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#fuck off eh

u know when people make posts condemning celebs/popular bloggers/whatever for doing something
i think itd be both nice and relevant/important to add when they did that thing, and if they apologized for it or not (and if, after the apology, they stopped doing it)
thatd be nice rather than going “X person did a horrible thing!!!hate them”, and failing to add they did that thing 8 months ago, realized it was bad, and owned up to/apologized for their mistakes.

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I can’t believe the text I just got from a friend just now.

She wants me to lend her a couple of pounds to get some cough sweets.

Let me tell you why I’m so pissed off and shocked by this.

My friend is also on the dole, she just got paid on Friday, today is Monday, so where the fuck has all her money gone?! I’ll tell you, it’s all been spent on alcohol and fucking loans!

Yesterday she was complaining of having a sore throat and today she got told by the doctors that she would have to get her tonsills out and they gave her some antibiotics for it, the doctor said if it gets worse she should go straight to the hospital.

Apparently she did (although nothing has been said about it, how strange eh?).

So if she wants cough sweets so bad where are all her antibiotics what the doctors gave to her? And, has she not got enough money for fucking 3 pounds out of her 110 pounds from the dole on Friday?


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and yet I have 5 in my collection that I can think of off the top of my head and I know I have a couple more in there as well.

My goal today is to count just how many I have in total and make fun of myself for having that which I hate.

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literally nothing offends me except for 

  • insulting my otp
  • telling me i’m stupid because of my otp
  • talking shit about my otp
  • hating me because of my otp
  • thinking i am an ignorant twat and need help because of my otp
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honestly idk if its just me not having watched a lot of stuff but ive never watched a tv show that gradually got better like black sails did and ended so well? usually mfs drag it out until the show should be dead and all the good things about it have been killed off in the name of keeping this corpse of a program running for as long as possible but black sails started off alright then got incredible

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#uunnrelaatedd., #free writing for a bit: ppl hop in a ‘cab’ & spill their problems bc who better to tell than a stranger. and a stranger who’s actually, #listening to you. there was a man I got last night. from my area. was drinking. going back home to his family. 35 miles away. this is his, #home area. I can see why he’d come all this way to drink. prob a fave bar etc etc. he gave me the familiar story any man in his assumed 40s, #would give me. happy. kids are getting older. can’t wait til they go off to college so the wife & they can go travel & go on trips & enjoy, #life. why do you have to wait until they’re grown & out to start enjoying your life? these are the men that sacrifice their own life for, #the kids for the wife for the family. why? if it’s not you. get out. you’re deteriorating your own life & quite possibly those around you, #as well. so yes. men. they were on my mind last night. hardcore., #he didn’t want to talk. he kept talking at first. he needed to fucking relax. so he did. he slept most of the way home & that was probably, #one of the best naps he’s taken in a while. sometimes ppl hop into my car to get it off their chest or to sleep. I’m fine w either., #my car is a safe place. a comfortable place. and I’m happy to help any way that I can. let’s toss the dirty minds eh., #but.. they tell me personal things. vent about $. how much they make how much they wish they could make how much their rent is. what’s, #pricy rent vs what they’re paying etc etc. how unhappy they are. I feel blessed. Bc I see things. I feel like I see things that obvi most, #cant. Bc if they could.. they would be venting about different things. I can’t put it into words. lies. I can I just don’t want to., #my mind is becoming more clear. the more peace my life has. the happier I feel. the happier I am. the more life I see. beyond bills & $ &, #relationships & careers & there. in the middle. that’s where I want to be., #complete solace. everything is still there. nothing exists. not even time., #simple., #my meal was prepared wrong. it saddened me bc I was looking forward to the special request. the special request didn’t happen., #it wasn’t about the $ bc of the special request. it was.. my heart got sad. as funny as that sounds bc it’s food. food is important to me, #sometimes. and I called them bc I needed them to know I was sad about it. I needed to be heard. I needed to communicate that way them., #they remade my food. it’s been waiting for me. but it’s over. I’m no longer hungry for it the way I wanted it., #I can’t go get it. so I’m hoping that meal and that special request goes to somebody who will enjoy it & that special request., #some things.. you’ve just got to do yourself if you want it special., #*kurt is calling. no more free writing bc I got pulled to the shore. THANK you. 🙄*
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i’ve been thinking abt potentially redesigning eithereia which lowkey pains me bc she was the first deity i ever designed for invisible.. but also it is painfully obvious that she was the first one i designed LOL

my style for drawing the deities at first was originally focused on the fact that they appear like silhouettes with no real defined shapes….. but then i realized that then they look 2D, when they’re still supposed to be 3 dimensional shapes..? so i started a new style for them, which is still like primarily silhouette-looking, but with just enough shading to give the hint that they’re 3 dimensional shapes

… the problem with that, is that the deities i’ve drawn with that new style, all have short hair, which really aids in creating that Hint Of 3D…… bc ur actually able to see the shape of their “body”…..

but eithereia….. her hair is so long, that the whole silhouette idea means that u literally cannot see her body so she really does look like an amorphous blob when it’s not even intentional….. and even with my new style for drawing the deities, i don’t think anything can make up for the fact that her hair is just. so long and poofy LMAO

and even then its like.. perhaps i can make her hair more naturally curly but idk how to preserve the iconic curls she already has while translating them to be like, actually 3 dimensional curls? bc her current design literally only works when viewed as 2D face on LMAO

so either i need to find a more realistic curl pattern , somehow, or i should maybe try and see how she’d look with shorter hair, but it’s just so. ;_; bc that was the most fun and iconic thing abt her but it just does not work in an actual three dimensional space and its killing me LOL

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i really hate shitting on things that people really passionately love but GOD. i hate star wars.

#shut up danni, #look there’s nothing inherently wrong as far as i can tell, #it’s popular for a reason i assume, #i just, #i have this thing where if something is pushed on me enough i just start to hate it, #even more bonus points if i tried it but still couldn’t get into it, #and it’s STILL pushed on me to a point where my indifference turns to active hatred, #star wars has been a pop culture staple for decades and yet i can’t escape it and i hate it, #if it weren’t in my face or everywhere i looked i genuinely feel like i’d just be indifferent, #i’d shrug and just say ‘eh it’s not for me’, #but it’s not and if i express this anywhere i’m treated with shock and yet another rec to try it out, #no. i’m not interested. fuck off, #recently the thing that’s been tipping me over the edge from frustration to anger is when i boot up the sims 4, #i own every single pack except the star wars one and that little icon infuriates me to astronomical levels, #and not to mention the free star wars stuff in the base game i, #urgh, #i’m sorry if you love it i really am, #but god i just, #i want it nowhere near me and i have to input like a million variations of tags just to block it here, #there’s other things like this that are on a lesser frequency of occurances but infuriating all the same, #lord of the rings is one of them. i’m sorry. it helped shaped fantasy, #i know that but GOD it’s just so long and complicated and my attention span does not do well for films, #and books only hold my interest as long as the plot and characters intrigue me, #a cursed ring does not interest me i’m sorry
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yeah man idk. they all look super dope regardless!

AHH thank you!!! i worked really hard on it. i’m not sure how i feel about it just yet but i’m sure i’ll adjust soon enough.

DUDE I’VE BEEN IN MINHO HOURS ALL DAY OOF OOF OOF he’s just- so funny?? and handsome?? and his voice is so soothing?? and he’s so pretty?? what??? and OMG seungmin do be yeeting up ur bias list huh… hyunnie better watch OUT lmaoooo

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