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You’ve got it, in a nutshell. Moving forward is a lot easier when you don’t fixate on the past, don’t get stuck in circular rumination, and don’t indulge control fantasies. Well-developed Se grants people these advantages. That being said, SPs do have to be careful about denial. There’s a big difference between putting the past behind you versus running away from the past. The former means that you have a clean slate, so you are able to move forward with confidence. The latter means that you refuse to confront consequences, which means that they will eventually catch up with you, as soon as you get tired of running. 

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A Loving God? Or more like the Mafia?

A Loving God? Or more like the Mafia?

If God is a god of wrath and He sent His Son because He was angry with us, then that makes Him as bad as us. Using violence and murder to solve problems. Sound like God to you? Sound like a God of love to you?

Think a minute. How can murder be from God, if He said He doesn’t want it. Hosea 6v6. He said He wants mercy. NOT sacrifice. If He said He is Love and never changes? Are we saying that God…

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Jesse lost her scrunchie and is mega tired

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The Return To Normal

In the UK we are starting to hear plans of how things are getting better and back to some kind of “normal”. This has brought up many feelings for myself and others. Here I thought I’d explore some of mine.

In all honesty the thought of going back to how things were before the pandemic and lockdown feels scary. I didn’t particularly like it then and I’ve become more of a home body now like I have…


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Why I cut off my Penis - Benue man in pain after cutting off his manhood

Why I cut off my Penis – Benue man in pain after cutting off his manhood

A man in Benue state has cut off part of his genitals to curb his libido.


Terhemen Anongo, popularly called Doc K or Bob Korna, is a resident of Gboko in Benue state.


As he couldn’t control his thirst for women, he decided to take the advice in the Bible by cutting off that which causes him to sin.


Anongo is popularly called Doctor K because he was a student of the University of…


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To feel your anger
yet not be controlled by it,
that is victory.

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The Right Termite Control Solution can Maintain your Residence Safe
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The Control writers as they made Trench:

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