them so good at their job in the first place.
I use a lot of positive reinforcement with my dogs, especially as puppies but I operate on a LIMA philosophy because sometimes the primitive dog does need a bit more firmness in areas R+ only people don’t prefer to go to. They also don’t respond well, in my experience, to more averse training as they can stubborn their way right through more averse tools. Meat, cheese and other gross food rewards are your friend with primitives. Feed their meals in training sessions, especially early on. The earlier you can work on creating a really positive handler engagement the better.
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stiltonbasket · a month ago
In Flowers in the Palace, how are Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen viewed by the country as a whole?
Nie Mingjue publicly overthrew (aka murdered) Wen Ruohan with no warning whatsoever, so he has a reputation as a pretty bloodthirsty emperor. However, things began to change when he started making reparations to WRH's various victims and married Lan Xichen, since taking a respected scholar for his Empress was viewed as an act of sympathy for the common people. But at the same time, he outlawed political executions and acts of physical discipline towards servants, so most wealthier households either love or hate him, while the middle/laboring classes think favorably of him. However, the military/trade aspects of the country are all going strong, so none of his opponents have been brave and/or foolish enough to complain about him.
Similarly, LXC is a mixed bag with opinions about her differing between genders instead of between social classes. Virtually all of her male subjects have issues with a woman being so deeply involved with the government, and after she passed her first set of new laws about girls’ education and legal marriage ages for teens, there were no remaining political factions that didn’t have a problem with her. But unlike with NMJ, Lan Xichen is also widely feared. Lan Xichen has her own network of spies that report directly to her, and the entire country knows that these spies exist, though no one knows who they are--and furthermore, getting on her bad side is worse than directly aggravating the Emperor, so there have been multiple assassination attempts during her reign as Empress, though no one has tried to kill NMJ. 
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just-aro · a month ago
my landlord, via a note slipped under my door: hey we'll be over sometime between 9am and 2pm to paint the walls you mentioned in your initial report
me, to myself: fuck. I'm going to have to get up early and get the fuck out before 9 because human interaction. also, i must clean my entire apartment, they can't know I live here.
me, going to bed at 2am: my apartment is extremely clean except for the room that they will spend the most time in, presumably.
me, now, at 9:15: sitting in my rocking chair half asleep, no where near ready for the day or leaving my apartment.
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